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Round ass asian teen bouncing on a stiff fuck rod
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(All characters are over the age of 18) He bikini cougars deauxma amp shay fox fuck a big black cock her from across the street drinking a cup of coffee. As he got closer he eyed the pretty young woman. She was wearing a fitted sweater over her sports bra along with black yoga pants that conformed around her cute butt.

Natalie held a sweet smile as he greeted her. He apologized for being late as she stood up to hug him. "You look amazing." He said. "Thank you, It's so good to see you." She replied in a sweet voice. She just moved to the big city for college and she ran into him at the local farmers market the other day. She first met Mr. Pierce in one of her junior high art classes. He inspired and encouraged her to pursue a career in art. He was a confident down to earth guy who had a passion for painting and photography.

He was an average looking guy a little on the slimmer side. His beanie covered his lengthy dark hair with a slight hint of grey. His deep, dark brown eyes gave him a mysterious appearance. He was always man of a few words. He was astonished how beautifully she had grown. He couldn't help but catch a few glances at her delicate features. Natalie's toned flat stomach partially revealed under her unzipped hoodie. Her sports bra concealed her perky rounded breast that had developed into full cups.

More than a handful could handle. Her long black hair tied behind her high cute cheek bones and large slanted eyes followed by lengthy lashes. Her pale, peculiar, exotic beauty came from her mixed Japanese, Portuguese-American blood.

He had not seen her since she was just a child and now she had developed into a young woman. He felt guilty as he undressed his former student with his eyes. The two had been sitting there for a few hours engaged in deep conversation. Natalie's timid, sweet personality matured over the years with confidence. It was a big turn on even though he saw right through her slight hesitation.

She felt so comfortable around him she had forgotten to zip up her sweater.

Natalie sighed as she pulled out her phone to check the time. "I have to get going soon, I have a date." she complained. She didn't want to leave but Mr. Pierce insisted he had to get going as well. They were so busy chatting, they lost track of the time. "I'll walk with you since I'm heading the same direction." They coincidently lived a few blocks within each other. Mr. Pierce relocated to the city a few years ago after receiving a teaching position at the university. The city was a large lonely place.

Mr. Pierce and Natalie began to meet for coffee more frequently. They had a lot in common and kept each other company. They critiqued each other's paintings and her school work as well. Mr. Pierce was full of insight as he shared his knowledge with her. Natalie trusted him always eagerly listening with her full attention. It also made him feel important and he liked it.

He helped her reach a deeper creative side as she excelled to the top ranks in her class. At the same time, Mr. Pierce's attraction grew stronger for Natalie over the last few months. She could've been the same age as his daughter if he had one. She was the only thing on his mind for the last few weeks. She was just an amazing woman.

Natalie became more comfortable around him as well. Mr. Pierce's obsession grew stronger. He started experiencing jealousy and anxiety every time she talked about other guys. He felt bitter and It had to stop. He began to keep his distance and try to avoid her texts and calls. It was hard task since she messaged him quite often. He didn't respond very much and it started to become just a little easier as time went by. One evening he heard a soft knock on his door. It was Natalie.

He hesitated, slowly opened the door as she stood blondie lucy heart gets paid to suck cock in a white shimmery evening dress. "Hey Nat." He spoke softly, letting her in. She held a smile that instantly turned to a saddened look as she wrapped her arms around him.

With confusion, Mr. Pierce's was unsure how to react and he kept quiet. He disliked seeing her unhappy. "He broke it off." She mumbled. There was a long pause of silence. "And where have you been? how come you weren't picking up my calls?" Unsure of what to say "I'm sorry. I don't know." He responded. "What happened?" He asked curiously. "He moved too fast, I wasn't ready." She replied timidly. A little unsure of what she meant he left it at that.

He always thought some things were better left not knowing. His hands grazed her back holding her in his arms as she continued to hug him tightly. She looked around his spacious apartment with high ceilings. A large panel window with a full view of the city and its beautiful lights gleaming. It was an incredible sight. He offered her a drink as he pulled out a stool for her. He took a seat next to her, catching himself scanning her long legs before he attempt to look away.

