Milf ass to mouth compilation first time so we took him in for questioning

Milf ass to mouth compilation first time so we took him in for questioning
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My name is Chris and this is my story. I have always had good friends through out my life, but I have noticed that the bounds of friend ship can easily be crossed. It was the beginning of my junior year at my high school, and I had just turned 16 this past July.

I was nervous yet excited about the possibilities that lied ahead of me. I had lived my whole life in Oak Ridge, so I figured that I would not make many new friends. Of course I could not have been more wrong. At this point I was still a virgin, and I have never had a true girlfriend.

This is not to say I had never been around girls. My closest friends were Stephen, Justin, and Richard. It had been about two weeks since school started, and were almost settled in when a new girl slowly worked her way into our close-knit group.

She was a freshman from out of town, and her name was Michele. She was a short girl about five feet six inches tall. She has a well-rounded face with a short neck length hair cut. She had a unique hairstyle that was spiked in the back, and bowl cut in the front.

She had A, Maybe B cup breasts with a small tight ass. Even though she wore glasses they fit her personality well. All in all she was very pretty. After a few days her presence in our group was noticeable, and in a week's time she blended right in. I was attracted to her from my meaty wang for a hairless wet cunt homemade and hardcore glance. I have always liked petite girls even though I am by no means a small guy.

I am near six feet tall and I weigh 270 pounds. I have brown eyes and hair. My hair is naturally curly because of my Greek heritage, so I keep it cut short. I am polite and courteous around people I do not know but am more relaxed around my friends.

I am not extraordinarily endowed with only a five-inch cock, but I do use it to masturbate. I figured she was out of my league so I missed my first chance to ask her out. By this time Richard already had a girlfriend, so Justin was the first to ask her out. I really did not get to know Michele until she started to go out with Justin.

The more Michele and I talked the more I noticed the chemistry that existed between us. Michele used the word love a lot during conversation between us, but it was hard for me to decipher its true meaning. Until, one day when we were talking on the phone and she told me that if she were not dating Justin she would date me. After that point I was fantasizing, and often masturbating, about the thought of Michele and me being together.

A few days later she wrote notes for both Steve and me. Steve was gloating about how Michele was flirting with him through her note. Eventually we compared notes, and while Steve's note mentioned Michele liking him only twice, mine mentioned it eight times.

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I was sure from this point on that there may be a future between Michele and me. It had been about four months since school started, and it was the weekend before we got off for Christmas break. I had been working all Saturday morning on a physics project and decided I needed a break.

At about seven P.M. I invited Steve, Pat (A friend of mine since elementary school), Justin, and Michele over for a "mini" party. We spent most of the night talking, listening to music and just plain goofing off. Michele and Justin were all over each other, which, at most, was entertaining to watch.

All throughout the night, sexual tension ran high. Michele on more than on occasion showed us her breasts encompassed in a black bra and even went so far as to show us her panties, which matched her bra accordingly. The party was not officially a party till Steve striped down to his boxers and shook his massive cock in front of us.

I have seen it fully exposed twice in my life, which is more than enough for me. A knew he was big tits teen webcam dancing and skinny brunette short hair stepchums brothers obsession least eight to ten inches long.

After the party it was just Steve, Pat, and I sitting around talking. Steve said that if Justin dumped Michele he would try and ask her out. I did not voice my true feelings, because I was afraid of jeopardizing my position. I knew that if Justin dumped Michele I would have to beat Stephen to the draw if I even had a chance with her.

It was almost Christmas break and Justin, Michele, and I were planning to skip school Friday. We all went to school as normal, but before the bell rang we all piled in my car and went to my house. While there we talked and grabbed a bite to eat before Justin and Michele started making out. While they were going at it, I snuck off to my room to masturbate while thinking about Michele the whole time.

After Justin and Michele finished making out we piled I my car and headed for Knoxville. We spent the rest of the day in Knoxville surfing through the mall going to places like EB Games, Spencer's Gifts, and Hot Topic. When we got back to school we got out of my car as we laughed in happiness at a perfect day.

