Pounded so hard she screams with pleasure

Pounded so hard she screams with pleasure
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Hi my name is Janet and I would like to share some of my life with you. It has been filled with ups and downs and a whole lot of ins and outs. Most of those being learning about sex and doing it. I just love sex; I do not care whether you are male or female as I am BI also.

Now as to my sex life I have enjoy all types of fun. I have had fun with threesomes, foursomes, orgies, BI sex; I am also a three hole girl I did not always use to be but I learned to love it. As to kinky stuff I have done or tried just about everything. The kinkiest I would have to say was incest. I will start at the beginning and work my way up to the present day. I was born back in 1971 to Jack my dad and Pam my mom. Jack worked in a steel factory while my mom at the time I was just born was still going to school to become a nurse.

Jack my dad loved football as he had played in High School and in college until he blew out his knee. My dad stayed on the team but as a trainer and he also fixed up players that got hurt. That was how he and my mom met as he had to take some classes where my mom went to school.

They fell in love got married and first they had my brother Kevin and then a couple of years later they had me Janet. My home life was pretty normal until I was a senior in High school. It all came about because of my girlfriend Kim. Well really it was her boyfriend's fault his name was John. Kim and I grew up together in the same town and neighborhood and we were BFFE; we did everything together.

Yes we even did sex together at first it was just watching each other finger fuck themselves. Kim and I had heard about it when we were in junior high from one of our girlfriends.

One weekend a week or so later; Kim jahre alte oma uschi fickt jungen typen german granny spending it with me at my house. We were talking in my bedroom later that night. "Did you ever try what Beth told us about at school?" Kim asked. "Try what," I replied. "You know using your fingers down there," Kim said.

I did not have any secrets from Kim so I replied, "Yes and it made me feel so good." "Have you tried it yet?" I asked back. "No I am not sure how to do it," Kim replied. I looked over at Kim as she was lying on my bed and with an evil little smile on my face I said, "I can show you if you want." "Would you Janet?" Kim replied. I should tell you first about Kim.

She was about 5'3" 130lbs, with curly brown hair.

Kim already had tits on her if I remember right at that time she was 34C; she had some nice big boobs on her. Kim was a fairly developed girl as she had her tits and she also had plenty of hair down below already at that age.

Now me on the other hand at that time I was about 5'8" and still getting taller. I weighed about 140 or so not meaty; in fact a little on the skinny side.

I have long blonde hair with blue eyes. Now as to my breasts they were small only about 32B if that at the time. The other girls with boobs used to call me "Buds" because my tits were so small.

But my girls were not to stay small for long. That night when Kim and I were sure my dad and my brother were asleep. My mom was working the night shift at the hospital so we did not have to worry about her. I showed Kim how to give herself pleasure using her fingers. I told Kim to lie beside me and watch me as I played with my hairless pussy and do what I am doing to her own pussy.

"First take a couple of your finger and get them wet in your mouth," I said as I stuck my fingers into my mouth getting some of my saliva onto them. Kim watched as I took my fingers from my mouth and I ran them down to my pussy.

I rubbed my wet fingers all over my pussy, Kim did followed suit and did the same. I used busty milf syren demer and teen calypsa mica fondling twats oldvsyoung and fingering finger to part my pussy lips as I started to rub it up and down between my pussy lips.

I watched Kim as she parted her hairy pussy to get her finger between her meaty lips. My pussy started to tingle and get wet as I rubbed it. I think a lot was from watching Kim work her finger between her lips. My brother had showed me a magazine with women in it together before. I started to slip a finger into my pussy thinking that it was Kim and I who were playing in that magazine he had shown me.

I closed my eyes and I started to run my finger in and out of my pussy. It started to feel really good when I heard. "AHhh," escape from Kim's lips.

I opened my eyes to see that she had already gone to the next step. I watched her as she ran two fingers in and out pokemon nurse joy xxx story her pussy. I saw that she had her eyes closed as well. I watched her as she fingered fucked her hairy pussy. Kim did not have a top on so I could see her big tits as well.

I saw that her nipples were getting big and hard. I slipped another finger into my pussy which by now was very wet. I pinched at my own nipples making them hard as well. I was just about to tell Kim to rub the palm of her hand up at the top of her pussy as she ran her fingers in and out. But I saw she had already discovered that.

Kim started to moan softly as she said, "Janet this feels so good I am all tingly all over my body andmy pussy is burning and so wet." I did not say anything back as I was to busy with my own pussy. I could feel my thighs start to shake as I got that same feeling Kim was having.

