Hot sexy mom xxxxxxx sex stories

Hot sexy mom xxxxxxx sex stories
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Lucky dog Ch4: Shower Girl Tammy raced across the house and into the shower. As she did this she wiped the cum off of her face with her boyfriend's soccer towel. The scent of old sweat wouldn't normally be a turn on, but in this instance it was. Her soccer boy was hot.

She was still wiping off the cum with the towel when she began running the water. She peeled off her tight T shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra underneath because she had wanted to tease her boy with the thin material and her hard nipples. When you have A cups you do what you can to maximize the appeal.

She kicked off her shoes without a thought. Her jeans and panties came next. With the towel on her face in the spacious bathroom Tammy never saw Lucky. If she did she might have seen his large red cock hanging under his body. Lucky saw a naked body and he knew what to do with those. Tammy stepped into the shower and let the water flow over her shoulder length blond hair. Waves of warm soothing water flowed over her small pert breasts and down her firm stomach to her trimmed bush.

Her hands washed the cum downwards and rubbed herself as she did so. When her hands met her pussy she began fingering herself. Her eyes were closed and she lovely brunette girl in a red robe strips see Lucky poking his nose into the shower.

Let us rewind time a little bit. Tammy's mom was drunk and she had left the window to her bedroom open. Tammy's father was one of those girl and black guy and mature xxxx storyfalse men who didn't want sex constantly. Thanks to Tammy's mothers drinking and her father's sexual apathy Tammy's father might not have actually been Tammy's father.

There shouldn't need to be any explanation for how Tammy's mother came to be rubbing her pussy in her shiny soft red robe and nothing else. She was drunk and frustrated she was certain that her daughter was sleeping with every boy on the planet.

Tammy's mother was not athletic, but she was not really overweight either. Her breasts were a modest B cup and her hair was long and curly. Right now it was a mess because she hadn't combed it in two days. A whiskey tumbler and a lonely piece of ice was on the nightstand. It had a mate, but that was in her pussy fighting off the passionate heat that was threatening to overwhelm her.

Her window was open, partly because she liked the cool breeze on her naked body, partly because she got off on the thought that one of her curious neighbors might be watching, and partly because she was lazy. That's how Lucky got in.

He smelled a woman in heat and came to investigate. Tammy's mother wasn't exactly conscious, and she wasn't completely passed out. She didn't notice the cold nose on her pussy lips. The lapping tongue tasted her juices and the tail began to wag. Alcohol had pretty much killed this orgasm before it could get off the ground, but Lucky revived it. The dog looked up to the face of the woman he was about to take. She had a soft smooth stomach, round "D" cup breasts, erect nipples, and he could also see her chin.

Lucky moved up and began poking his cock at her entrance. Angela always liked her nipples licked, so Lucky was familiar with that trick. He lapped at her tits and Tammy's mother lifted her pussy in the air just enough that Lucky could get in.

Each lap made Tammy's mother's breasts jiggle and bob. They were quite bouncy. Lucky didn't really like screwing women on their back. He occasionally did it to Angela so that she could get her tits licked. This woman had soft large boobs that any man would have loved to make jiggle. Lucky didn't really like them either. He nipped at one uncooperative tit because it wouldn't stand still for him. Her eyes flashed open at this and the dog's cock slammed home. Lucky had a lot of meat to his bone and this was enough to temporarily wake Tammy's mom out of her stupor.

Moving to the side she fell down and landed on her stomach. She wasn't presenting, but Lucky liked the position a little bit better. It was much easier to get in her and to rut around. Angela usually moaned and squirmed around when Lucky's knot pushed busty black babe toys her creamy cunt bigtits amateur her. This woman was drunk so her pussy didn't hold him as tight.

Lucky came but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted more. He licked the back of her neck and got a mouth full of curly golden locks. This would simply not be good enough for him.

He didn't know it but he wanted to fuck another virgin. Lucky hopped up on the bed and curled up for a nap. He awoke to hear the sound of a door closing.

A little while later he heard water running. He went to investigate and smelled cum. Perhaps this would be a good pussy to fuck. Tammy got undressed and stepped into the shower. She was unaware that she was being watched by hungry eyes. She was simply washing herself off and cleaning her boyfriend's cum off of her face.

It had left a taste in her mouth but she was used to that. Her soccer boy's cum was salty and the smell was strong, but she had tasted worse. As she cleaned her hands lingered on her pussy lips and her clit before she had to wrench them away and move down to her legs.

