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Emily and nikki threesome fucking bbc interracial sucking cowgirl
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Diaries of a Soldier - R&R (part 3) I awoke in a empty bed with the sun beating me down through a opening in the shades. That farmiliar feeling I hadn't had in a long time, hangover! "Oh god," I thought I hate drinking. If I could smoke weed in peace and freedom I would never drink again I often thought after a hard nights drinking. I knew that Kimmie had gone to bed before everyone left last night and I dreaded the idea that what I dreamed last night may have actually happened. Was it a dream?

It could have been. I reached down to feel a sticky hard morning wood cock, FUCK! It did happen. I got up to take a piss and got in the shower right away.

Coming out wet in a towel I followed the smells of food coming from the kitchen in some hopes Katrina had left already. But to my dismay there in my kitchen were two beautiful asses cooking breakfast.

They were both wearing very small tank tops and short shorts. Kimmie's ass read Pink across it, and Katrina's ass read Cutie. Fucking Christ! "Morning baby." Kimmie said turning around. "How'd you sleep?" "Ok, I guess. I forgot how much hangovers suck." "Aww rough night?" Katrina teased. I shot a quick look at her that simply read keep your fucking mouth shut. "I was fucked up last night. I don't even remember going to bed." A lie, I remebered everything.

"Yeah it was pretty rough towards the end there. That last blunt really fucked me up." Katrina said.

This is gonna be bad I thought as Kimmie passed me a plate and the three of us sat down to breakfast. "Well the keg is empty." Kimmie laughed. "You guys drank it all!" "Hey you helped Kimmie, you passed out first." I said. "Well I was tired, all we've been doing is fucking the last 3 days then the guys just showed up with the keg." "Sounds like you've been having a pretty good couple days." Katrina again had this horrible sly look as she said this.

Shut the fuck up I thought. "So we're still gonna go 4 wheeling this morning." I said trying to change the subject. "What time?" I shoveled my food down a lot faster then my hangover wanted me too, "As soon as possible." I said.

Katrina laughed. "What's your plans for today Kimmie? I asked "Kat is gonna hang out, help me clean up from last night. Then we're gonna go get some more weed, do a little food shopping and come back here." "And wait for you to come home." Katrina finish. The undertone of this breakfast was killing me. "Great! Breakfast was good thanks baby." I said standing and giving her a kiss. "I'm gonna go get dressed." playgirl sucks and gets creamed girlfriend and hardcore I turned away and started walking to the bedroom.

"Hey I helped too! Where's my kiss?" Katrina yelled down the hall. This fucking bitch I thought. "Thank you Katrina!" I yelled back not turning around and shut my bedroom door behind me.

I got on the phone in my bedroom and called Dan. He was still sleeping but after 3 calls he woke up. "Dick you didn't call to let me know you got home safe." I yelled as he answered "I forgot." "Get up and come get me, I need to get out of my house right now." "Ok give me 20 minutes." I got dressed then layed back down and fell asleep.

About an hour later I was rocked awake by Dan and Scott jumping in my bed. "WAKE UP DICKHEAD! You wake me up, tell me to come over now your fucking sleeping?" "Fuck! Ok I'm up." I said groggy. "Why are you sleeping anyways? You do know there are two hot chicks in barely any clothes sitting on your couch smoking weed right?" Scott asked "Yes I'm aware.

Lets go ride." I put my boots on and said a quick goodbye to the girls. We hoped in Dan's truck and I took a look at the two quads we were hauling. "They fast?" I asked "Fuck yeah they are!" We drove about 20 minutes away to this big marsh land by the ocean. This is where we used to have drinking parties as kids, now we were ripping it up on the quads.

We took turns riding, one person had to sit on the truck while the other 2 road. Sitting with the truck wasn't so bad though, the cooler in the bed was full of beer and Scott had plenty of weed to pack in his glass piece for the odd man waited. I didn't ride right away. A few beers were on the menu to try to drink my hangover away. As I sat there listening the guys in the distance drinking a beer my phone rang, it was Kimmie.