At the time we did not know it was an orgasm but we found out about that later. I had mine as I watched Kim roll her head from side to side and her whole body shook as well as those lovely big tits of hers. "AAHHHHOHhh," I moaned out as I had the best ever feeling shot through my whole body as my eyes went closed once again.

I kept running my two fingers in and out of my pussy till the feeling started to subside. When I opened my eyes I saw that Kim was staring at me well at my pussy. I asked her what she was staring at. "Janet your pussy peed," "Look you got the sheet all wet down there," Kim said. I looked down and I saw she was right. I must have lost control or something but I did not care all I knew was that it felt so good. I told her I would be right back and I walked into the bathroom to get a towel to soak my wetness up from my bed.

"Janet that was so cool and it felt so good," Kim said. "You looked like you were in another world or something when you got that special feeling." That special feeling was what we called it back then. That was until we found out that it was having a climax. It got to the point that Kim and I were fingering ourselves every day; some times old butler serve sex to his spoiled lady boss or 4 times a day.

We both even fingered ourselves in school. Any time I stayed at her place or she stayed at mine we watched each other get off. When we both soon started to finger each other and other stuff we either found out about from in magazines or we just did it to see if it felt good. Kim brought over a magazine one weekend that showed a guy and a girl having sex.

"Look how big his thing is Janet," Kim said pointing to his cock. "That is a big dick I bet it would hurt," I replied. "I am going to get me one like that and I am going to find out," Kim said back. Sure you are I thought as we continued talking and looking at the pictures.

We used our fingers and even a hairbrush on our pussy that weekend. I shoved it two punk bitches and one big rod to far into my pussy as I made it bled; I knew I had taken my own cherry back then. Kim told me before she left that weekend that she was going to find a dick to use.

I asked her who and she told me her cousin was coming next weekend. I did not even think about it as if they were related or anything besides I had my eye on a dick as well. "You go for it girl and then you call me and tell me how it was," I said while thinking about the cock I was going to get. That cock belonged to my own brother Kevin. I had seen his cock many times as I had saw him jacking it off many times when mom and dad were not around.

I decided than that the next time they were not home I was going to see if he wanted to fuck me with it. Kevin's cock was not nearly as big as the one in the magazine but I figured maybe it would still feel the same.

At least it may not hurt pushing it in as I had been using everything I could get my hands on after using the hair brush. Friday night came and mom and dad were going out leaving Kevin and I home alone. I knew about a half hour after they left Kevin would be in his room pulling on his dick. I walked quietly down to his door which was opened just enough for me to look in. Sure enough there was Kevin naked on his bed his cock in his hand.

I saw that he was looking at a magazine as he pulled on his cock. I stood there watching him as I slipped my panties down as I only had a night shirt and them on.

I started to rub my pussy as I watched hid hand going up and down on his cock. I could feel my pussy getting wet and I decided now was the time. "Do you need a hand brother?" I asked as I shoved his door open. "JANET," Kevin screamed hiding his cock with the magazine. "It's OK Kevin I do it too," I replied as I stood there rubbing my pussy. Kevin just watched me but he also moved the magazine and I saw that his cock was still all hard. I walked over to him and I reached out and I took his cock into my hand.

I started to pump on it like I had seen him do so many times before. "OHhh Janet that feels good," Kevin said looking up at me from the bed. "I bet that would feel better," I replied as I pointed to the page lying open in the magazine of women on her back with the guy on top. "What you want to do it with me?" Kevin asked. "If you want too," I replied.

Kevin did not say anything he just reached out and he grabbed me. Kevin tossed me down onto the bed and he got on top. I spread my legs as his body got between my legs.

Kevin took hold of his cock and he just shoved it into my pussy. "AHhhhhh," I screamed out not in pain or anything but I just was not ready for him to just up and bury his cock into me.

Kevin just buried his head into my shoulder as he wildly fucked my pussy with his cock. At first I thought shit my fingers feel better than that.

But then Kevin lifted up my night shirt and he started to suck on my little tits. His cock started to feel a whole lot better in my pussy.

I started to buck my hips up at him just trying to feel more of his cock. I must have been hitting my clit on him or something because I started to get that special feeling.

Kevin started to fuck me even harder and faster. "AHHHHhhhhhh shit," Kevin moaned loudly and he added, "I am going to cum." I was not thinking when I screamed back to him, "Yes fuck me dam it fuck me." Kevin did just that he fucked me for about 2 more minutes.

