Beautiful woman nailed by nasty pawn man

Beautiful woman nailed by nasty pawn man
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Alice Sucks Cock 2 by Will Buster A few nights later, Lord Elton returned to his richly appointed bed room on the second floor of his sumptuous mansion. An oil lamp was pleasantly glowing on the nightstand in the corner.

His steps were virtually unheard as he approached on the thick, oriental carpet that covered most of the bedroom floor. Elton instantly noticed his cute little whore waiting for him in his bed.

She was mostly covered beneath the sheets and quilt. Only her bare shoulders and heart shaped face were visible. Alice smiled at him with genuine affection. Elton's butler, Walter billings, usually known simply as Billings, had highly recommended the young blonde tart as an appropriate bed mate for his wealthy employer.

What had surprised Billings was that the first weeks pay that Alice earned had been sent directly to her family. She hadn't kept a farthing to herself. Even though the other little sluts that had preceded Alice had sent some of the funds home, this little angel had sent it all. Her comment to Billings was, "Well Mister Billings, they need this money a lot more than I do. They be poor and might starve if I don't help them.

Besides I get three wonderful meals every day, a clean bed to sleep and play in and Lord James is so kind and gentle with me. I love being his mistress, I really do." Lord Elton didn't know about Alice's generosity yet. What he did know was that the little angelic bed wench was just what the doctor ordered.

So far she was the youngest girl he'd bedded with and yet her pussy hole was so vibrant and expressive considering she was deflowered by him so recently. He quickly undressed and got under the covers to join his brand new whore.

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He pulled her naked form to him and snuck his fingers into her already wet cunt. Alice moaned softly, letting him know she liked what he was doing to her firm, young body. Jim looked into those entrancing baby blues. The little wench drew him like a magnet. A moment later he was sucking on her right tit, licking and gently teething the small, stiff nipple. Alice definitely had learned a lot in a week. Her hand flitted down to his cock, sliding up and down the shaft and fingering him until he was as hard as a granite pillar.

In the quiet of the stylish bed chamber she whispered her seductive question. "Are you going to fuck my tiny pussy now?" He grinned at her. "Oh I think that is a distinct possibility my fallen angel." The youthful blonde tart snickered a little at his dry humor. She was getting used to that. She was also getting very used to being fucked hard and often and she found that she loved it. Alice looked forward to these encounters more and more. Suddenly he pulled her on top of him in a sitting position.

He chuckled at her surprise. "Time to learn a few new tricks my little Magdalin. Now take your hand and pull me inside your cunt and then start riding it." She guided him to her dripping hole and started slipping him inside.

"Like this my lord?" "Hmmmmmm. Yeah! You got the idea. You're a quick learner my sweet Alice. Yes! Now up and down! Squeeze it harder to! Yes! Oh you darling little whore! You're so fucking good!" He responded to her tightness. His hands clutched her small hips and he forced her down hard with almost every down thrust of her virginal looking body. Alice cried out from a quick climax. She threw her head back not afraid of getting caught jutted her little tits out which he instantly grabbed and sucked.

"Fuck me! Oooooooo! Ooooooo! Fuck up into my pretty pussy! You're so big and hard! Aaaagggghhhh! Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! Oooooo! Yes! Make me cum on your big cock! Oooooo!" Elton felt her lust build again. The cunt walls were gripping him even harder and tighter as the heat in her love hole became a writhing fire box.

He was rapidly loosing control himself as that jerking little love channel performed utterly wicked motions on his bulging prick.

"Fuck me you minx! Play you wanton little whore! God! What a wench! God! Fuck! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! You hot bitch!

Aaaaahhhh!" She gasped out in pain as he bit into her left breast. Then he exploded and launched sexy postop ladyboy diana solo playing her hairy pussy with a huge bla of spunk into her boiling bitch hole.

She wiggled and plunged, dramatically extending his delight by working him with her tight, firm pussy flesh!

