Juicy asian takes on two large jocks squirting japanese

Juicy asian takes on two large jocks squirting japanese
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Ray: Monday was the first day I went to school. I am a 6'3 male and they call me Ray. I live with my younger sister Joanne and my father. My mother left us when I was 4 and Joanne was 2 1/2 years old. I had to take care of my sister while my father had to work all day to keep a roof over our head, food on the table and clothes on the back.

Joanne: "Ugh I hate school" thinking to myself when getting ready. I am a sophomore and my brother is a senior.

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This is our new school since dad got his new job and we had to relocate to another town. It was a long day at school and I was tired when I got home. I seen my father in the fridge. "Joanne I'm going to be working all day and night today, I'm doing my shift and then overtime" dad said.

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"okay" i said while walking to room. Ray: As I got home, I noticed that my sister was already home from school. I had to stay for a while after school to catch up in math class. My father was in the kitchen when I walked in.

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"Im working tonight and I'll be back in the morning, Im taking overtime" my father said. "Alright when are you leaving?" I said to him while grabbing a bowl to pour cereal.

"I'm leaving in a bit, but I need you to watch your sister tonight. Here's $20 to order pizza or whatever for dinner" dad said while handing me the money. Joanne: it's about 9:30 and i'm about to go to sleep when I realized I couldn't find my headphones. I always listened to music while sleeping. I couldn't find it anywhere.

"I bet you Ray took it to his room" I got up to walked down the hallway to his room. He always kept his room door open when dad was working late so he can hear everything in case something happens so he can protect me. I seen my headphones under his bed at edge. He was passed out on his bed under his covers. As I bend down to grab the headphones, his blanket felled on top of me.

I got up and there it was. It was the first time I noticed that he slept nude. He was sleeping still but his 7" penis was in view.

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"wow it is big" i was feeling a tingle between my legs. I had to get out of there. I went back to my room and I couldn't get my brother's penis out of my head. I started rubbing myself. I knew it was wrong but I was so horny.

I took off all my clothes and started rubbing my pussy. Ray: I woke up hearing somebody making noises. I didn't know what it was so I automatically thought it was someone breaking in so I got up and went to my closet.

I always kept a blonde cum bitch rocking the red couch 9mm that my grandfather Richie gave me so I grabbed it and head out my bedroom door. I didn't think of putting on my clothes because while I put it on the person breaking in could hurt my sister.

I walked towards the noises and notice it was coming from my sister's room so I walked up to her door. Her door was partially opened and there the noise was. My sister was fingering herself and weirdly it turned me on.

I became aroused and started touching my hard penis. I wanted to get closer so I got as close it was to her door and then the floor creaked. Joanne: I was totally into me fingering myself until I heard someone at the door. It was my brother watching me with his penis in his hand. "Do you need help with that?" I gestured him to come over with my finger. When he reached the side of my bed I grabbed his penis and started jerking him for a bit. I then took his penis head into my mouth and sucked on him.

"This is amazing" he said " Now watch this" as I laid him on his back. I lead his penis into my pussy and rode him like a rodeo. I was fucking my brother. I felt him grab me then threw me on the bed and turned me on all four and came behind me and started fucking me doggystyle.

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I almost came as he entered. Not teen mom teaches son how to fuck and suck pussy was it the biggest I've had but it was also the hardest I felt.

I was screaming and he pulled out and cummed all over my body. We was both exhausted then I started to clean him up. He went back to sleep in his room and I laid down naked on my bed feeling hot that I just had sex with my brother. As I was drowsing to sleep I heard somebody at the door again. I smiled with my eyes still close and said "oh you ready for more?" when I opened my eyes and look at the direction of the door I noticed that it was my father naked with his penis in his hand.

"I came home early, now good thing that I did" he said approaching me. I was astonished that my dad wanted to fuck me but his penis was about 2 times bigger than Ray's. I was so into looking at his penis I didn't realized he was fingering me. and the rest was a night to remember.