Natalie rest her head on the counter, falling asleep within minutes. He watched the exhausted girl sleep peacefully. He steadily picked up her small frame carrying her over to the bedroom.

She was light as he walked slowly. Her dress strap fell off her shoulder and her breast looked like it was ready to slip out. He could almost see her tits coming out. She had a peaceful calm look. He gently lay her on his bed as he pulled the sheets over her.

He wanted to crawl under the sheets with her.

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Trying to remember he was only her teacher. He stepped away glancing back at her before leaving the room. Natalie woke up the next morning looking innocently and lovely. Mr. Pierce wouldn't mind waking up with her every morning.

She was naturally beautiful even after washing off her make up. "Do you think you can do me a favor if you have some time?" He asked from out of the blue. "Uh. Sure, what is it?" She asked, curiously. "Could you model for me while I paint?" He asked hesitatingly. She agreed and he proceeded to get his brushes and pallets ready. He placed her by the large balcony window on a stool, guiding her pose nervously. He adjusted her legs and arms in such a manner she could hold it still for few minutes.

The painting came out amazing. It showed a melancholic mood surrounded with a beautiful woman looking into the sunset.

The shadows of a cities darkness in the background. It was one of his best pieces he's painted recently. Natalie came by regularly to help model for more of his paintings. They chatted a lot while he painted and he felt much more motivated to paint. He felt more comfortable working with Natalie as he guided her poses. It seemed like the outfits became a little more provocative each time. He picked out seductive shorter dresses but she didn't mind and she was comfortable and confident in them.

She had a slender voluptuous figure that looked good in almost anything. One Saturday morning, Natalie came by to help Mr. Pierce with another one of his paintings. "Here lean on this." He laid her back on a wet crack endures hard hammering hardcore and blowjob lounge chair that held her upright. He reached from behind her as he guided her arms to her sides and lightly tilting her chin up. She stared at him directly as he reach down to unbutton the top of her dress.

Then undoing the next and the next button below it. He continued down to the last one, exposing her slim stomach. Her elegant laced bra revealed, supporting her ample breast. Natalie was alarmed as she watched him pull her dress strap off her shoulders down to her wrist. Her stomach and chest partially exposed from one side.

Doctor x story sex stories f me began painting as she lay there calmly. She observed him in deep concentration. It was silent and all she could hear was the sound of brush strokes along with his heavy breathing.

A few minutes later he stood up to grab a glass of wine. Natalie lay silently. He walked up to Her offering a glass of wine through a little straw. Delightedly she placed her lips over the straw as she looked up at him directly.

He pictured her sucking his cock as she looked up towards him. She continued to sip through the straw with a big smile. "Thank you." She replied in a soft voice. A few glasses later he finished his painting.

He held his painting before setting it on the table. He walked around behind her as she stared at another stunning acrylic painting. He pulled her fit asian slut in a choker takes it all strap back as his hand grazed her arm up to her shoulder.

She didn't seem to notice as she was still concentrating on the details of the painting. The woman closely resembled her but there was a mysterious seductive aura in the picture. He placed his hand on her back as he began to knead and rub the back of her neck. She rested her eyes and tilted her head back, receptive of his gesture. He lowered his hands to her small shoulders as he applied pressure on his thumbs in slow circular motions.

Slowly working his way to her outer shoulders, slowly grazing her arms. He placed his hands against her waist sliding his fingers towards her lower back applying a significant amount of pressure. Her skin was pure and smooth as his hands slipped up her back and towards the sides of her chest. He kneaded that area before slipping his fingers inside the silk fabric of her bra. Her soft nipples began to harden as he gently cupped a handful.

"What are you doing?" she whispered softly while placing her small hands around his wrist. His breathing was heavy as he leaned over, lowering his head past hers placing his lips over her nipple.

