18 boy and aunty mom

18 boy and aunty mom
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This series has grown well past any point I could have imagined when I first started writing it a couple of weeks ago. It has grown into this monster that is now dictating to me what it wants to say cheryl is a great looking blonde slut masturbation european the direction it wants to go in.

Here I have barely finished Chapter Six and Chapter Seven has already begun. I have no idea where it is going nor when it will arrive so just hang on and we'll both see where we end up Fix'm To those cowards that give me a negative vote yet lack the courage to say who you are or even leave a comment I say Fuck You and that's the last you'll hear from me on the subject.

To my fans enjoy as this is a very long story with a couple of twists THX Fix'm Full Circle Chapter Six I turned the Suburban right and then swung it to the left and we had arrived at the Hilton. The look on the doorman's face and that of the parking valet were absolutely, without a doubt, priceless, as first Susan exited, then Faith, and finally Cyn all dressed identically down to the jewelry they were wearing and these poor fellows simply couldn't quite handle it.

Now I would have to be first one to admit that the initial sight of them standing there together can be a little intimidating.

If you saw them from a distance you would swear that they were triplets when in fact they represented three generations of the same family mother, daughter, and granddaughter.

They all stood approximately five foot seven inches tall and there was maybe, maybe a half inch of difference in height between the three of them the three of them were pretty teen wants you to cum on her foot slender of figure with perky 34 B breasts and nicely formed rears and with maybe a pound's difference in weight they could swap clothes with impunity.

They all wore their deep red hair down to their waists and had dark jade green eyes, button noses, and a smile that when they turned it on could melt steel had they chosen to do so. I handed the keys to the valet and tipping him a ten asked that he keep it close and taking the women's arms in mine escorted them inside. Using a house phone I called up to Marty's room and when Mary answered I told them that we would be in the bar and to join us there. We entered the bar area and found a large booth and chairs so that when Marty got here we wouldn't be cramped for room.

The waitress the witcher yennefer fucked anal animation hmv over and took our order, a Stella Artois for me and a good white wine for Susan, Faith, and Cyn. I told the waitress that we were expecting a party of three to join us and when they arrived would water strip with claudia bluebell please direct them this way.

She asked how she would recognize them and I replied smiling that believe me she would have no trouble at all. We had just had our drinks delivered when our waitress led Marty, Mary, and SgtMaj Jacob Christian to our table. Marty stood about five foot ten inches and looked older and quite a bit wider across the middle than I remember, but then he wasn't the fanatic about exercise I was. Mary was couple of inches shorter than Marty, but still looked like the Marine GySgt she was when Marty first met her.

Since the Marine Corps didn't allow fraternization between officer and enlisted Mary had retired and married him. While she would never be considered truly beautiful she was still an attractive woman with her blond hair cut in a page boy. SgtMaj Jacob Christian was in a class all by himself. He stood, according to his medical records six feet five and thirteen sixteenths inches tall (he was actually closer to six foot nine inches, but since the Marine Corps had a six foot six inch height limit we always went by his medical records) weighed around two hundred and fifty, which made him look trim and he was absolutely coal black.

He enlisted when he was fourteen years of age, but because he was already six foot two at the time and he produced a false birth certificate (that wasn't really checked) the recruiters welcomed him with open arms. By the time the SgtMaj (because that is what everyone called him and what he preferred to be called) had been in the Corps four years he had already been promoted to Sgt and he had already been awarded a Navy Cross, for conspicuous gallantry under fire, two Bronze Stars and a number of Purple Hearts.

It was the opinion of everyone who was there the day he earned the Navy Cross that he should have rightfully received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions, but because he was black and politics were what they were back then he got the Cross. It was at this time that it was discovered he had only been seventeen when he did what he did to earn the Cross and there was some talk about kicking him out.

There has never been a mutiny in the United States Marine Corps during its entire history, but when the battalion to which he was assigned heard what the upper brass were thinking about they got all upset and threatened just that. To make a long story short he was discharged and then immediately reenlisted and he lost his chance at StaffSgt for two years. He looked older with more grey in his close cropped hair, but he was still fit.

By the time the SgtMaj finally retired he wore more fruit salad on the chest of his blues than the Commandant. He had never married as he sent his entire paycheck home to support a whole slew of younger brothers and sisters. He not only provided support for them, but when each was ready for college he paid for that as well.

It wasn't unusual for the bank account he maintained for their support to mysteriously swell from time to time as a special need might arise. As I have said the Brotherhood is a special thing. I shook hands all around and gave Mary a squeeze (She and Carol had been best of friends) and introduced everyone and asked what they were drinking.

After the waitress left to fill the order I encouraged everyone to sit and as with the drink order when Mary had ordered for Marty she now helped him into a chair. Marty was in shock and had been since the moment he has stepped around the corner and seen Susan, Faith, and Cyn in person.

Mary said "He didn't believe that they were real" "He thought you were pulling a fast one on him." "Now Mary" I said, "you know that I wouldn't do that to him." "I know that" she replied, "but your comment about your future bride really threw him." "He still can't accept that this is what Carol had wanted you to do even though I have told him a dozen times." Susan spoke up at that point and asked Mary how well she had known my previous wife Carol.

To which Mary replied that she and Carol had been best of friends. Well it wasn't long before Mary and Susan, and Faith and Cyn had separated themselves from our little group and were chatting away.

Marty snapped out of his funk and took a hit of his scotch. Then he looked at me and said "Plug, Oh great and fearless leader, I will never doubt your word again for you have to be the luckiest SOB I have ever met." Then he raised his glass euro doxies cum a lot from fuckfests salute and when he lowered it he asked quietly "What's up Skipper." I signaled the waitress and ordered another round for everyone and after they were delivered I laid out what had happened since I had left the Farm on this journey of mine.

How I had rediscovered Susan and realized that she was the piece missing in my life and how we planned to get married when all of this is over. "Finally, we get down to the brass tacks of the situation" said Marty and then he and the SgtMaj started asking me questions. I told him of recruiting Stephen's logistics skills and of Rogers and Martin waiting on the outskirts of the city with some tools I had requested they pick up for me.

I also said that I had ten men, all former Force Recon, coming into Atlantic City at the end of the week and my intentions of having them set up perimeter security on the building and act as bodyguards should one of the women need to leave for any reason. "So what do you need from me and the SgtMaj" he asked. (Now I should say that while SgtMaj Jacob Christian and I worked extremely well together when I commanded a regiment when Marty got his they just clicked for some reason and became best of friends on top of everything else.

They both retired at the same ceremony and both had settled in New Jersey in a little beach town south of Atlantic City where the SgtMaj ran a deep-sea fishing boat and Marty was one of his best customers. "Right now Marty I'm not sure" I replied. "Until Stephen finishes his assessment I don't have a clue what I will need in the way of manpower other than a lot." "The only other thing I know is that when the move takes place it has to go fast, very fast, because when those punks find out she is leaving they are going to do their worst to try and stop her." "They want major revenge for what she has done to them." The waitress came around to see if we wanted another round, but after looking at my watch I saw it was nearly time for our dinner reservation and said it was time to go.

I gathered everyone up and we headed for the door. The SgtMaj said he had to pit stop and for us to go on ahead and he would catch up. Our dinner reservations were across the street at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse so that wouldn't be a problem. We went out the front door and started walking. We had just crossed the grassy center brokenteens vanessa kim twists her body for a big cock hardcore and flexible strip when we heard "Do not move, this is a robbery" come from behind us.

As we turned I could see two nerd babe kali dates a guy with big cock something males with knives in their hands threatening us. Now we all know the saying "Never bring a knife to a gun fight" and I was just about to draw my pistol when I saw two enormous hands come up on the outside of these two punks heads and slam them together with an audible crack.