I then felt his cock start to twitch. Kevin was shooting his cum into my hairless pussy. I was too caught up in it to care. His cock felt so good shooting its load into me. Kevin collapsed on top on me after filling my pussy him his cum. Kevin got off of me and as he did I could feel his cum running out. Kevin saw it as well and he said," I hope I did not knock you up sis." "Shit Kevin you should not have shot in me," I replied.

"I could not help it sis it felt to good to pull out," Kevin said. I got off the bed and ran to my room. Lucky for me I had my period a couple days later. But hey I had my first cock even if it was my own brother's cock.

Besides it still felt pretty good and I did enjoy feeling his cum shooting off like it did up in to me. Besides I had something to tell Kim. Monday at school when I ran into Kim she said, "I am not going to tell you horny girl in abusive bondage and extreme fetish being with my cousin till the weekend just to make you wait." "That's OK because I am not telling you about the dick I got till then neither," I replied as we both started to laugh.

We both tried to get the other to talk about it before the weekend but we both said nothing. Finally the weekend was here and Kim came over to my house. That night we sat in my bed and we told each other about what we did. I told Kim she had to go first. "Well my cousin Jim showed up and I knew he liked my big tits so I sort of left him see them after everyone else went to bed," Kim said.

She told me that Jim had her on the couch and he started to play with her boobs. He kissed, licked at them and he even sucked on them for a while. Kim told me that while he was doing that her hand slipped down to his cock.

"Janet his cock felt so huge daughter watching mom and dad sex his pants," Kim said. "I started to have second thoughts about it as I removed my hand from his pants. Kim told me that Jim told her not to be afraid of it and he stood up and he took his cock out. Kim told me that his big cock was right in her face. Kim told me that her cousin Jim told her to take it into her mouth.

I had forgotten all about giving Kevin a blow job I made a note to do just that the next time. "Janet his cock got even big as I tried to take him into my mouth," "I could barely get the head of his dick into my mouth," Kim said. Kim went on to tell me that her cousin got tired of her bad blow job so he pulled her doughter one in one roum dad sex play down.

Kim told me that he played with her pussy using his fingers.

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He also used his tongue licking at her pussy. Kim told me that felt really well. "I even got that special feeling while he was using his tongue down there," Kim said. I was getting turned on from what she was telling me. My pussy was wet and twitching as she told me. I wanted my pussy licked by a tongue right then. I started to rub my pussy through my panties as Kim went on. "It got a little ugly after that," Kim said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Kim told me that after Jim had ate her pussy he got on top of her. She said that Jim took hold of that big cock and he wiped it up and down on her pussy lips a few times. Kim told me that Jim then just shoved it all up into her pussy. "I screamed as I felt that big cock ripping through my pussy." "God Janet it hurt so much I started to cry it hurt so badly," Kim said. Kim skyla novea grinding her tight asshole on top on to tell that Jim just kept slamming his cock in and out of her.

Kim told me that Jim buried his cock deep and it hurt even more. She said that Jim moaned and it felt like he was peeing bright joy during rough sex smalltits groupsex her pussy.

Kim told me that it was all over in just a few minutes. He then just pulled his cock out and he got off of her. "Janet I ran to the bathroom as I was running I could feel something running down my thighs," "When I got to the bathroom I saw it was blood and his white cum," Kim said.

"His big cock had hurt so bad; I do not think I will ever let anyone fuck me again Janet," Kim said with tears in her eyes. I gave Kim a hug and I said, "Next time girl try a smaller one." I could feel those big tits of hers pressing into my own chest as I did. Kim gave a little laugh as she wiped away her tears and she replied, "Well," "What about you?" "Just who's dick did you have?" "Kevin's my brother that's who," I replied with that little evil grin on my face.

"Dam girl your own brother," Kim replied. "Did it hurt?" she also asked. "Not at all; I had enjoyed it," I replied smiling. I sat there and I told Kim about what Kevin and I had done. I told her how at first it did not feel that great but when he had started to suck on my little tits. I told her I got that special feeling then too. I also told her I got it a few times during the fun we had. "The worst part was that he did not pull out of my pussy when we had shot off." "But it did feel good especially when I felt his cock start to swell and then throb in my pussy as he dumped his load into me," I said.

I also told her that luckily I had my period a few days later. Kim hung her head and she told me that she was not that lucky at least yet.

I told her to give it some time maybe that big cock had just backed it up. Thankfully she started the next weekend. We both went on the pill shortly after that. After that weekend any weekend there after if Kim would stay at my house and mom and dad were gone we both took turns fucking Kevin. My brother was in heaven two girls fucking him. He would get magazine and we would do what we saw or what we would read about.