He kissed, sucked and ran his tongue all around her nipple. His other hand ran down her stomach. He felt her breathing heavily as well. His finger tips wandered lower to the edge of her panties. His fingers grazing the soft fabric exploring further down her soft moist area.

He applied light pressured strokes as he rubbed up and down the silky fabric. Natalie let out a soft whimper. Her body was so young and perfectly sculpted. Mr. Pierce shifted around in front, crouching over her. He grazed his hands up her legs reaching inside her dress. She stared at him intensely, as he tugged on the sides of her panties. Attentively, she lifted her rear up as he slowly pulled them to her knees then down to her ankles. Nearly tearing them off, he threw them aside and crawled on top of her as one hand grazed upwards between her legs.

She jerked to his initial cold touch. Her soft, moist lips greeted his fingers with fascination. Arching her back and gently moving her hips in a forward motion. He has never touched something so pure and innocent.

Suddenly a crashing sound of of melodies filled the room. It was Natalie's phone as she broke away to quickly grab it from across the room. "Hello?" She walked away into the bedroom. It was her ex boyfriend on the phone. Mr. Pierce rubbed his fingers still covered in her moisture.

"He wants to see aki sora episode 1 english dubbed later tonight." She said murmured. It was quiet and Natalie and Mr. Pierce couldn't be sure of what just happened. Natalie was adjusting her breast back into her bra and buttoning her dress back up. "Come by tonight for a drink before you meet up with him." He asked in a deep voice. " she agreed as she collected her belongings and headed for the door.

"See you later." She smiled and before he knew it she was gone. Mr. Pierce sighed, glancing at her panty left on the floor. He replayed everything in his mind and still couldn't believe how stunning she was. This was only a sampling taste of her body and he needed more. Her sweet scent still lingered as he sat there just staring out the window. She was insatiable and he wanted all of her. Later that evening, she showed up knocking on his door. Natalie was back all dolled up in an modernized kimono styled dress.

She obviously spent a significant amount of time to get ready without overdoing it. Just the right amount of cleavage and make up, she looked perfect.

Mr. Pierce was tired of being the nice guy. A dark uncontrollable obsession filled his heart. He felt like maybe she dressed up for him instead of her boyfriend. At least he liked to think that. His heart pounded and he felt nervous for some reason. "Don't go." He whispered as he hovered over, pinning her against the counter.

"But he's waiting for me." She replied. His hands quickly slipped under her dress, the soft touch of her uncovered bare pussy. Curiously, he yanked her kimono dress wide open, unveiling her a laced panty with an opening down the middle. "I didn't know you wore this type of thing. Are you planning to give up your virginity?" he asked as she stood there with her legs apart. Natalie's face became flushed red, caught off guard from his overwhelming aggression.

Her perfectly shaven pussy was out in the open. "How did you know I was a virgin?" She questioned and struggling to pull her kimono back over herself. Mr. Pierce completely ignored her while he rubbed his fingers around her outer pussy lips. "You're already wet." He whispered. Natalie became flustered denying his comment. The only thing on his mind was the sweet soft touch of her body and exploring every inch of it.

Her kimono dress was tugged off of her shoulders revealing her tight body. Her matching lace bra wonderfully unveiled her perky nipples. Mr. Pierce was completely astonished as he glanced into Natalie's widened eyes. She stood there gleaming like a model posed for a photoshoot.

He moved closely against her body. His mouth ran over her soft her lips.

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Before his tongue could slip inside her mouth, she pulled her head away. "I really have to go." She repeated with a tone this time.

He launched her up and bounced her cute butt onto the countertop. Before she could say anything, his head dived in between her legs. His mouth devoured at her outer lips gently caressing and massaging her tenderness.

The stroke of his tongue on her clit caused her to fall back onto her forearms. Her legs shot up in the air before landing over his shoulders. Kissing her right down the middle, alternating between slow long strokes to quick short ones.

Her faint moans seemed to become louder whenever he applied more pressure. He enjoyed teasing her and making her squirm. Natalie felt an unfamiliar pleasure unlike anything she has ever experienced. It was so new to her she was embarrassed that it felt so good.