The two dropped like they had been pole-axed and the SgtMaj picked the pair up, one in each hand, and deposited them on the central median. Lightly dusting his hands he came back and in his deep baritone voice said "Shall we go, I'm starving." Faith asked "Isn't that dangerous leaving them lying there like that?" "What if they are waiting when we come back out." "Well little miss"(he called all women that, but then when you tower over them by a foot or more I guess you can) the SgtMaj replied, "When they wake up in an hour or so and provided the police haven't picked them up the only thing they are going to want to do is find something for their headaches and go back to sleep." "Now don't you worry your pretty little head about it." We entered the restaurant and after giving the host my name we were quickly seated.

Our server came over and introduced herself and took our drink orders and said she would be back for our order in a couple of minutes.

When she returned I ordered Lump Crab Louis Wraps, Sweet Chile Calamari, and a Lobster Tempura as appetizers along with a full bottle of 2007 Kim Crawford's Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand as an accompaniment. While we waited for the appetizers we chatted about various things. Susan, Faith, and Cyn were still picking Mary's brain and Marty, SgtMaj and I discussed the upcoming Marine Corps birthday celebrations we had planned.

We were going to try and have a reunion of both his regiment and mine and were hoping that if there was enough interest we would try and get it established as an every two years kind of thing.

The appetizers arrived and with it the wine, which I must say surprised me as to how good it was. With the aromas of ripe tropical fruits and New Zealand herbs rising from the glass this wine was delightful and refreshing to the palette and went great with the seafood appetizers. We gave our server our orders for the main course. Marty, SgtMaj, and I had steaks in various configurations while the four ladies all opted for New Zealand lamb chops with a fine madeira sauce.

Marty, SgtMaj and I split a bottle of 2007 Malbec from the Catena Winery in Mendoza Argentina while I ordered a 2009 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Sensual Winery also of Mendoza Argentina for the ladies. The meal was served and the food and wine were excellent as was the company. Susan and I traded tastes of my steak and her lamb so then of course I had to do the same with both Faith and Cyn while Mary, SgtMaj, and Marty looked on with him shaking his head back and forth in disbelief until finally he couldn't stand it any longer.

"Excuse me, ladies could I have a moment of your time please" he asked. Susan, Faith, and Cyn paused in their antics and looked at him/ "Might I ask just what it is that you see in that battered piece of dogmeat" he asked.

Cyn answered by saying "He's going to marry my grandmother and that's all the reason I need to pamper him!" Then Faith said "He's marrying my mother and I don't need any more reason than that!" Finally, after a moments silence, Susan said "He's marrying me. Now be a good boy and finish your vegetables" and the table simply cracked up.

With dinner finished it was decided to forgo the pleasure of dessert since everyone was stuffed so I paid our tab and we wended our way back toward the hotel. Approaching the median we saw that our thugs were gone so we proceeded onward and shortly thereafter arrived safely at the hotel. I had noticed a twenty four hour pharmacy on the corner so excusing myself I dashed over, went inside and emerged a few moments later with a disposable cell phone in my hand. We went up to Marty and Mary's suite and Marty called down to room service for several pots of strong black coffee while I plugged the disposable in for a fast charge.

Twenty minutes later and on my second cup of coffee I called the number Roger Jenkins had given me and when he answered I said "This is CT, I'm at the Baltimore Hilton room 1431see you in about thirty" and hung up. I know from previous dealings with Roger and Billy that they took operational security very seriously and preferred to spend as little time on the phone as possible.

Thirty minutes later there was a quiet knock on the door and when I answered it Roger and Billy slipped through. We walked back into the sitting area where I introduced them to Susan, Faith, Cyn, and since they didn't know Marty's wife Mary. Both of them knew Marty and SgtMaj and a few minutes were spent catching up before we got down to business. The first thing I asked about was the foot lockers and if they had them with them and when they said they did I made immediate plans to swap them from their van to the back of the Suburban before we left.

I was beginning to feel like a broken record doomed to continually repeat myself as I had told this story so often over the past couple of days, but it had to be done. When I had finished I looked at Roger and Billy and said "I need you to oversee the security of their building and their personal security should they need to go out for any reason" "will that be a problem" I asked. Billy said that he didn't think so and asked how many men he had to work with.

I gave him the list of the men coming and after glancing over it he nodded in approval. "These are all good and experienced men that Roger and I have used on several occasions" he stated "however, with your permission I would like to bring in a special team for building security" "mainly to man observation posts at the four corners of the building." Roger then said "We have looked at satellite pictures of the area and from what we can see your buildings are one story or approximately fifteen higher than all of the surrounding buildings for at least six square blocks." That theoretically gives us the high black slut lizzy xxx gets dicked down by two big black cocks full video and it's up to us to take advantage of what is offered" "Now" he continued, "the north wall is, at present, completely unprotected and you're damned lucky that those punks aren't smart enough to have figured it out yet." "After tomorrow it won't matter, because by then we will be ready for them." We talked for another forty five minutes with Marty and SgtMaj making several good comments even though this wasn't their area of expertise.

We set a time to call tomorrow after they had gathered up some of the materials they would need to secure the building and I walked down with SgtMaj to the Suburban, started it and drove up to the sixth floor where there was public parking.

We met Roger and Billy there and in less than five minutes the footlockers were in the back of the truck. I then retraced my path back to where I was originally parked and went back upstairs to get the girls.

After saying goodbye and agreeing to meet the next day for lunch and a tour we took big natural boobs blonde games for a pearl necklace elevator down to the first floor. I handed the parking valet my ticket and less than five minutes later he was handing me the keys and holding the doors for the women.

Once we were under way both Faith and Cyn asked together is young schoolgirl like voices "Were we good daddy?" "Do we get to play and fool around with you like you promised daddy?" "Now children, don't pester daddy when he's driving" said Susan and I shot her a look that said "Gee thanks" and she just smiled sweetly at me.

Fifteen minutes later we pulled into the garage and everyone got out. As we headed for the elevator Faith took one arm and Cyn the other and I was thinking "What the hell have I gotten myself into now." When the elevator reached the third floor and as they started to pull me off I shot a despairing look back at Susan pleading with my eyes for rescue.

Susan simply smiled and said "Girls don't play too rough, I don't want him hurt." Then she pushed the button that closed the elevator door.

Spicy honey gets cumshot on her face sucking all the cum

Faith and Cyn led me over to one of the three couches they had in their sitting area, stripping my sunny leone in hotel porn xnxx off my back and taking my shoulder holster off. Then the phone rang and Cyn said she would get it while Faith continued to disrobe me. She had gotten as far as the buttons on my shirt when Cyn called "Mom, it's for you, it's the hospital." Susan rushed to the phone and talked rapidly for several minutes.

"GODDAMN!" I heard her shout "Why tonight of all nights" she said as she came back into the room. "I have an emergency at the hospital and I have to get there now! I started buttoning my shirt and grabbed my shoulder holster and jacket. "Cyn would you call your grandmother and tell her what's going on and that I am going to run Faith to the hospital" "sure" she replied, "but I am going with you" as she dialed the number on her cell.

We piled into the elevator and less than four minutes later were on our way to Mercy Hospital. The lights were with us and traffic was really light for a Sunday night and we made it to the hospital in record time. As Faith bailed out she said she singapore janella ooi bunnyjanjan sex tape with joal ong call and let me know whether to wait or not so Cyn and I sat in my truck and waited for her call.

Cyn was in a talkative mood so I let her ramble. She told me about growing up in a household of women and what it was like and how difficult it was for her to comprehend why her mother never really went out on dates or had any boyfriends.

She told me that her grandmother was a more influential person in her life than her own mother was even though the three of them lived under the same roof. We talked about Mike and the impact his death had had upon her grandmother and the complete shock all of them felt when they found out that Mike had made her grandmother the sole beneficiary of his estate and how large that estate was.

She was rattling on about Med School when her phone rang. It was her mother Faith and she was some upset. One of her patients had come in six weeks early because her water had broken. Well Faith came to find out that the reason her water broke so early was because her boyfriend and supposed father of her child had hit her in the stomach.

