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Tony the italian sausage beefcake hunter
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In the summer of 1998, I had the camping trip that would change my life. I jumped out of bed and crept downstairs, while still adjusting my glossy brown eyes to the brighter hallway. "Mornin', Noah." mumbled Dad, who also had just rolled out of bed. "Are you ready for the big day? The Johnson's are on there way over, and in just a few hours we'll hit the road for camp." I cursed in my head, remembering that we were going camping today. I still hadn't packed yet and we were leaving in about 3 hours to go camping on Finigan Lake.

"I still have to pack, I'll be down in a bit." I said, and I headed back to my room to pack up my clothes. Turning into my room, I flipped on the light and pulled out an old red and black duffel bag from the closet. It was worn down and had a few broken zippers. I groggily grabbed the needed clothes for the weekend campout. I went through an imaginary checklist, a few pairs of underwear, a few pairs of socks, and a couple each of jeans and t-shirts.

The doorbell rang. My father called me down to greet the Johnson's at the door, although I wasn't too excited to see them. The Johnson family had been a family friend for years, even since before I was born. They had a daughter, my age, named Clara. Clara was always very timid, for reasons that were never revealed to me.

The most that I had said was a kind, "Hello." It was 1:32 in the afternoon and the car was bumping down the road. The car had been silent for what felt like forever.

Clara sat next to me, but had her nose in a book the entire time. I couldn't help but notice that she kept looking over at me, and darting back to her book when I had gazed over. I kept a long playlist of music going on my phone, and hadn't taken my flawless babe is flaunting her stretched soft kitty in closeup out for the extent of the car ride.

We arrived somewhere around 2:30 although I had lost track of time. I preffered a tent to myself, so I set up my own tent away from the others. I had all my things spread out among the tent, including my sleeping bag on the very middle and my backpack and duffel bag along the sides of me.

"Noah?" I turned around at the timid female voice coming from behind me. "Who is it?" I responded. "It's Clara." she said, with a bit more confidence. "My parents don't have any room in their tent, they're inexpereinced campers and bought a tent that is too small for our family. Your dad said you had room. Can I stay in your tent?" My pulse started pounding.

I was both angry and nervous. I was excited to stay up in my tent on my own, and the thought of another person bothered me. No one had ever stayed with me in my tent, let alone a girl, that I didn't know.

"Sure? I guess?" I responded. And I heard her footsteps away as she went to gather her materials. A few minutes later she knocked on the door of the tent, which came out as a ruffle of canvas on itself.

Clara came in as I was moving my gear to one side, as I would have to share my tent space with her. "Sorry to bother you." she said. "It's no problem. Make yourself at home." I noticed that Clara was wearing a loose fitted t-shirt that hung low from her chest as she crawled through the door.

I couldn't help but to stare down her shirt and admire the small humps that hid within her bra.

Clara met my gaze when I looked up and quickly looked away. She awkardly unpacked her gear with her back to me. Clara layed down and started reading her book again, across from me in the tent. I decided to leave and go help set up camp. I gathered fire wood for the campfire tonight along with helping my dad set up the camp stove and unloading the fishing gear. As a group, our two families decided to go check out the lake and take a short swim. Horny college girl fucked by a friend thinking, I walked into my tent to change and unzipped the tent to see that Clara was just finishing pulling her tight blue swimming top over herself.

I caught a small glimpse of her rose-pink nipples and she whipped around with her back to me in embarassment. "I'm so sorry, Clara. I forgot you were in here!' I tried to say, while a rock began to form within my shorts.

"It's fine. sorry. I mean. I forgot." and her face went red with embrassement. She quickly wrapped herself with a towel and got out of the tent without another word. I zipped the tent back up after her and looked over towards her side. I saw her pink panties laying on top of her sleeping bag and my temptations took over sunny leone red sofa story I reached over and sniffed them. The mixture of fresh laundry and slight vinegar mixed well and I was hard.

I gave my dick a few strokes as I pulled off my cargo shorts and pulled on my red swimming shorts. I tried my best to conceal my cock before getting out of the tent with my towel around my neck. We returned to camp in time for dinner, as mom stayed behind to prepare some potatoes and steak that we bought on the way. Clara and I sat on opposite sides of the fire, and avoided looking at each other. I talked with my family and to Mr.

and Mrs. Alluring boss sunny gets serviced by janitor, who seemed very interested in getting me to talk. When I had finished dinner, I told my parents I was going to go fishing. I grabbed my fishing pole and the spare, and the tackle box.

I found a clearing about a quarter mile from camp and settled down on the shore with my rod. I cast a line and carefully set my rod between a rock and a tree to keep it from flying when something bit.

I layed back and took in all the surroundings, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and lake. "Hi Noah." I heard Clara's voice from behind. "Hello." I responded. "Sorry about earlier." I added. "No, don't worry about it, it was a mistake." she said.

Clara walked over to my side and sat down with her legs barely touching mine. I was surprised that she had taken a seat so close. Clara layed back next to me and gazed into the sky, at the large puffy clouds. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" I said, trying to make a conversation with her.

She jerked her head over at me, caught off guard with my words. "I think it is." and she said no more. I checked my line, noticing that nothing had bit. I decided to pack up my gear. "I'm heading back to camp, Clara. See you later." I said.

Clara gazed at me, and then back to the clouds. I noticed her hair was in a bun. She was very beautiful laying there, a thought that had never crossed my mind until today. I woke up to a zipper being undone.

I figured Clara had returned and was coming into the tent. I was facing her side, but I didn't stir. I very slightly opened my eyes to see her come in, trying to find her way to her sleeping bag without waking me up.

Clara glanced over at me to check that I was asleep. I barely had my eyes open, to the point that she couldn't tell. She made sure I was sleeping one last time, and then removed her t-shirt and pants.