She stretched her arm out searching for her phone that had been vibrating on the counter. "Hello?" she moaned as Mr. Pierce gently sucked on her clit with increased pressure while probing his finger inside her tight hole. She clenched slutty alyssa has her moist snatch destroyed pornstars brunette around his finger, moaning before biting on her lower lip.

"Okay, I'll be there soon." She whimpered in a hurried voice, quickly hanging up the phone. "You're not going anywhere." He remarked in a deep tone. Natalie gulped nervously as she felt his firm grip on her waist, instantly pulling her towards him. Lifting her up off her by her butt, he carried her towards the bedroom. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck until he collapsed on top of her on the bed. Mr.

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Pierce was eagerly excited to see how far he could push her as he began to remove his pants. Natalie frowned at the sight of his hardened cock. "No! I'm saving myself for." She said hesitantly then looked down. His cock was much more monstrous than anything she had imagined. There was no way he would fit any normal sized woman. His initial thrust followed by several jabs and pushes caused her to squirm. She tried fighting him off but she was restrained under him. Natalie was panicking as Mr.

Pierce continued to push his way inside her but it was no use. The last few minutes of repeated attempts became frustrating.

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He froze hovered over her admiring her body. "Please Mr. Pierce, don't!" She panicked out of breath. He shoved again with all his strength, finally penetrating his way in. Natalie shut her eyes while clenching her teeth. He thrusted more vigorously and repeatedly until he was completely inside her. Natalie clenched tightly to the sheets. She was in immense pain as her eyes began to water. He was packed so deep inside she felt like her body had been torn in half.

Mr. Pierce was out of breath as he moved slowly causing Natalie to cringe. He hadn't been with a girl this young since he was in high school. The moisture of her pussy increased instantly with each stroke as he began to gradually increase his speed. She constricted tightly around him, he couldn't take it anymore and was about to release. Any slight movement caused her to shriek and moan. I can't go before her on her first time he thought but she was too tight.

He suddenly began to thrust rapidly knowing It was too late. Hot liquid exploded inside her virgin cunt. He held Natalie tightly as his cock seized deeply in her body. two iowa strippers giving private hotel room show inside!" She cried as hot semen and a hint of blood began to trickle out. His cock slightly softened as he slowly pulled out.

Natalie and Mr. Pierce stared at each other without a word trying to catch their breath. Suddenly she felt a him inside again as he began to move in and out of her.

His cock grew firm once again as he began to give it another go. His his head lowered towards Natalie gently kissing her on the neck. Gently pecking and working his way down to her breast while fondling the the other with his hand. His lips locked on to her tits as he sucked with a pulling motion. Natalie dug her fingers into his back as she suddenly felt a sudden, intense, tingling sensation. She let out a loud moan. Mr. Pierce was turned on by her sexy innocent moans, he fucked her mercilessly.

She couldn't take it anymore, she gripped his hand pushing it tightly against her breast. Her body wriggled violently against his as she kissed him. His tongue met hers twirling around while he continued to pump away. This was it, she was having her first orgasm.

"I'm going again." he uttered as hot liquid gushed inside her body triggering Natalie to moan and release as well. He continued to fuck her gently, aware that she wasn't finished and could possibly go another round.

He had never been with a woman so incredibly small and so wet. He was once again pulverizing her young tight hole. Her pussy was gushing liquids as she embraced him tightly and let out one last whimper. Mr. Pierce collapsed on top of her then pushing himself aside. Natalie's slender body glistened in sweat, trembling with heavy breaths.

Her breaths filled the silence in the room. She lay there as thick, fluid flowed out of her and onto the sheets. Her eyes relaxed, her breaths became soft, instantly falling asleep on his arm. He watched her sleep peacefully. She still smelled good like sweet vanilla. He couldn't believe how amazing she looked as he pulled the sheets over her. She was the best fuck he ever had.