Yes that included girl to girl sex. Kim and I not only watched each other sex stories love hots story sex we were also fingering, kissing, sucking each others tits and also rubbing pussies together. Kim loved to play and lick at my pussy and I would let her anytime she wanted. My favorite was playing with those big fucking tits of hers wishing mine were that big.

School was soon out and it was summertime. Kim and I would be freshmen in High School when we returned. We were having fun any chance we got with Kevin.

But that changed when Kim found herself a boyfriend. His name was John and he went to our school but he was one year ahead of us. The first time I met John I was speechless and my whole body tingled. John was around 6' tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, big shoulders with a strong chest with big muscular arms. John played football for our school as well and I loved football. I think I might have wet my panties the first time I saw him.

For some reason every time I got around him I sort of acted like a goofy little kid. To this day I still do not know why I did that, but I think it was because I was just nervous around him. It could have been to that I was just jealous because Kim had him and I did not. The only real time that I did not act goofy around him was if he and I were talking football.

He was amazed that I knew so much about it.Kim was never interested or wanted anything to do with his football she never even went to watch him play. However Kim and he became boyfriend and girlfriend that summer. They spent a lot of time together. I was just that goofy little girl that tagged along every now and then. The more I tagged along with them the more I was falling in love with John myself.

I would damn near finger myself to him each night. Kim was no longer spending weekend with me. I was fucking my brother and just about anyone else who would do it with me.

Kim she was having sex with John as well. I also happened to find out that John had some other girls on the side on the side as well. When you are pretty much the star football player at your High School you can fuck whoever you want. I had even seen John with other girls so I knew he played around but he always considered Kim to be his girlfriend.

I knew because I sort of stalked him. During the summer I would ride my bike to the park as that was where I had seen John and that other girl at. I started to go watch him practice when football season started up. My dad always went to our High Schools home games so next year I asked my oldman enjoys some fucking apologies from nasty bernice if I could start to tag along with him.

My dad told me that he would enjoy that. To be honest with you it brought me closer to my dad. My mom was working long hours and still mostly nights so dad was always there for me. My dad even told me that he was beginning to enjoy me coming to the games with him. Plus he knew I had a reason wanting to go. "That John kid out there is a very good football player," "He reminds me of myself back in my days," Dad said to me at a game once.

"He certainly is," I replied with that little evil smile of my face. Dad had seen my little smile and he asked.

"Is that smile for the love of the game or for a certain player?" I never told anyone just how I felt toward John.

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But my dad picked up on it right away. He knew that he was Kim's boyfriend but my dad always told me to never give up. But I was just that goofy little girl around John still and I probably always would be. Dad and I went to every home game, a few away games and always to any playoff games. We both followed John's football days from his sophomore years through his senior year at High School.

Kim used to blonde dirtbag blowjob and facial through glory hole me or when we did see each other we would talk about all the stuff and fun she had with John and sex.

Kim would tell me how good John made her feel during sex and after sex. I told Kim when we were juniors in High School that she was so lucky to have a guy like John. I also told her I would suck his cock anytime he wanted it. I figured that all I could ever have was him in my dreams and when I played with myself.

Pretty much anytime that I played with my pussy or I would be fucking my brother or some other guy I was closing my eyes and thinking it was John who I was with.

Toward the end of our junior school year Kim surprised me when she asked me if I would like to do her a favor. Kim said, "Janet John will be going off to college after the summer is over and I want to give him something special." "What do you mean something special," I asked? "I want you to suck his cock," Kim replied.

"You can only play and suck on his cock." "But you are not allowed to fuck him," Kim added. My pussy got wet instantly when I heard what she had just asked me. I looked at her and I said, "John will not go for that." "Oh I know my John and he is not going to pass up a little head from anyone," Kim replied. "Just remember you are not getting fucked by him," Kim added. "OK I will do it," I said giving that little evil grin of mine as thoughts raced through my head.

"Good the three of us are going to the drive in this Friday night then," Kim replied as she gave me a hug. God Friday night seemed to take forever to get here. I had been practicing giving head to my brother all week long.

I had asked him just what a guy would like when gorgeous cute blonde playing with her fingers got a really good head job. Kevin was in heaven all week long telling me what a guy liked to have done with his cock while getting some head. Finally Friday night came, John and Kim picked me up and we all headed for the drive in. I really did not think John was too happy about me tagging along but I was ready to make him glad that I did.

Kim and John got into the back seat as the first movie started. I believe this is a good spot to leave you hanging so to speak. I hope you are enjoying my story so far, please let me know if you are. I will be back with more fun from my life.

My life is about to get very interesting with John, Kim, my brother and my dad. Janet