House of love girls in hotel mandarin

House of love girls in hotel mandarin
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This is a story that happened to me about a year ago. I hope that you enjoy. My mother would often have friends over for coffee during the days when their kids were at school. At the age of 18 I was working full time at a store just around the corner.

I played rugby for the local team and was quite a good player when I started to get into the game. One weekend we had a huge game against an out of town team, so I decided that I would book a week off from work, from Thursday until the following Thursday to train and be fresh for the game.

It was a pretty normal few days off, until the game that is. I landed awkwardly after a tackle and tore a ligament in my knee causing me a lot of pain and making walking pretty difficult. I decided that it was best to book an extra week off work to rest my leg as the doctor had advised. So it looked like I was stuck in the house watching tv for the next week.

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What I didn't know is that this would actually be the best week of my life. It was the Monday after the rugby game and I was at home alone on the sofa watching daytime TV, I was only wearing a pair of shorts and nothing more, when the front door opened and in came my mother and her friends for their usual morning gossip and coffee ritual.

Straight away I noticed that one of them, Terri couldn't stop looking at me, I could literally feel her eyes digging into me. I wasn't a bad looking guy, but I was by no means anywhere near the best looking either.

I'm tall, about six foot three and I'm quite big due to the amount of rugby I play, I think my weight is around 270 pound, I have brown eyes and jet black hair. So anyway the girls all said hey and went off to the kitchen to talk about whatever it is that they actually talk about. I got bored of the TV and decided desi gf bj n fucked hard with audio I would go and have a soak in the bath thinking that the warm water might do my leg a bit of good.

I ran my bath then stripped off, looking at myself in the mirror as I did so. After five minutes of cursing at my hurting knee I managed to get into the bath and relax. Laying my head back I closed my eyes and started to think about Terri. Terri was in her forties, but she prided herself on keeping fit and trying to look good. The rest of the mothers in the neighbourhood secretly begrudged her for always out doing them in the looks department.

I though about the way she had looked at me downstairs, the look in her eye and the way her tongue licked her lips, did Terri have the same thoughts about me, as I had sometimes in fact had of her?

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After a nice soak and a rather painful attempt, I managed to get out of the bath, and was standing there drying myself off when all of a sudden the door opened. I was wrapped in a towel so I didn't mind being disturbed, however what happened next did shock me, just a little.

Terri had seen that I was in the bathroom, however she hadn't even said anything she just came in and locked the door behind her, smiling at me she said that she was going to pee herself and that she really needed to go, and that she knew I wouldn't mind her doing so.

I told her that I would wait outside until she had finished but she grabbed my hand and told me not to be so silly and that she was sure that I had seen a girl's pussy before. I couldn't believe that she had used the word pussy, and that I was actually going to see hers. Pulling her trousers and knickers down Terri sat on the toilet, legs spread wide, almost as if she was trying her best to let me see her sweet little fanny.

She let out a small moan as she started to pee, telling me that she needed to go so bad. Again just like before I could feel her eyes digging into my body, I knew that she must have noticed my already hardening cock.

I hot brunette sucks tow guy off to get her car back caught off guard when she reached out and grabbed the towel from around my body; she told me that she was going to dry me off as my knee looked painful and that I shouldn't be bending it. I couldn't believe it, there was a gorgeous, half naked woman about to run her hands all over my teenage body, I had never been so turned on in all my life, and I think she knew it.

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Starting with my chest she rubbed the towel all over me, making sure every drop of water had vanished from my body, next she made her way down to my legs, and my feet, rubbing and caressing every part of me, obviously she had noticed my cock by now, as hard as it has ever been before, bulging and dripping with precum.

Terri knew what she was doing, and I could see that the look in her face was now pure lust, there was no mistaking it. Finally she put the towel down and told me that she was glad she could have been at service, but she had to go as the other girls would be wondering where she had gotten to.

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She pulled off her knickers and then put her trousers back on, and then she wrapped her knickers in her hand and hung them off my solid member, telling me that she hadn't finished with me yet.

She told me that she would be back for her sexy little thong in the morning, and that she wanted it to be soaking wet with all my cum so that she could taste it. Smiling, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the bath room door, leaving me standing there naked with just the tiniest pair on knickers hanging off my cock, and the biggest smile you have ever seen on my face.

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I knew that tomorrow would be a good day, but first I had to make sure that I didn't disappoint Terriso I wrapped the knickers around me, and stroked. To be continued (?) This is my first story, i would love to hear from anyone who would like t give me some feedback, good or bad.