She crooned, "Fill my baby fuck hole! Yes! Oh James! Oh Yes! Wet me! Squirt a fucking baby into my pussy! Oooooo! Oh Jesus! I'm cccccuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnggg!" He held her in place until his cock stopped spasming seed into the little girl slut that was still vibrating and twisting on his meat.

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With one last moan of rapture, Alice fell upon his strong chest and lay there, panting. At last, Elton asked, "I forgot to ask but did you have supper yet?" Alice grinned down at her new benefactor. "Yes, my sweet lord.

You've been so kind to me." Lord Jim moved his fingers through Alice's shining, combed hair. "I think I would like you to try something new for dessert my dear." "Oh, what's that?" Alice asked as she gazed into those hazel eyes that seemed to know so much. "I want you to try putting your mouth on my cock and sucking all over it until you swallow my seed. It's something any mistress of excellent quality should learn how to do and you want to be an excellent mistress, don't you, sweet Alice?

Her white teeth glistened in a dazzling smile. "Of course my lord! I'm new to this so please tell me what to do." "For now Alice, move down further and start by licking my member with your tongue. It will take awhile for me to get hard again so take your time.

This will be a lot of fun for both of us." To Alice, the idea of placing his cock into her mouth was both repugnant and exciting. She knew it was a very dirty, filthy thing to do.

However it was a lot more pleasant then letting her large family stay in abject poverty. So she knelt between Lord Elton's hairy legs and reluctantly slipped her tongue over his still sticky cock head. "That's the way Alice, move your tongue around and then stick it into your mouth and suck it.

Get as much of it into your mouth as you can." Alice built up her saliva and then pulled his limp meat into her small mouth. He tasted strange although the nubiles porn accidental creampie for teen schoolgirl flesh felt nice. She sucked on him slowly at first, getting used to the new feel of man meat in her throat. With his instruction she began to swirl her tongue around his tender tip and twist her mouth about the growing shaft as she sucked.

Soon the sounds of slurping, sucking and gagging became an erotic music to Elton's ears and he lay back, relishing how his cock was rising to the occasion. Alice's angelic looking head rapidly moved up and down as she finally got the idea of performing fine quality head. "Oh yes Alice! Suck it hard! Keep sucking because I'm going to cum in your hot little mouth! Oh yes! You're such a little whore!

I want you to gulp it down and drink it! Aaaahhh! Suck it down to the root! Oh yes Alice! You're so exquisite! Swish it and suck it! Yes, now all the way down!" He was rock hard now and Alice was having trouble keeping all that warm, stiff cock in her mouth. He told her to relax her throat muscles and finally she picked up the deep throat technique. His hands moved down to her lovely yellow haired head. The older man was gripped with a primal desire that he could not possibly withstand.

He had to pour himself down this cute girl's throat and force her to ingest his cum into her belly. With those strong hands, Lord Jim compelled her head down as he lunged upward.

Elton screamed as his spunk shot out, washing her pallet and throat. Alice gagged and choked with the unexpected salty taste and mouth filling flow of his hot lust. Frantically she gulped, attempting to obey his instructions but quite a bit escaped out of her mouth, messing the sheets and her face in the process. To her amazement, more milky stuff shot into her mouth and she gagged, unable to swallow fast enough. It seemed like he wouldn't stop shooting his creamy gizz down her gullet and then as suddenly amateur casting girl sucking and riding cock pov then given a facial it had started, his orgasm was finished.

He still held her face on his dick. "Now clean my cock with your tongue you sweet little darling. Suck me clean and then I want you to suck me off once again. You need much more practice if you intend to become a full service mistress. You must learn some very fancy tricks if you wish to continue to serve me Alice. Do you understand?" She nodded and smiled at him with her mouth chuck full of dribbling dick. ******* A little while later, Lord Elton showed Alice the unique delights of the sixty nine position with her on top.

He felt her up and down while his mouth drank from her tender honey pot. She was sucking him eagerly now as her own lusts were ignited by his experienced oral touch. On and on the oral sex play went on and the sounds of their interplay were almost as arousing as the act of lust itself. Slurp! Suck! "Mmmmmm!" "Aaaaahhhh!" Hiss! Suck! Pop! Gag! Slurp! "Suck my dick slut!" Oooooo!