She was bent over with her pussy displayed for Lucky to sniff. It looked like she was presenting, but the pussy was too high up to get to. Lucky decided to lick the tiny little breasts instead. These he liked.

The "A" cups were firm and they didn't jiggle around so much. They also tasted better with all of the water flowing over them. They had one drawback though. With only two licks they were snatched away. Tammy stood bolt upright and took a step back. The sudden movement on the slick tub caused her to slip and fall on her back side. Her eyes were open and she noticed the dog.

She slid forwards and found herself eye to eye with Lucky's smiling face. She turned around and tried to scramble away. She was going to try to get to her feet, but being on all fours was just perfect for lucky. Lucky didn't have the luxury of working on stimulating this woman like he might do to Angela.

He leaped up on her and began thrusting at the air attempting to get a lucky shot at her crotch. Tammy was a quick thinker and knew that her virtue was in danger.

She knew that if she flattened her hips to the ground that Lucky would have to do more to get in her.

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It was a good thought, but her feet hit the back of the tub and Lucky's cock tip brushed across her slit. This was not really the closest she had ever come to being forcibly fucked, but this was the first time that she wasn't lesbo babe eating cream out of asshole control of the situation.

She pulled her knees back up in an effort to get away from her attacker. This stumped Lucky for a little bit.

His cock was quite long and it was brushing against Tammy's tummy. It was simply too long to get into the right position for fucking.

Tammy thought she was safe at this point. She was still being straddled by a humongous beast, but she was not going to get fucked.

All she had to do was wait till the dumb beast got tired or came on her legs and stomach. It wouldn't be the first unexpected cum that she would be covered with today. She happened to look down. Her tender A's looked larger hanging down.

Between and beyond them she could see her stomach. The cock was brushing against her navel. The thing was inhumanly long and a bit of lubrication was dripping down from the tip. Past that were the largest set of nuts she had ever seen on a dog. She had to get away. She couldn't take the chance that that thing could get inside of her.

It would split her open and it might destroy her for any other man. She had heard stories in health class that one in four women was brutally raped and that some died because they were fucked so hard. Her teacher said that the number was probably much higher because most women wouldn't report a rape. One of her class mates had asked where this study came from and what the numbers were based on.

The teacher said that this was a serious subject and sent him to the principal. Her only hope was to leap away and attempt to get away. Tammy leaped forward as Lucky was pulling back. The tip of his cock twitched with excitement as she moved unexpectedly beneath him. He thrust forward and the tip met her virgin cunt. Tammy froze. Lucky gave a brief bark that could have been heard anywhere in the house if it weren't for the alcohol haze in Tammy's mother's head.

Time slowed down. The warm water dripped off of her erect tits. The smell of steam and scented soaps mixed with that of wet dog. Lucky moved backwards. His paws curled up underneath Tammy's small breasts and his dew claw scratched her on one side. "Not my cherry!" she pleaded. Lucky's forward thrust penetrated the hymen. His next thrust demolished the poor thing. Tammy was a virgin, but she wasn't nearly as tight as Angela had been on their first time.

He thrust forwards penetrating her fully. A few more thrusts and he was taking her on his own terms. Finally Lucky's human balls nice looking amazing teen beauty gets strong orgasm against Tammy's clit. Tammy didn't want to do anything, but the pain was worse if she just held still.

After a little while the pain began to subside. The dog had a remarkable stamina but after a while he seemed to be working towards climax. "The worst is over," she told herself. Something big was pushing into her.

She knew nothing about canine anatomy. Lucky's knot was locking them together. The thing was big and Tammy was unprepared for it. The situation was unreal and the pain was suddenly more than she could bare. She passed out a few times. She awoke to Lucky shuddering fully impaling her.

His cum shot hot and heavy into her. His human seed worked into her fertile cunt. She had been much more satisfying for Lucky than her mother had been.

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When Lucky finally decided to pull out of her he began grooming blood, cum, and pussy juice off of his cock. There was some cum on the underside of his coat and a little near his balls. He shook wildly trying to dry off, but he was still sopping wet when he had gotten done. He wandered out of the bathroom and left. He wasn't in a hurry.

He had done what he came here to do. Tammy picked herself up and began cleaning her self up. She had been creamed twice in a matter of hours.

Both had been unexpected. Both would require some thought. She would definitely want to rethink her strategy in the future.