Now instead of a relatively normal birth they had an emergency situation on her hands and she didn't know when she would get free, but it certainly wouldn't be before morning at least. I asked if she needed any clothes or anything else and she told me that she always kept a spare set or two there just in case and she was really mad that she wasn't going to get to spend the night with me. We said bye to each other and headed back to the house.

Cyn was real quiet until we were almost there then she said "I'm glad in a way that everything happened as it did" "This way I can have you all to myself and when Mom gets a chance she can do the same." "Besides" she went on, "Mom can get real uptight when it comes to sex and she probably needs to be with you and you alone the first couple of times given how she has imprinted on you and all." I turned, looked at her, and said "and what do you know about that young lady?" "Well Daddy" she said, "I hope you don't mind me calling you Daddy because in a way I feel like you are if by proxy only and I have never had a real daddy" "The reason for my birth was never a secret in our house and although grandma wasn't all that happy about it she fully understood the reasons behind my Mom's need." "Personally I think it's kinda neat and kinda kinky at the same time." "I mean if things had been just a little bit different you really could have been my daddy and I could have been the best daddy's girl ever" "Anyway" she went on saying, "I know mom has only ever been to bed with two other men and that was shortly after I was born, but they weren't you even if they did look remarkably like you must have twenty some odd years ago." "Mom just stopped having sex and learned to satisfy herself, but I don't think she was quite prepared for what she saw yesterday morning when you came flying into the bedroom after grandma." "Oh sure she played nonchalant and even made a flippant remark, but I know for a fact that she doesn't have a dildo that comes anywhere close to your size" All of this sexually oriented conversation was getting me aroused and by the time we finally got back I was starting to sport a fairly decent hard-on.

Cyn noticed it immediately as we walked to the elevator and stroked it lightly with her hand. Of course that was all that was really needed to bring the beast to full awareness and being dressed commando or not my trousers were getting very tight.

We bailed out on the third floor and Cyn picked up the house phone and called her grandma who told her that she had already heard from Faith and for her to enjoy herself as she was going to bed.

Cyn hung up and turned to me pulling her dress over her head as she did confirming that she had neither a bra nor panties on underneath. My God I thought she looks just like Susan did forty years ago. She padded over to a picture mounted on the wall and swung it aside to reveal a small wall safe and as she stretched upward a little bit to place her jewelry inside I thought I caught a glimpse of something on her backside.

She secured her jewelry, closed and locked the safe, swung the picture back in place and spun back around facing me. I admit I was caught flatfooted still standing there like a fool with my mouth open and drool edging out of the corner of my mouth. "You daddy," she said in a soft seductive voice, "are way too overdressed now strip." And she came over to help. The shoes were quickly kicked off and the blazer and shoulder holster. The shirt followed closely behind and then her hands quickly unfastened my belt and the button on my trousers.

Thank god I keep myself clean shaven down there for if I hadn't the speed at which that zipper descended would have stripped an patch of hair better than any bikini wax job ever could. Cyn grabbed my fully the wife loves it up the ass cock in one small hand and led me to her bedroom in the front of the building.

The centerpiece of her room was a huge four post canopy bed that had to be half again the size of a California king in both directions and it had heavy dark green velvet curtains on all four sides so that if she wanted to she could narrow her world to that small area. We stopped at the side of the bed and kissed, somewhat hesitantly at first, but with more and more passion with every passing moment.

Cyn let out a soft mew and her body gave a light shiver as I ran my hands slowly down her back. I gently caressed the two perfect globes of her ass and as my hands approached her center I could feel that there was something wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore into her asshole.

Christ! It was a butt plug, a very goddamned big butt plug and she had to have been wearing it all evening. Cyn broke our kiss and said "I can't take birth control pills and I don't want any children until after I graduate med school and finish my residency so until then I will do anything else except vaginal sex." She paused for a moment to give me another deep kiss while her hands started caressing my nipples and then said "When I saw how big you were yesterday morning I knew that if I was going to take that monster up my sweet ass without splitting me in two then I had better take steps to prepare myself." " I started yesterday morning with a fairly small one and over the course of the day gradually put in a larger and larger one." "I thought for sure that you were going to notice when we went sailing on the Gollywog, especially when I came below and kissed you." Cyn paused for another kiss break then continued, "This morning while you and grandma were still sleeping I ducked out and went to a sex shop I know a couple of dozen blocks from here, boy are the guys that run those places creeps, anyway I bought the three largest sizes they had and stopped at a twenty four hour pharmacy and picked a couple of tubes of K-Y Silk E and some Pjur numbing spray." She then trailed off as I gradually pushed her to the bed.

Her knees hit and as she flopped backward I moved between her legs and spread them wider throwing them over my shoulders. Now that sweet, ripe pussy was mine for the taking and take it I did. I lowered my face inhaling that fragrant perfume and sticking out my tongue I dragged it from the base of her outer lips to the very top barely penetrating at all. I circled her clit, but other than breathing heavily on it didn't touch it. That alone was enough to cause her to shake with a mini-orgasm and when I went back for the second stroke, a little deeper I could tell by the amount of juice my tongue collected that she was getting really wet.

I made a third, fourth, and fifth pass, elena de frutos sex scenes in mentiras y gordas avi tube porn her mewing getting louder and more vocal with every stroke, and as mmf with a blonde milf amateur xxx friends getting moist together the first two passes avoided touching her clit and just breathing on it.

It was fully out of its concealing sheath now, standing all on its own all puffy and red, engorged with blood, passion and desire. After I completed the fifth lap I took my hands and gently parted those puffed and swollen lips and I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go and capturing every drop of her sweet nectar I possibly could. The taste was/is indescribable as it reminded me of everything good I had ever tasted all rolled into one.

I continued licking and slowly increased my pace. Now I was delving my tongue in as far as I could, but just falling short of hitting her G-spot. Cyn's head was trashing from side to side and she was bucking her hips into my face harder and harder with every lick of my tongue. Now I was circling her clit at the top of every stroke, giving it an occasional flick of my hardened tongue.

Cyn was mewing More,More,More and I gradually inserted first one finger and then a second into her wreathing clasping pussy. Her juices were flowing so fast that I would have needed three tongues to catch all of it as if flowed out the bottom and around that huge butt plug.

I could feel her tension build and as it reached a peak I turned my two fingers over and crooking them slightly started rubbing her G-spot. At the same time I vacuumed her clit into my mouth clamping my lips around the base as I sucked it inward and swirling my tongue over every square millimeter of it. Cyn's reaction was immediate as she let out a tremendous incoherent sound of bliss and her body was rocked by wave after wave of soul shattering orgasm.

As I gave her clit one last strong suck and a light brush with my teeth I watched her eyes roll upwards into her head and her body go completely limp. I picked her up and laid her carefully on the bed and bring up a light sheet gently covered her sweat soaked and unconscious body.

I lay beside her and lightly caressed her hair and face before slowly moving down her body over the sheet while watching her breathing finally start to slow. After about twenty minutes or so her eyes blinked and you could almost see the conscious mind reset itself. As my hand continued stroking downward both her hands came up tangled in the sheet and grabbed mine. "NO MORE" she said! "Sweet mother of God, what did you do to me" she demanded!

"I have never before had an orgasm, correction, a series of orgasms that fucking intense in my entire life" "My entire body is still tingling" "I swear to you here and now that when I finish my residency I will have as many babies as you want as long as you promise to do that to me once a month" "with what you can do to a woman with that tongue and lips they should be classified as mind control weapons." Then she got a look on her face and said "Have you done this to grandma yet?" "She might not be able to handle it and might get hurt." I looked at this incredibly beautiful woman and realized that as with her two raunchy bimbos and one hard member I was deeply in love with her.

I was completely touched that at this moment of her greatest sexual pleasure she thought of her grandmother and how what pleasure I had brought her could possibly inadvertently hurt her grandmother. This was a very special woman indeed. "Be still little one" I said to her cuddling her in my arms. "Your grandmother and I have enjoyed this and many other pleasures and both of us are here to talk about it." "Your grandmother is a very tough yet sensual woman who knows her what her limitations are and believe me when I say that neither of us have reached them yet.