Gurgle! Gulp! Gulp! Squirt! Gulp! Squirt! Gulp! Alice swallowed him as his next climax deluged her throat with more of his white hot gism. She held the base of his cock with her small hand and drank him while her cunt shuddered from her own rapture.

He'd nipped her clit expertly and filled her pussy with ass licking with bibi noel and noelle easton, wiggling fingers.

The little whore squealed on his cock even as she swallowed his tangy lust. "Oh yes Alice, you are learning. You're a good little whore. Now suck it clean and then we'll sleep awhile." Much later Lord James awoke and his cock was like a fucking marble pillar.

The girl lay beside him still sleeping but he couldn't help it. He had to have her pussy. He moved Alice onto her belly and she murmured with drowsy surprise as she felt his cock, rubbing against her sore little cunt lips. He guided her legs forward so that her ass was raised off the bed and then he entered her, shoving his manhood urgently into her tight little snatch. His voice hissed with passion and he pumped and plowed his young harlot.

"Fuck me Alice! Fuck my cock! Oooooo! You wanton little whore! Grip my dick with your pussy and fuck me! Yes bitch! Yes! Just like that!

Oh you little fuck bitch! God! You're so damned tight! Fuck! Yes! Yes!" Alice squealed into the pillow so she wouldn't make too much noise. Her cunt felt like it was on fire. He was banging her all the way with powerful strokes. His cock head rammed into her wiggling cervix and she climaxed once, twice and then thrice!

He had such tremendous control, holding back and keeping his youthful slut in rapturous heat. Again and again her body convulsed and shook with carnal cataclysms of unbridled ecstasy.

At last she screamed as she lost her final shred of decency. "Fuck me master! Fuck my virgin cunt! Fill me with seed! Fuck a child into my pussy! Oh God! God! Yes! Oh James! Fucking give it to me! Harder! Harder! I wanna fuck your cock all night! Aaaaaahhhh! Deeper! Aaaaaaahhhh! Deeper you fucking stud! Eeeeeoooowwww! Again! Again! Fuck my pussy you fucking stallion! Yyyyyeeeeesssss! Aaaaaahhhh! Yes! Oh God! Cum in my cunt! Please! Oh Jamie! I need it! I need you inside me! Eeeeeeaaaaaa!" Deep down, Alice now knew that she was her noble lord's whore.

To her surprise she enjoyed it, nay even craved it now. She had to have those tingling, soul searing releases that only his large cock could provide. With wanton abandon she thrust her little body back, engulfing his manhood with her velvet soft wetness that was her pulsing cunt!

With his strong hands he gripped her hips hard and mashed her body on to his, driving his cock into her wriggling body to the fucking max! "You fucking slut! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Jesus fucking Christ! Hot fucking damn! Whore on my cock! You wanton minx! Just fuck!" His cock twitched and swelled and then ejected hot, viscous streams of syrupy brat milk into Alice's writhing baby pit!

He desperately pumped squirt after squirt of his cream deep into right where nature provided Three lusty emo whores shared a hard rod and a warm cumload pornstars and hardcore little hot spot.

"Aaaaahhhh! You fucking vixen! God! Keep fucking you tight little bitch! Fucking drain me Alice!" Somewhere in Lord Elton's mind, he was astonished he was saying what he was saying.

He was normally a mild mannered gentleman of the highest social stamp. But this little trollop was doing something to him. His craving for her tight fuck hole and sucking mouth were starting to become an obsession to him. It seemed that no matter how much of his carnal fluids he launched into his new whore, he wanted more of her. Even as the last of his spunk dribbled into Alice's little twat, he was already looking forward to more play time with this foxy teen temptress.

What would she be like in a few months when she actually knew what to do? He grinned to himself in the comforting darkness of his bed chamber. It was a delightful thought as he lay back, letting his mind slip into an exhausted slumber.