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Michele ran around the car and hugged me, which was by no means a new habit, but what she did next caught me off guard. She slid her hand down to my ass squeezed it as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Embarrassed I quickly pulled my self together as we waked back to school. It seems that even though we may hate school it is the best way to converse with your friends.

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Over the break many events took place. First and foremost Christmas rolled around. I got joust about every thing I wanted. Then I went to the mountains for a little R&R with my family.

When I got back I celebrated New Years with Steve. That was when I found out that Justin and Michele's Relationship was on thin ice. This news sent shivers down my spine. Now that I was aware of the situation I started to plan how I would approach it when we went back to school on the 4th of January.

I got to school extra early so I could be the first one to talk to Michele. As soon as I found her I asked her how her break was. She then told me that Justin had ended their relation ship on good terms, although Michele was still sad. I soon became her closest friend as she confided in me for protection. Only a week later, after much talk, I finally asked the question that has been on my mind for some time.

As I walked into the school that morning Michele ran up to me and gave me a hug. I then told her we needed to talk. She gave me a look of concern as if I was bearing bad news. Once I started to explain to her my true feelings she began to smile. I knew she felt the same way towards me when she cupped my shaking, sweaty hand reassuring my thoughts. Then I finally asked mom and son japani mom she would go out with me, as she gladly sad yes as she leaned forth and gave me a hard and heavy kiss.

Now that I got over the hill I spent the rest of the day in a euphoric state with the incredible turn of events weighing on my mind. Michele and I were now officially going out.

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The next day we saw each other as we hugged and kissed for what seemed like an eternity. My routine shifted from alone time to together time, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I credited our relation ship on emotional rather than physical ties. Even though I thought she was drop dead gorgeous I focused on connecting on an emotional level before we got too physical. Before long I stopped taking Steve to lunch with me and brought Michele instead. We would eat, talk, and then if the mood struck us, we would make out.

On weekends we would go to the movies, drive to Knoxville, or just hang out at each other's house. This went on for near two weeks what happened next shocked even me. I was aware that there was an immanent possibility that we might have sex. Thursday I went to fill my car up with gas I bought my first box of condoms.

I walked in, proud as ever and bought a box of Trojans. When I got home I hid the condoms in my subwoofer and burned the box. Wednesday morning I woke up, took a shower, and got dressed. When I walked into the living room my sister said I did not need to pick her up after school because she was going to a friends house.

I then realized candid foot and soles in college faceshot jess s feet from 1:30 to 7:00 there would be no one in the house but me. I franticly started making plans. When lunchtime rolled around I told Michele about my house being empty and she was more than willing to come over.

When the final bell rang Michele went home and told her mom she was going to go hang out with Kat till about 7:00. While I went to K Mart and bought a pair of sheets for my bed, not knowing if she was still a virgin, so I could clean up easily. I went to go pick her up at 2:00. When we arrived at my house I knew this would be my last day as a virgin.

When we entered the house she went straight to my prepared basement. She has been to my house before but the previous times we never made it past second base.

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Today she was dressed appropriately. She had on a tight pair of blue jeans, which showcased her tight ass accompanied by a lacey corset style top under which she was wearing no bra. We both sat on my bed in my basement and made out for at least twenty minutes.

When we broke apart from our passionate kiss we sat there frozen looking into each other's eyes. Michele then said, "Chris, you know I would only do this for some one I truly love and care for." I responded, "I feel the same way, and I think you are the one who I want to do this with." There was a long pause as are eyes conveyed our thoughts better than words ever could. Then moments later the look in her eyes conveyed the fact that she was ready.

We started kissing softly and passionately as our tongues did a ballet together. My right hand ran through her hair and down her back, which sent a shiver through her body as I pulled her closer to me.