I slowly started caressing Cyn's body using a light feathery touch and began to draw my fingers over her breasts and nipples. As I lightly very dangerous raping x storys I could feel her breasts harden and swell slightly and her nipples grow to the size of marbles. It simply amazed me how two women, a generation apart, could respond to sexual stimulus in the exact same manner.

I lowered my lips to hers and her mouth opened in welcome to mine and our tongues made brief contact with each other before going off to explore the dark recesses of each others mouth coming back from time to time to twine around each other in a soft, gentle caress. Pulling my lips from hers I kissed her chin and nuzzled the soft contours of her throat before sliding downward and engulfing one of mom and son in kecticn firm perky breasts in my mouth, nipple and all.

My free hand reached over and softly cupped her other breast gently fondling her nipple before rolling it between thumb and forefinger. Her chest rose up mashing her tit in my mouth while one of her hands covered mine as it massaged her breast. Her other hand snaked down to my groin trailing its fingernails over the smooth shaven skin before grabbing my ball sack and rolling my balls gently between her fingers.

I could feel the beast begin to stir from its semi-erect state as it sensed the delights of pleasure soon to come its way. Cyn's hand could sense it as well and it slowly moved up my cock softly massaging and stroking it until it was straining upright.

Cyn broke her chest away from my lips and scooted her body down until her lips were just barely brushing the head of my cock and her dainty tongue emerged from her mouth and scooped up the drop of pre-cum that had emerged with the tip of it.

I watched as she made a big deal of taking that little bit in and swirling it across her teeth as if she were trying to extract the maximum amount of flavor from that tiny sample. Her tongue darted out again and scooped up another sample and then her lips sealed themselves over the very tip of my cock and began gently sucking as if she were trying to encourage a very thick milkshake to move up a straw into her mouth.

Periodically she would remove her lips and circle the head of my cock staying on that band of sensitive flesh that remains after a male's foreskin has been removed. This always brought more pre-cum to the surface and she would lick it up and begin sucking all over again. I tried to reach her breasts and she wouldn't allow it nor could I grab her ass as she moved it out of the way as well. Finally after ten minutes or so she raised her head and moving her glorious butt up the bed asked me to remove the plug in her ass and coat her asshole with lube.

I carefully grabbed the ring in the base of the plug and slowly began to remove it. Cyn was making a soft series of mews as I twisted it one way and then the next, seeking to break the suction lock it had on her asshole.

I exerted a bit more outward pressure and with an audible pop it came away in my hand. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube and the spray bottle of numbing agent.

Taking the numbing agent in hand I gave her gaping asshole several strong pumps and then reached up and gently rubbed the liquid into the outer and inner rings of her sphincter muscle and after that amai liu likes to get drilled hard absorbed I repeated the process again, this time making sure that I put five or six strong sprays directly into her rectum. Cyn mewed a little louder and her ass quivered at the coolness of the spray.

I took the bottle of lube and squeezed out a generous amount before coating her sphincter and as far as I could reach with three fingers into her rectum. As I did Cyn pushed back with her cute little ass and gaping wide asshole as if she wanted to swallow hand and all. I gave her ass one more treatment with the lube while she coated my cock from tip to balls and back again. Cyn closed the container of lube and climbed on to her hands and knees with a pillow under her chest and her butt wiggling in the air.

"Fuck Me" she said "Fuck Me Daddy Please!" Now I loved anal sex, but my now deceased wife Carol didn't really cotton to it so my occasions to two lusty babes share a bbc interracial brunette it were few and far between and here I was positioned to drive my monster cock into the asshole of a twenty three year old woman at her direct request By God the Beast had thought it had died and gone to cock heaven.

I carefully positioned the head of my cock against Cyn's gaping asshole and gently began to slide it in. The series of increasingly larger butt plugs she had worn had evidently done their job for I had no problem getting the first two inches into that warm, dark, velvet feeling tunnel and then my thickness hit and the resistance began.

I eased in half an inch and I could hear Cyn suck in her breath in pain so I would back off, wait a couple of seconds, and try again. That's how it went back and forth, a grunt of pain, a sigh of relief, for at least twenty five minutes before my balls were plumb slap up against her pussy.

My God, My God, My God I feel so full cried out Cyn and she wiggled her butt just a little. I slowly withdrew and then plunged right back in again and Cyn let out a loud gasp so I pulled back again only to drive all the way in again.

On the third stroke her ass came back to meet my inward driving cock and we were off. The feeling to me was exquisite and I know that Cyn was feeling something damned pleasurable from the way she was mewing and moaning and driving her ass back on my cock. We would go r e a l s l o w for a couple of dozen strokes and then pick up the pace until we were slamming into one another with an audible smack and then we would slow down again, that numbing spray was working real good for me.

Once again I could feel the tension inside her beginning to build so I reached my hand around and gave her some fingers to ride her clit on. My other hand reached forward and grabbed a nipple that I immediately started twisting and I was off on the ride of my life. Cyn started slamming her ass back against my cock at an astonishing rate and I did my damnedest to stay with her, then she let out another shriek and her ass started shaking like a paint mixing machine on high speed and her rectum felt like it was trying to suck my cock as deep into it as it could possibly go.

Cyn's sphincter was clamping down so hard that I wondered if amputation were possible and then she made some sort of corkscrewing motion with her ass and that was it, my trigger was tripped and as I drove as deep as I could my cock started dumping and enormous load of cum deep within her bowels.

The relief was so great that I fell across Cyn's back, wrapped my arms around her, then we rolled on to our side with me still firmly lodged within her and that is how we fell asleep!

I woke to the smell of fresh roasted and brewed coffee and realized that for the second day in a row I had slept through 0530. Susan was on one side of me and Cyn on the other and for just a moment I had an awful "Oh Shit" moment. That passed when Susan leaned over and kissed me saying "Good morning lover" and Cyn followed suit by kissing me and saying "Good morning Daddy." "You don't need to say a word CT as I have already received a blow by blow or would it be better to say stroke by stroke accounting of what happened here last night" said Susan with that mischievous glint in her eye again.

"Faith is still at the hospital as it appears that no sooner did she get the first child delivered successfully than another expectant mother, two weeks shy of her due date, showed up with a small caliber bullet wound in her abdomen." Said Susan as she went on "That baby and his mother are also doing well and we have" and she paused for a minute "we have what you jarheads called actionable intelligence." "It appears" she said "that momma two didn't like getting shot by the punk who did and told Faith of a major raid to take place on this building Thursday night." Well that woke me up and in a damned hurry at that.

"I need to get to my laptop and I need to get to it now" I said sitting up. "That will be five dollars grandma" said Cyn smiling "I told you that this would be his response when you told him the news and you didn't believe me." "I brought your laptop and a robe down for you since I knew that you probably want both" Susan said softly.

"We have also closed the pharmacy saying that we would be closed for a week because of a death in the family and another week after that to remodel.

I complimented Susan on her very quick thinking and said "What I need, more than anything else right now is a shower and some clean clothes" as I climbed out of Cyn's bed. "And I would really like it if you two sensual and delightful women would join me." I stood and wrapped the robe about me and offering my arm to each we stepped into the elevator for the brief journey upwards. "Well CT did you have a good time last night" asked Susan "and how would you compare the two of us in bed." "You wench, you asked that question deliberately and you know it" I said looking her directly in the eye.

"Of course I did lover, when you get to my age there are just certain things that a woman has to know" she said smiling sweetly. We arrived on the top floor and like a mini-parade with Susan in the lead we followed one another through the sunny leone painful porn story closet into the bathroom proper and dropping our robes as we climbed into that massive wonder of plumbing state of the art, the computer controlled, multi-directional shower.

Susan did the honors with the programming and the tankless water heaters did what they do best and in a matter of seconds we were luxuriating in multiple streams of water ranging from moderately warm to very hot. Scrubbies were passed around and body wash dispensed and we fell to scouring the activities and exertions of the previous day and night off our bodies.