"Hey baby" I answered "Mmm baby, I like that" "Katrina?" "Yes" "Where's Kimmie? "She just ran up stairs to some guys house to buy some more weed." "So what's up?" I asked inpatiantly "Just calling to update you on my progess with Kimmie. We went to the store and got everything we need to make margaritas, when we get back to the apartment we're gonna blend them up." "Great." "What time you guys gonna be done riding?" She asked "I'm not sure." "Well don't be to long or I might get her going without you" "Oh yeah?" "Yeah, I asked Kimmie if she ever had a threesome before while we were smoking.

She said it was something she had always wanted to do with you because she's had one before and you hadn't." "I know, that's why I suggested it." "Oh I thought you suggested it so we could fuck some more." She said in a sexy tone. "No not without Kimmie, last night was a mistake.

I mean you were amazing but I'm married. It was a mistake." "Kimmie's coming back, I'll call you back and let you know how things are going." Kat hung up suddenly.

We took turns riding and the day went on. The girls had gone back to the house and started blending margarita's at 1:00 in the afternoon.

So far so good I guess. At about 5:00 I got a call from Milf rides stepsons cock pornstars and mature and her tone had really changed.

"Baby!" She yelled as I answered "What's up?" "Nothing just seeing when you were coming home. I'm horny!" "And drunk?" I laughed "How many margaritas have you guys had?" "I'm drinking my fifth right now. Katrina is on her sixth. Me and Kat got into bathing suits and are tanning on the roof. I was just telling her about how good you are at fucking me and wanted to call you. I love you." Well she still loves me so that's a good sign, I really felt like I was playing with fire here.

"I love you too. Why are you guys talking about that?" "Cuz Kat asked if you were worth the wait. 6 months is a long time to go without dick, then I gotta go 6 more months when you leave again. But your worth the wait I told her. Kat is jealous now." Kimmie laughed. "She said she wants to fuck a dick worth waiting a year for." "Well tell her I'm all yours." "I said that, but then she said if you were so good that I should share." "Oh?" I was interested now.

"Yeah, she was telling me about her threesome, so I was talking about mine with school girl s sex marathi story ex. Then Kat asked if you had had a threesome before, I don't think you've had one right?" "No I haven't" I answered "Well you should hurry home." And with that she hung up the phone.

Fucking Christ. I laughed to myself sitting on Dan's truck alone. A smile grew across my face and I grabbed another beer. Once the guys came back to the truck with the quads I told them we should call it a day and they agreed. We couldn't go straight back to my house though which killed me. We took the quads to a car wash and hosed them off, then we had to take them back to Dan's house.

I wanted to hide in the truck because if Dan's parents saw me I knew I would be stuck here longer. As we pulled into his driveway I receaved a text message. It was a picture. I opened the picture and it was actually 2 pictures, one of Kimmie with her hand down her bathing suit and the same of Katrina with the text above it "Hurry home". Again, fucking Christ! "Come say hi to my parents." Dan said "Not right now, I need to get adriana chechik anal sex with big black cock "Why what's up?" Dan asked "Kimmie needs me at the house." "She ok?" "Yeah she's fine.

She's just." I was at a loss for words so I just tossed Dan my phone and he looked at the pictures. "What the fuck?" He laughed and showing Scott who laughed too.

"Fucking take me home." I told them fake public agent promisses an amateur girl that he will cum on her face "Ok man give me a second." Dan unloaded the quads and we left for my place. As we pulled up to my apartment I think I jumped out of the truck while it was still moving alittle. "So I guess we can't come up then?" Dan laughed "Nope." I ran up my stairs.

"I'll call you guys later!" Letting the door slam behind me. I stood outside my apartment door for a second. Gathered my thoughts and opened, nobody was in the living room. I looked all over the apartment, nobody. I felt the disapointment in my cock. I got on the phone and called Kimmie's cell.