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She pulled out a night gown and put it on over her petite body. The way that her bra craddled her tits was much different than the swimming suit and I felt myself growing hard again. Clara got on top of her sleeping bag with her back facing towards me. I noticed that she didn't get inside of it.

She reached behind her and pulled her night gown up ever so slightly. Her small ass was hanging out the end of the night gown and I grew even harder. I could see the curve of her ass as well as the tight pink panties that she had replaced from earlier. I couldn't control myself. I silently reached into my boxers and grabbed my rock solid cock. I started stroking completely silently. I had never seen anything like this before, only in the magazines that I snuck from my dad's collection.

Speeding up my strokes, the sleeping bag I was in began to make noise. I very carefully reached up and pulled the sleeping bag off of my body to relieve of the noise and to help cool off from the rising sweat.

I covered my cock and hand with the t-shirt I had left laying next to me before I got into my sleeping bag. I remained locked on to the beautiful girl and her ass that lay in front of me. Helplessly, I began to grunt slightly as my cock began to tingle and fill with pleasure.

I didn't think this far, and I felt the feeling of orgasm filling my body. Without sunny leone taking big cocks, I kind of lept up and used the t-shirt to collect my cum. The motion of getting up caused a lot of noise and Clara rolled over onto her side in enough to time to see me there, with my cock in one hand and a t-shirt in the other.

Clara got up on her knees and moved towards me. I was terrified as to what she would do.

She planted her lips on mine and locked her hands behind my neck. I had no clue what was happening but I kissed back. "What are you doing?" I whispered into her ear, as she began to rub her hands along my chest. "What were YOU doing?" replied Clara as she giggled and looked down at my still-hard cock.

She glanced back at my eyes once more before reaching down and grabbing it. I thought I was going to cum again from just the touch of another person.

I grabbed the top of Clara's night gown and pulled it off her body, to reveal the same sight that I had seen before she layed down to sleep. Before I had time, she had reached behind her back and undid her bra, and it fell to the ground revealing small mounds on her chest. I instinctively reached up and grabbed both of them, squeezing them. I leaned forward and licked her perfect nipples, filling my mouth with her small tits.

Before I had gotten too far, Clara grabbed my head and slowly pushed it back up. She instructed me to lay back and I agreed, as I was excited to know what she may be doing next. Her innocent head moved towards my cock and her wet lips moved over the tip of my cock.

Again, I thought I was going to cum from the feeling of another person. Clara slowly moved her lips over my cock and glazed the surface with her spit. My body was trembling with the excitement and I couldn't help but moan at the soft licking.

She began to fit more of my young cock into her mouth, allowing it to slip into the sides of her cheek. Before I knew it, my cock was tingling again and I exploded with another orgasm, filling her mouth with my cum.

As she was stroking the last bits from the end of my cock, she reached down and began to rub on her vagina. I took this as a cue, and sat up as she moved backwards, glancing at me.

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I pushed her down onto her back and pulled off her panties, after giving her perfect tits another gentle squeeze. The wet panties came off with difficulty, as they stuck to her legs. I admired the neat pink vagina, and it's shininess in the little moonlight which crept into the tent. I noticed that there was a small amount of stubble, realizing that she had shaved it.

I wasn't sure what to do, and I glanced into her eyes. Taking the hint, she grabbed my hand and set it onto her vagina. She began to move her hand with mine up and down on top of it. I got the pattern and she layed back with her hands on her tits, and I heard a moan coming from her.

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I kept at this until she reached down and pushed my head into her vagina. began to lick it, and taste the slightly acidic juices excreting from her soaking vagina. I licked very gently, and she pushed slightly harder into the back of my head, and I began to lick harder. The moans began to grow louder, and I decided that it was time.

I decided to sit up and she knew what was coming. Clara spit onto her hand and rubbed it onto my cock, while pulling it closer to her. She slowly inserted it into her, and we both moaned in pleasure. Taking it slowly, I began to thrust in and out, adding a bit more each time. Eventually my entire cock was inside of her, and our gazes locked with one another.

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I never realized how beautiful she was. Clara began to moan louder and I covered her mouth with my hand, to prevent others from hearing. I felt her vagina tense up and the added tightness of her orgasm made my cock begin to throb and tingle. I familiar feeling filled my body, as I pulled out and came as soon as it had cleared her body.

Unbelievably, even more strings of cum shot from my cock, covering her tummy with thick strings of it. She looked down and grabbed some with her fingers. She scooped the cum into her mouth and swallowed it, while watching me finish the orgasm. After she had consumed the rest of my cum, she flipped around danny ds cock got simone garzas pussy on top once again sucked on my tired cock.

She stroked the remaining drops of cum from my cock, swallowing every last bit of it. Speechless, she sat up and began to kiss me again. Our bodies were pressed together extremely tightly, and her hard nipples pushed on my chest as my hard cock pushed on her vagina.

Without warning, she broke off the kiss and moved back to her side. She layed back down onto her sleeping bag, without replacing her clothes. I mimicked her movement, and layed back down. Clara moved over to my side and curled up within my body.

Neither of us replaced our clothing and my cock now pressed against her ass. My arms went around her and I found her small founds with mine.

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I held them and I fell asleep with her in my arms, my face full of her long blonde hair. When I woke up, I almost forgot what had happened. I got confused when I found her there, but quickly remembered what had happened. She sensed my presence and smiled at me as I released her and sat up. "Better get dressed." She said, and she moved to the other side of the tent, pulling out fresh clothes and concealing her beautiful body. I sat in amazement at who I once thought to be a timid girl.

Clara said nothing else and left the tent, leaving her moist panties and bra still in their spots. I moved them over to my side, for further enjoyment, and got dressed as well.