There was a certain amount of casual caressing and light fondling, but we really tried to keep it to a minimum. As we were drying each other Susan looked at me and said "CT you never answered my last question, now will you please do so now." Cyn piped up saying "Grandma it isn't fair to put Daddy CT on the spot like that" "Whichever way he answers he risks offending one or both of us and you know it." "Susan" I said "let me put this to rest for the first and last time." "Now" I said to myself musing upon my answer for it was a fine line I was about to walk and I had better do it with my eyes wide open and a hell of a lot of care.

Choosing my word ever so carefully I said "Susan, the love of my life, you are like a fine, well aged red wine, one that is to be savored and not quaffed, with a good body and flavored with little hints of mystery that add to your complexity without creating dissonance and specific high notes sprinkled throughout that lead to a long and lasting finish" I said as I looked at her.

"Cyn, my love and my lover as well, you are like a bottle of the best pure blue agave tequila that has been crafted by a true master. You are fiery and bold with the promise of great adventure just ahead, yet soft and smooth as a quiet night with a sky full of stars. You are, by your nature, one to be sampled carefully for too much can lead to pain and perhaps suffering" I said looking into her eyes.

"You are both very special individuals to me who are so alike on so many levels yet so wildly different on so many more. I love you both equally and more I will not say." I said as I finished drying my body then I went in search of clothing leaving the two of them staring at one another lost in their own thoughts.

Finally dressed I went into the front room and sat on that enormous couch with my laptop resting on the coffee table in front of me and after it had powered up I went to my ymail account and sent out an email to each of the ten men I had hired that I needed them in Glen Burnie no later than 2330 hrs Tuesday night.

I dug out my disposable phone and called Roger and Billy. It was now late in the morning (at least for me it was) so I knew that both would be up and when Roger answered I simply said "We have a situation developing" and then set up a time to pick he and Billy up. I asked Susan who the Blazer belonged to and was informed that it was Cyn's so I went in search of her. I found her on the second floor in the kitchen making Crab and Crawfish omelets with a tangy cream sauce that were it red in color I would swear was a very good salsa.

The kitchen itself was, as it appeared everything else in this amazing building was, completely state of the art. I recognized the stove, fridge, sink, moon and son xxx story, and what I thought was a mixer oh and the coffee maker and that was it. I knew that the only way I was getting in there to cook was with a multi-volume instruction manual complete with full color illustrations and detailed pictures. I hastily backed up to the doorway less I bump into something that would launch a rocket and asked Cyn if I could use the Blazer.

Sure she said, after we eat breakfast, and she wanted me to know that I would owe her a minor debt that she would collect later. Breakfast was excellent although I would never have thought of serving freshly toasted garlic bread sticks with the meal, but they provided a nice counterpoint and balance to the slightly bitter Italian dark roasted coffee that was served. I helped carry the dishes into the kitchen and got the Blazer's key from the rack.

Then just as I was leaving the house phone rang. It was Faith and she needed a ride. I said no problem as I was heading in that general direction and I wanted to talk with her about the intelligence she had gathered and thought that Roger and Billy would appreciate hearing it directly. I went down to the garage and climbed into the Blazer, switched it on and when the glow-plug light went out started the engine. I was pleased to see the same Banks Turbo Diesel plate in this truck as well.

After exiting the garage I turned the opposite way in the alley as we had been doing no sense in developing a pattern and headed for the hospital. My phone rang and when I had answered it found Detective Jones on the other end. We exchanged pleasantries for a couple of minutes before getting down to the reason for his call. He told me that among the bangers they had arrested the previous evening five of the six in the car were some of the same ones that had made the abortive attack on Susan's building the other night and that they were going to be looking at some jail time.

I told him that this was good news and he said that it got better. It turned out that the sixth individual was a part of a hit team brought in from D.C. and they had him on several charges including murder. In order to avoid a "death penalty" trial he had agreed to turn States Evidence and had given them some rather disturbing information.

I interrupted at that point and said "Oh you mean the attack that is supposed to take place on Thursday night?" There was a moments silence and then Jones came back with "And how in the Hell did you know that!" I explained what Faith had been told and he said he was going right over there to interrogate the two new mothers.

I said I thought that this would be a bad idea and why and after a few minutes wrangling he agreed to let me play it my way. I had no sooner hung up the phone with Jones than it rang again. When I answered it a voice said "Col Mac*********" I don't know if you recall me or not, but this is Sgt Jason Conners, I was on duty when exquisite marital device and penis fucking hardcore blowjob came to the USNA the other day." I flashed back on the tall Marine Sgt at the gate and said "Sure Sgt Conners, what can I do for you" "Well sir" he said "scuttlebutt has it that you and the ladies with you that day might be in trouble and in need of some assistance." "Now I know that you are probably not at liberty to say anything over the phone, but I and a couple of buddies of mine are going to be in the City this evening and we sure would like to have the opportunity for you to hear us out." "Sgt" I replied "are you familiar with Bertha's in Fells Point?" "Why sure Colonel" he replied "they have great seafood and a bunch of pretty good looking women hang out there on the weekend." "If you and your friends want why don't you meet me there at say 2100 hrs and if you get there early have dinner and run a tab and I'll pick it amateur swinger group and girl moaning daddy sure enough just as the ball dropped the when I get there" I said.

"2100 hrs at Bertha's, Aye-Aye Sir" Conners replied "and thank you sir." "Not a problem Sgt. Semper Fi!" I said. And he responded with a loud "OOH-RAH!!!" Talk about good timing, I had just finished talking with Sgt Conners when I arrived at the hospital. As soon as I pulled up Faith came out the door and ran over to the truck, quickly climbing in.

Once she got settled in her seat I reached over and pulled her head toward mine and gave her a deep kiss. "I am truly sorry that you had to miss out last night, but (keeping in mind what Cyn and Susan had both told me) I would much rather it be just you and I without any company at first, if that's agreeable with you naturally" I said once we had finally broken apart. Faith struggled for a few seconds to get her breathing under control before saying "That sounds wonderful because to be honest I was a bit intimidated by the thought of someone else being there, especially my daughter." I turned out of the hospital parking area and headed toward where I had agreed to pick up Roger and Billy.

"Where are we going" asked Faith. I told her that we were going to pick up Roger and Billy and smuggle them back into the building. I also said that they were going to so a security assessment that was all the more critical now because of the information she provided about the impending attack.

Faith was real quiet for a minute or so and then as she turned in her seat to face me said "CT" To which I replied "Yes, my love." "CT, you know that I am hopelessly in love with you" she said, "I'm sure that if mother hasn't told you already then Cyn has and more than likely both as they are both very protective of me." And she paused for a few seconds before going on. "I cannot explain what happened or how, mother and I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on shrinks and counselors and haven't found an answer yet and" she continued "I have come to accept this love for you as something that will never change," "however, I have been seeing a new shrink that neither mom nor Cyn know anything about and several weeks ago she made a radical suggestion that involves you." I didn't say anything other than "Go on." "My doctor," Faith continued "wanted me to search for you again and if I found you to ask to have your baby." "Now before you get upset I am perfectly OK with getting pregnant by means of artificial insemination since I have done that before, but then you already know about Cyn and why I had her don't you." I could only nod my head yes before she went on.

"I know that there are some that are going to say that I am too old, well that's a crock!" she said somewhat angrily "Ever since my doctor suggested it I have been doing research on it and found that as long as I am healthy and fertile I can continue to have children." I looked at my watch and realized that I still had thirty minutes left before I was supposed to meet up with Roger, so I pulled over and turned into Druid Hill Park, found a parking space and pulled in.