"Where are you guys?" "On the roof sweating our tits off, we'll come down. There's weed on the table roll a blunt." randy renae cruz gets her panties spunked Good idea I thought, no need to rush. So I did just that, sat on the couch and rolled a blunt.

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A few minutes later the front door opened and the room was filled with the smell of suntan lotion as 2 oily sweaty sexy bodies walked into my apartment each carrying a towel and a margarita.

They both walked over sat on either side of me as I finished rolling the blunt and sparked it. "Hi baby." Kimmie said sitting. "Did you have fun with the guys?" "Yeah it was fun. You're having fun with your girl I see, I got the text." "I thought that might get you home soon, Katrina and I missed you." "You both missed me?" "Yes we both missed you." Katrina chimmed in "Well I guess I missed you too then." I tried to sound joking As we smoked they moved in closer to me until I pretty much had both girls heads on either shoulder hugging me.

I could feel their hot sweaty tits pressing against my arms. We stayed like this making innuendo small talk until the blunt was almost finished. "We're gonna get out of these bathing suits and a little bit more comfortable." Kimmie said looking at Katrina. "Why don't you come in to the bedroom when the blunt is finished.

"Ok baby." Is all I could say as the girls got up. I was fixated on their asses as they walked out until Katrina and my eyes met and she gave me a wink as she followed Kimmie to the bedroom.

What's more comfortable then a bathing suit I wondered taking a hit off the blunt. After about 5 minutes I roached it, stood up and walked to the bedroom. I opened the door and walked into a sceen not of something in my life but of some porno movie I've watched many times before. The girls were completely naked lying on the bed wrapped in eachothers arms kissing.

I stood there and watched as my please make me lesbian scene bree daniels lily carter prinzzess zoey holloway hands moved over Katrina's body.

Down her shoulders, across her breasts, down her stomach, and finally stopping at her shaved pussy. They ignored me. "You have the prettiest pussy Kat.

I want to taste it." Kimmie lifted herself up over Katrina moving her ass and backdoor view of your box towards me. She kissed Katrina's neck and licked down to her tits taking one in her mouth, the other in her hand. "Yeeeah." I heard Katrina say softly. Kimmie worked Katrina's tits just the way she liked me to suck hers.

Kimmie moved her head lower now kissing her way down Kat's stomach. My cock was acking to come out so I started to undress slowly as I watched intently. As Kimmie's tounge moved lower towards Kat's pussy her ass came closer to me and was now in my reach, but I didn't join in yet. Kimmie lightly ran her tounge over the outside of Kat's lips. I could see the wettness in Kimmie's pussy now as she moved her ass closer to me.

She pushed her tounge into Katrina, spreading her lips apart and into her soaking wet fuck hole. "Oh fuck!" Katrina let out reaching down grabbing Kimmie's head. "You taste so good." Kimmie whispered as she found Kat's clit and began to lick angell summers beautiful redhead pornstars and european hard.

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"Oh god eat my pussy." Katrina let out as she looked at me. "You like watching your wife eat my pussy?" "Oh yeah." I managed to say "Well why the fuck are you just standing there then? Fuck her while she eats me." Kimmie looked back at me, "Please fuck me baby." Is all she said then went back to licking Kat's clit. OK I thought and finished taking my clothes off. I moved forward behind Kimmie and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy. I was gonna tease her a little but she pressed back and took my cock in her before I could.

"Fuck yeah. God his cock is so good to me." Kimmie said to Katrina as she continued to eat her pussy while I fucked her. "I can't wait to feel that cock in my pussy too." "Oh you will." I said pumping my wife. I grabbed Kimmie's ass and pulled her on my dick harder and faster. Her head was rocking so hard from my fucking that all she could do to lick Kat's pussy was stick out her tounge and let the motion of me fucking her move her across her clit.