I moved my hand so that it was resting on her thigh as I slowly and methodically moved it up to her crotch. I then placed my left hand on he back and slowly unzipped her blouse. She then slid her hand on to my now hard cock and gave it a squeeze in anticipation. Then she moved her hand so I could slip her top off so I could finally see her beautiful breasts. They looked amazing in the ambient light produced by my many lava and bubble lamps in the room.

I then started kissing my way down her neck until I reached her right breast. I kissed circles around her tits which made her convulse as it was obvious no one has done this to her before. I finally wrapped my lips around her simi hard tit and started sucking. While I was sucking I would play with her tit with my tongue by circling it in my mouth. I then swapped breasts about three minutes in. She shivered as the cool air hit her wet nipple.

Then she reached around my back as she pulled my shirt of. Then I shifted off her tits oldman enjoys some fucking apologies from nasty bernice started making out again.

Then, as if are thoughts were perfectly synchronized, we both made a move for each other's pants. I quickly undid her button and unzipped them as she slowly removed my belt.

We both pulled our pants down together exposing her black lacey thong, which matched her blouse perfectly, and reveling my favorite pair of Simpsons boxers, from which my dick was about to come out of.

I then laid down on the bed facing up. She then straddled my head with her already wet thong inches away from my face. I then reached up grabbing her thong with my thumbs on the underside and slowly pulled them off. I had never seen a pussy this close before.

She kept it shaved, which made it easier for me to eat her out. I slowly pulled her pussy lips apart getting a clear view of the fleshy organs it protected. I then slowly started moving my tongue up and down stopping only to suck on her clit. The taste was unique, not overpowering, but a taste I will not soon forget. After I found her slit I pushed my tongue into it beginning to tongue horny chick leila severine taking on a large dick her.

She then could not but help start grinding on my face, and with in a matter of moments she had her first orgasm of the evening. Screaming and moaning she collapsed on my face as I then pulled out from her vagina while she turned and faced my dick preparing to give me a blowjob as she pulled my boxers off while I began fingering her sopping wet pussy.

Now it was her turn. She has never given a blowjob but she was willing to return the favor. She then grabbed my rock hard cock in her hand as she slowly wrapped her lips around its head. As she did this I implored if I could cum in her mouth and she nodded in approval as she started working my cock in and out of her mouth.

Slowly but surely, with each bob of her head a little more of my dick disappeared into her mouth. Before long she had my whole cock in her mouth which forced a slight gag as I moved my hand to the back of her head to guide her. Soon I could fill my seed building and she knew I was about to cum when my muscles and grip tightened as I lunged forward spouting cum into her mouth and down her throat screaming in passion while she whole-heartedly swallowed it all.

As Michele crawled off of me and laid down with me teens feast on healty cock ass blowjob rolled to our sides so we were facing each other. I then said, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Michele then turned and gazed into my unfocused eyes and replied, "I would only be comfortable doing this with you." I then leaned over the side of the bed and retrieved a condom that was in the subwoofer.

I told her, "No point in risking our future" as I rolled it down my cock. Michele then rolled onto her back as I placed an arm on each side of her. She then used some of her juices to lubricate my dick so I could ride her with ease. She then helped me guide my cock in to her tight virgin pussy. I could feel my dick's head squeeze its way into her tight pussy as she screamed in both pain and pleasure.

At that point I could only imagine how much better it must feel if I did not have to use a condom. I slowly began to push my way into her vagina until I felt some resistance. That's when I realized her hymen had not been broken and she was still a virgin.

I backed out and before I lunged forward to break it I looked her in the eye. I then rammed forward with all my might till I broke through and she screamed in both pain and pleasure. I kept a slow and steady pace until Michele started to work with me. Before long Michele was in sync on the in and the out strokes. Michele had another massive orgasm before I did, so we switched positions so she was riding me. I felt an orgasm building up but I held off so we could finish together.

When I felt her orgasm I let my cum load spurt as we climaxed in perfect harmony. Finally with our last ounce of strength we pulled off of each other and collapsed side by side in our euphoric and content state.