Turning to Faith I said "We have a little bit of time to kill blonde babe loves a nicec hard cock we hook up with Roger and Billy so I thought we could sit here and talk for a bit as I don't imagine that you want to talk about this in front of them." "That's very considerate of you CT" Faith said. "Anyway I went and had a fertility test done and I am as fertile as a rabbit and I want to have your child!" I looked at her, drinking in her beauty and seeing a very attractive, yet very, very vulnerable woman then I said to her "Faith, I have cared about you and yes even loved you since I first saw you as a very little girl holding your mother's hand and that hasn't changed a single bit in all the years since." As I paused for a moment or two to collect my thoughts I could see the hope, fear, longing, and love in her eyes and I could see her trembling slightly.

I reached over and caressed her hair and the side of her face and lifting her chin a tiny bit tenderly kissed her on the lips before saying "I would be pleased and honored to be the father of your child, provided that this is what you truly want and provided that we create this child or possibly children the old fashioned way." She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, hard and excitedly then she said somewhat shyly and demurely "I haven't had a lot of experience in sex and I have only had sex with two other men in the past, neither went more than one night, and neither was what I would call pleasurable so I may not know what exactly to do." "Faith, my love and soon to be the mother of our child, when the time comes and we have the opportunity to begin a new life between us you will be fine and you will find that the act of procreation to be one of the most pleasurable things you have ever done in your entire life," I said kissing her again.

There's just one thing Faith said timidly, "Mother and Cyn can't know until after I have really begun to show." "Why is that" I asked "I would think that they would be overjoyed at you having a child." "They would try and talk me out of it, that's why and I really don't want to go through all the arguments with them so please" she asked. "Ok" I said, "but I think you are wrong about the two of them" "Unless I miss my guess you will be very surprised at how they will react." I glanced at my watch and realized we had been talking a lot longer than I thought so I threw the truck into gear and headed for the meeting point as fast as I legally could.

As I pulled up in front of the Bus Station I saw the pair of them standing there with their duffle bags at their side. I bailed out and went around to them saying loudly "Mike, Paul" as I grabbed both in bear hugs for that is what we had decided on as a cover in case anyone was watching (not that anyone was I thought, but it's worth it to be careful).

I introduced Faith as my new bride and keying the back window down threw their bags in the back. After they had crawled past the front seat and I had handed Faith into her seat I climbed behind the wheel and we were off. I worked my way to the Jones Falls Expressway and followed it until I could get off in the Roland Park area then worked my way back downtown before turning into the garage from the opposite direction I had left.

As we had approached the neighborhood I had Roger and Billy pull a blanket I had back there for that reason over them. Even though the side windows were very dark hair stylist gets fucked in the ass in threesome it never hurt to be careful.

Once inside we unloaded their gear and hauled everything up to the second floor where Susan and Cyn had just finished preparing lunch. I knew that if I stayed around these women I was going to gain another forty pounds they way they fed me. Lunch consisted of one third pound Black Angus and tenderloin pork peppercorn and bacon burgers on homemade poppy seed buns with a from scratch horseradish mayo and all the trimmings, homemade potato chips, scratch coleslaw and scratch baked beans.

Roger looked up after he had devoured his jynx maze giovanni francescin my wife shot friend hq mp4 xxx storymp4 burger and said "Miss Susan and Miss Cyn when CT said we were having burgers and chips for lunch what went through my mind was Burger King and Utz chips and Billy and I have to apologize for thinking such heretical and impure thoughts." "I would have never believed that a burger could taste so good and if I had the room I would gladly down a third one." Susan and Cyn both blushed a little at the compliment and then Susan said "just wait for dinner." The meal done and the dishes cleaned we all settled in the front room on the second the witcher yennefer fucked anal animation hmv and Faith repeated what the two new mothers had told her.

She said that the woman who had been shot was the lover of the man who had taken over the running of the gang now that their leader was in jail and although he still answered to him he had a lot of freedom in what they did. He was now looking to make a name for himself and had called in two hit squads, one from D.C. and the other from Philly and were planning on attacking the building and trashing it very late Thursday night.

He planned on setting up three diversions in different parts of the City to pull the cops away from this area before he launched his attack. Roger asked: "did this woman know how many bangers would be involved." Faith said that the woman wasn't sure, but thought that there could be as many as fifty of sixty plus the two hit squads. Roger thought for a minute or two processing the intel and then said that the first thing he needed to do was take a look at what we had in the way of security and defenses.

The one thing he saidas he stood up, was that unless our lives were in direct and imminent danger any action or response we made had to be non-lethal in nature. Faith said that she would give them the nickel tour and I settled down in front of my laptop with my phone in hand. The first person I called was Marty and I gave him a head's up on what was happening and suggested that I get back in touch with him over the weekend.

He and SgtMaj both volunteered to come over and help with our defense and I had a tough time convincing him that his help would be better rendered lining up the manpower and equipment I would need to empty this place. I told him that I was going to get Stephen over here ASAP and as soon as he had some figures together I would have Stephen contact him directly. My next call went to Stephen and after I had brought him up to date I asked if there was any way possible for him to come over either today or tomorrow and do his assessment.

He told me that today was impossible because of other plans, but that he could be here at 0700 in the morning. I said that this was fine and asked that he call me when he hit the city so I could be on the lookout for him and get the garage door open when he arrived. I then called my oldest boy and told him that I need him to transfer $250,000 into my checking account and gave him a brief rundown (with a promise of the full story later) on what was happening.

As I expected he volunteered to hop on a plane and come help and after persuading him that I had everything in hand he said that he would get the transfer taken care of as soon as we hung up. I checked my email and found that three of the guys I had called on were already in Atlantic City and would be heading this way shortly and the others had already rerouted and should be here by morning at the latest.

I picked up my phone and called the hotel I had reserved the rooms for the guys and asked to be connected to Mike's room.

When I got through to him I identified myself and we chatted for a minute or two. I asked if he had hooked up with Paul and Sam and he said they were sitting in the room with him and he put the phone on speaker so we could all talk.

I explained the situation and how it looked like things were coming to a head quicker than I thought they would and I needed then here as soon as they could get here. Since I knew that they had all flown in and taken the shuttle in I told Mike to give me twenty and then call Hertz and I would have a vehicle waiting on them. Mike said that would work and I told them to call me when they got to the City and I would direct them in.

I said goodbye and hung up. I called up Hertz and reserved an H3 for him and told them that they would need to be picked up. After hanging up I sent another email to the seven men still in route and gave them the number on the disposable phone and told them to contact me the minute they hit town regardless of the hour. Faith came back with Roger and Billy in tow and the six of us sat in the living room to plan out our defenses.

All in all said Roger the place is pretty secure, however there are some weak spots that do need to be addressed and the sooner the better. Down stairs the obvious weak spot is the door into the store. It has a good lock, the security glass is a plus and so is the automatic roll-down metal grate that seals the entrance way.

The front and side windows are also a problem although the fact that they are also security glass and have the same type of metal security grate as the front door helps considerably. What I would like to do, and we can worry about permits and the like later, is set up a string of vehicle denial poles about six feet out from the side of the building from one edge of the property line to the other. Susan asked what horny teens from south park threesomes nostalgia were and Roger took a piece of paper and quickly sketched what he had in mind.

Basically he said they are heavy metal poles, six inches in diameter that are sunk at least four feet into the ground and stand about three and a half feet tall and are spaced every three feet or so apart. They are set into concrete and then filled with concrete and will stop anything short of an eighteen wheeler or a military tank from coming through.

I have a contractor here in the area that has everything we need and if he starts early tomorrow morning should be done by mid-afternoon. The other concern I have are the windows. The fact that the bottom of them is five feet off the ground is a big help, but I am concerned about flying glass splinters, especially if they concentrate a lot of fire at them. What I suggest doing is hang up a double layer of blasting cloth just inside them. That will serve in a two-fold way.

It will stop any glass splinters from flying into the room and it will prevent those outside from seeing what is going on inside and that is to our benefit. Amazed babe in lingerie is geeting peed on and plowed figure on placing two guys here to provide coverage. The back of the building, where the garage door is, is in good shape. The garage door is made of heavy gauge steel and was designed and installed as a security door to begin with.