I looked down and met Katrina's eyes, we were locked on eachother. We both knew this is what we plotted to do and we had done it, now it was time to enjoy. Katrina grabbed Kimmie's hair tight and forced her to lick deep into her cunt.

I was in heaven. I slapped Kimmie's ass hard. "Lick that pussy you slut!" "Slap the slut again." Katrina shot out quick so I slapped her again harder fucking her faster.

"OH FUCK!" Kimmie let out and stopped eating Katrina's pussy. She lifting herself up onto her hands pushed back into my prick hard. Katrina scooted out from under Kimmie stood up on the bed and rubbed her pussy in front of Kimmie's face. "I wasn't done with your tounge." Katrina grabbed the back of Nubile young blond watches porn and fucks herself with dildo head and forced it into her pussy again.

"Put your tounge in me." She commanded. Kimmie stuck out her tounge as she was told and the force of me fucking her pushed her tounge in and out of Katrina's cunt. But Kat still wanted it harder and pushed Kimmie's head hard into her box. Wow I thought, Katrina is a freak. I wanted her so fucking bad right there in front of my wife.

Kat leaned down holding a hand full of Kimmie's hair and kissed her pussy covered lips. "MMMmmm. Now I want to taste your pussy." She said "Oh god yeah." Kimmie let out Katrina had to position herself under Kimmie in a 69 postion while I continued to fuck her doggystyle. I thought she was gonna lick Kimmie's clit so I was pleasantly surpriced when Kat took my balls into her mouth. It felt so good it just made me pump my wife's pussy even harder.

She let my balls fall from her mouth then went to work on Kimmie's clit while I fucked her. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum." Kimmie let out after about 3 minutes of this double stimulation. "Yeah I want to taste your pussy cum." I could hear Kat say from underneath.

I licked my thumb and rubbed it along the outside of Kimmie's asshole as I fucked harder and faster. I knew this anal stimulation would put her over the edge. "FUUUUUUCK! I'M CUMMING BABY FUUUUCK!" Her entire body convulsed. I pulled my cock out of her and watched Katrina finish her off as Kimmie road her face. Her body tensed up and she rolled off Katrina onto the bed.

Kat got up and kissed Kimmie long and deep. "Good little slut" She said to Kimmie. "Now watch me fuck your husband." Katrina turned to me and kissed me, I could taste Kimmie's pussy. She kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, "You better cum in me this time." I pushed her hard onto her back and decided in that instant this little slut needed to be put in her place, she thought she was running this show.

I moved in close to her positioning my cock inches from her face. "Put it in your mouth." "But I wanted you to." I grabbed a handful of hair and slapped her face much harder then I would ever have slapped my wife. "Put it in your mouth now." In a more commanding tone. I moved her mouth closer to my prick by the handful of hair I had and she did as she was told taking my pussy covered cock down her throat. I never fuck Kimmie in the mouth, I always let her suck me but this slut was gonna get it.

I rammed by cock in and out of her mouth stopping every 10 or 15 thrust so she could get some air. Kimmie watched eyes wide as my cock violently pumping her slut friends face. Her hands moved to her pussy rubbing her clit enjoying her show.

After a few minutes of face fucking I threw Kat to the bed by her hair laughing alittle as she gasped for air lying on her back. "Which hole do you want me to fuck Kimmie? Mom sex with son friend sex stories ass or her pussy? "Fuck her pussy." She said as she rubbed her clit harder. I grabbed Kat by her hips and flipped her over onto her knees.

I took both her beautiful ass cheeks in each hand and spanked her really hard leave a perfect hand print. "Put your face in my wife's cunt. Lick her pussy like she licked yours." I commanded and she did as she was told. I got behind Katrina like I did Kimmie and slammed my whole 7" in her with no warning. "Fuck!" She gasped. "Don't stop eating that pussy slut." SLAP! I came down hard again on her ass and Kat burried her tounge back into Kimmie's pussy.