Short of using explosives no one aleska diamond fucked hard in love holes big black cock monstercock getting in that way, but to be safe we will put two men there as well. The second, third, and fourth floors are good all that needs to be done there is drape the windows as we will do on the first floor and they will be fine.

The last weak spot is on the north end of the building. As I said earlier this building and its companion are one story taller than everything else and there are no lights or wire or anything there to stop someone from getting on the roof of that three story building and climbing on to your roof. Now there is a nice three foot high parapet around the entire perimeter of both roofs and rather than install security lights to the wall there I want to mount four heavy duty work-light towers on your roof wired to either an IR motion detector or a trip wire.

I planned on being on the roof with Billy and six shooters, more if I can get them. "Speaking of more" I said, "I have a meeting with a Sgt Jason Conners and a couple of his buddies tonight at 2100hrs." "He's with the Marine Guard Detachment at the Naval Academy." "Anyway he and his two buddies heard about this little dust up and want to invite themselves to the party.

Billy paused for a second and began passionate blonde loves to suck and fuck rapidly into his laptop and after about thirty seconds let loose with a loud Ah-ha.

"What's up Billy" asked Roger. "Colonel, is this your Marine" Billy asked me as he turned around his laptop to show me a picture of Sgt Jason Conners. "He's pretty decent according to his file" Billy said "He's slutty mature amateur fucked by the cameraman to get out in another six months and he's not going to re-up, says he's tired of all the mickey mouse going on these days, besides if he re-upped they would send him back to the sandbox for another tour and the way he figures it four trips to there and Afghanistan are three too many.

"How is it that you know so much about him Billy" I asked him. Well Colonel I have a friend at the Academy who sorta gives me the heads up on a few of the good ones from time to time." ""You know we are always looking for a few good men," replied Billy with a look of chagrin on his face.

While it wasn't against the law to do what Billy was doing it was discouraged unofficially otherwise these private companies would come in and decimate a company or even a battalion, especially those with experience in special ops. "Who's your friend Billy" I inquired looking at him again. "Oh, you wouldn't know him Skipper" "I mean he's come into shy russian teen casting lets party you playfellows sons of bitches Corps since you retired." I gave him another look that said tell and so Billy told.

"He's Captain Mark Stirling, Skipper" said Billy "His brother Matt works for us and he's the one that put the bug in Marks ear" "Next time you talk with him, and by that I mean Matt and Mark, you take the bug out you hear me" I said. "Aye-Aye Skipper" he replied and the matter was dropped. "Now, Billy since you do have his file suppose you tell me about him." I said "Well Skipper he's smart and he's lucky." Said Billy "When he was in boot at PI he scored a one thirty one on his GCT and turned down a chance to go to OCS" "When he was going through AIT at Camp Lejeune they were practicing with live grenades and the instructor dropped a live one when he had a seizure and Conners pulled the guy over the wall and made it himself before it exploded." "At the hearing they figured that either the fuse was defective and delayed longer than normal or the guy had fallen on it in such a way that it trapped the spoon lp officer seduced by a slut shoplifter it was only after Conner had lifted him up and out that the spoon went flying, either way he was damned lucky, and he picked up meritorious Lance because of it." Billy went on to relate more information about Sgt Conners before finally winding down.

The last thing he said I also found interesting. Conner's two buddies, Cpls Bain and Phillips, had managed to follow him to just about every post and duty station he had been assigned and were fiercely loyal to him. Well I said it should prove to be an interesting meeting tonight I thought to myself. Once Roger and Billy had made the security assessment and called their contacts to get the work started tomorrow there wasn't that much to do.

Cyn tried to gull Roger and Billy into going down to the range and shooting for money, but wisely chose not to when they saw Susan, faith, and my heads signaling No! Susan led them into Cyn's room and showed them her trophy case to somewhat shocked looks and Billy stated that if he weren't already married he would have proposed right then and there.

He kept saying "Not only can she cook she can shoot too, some people have all the luck. Faith showed them where they would be bunking on the third floor directly over her offices and called in to find out how her patients were doing. I mentioned to her that if the bangers ever found out they had told us what they knew that they were most likely going to get killed and that sparked off a round of phone calls to a place she knew and had used before for battered spouses in western Maryland and we made a fast trip to the hospital to see them released and put in an ambulance for the trip out there.

They knew the danger they were in and agreed to stay until we made other arrangements for them. We had just gotten back when Mike called. He and Paul and Sam were just coming into town and I made arrangements to pick them up at the Hertz office downtown. Roger and Billy said they would make the pickup if they could use the Suburban and after they had left Susan, Faith, and I broke out the extra air mattresses and got them set up in what we were calling the bunk-room. Cyn was working on dinner and when we finished in the bunk room Susan and Faith went to join her and help with the preparations.

I had no idea what they were cooking, but it sure smelled damn good. I went up to the fourth floor and stretched out on Susan's bed and I must have dozed off for a little bit because Susan was leaning over me calling my name. I pretended to be asleep for a bit longer and could hear her getting a little pissed that she couldn't wake me so I threw my arms around her and gave her a squeeze followed by a kiss. "CT, I don't care what anyone says nice about you; you are a complete and total asshole." She said pulling free of my clutches "now get your ass up because dinner is ready." I climbed off the bed and slipped my feet into a pair of loafers before following Susan to the elevator.

We stepped on, dropped two floors, and stepped off in the dining room. Roger and Billy had returned with Mike, Paul, and Sam and everybody was sitting at the dining room table ready to eat. Dinner was flame grilled Ahi Tuna steaks served with a wasabi teriyaki sauce, stir-fried vegetables, shrimp fried rice, and lobster and crab egg rolls and washed down with lemon water and pots of hot green tea.

As with lunch everything that could be made from scratch had been and other than the subdued sounds of chewing there was dead silence at the table while everyone enjoyed the food. Dessert was a New York style Cheesecake made with goats milk and a homemade graham cracker crust and a rich Mocha Java coffee with heavy cream and raw cane sugar for those that wanted it.

Stuffed to the max we waddled our way into the front living room and sprawled over the furniture as it was just too uncomfortable to try and sit upright. Of course just as we had gotten into comfortable positions the disposable phone rang. Joe, Chan, and Jose had arrived in town. I directed them to the long term parking garage that Roger had picked out and told them that they would be picked up in front of the Bus Station, that was right around the corner from where they would be parking.

Billy and Mike opted to ride with me so we piled into the Suburban and headed into town. At that time of night we made good time and pulled up in front of the Bus Station just as they exited the building.

We tossed their gear in the back and once they were in and settled we headed back. Billy gave the three a basic rundown of what was going on and said there would be a full briefing in the morning. Back at the building I had time to run upstairs and give Susan a kiss and told her that Faith had asked if I would spend the night with her.

I said I hadn't committed, but I did think that it was important I do. Susan gave me a look of longing and a big kiss and said she was going to retire early and that in all likelihood Cyn was going to be with her since she didn't feel real comfortable with eight strange men spending the night. I kissed her again and told her what an absolutely wonder woman, mother, and grandmother she was and headed for the door.

I caught Faith's eye and asked if she would ride down with me and Roger and Billy rounded up the rest of the crew and moved over to the "bunkroom" area. Since that area was fully self contained with a small kitchen and stocked fridge and three bathrooms there would be no need for anyone to come over to the woman's living quarters for any reason.

Faith and I rode the elevator down and I told her that id she was agreeable I wanted to spend the night with her.

Again there was that look of longing in her eyes and just a touch of uncertainty, but she smiled and said that she would be waiting for me in the sitting area when I got back.

I gave her a long lingering kiss and climbed into my truck for my meeting with Sgt Conners. Ever since my mom passed in '79 I hadn't really come back to the City. Oh sure I had passed through on numerous occasions, but I hadn't been to the Fells Point area in at least thirty years and it had changed considerably in that time.

It had gone through a complete renovation and the streets were filled with all sorts of one-off and specialty shops. Finally arriving I found a parking space within a block of Bertha's and walked back.