I pumped her hard while I watched Kimmie enjoying the pussy licking she was getting, her eyes closed and her hands blond bikini pussy bitch sucking like a champ of Kat's hair. "Fuck Katrina your a good slut." SLAP!! Her ass was getting really red now but I didn't care which was the best thing abut this whole situation, she was a slut and I was gonna use her as such.

"What do you want to do to this slut baby?" I asked Kimmie "I want to fuck her ass while she rides your cock." SLAP! A very low "Ah" came from Kat, I wasn't sure it was from pain or plessure. "Did you hear that Kat? She wants you to ride my cock, are you gonna do what your told?" I rammed in her hard and fast "Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass Kimmie please!" "Good" I said. SLAP!

One more so she would remember it then I took my cock out of her and pushed her a side. I laid on my back and watch Katrina slowly get up and mount my cock. She slide down onto me and instantly began riding, maybe trying to regain some control. I watched her tits bounce as she road me, I laid back taking a break for a minute. Kimmie got up and got her 7" vibrator and a bottle of lube from the nightstand. I could only see Kat riding me like the good slut she was enjoying every minute of it.

Kimmie moved in behind Katrina with her toy and lubed up her ass. She inserted one finger, then two, letting Katrina fuck her hand as she came down la vergine di san babila anal e dp a milano my cock. Kimmie moved Katrina forward and rubbed the vibrator against her asshole.

I continued to pump her hard. "Fuck yeah put it in my ass." She scream. When Kimmie pushed in I could feel it which was kind of surprising. I picked up my pace and really let her pussy have it. "FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEE!" She screemed. "Kimmie turn it on." I instantly felt the vibration as I fucked her pussy, it felt so good.

Kimmie let the vibrator sit in her ass for a few seconds letting us both get used to the sensation. But she quickly picked up the pace, eventually matching my thrusts. "Fucking make me cum!" Katrina screemed "FUCK MY ASS KIMMIE FUCK!!

I was close to cumming myself this was just to much, I tried to hold back. "Fuck I'm gonna cum." She yelled "You better fucking cum on my dick soon before I shoot this load in you." "Oh yeah." Katrina's eye's closed.

"Tell me your gonna cum in me again." "Bitch I have the biggest load for your pussy, keep fucking that dick slut and your gonna get it." "Yeah cum in me! God I'm so close! Cum in my pussy!" "Are you on birth control." Kimmie shot it. "YES! Keep fucking my ass." I couldn't help but laugh to myself, I closed my eyes and tried not to cum yet. "Do you want me to pull out baby?" I asked Kimmie I could feel Kimmie fucking her ass harder with the vibrator, "She's on birth control, cum in her pussy baby." "YES!

FUCK I'M CUMMING!!" Katrina screamed I completely lost it as here legs and pussy queezed me tight. I shot the biggest load in her I think I have ever had, for a few moments things went dark and I thought I might pass out. Everything got quiet and the only sound came from the vibrator that Kimmie slowly took out of Katrina's ass.

"Holy fuck!" Katrina let out after a few seconds. Her body still shaking on top of me. I looked up at her as she looked at me, she leaned down and we kissed pasionalty. I rolled her to one side of me as my cock slipped from her pussy. Kimmie climbed back into bed and cuddled up on the other side of me. We all laid there in our glow. "Can we do that again in charisse mae aminoso filipina pinay xxx scandals part morning?" Kimmie asked.

Katrina and I looked at eachother with a smile. "Maybe," I turned to Kimmie giving her a kiss. "If your good." "Fuck you! I know I was good. But now I'm going to bed." Kimmie cuddled into me tight and shut her eyes. "So sounds like we're gonna get to have some fun tomorrow too." Katrina said looking at me "Can't wait" I pulled Katrina in close and we all feel a sleep. To Be Continued.