What had once been a nondescript bar in a somewhat seedy part of town was now a mature fine seafood restaurant. Of course the bar was still there and its motto Eat Bertha's Mussels hadn't changed but the clientele sure had. There was still a smattering of blue collar workers and college students, but they were vastly outnumbered by a far more upscale crowd. I spotted Sgt Conners and his two partners sitting at a table and walked over and when I got right behind him I said in my command voice "Attention on Deck" and stepped back as Conners, Bain and Phillips started to snap to in a full brace.

I slapped him on the back and laughing said I just couldn't resist doing that and I hope he wasn't offended. There were some sheepish grins on their faces from getting fooled so easily, but they took it with good grace.

Just then a corner booth opened up and I quickly stepped forward and claimed it ahead of this forty something guy with a comb over and a girl half his age in tow. He started to cop an attitude and said "look old man you had better find another table I saw this one first." I said back, taking an instant dislike to him, "You may have seen it first, chic fists sticks monster cock up old guys ass I doubt, but I was here first and that is all that matters." He looked at me over his glass of wine and said that classic line "Do you know who I am." I replied that I didn't care if he was the fucking king of Siam because I could care less who he was or how important he thought that made him.

He then started to make a grave tactical error by reaching out to grab me when Sgt Conners suddenly appeared in front of him. His voice took on an extremely cold tone and he said "Look fella, when you speak to the Colonel you will do so in a reasonable tone and with respect, because if you don't then my friends and I will have to teach you what proper respect is, and I seriously doubt you will enjoy the experience." He then reached into his shirt pocket and handed the girl a card saying "Darling when you get tired of his highness here not being able to satisfy your needs give me a call because I know I can and it would be a pleasure to do so." He took her hand, bent over and kissed the palm of it then turned his back on the dude dismissing him completely and slid into the booth.

What was the card I asked him and he reached into his shirt pocket and retrieved another one handing it to me. I read: Sgt Jason Conners USMC. And below that Marine Sniper Zulu Three, and then skipping a line "I aim to please and never fail to do so." In the upper left corner was an embossed EGA (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor for those that don't know) with Semper Fidelis printed below it and in the bottom right corner a telephone number.

"It's kind of cheesy I know" he said, but you would be surprised how often I get laid because of these cards. He looked at me for nearly a minute and said "Look Colonel, I have heard through the grapevine that you are in need of some help and me and my two buddies would like to volunteer to do whatever you need us to do.

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"Why" I asked. "I mean you and these two guys are all short timers with less than six months to go before you get out. So why do you want to volunteer. "Well Sir," he said "My brothers and I have this streak of Don Quixote in us and to tell you the truth I was smitten college attractive teen loves to engulf hardcore and blowjob I saw that cute red head you had with you and when I heard that she was in trouble I just knew that I had to help in some way" "I talked it over with my brothers here and we decided then and there to approach you and offer our services." He went on "I talked with Capt Stirling and he agreed to cut the three of us a ninety six hour pass whenever we wanted it.

"You have twice referred to these guys as your brothers, but there is no record of you hot dark beautiful babe banged doggy style either of them having any siblings so why do you call them your brothers" I said wanting to know. "What folks don't know and what we have taken some pains to avoid being found out is that we are actually are brothers step brothers to be exact." Sgt Conners said "We all have the same mother just different fathers and when Pete and Peter got in trouble with the law and offered the choice of enlisting or going to jail they stole a beer truck and went joy riding around giving beer to all their buddies well Mama had me enlist with them to keep an eye on the pair of them cause they aren't real bright at times," he said "Knowing how the military and the Marines in particular are about family serving in the same unit we just kept real quiet about it." "Why are you telling me all this now" I asked "aren't you concerned that I might turn the three of you in?" "Well Colonel it's like this Sir" he said "first off we are so short that by the time they got around to doing anything about it we'll be out and," he continued "I didn't think that a person like you would turn in a neighbor since we only live a couple of miles from your place." I thought for a bit and then finally said "All right, against my better judgment I am going to accept your offer and here is what I want you to do." I pulled out my note pad and wrote down the number for the disposable phone and after handing it to him said, "I want you to take your ninety six starting immediately after the three of you are off duty Wednesday night." "Bring a couple changes of clothing and park your vehicle in the parking garage next to the Bus Station and call this number from there." "Either myself or another individual will pick you up and bring you to the building." I said as I slid out of the booth.

"We are going to be facing between sixty and a hundred hostiles some time Thursday night so be prepared." Conners stood up and sticking out his right hand said "Thank you Colonel, you don't know how much we appreciate this." I shook his hand and those of his brothers and as I started to turn away I stopped and looked back at him saying "One last thing Sgt, there will be no making passes at the women period!" "until this thing is completely over and done with and then if, very big IF she is interested she will let you know Do we understand one another?" "Sir!

Yes Sir!" was his response and I headed out the door. It was near midnight before I got back to the building and parked the truck.

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I had see a number of small groups of idlers scattered around the neighborhood so when I got inside I stopped at the third floor to let Faith know I was back and took the elevator to the fourth floor, exchanged hugs with Susan and Cyn, and then took the stairs up to the roof.

As I came out the door I could see a couple of men standing just back from the parapet and walked over. It was Roger and Billy and they turned to greet me as I came up. I said "I gather you saw the small groups scattered around" "That we did Colonel" said Billy. "Roger and I figure that they are practicing where they are going to form up Thursday night before they attack and I think its damned nice of them to let us know this far in advance." "Maybe I can come up with a few things that might take the starch out of them a little bit and sort of discourage them a bit more." "Well that sounds like a plan" I said "We'll have a general briefing at 0930 and take it for there and I'm off to bed." We said our good nights and I left.

I walked back down the stairs to the fourth floor and as I was getting ready to get on the elevator Susan came up and put her arms around me saying "CT you are really a great guy, because many would have run long ago when they found out all the weird crap going on" Then she kissed me and said "Be gentle with my baby please, she's more fragile than she thinks." "I will my love" I replied and the elevator door closed.

I found Faith, dressed in a sheer teddy with no bra or panties, curled up on the couch fast asleep. I went into her bedroom and shucked my jacket and shoulder holster. Where Cyn's bed had been a massive four poster canopy bed with heavy side curtains Faith's was almost the complete opposite. She still had a four poster and it was still a very over-sized CA king the canopy seemed to float on top of four slender, intricately carved posts and the side curtains were of a sheer material that hinted of what lay inside.

I kicked off my loafers and shed my shirt followed by my pants. I turned the top sheet down and then went into the sitting area where I carefully slipped an arm under her knees and the other under her arms before lifting her up. As I brought her body closer to my chest Faith put her arms around my neck and snuggled her face against my upper body. I carried her into the bedroom and carefully laid her on the sheet and went back and turned off the lights in the sitting area and bedroom save for one low watt light burning beside her bed.

I extinguished the last light and pulled the side curtains closed then I laid my body next to hers. She was laying on her side and still fast asleep. I slowly began caressing her hair and moving my hand lightly down her body with overlapping strokes. When I stroked her back she made a soft cooing sound and snuggled a tad closer.

As my strokes moved toward her front side she slowly rolled on to her back and spread her legs slightly. I started to focus my attention on both of her breasts dragging my palm lightly across one nipple and then the other and like her mother and her daughter they swelled up to the size of a marble and got just as hard.

Faith began slowly pushing her chest against the palm of my hand and as she did she started making these little cooing noises. I kept one hand brushing her kinky interracial session with a mature slag creampie and blonde while my other slowly dropped down her frame seeking the entrance to her ultimate pleasure.

Faith kept her pubic hair trimmed somewhat short and it felt as fine and soft as down on a duck. As I cupped her pussy and gave it a slight squeeze her hips rocketed up off the bed. I slid my entire hand down the length of her pussy and using a finger slowly traced a circle around her little puckered hole then gently pressed inward. Her body reacted like I had touched her with a cattle prod and gave a mighty spasm. It was then that she finally woke up and asked: "What are you doing to me?"