Elena de frutos sex scenes in mentiras y gordas avi tube porn

Elena de frutos sex scenes in mentiras y gordas avi tube porn
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Since convincing Ellen to relocating to Dallas going to work for me at my TV station, we have went out together three times. All three times I made gentle slow love to her. This our fourth time together and I decided it is time to introduce her to rough sex. My attack started as soon as redhead secretary lennox luxe fucking large cock at work in stockings enters the condo, as Ellen enters closing the door, I grab her hair shoving her forward.

She stumbles in her high heels trying to turn around, my other hand on her arm roughly keeps her moving forward. Passing the kitchen area, her head is pushed down, dragging her face along the tabletop and sending odds and ends flying. Picking her up again, I move her to the adjoining bed area and bending her over the end of the bed.

My one hand on her head keeping her down, she feels mt free hand groping her from behind sending a flash of energy through her body.

My fingers pressing hard against her pussy through the panties under her dress and she can't help but cry out a little. My erection hard against her leg becoming unmistakable and she knows it will be inside her soon. My hand moves up her ass, hooking into the waistband of her panties, and yanking down violently. She feels totally exposed, bent over and with her naked ass in the air. Just like I want her to be. My hand is between her legs again, pressing hard and rough against her, my fingers roughly forcing their way inside her.

Despite herself, she is wet moving her hips against this invasion. She is gasping as my fingers continue violating her, the wood digging into her abdomen. I move her head to the left as I lift her right leg onto the bed, half-splaying her out along its length. My long thick hard cock sliding inside her, then ramming her tightness fiercely.

She is bouncing against the foot board on the end of the bed until the pain is too much and she cries out, " It hurts!" My cock disappears and she thought she hears a snort of impatiences from behind her, my finger is suddenly jammed into her tight virgin ass cutting short other thoughts. Using the handful of hair and finger hooked in her ass, I pull her off of the foot board forcing her onto the floor of the bedroom.

I stood behind her started fingering her ass and pussy playing very roughly with her clit. I then walk around her to face her, Ellen is on her knees as she starts licking my large balls, handsome guy madly in love with teen black horny girlfriend them into her mouth while jerking my cock.

Before licking the full length of my 9 inch shaft up to the head then taking it into her mouth sliding my shaft to the back of her throat. After several minutes of concentrating on sucking and flicking my head with the tip of her tongue while cupping my balls and rubbing my shaft.

Ellen feels me start to cum and immediately takes me deeper, swallowing my load without spilling a drop. I make her to continue licking and sucking my balls then pushing my cock again deep down her throat till she gags. I keep this up for maybe half an hour, she had to change positions after a few minutes of this, which allows me to thrust confessionfiles british babe fucks in confession booth cock harder and further down her throat, making her gag frequently.

Finally I make her open her mouth sticking out her tongue. I proceed to jerk myself off, rubbing my cock-head over her lips and tongue making her rub my balls. The amount of cum I produced is unreal, she has never seen so much produced until she met me. I aimed it into her mouth over her tongue and lips, I produced eight or nine large spurts.

I got her onto all fours pushing her legs apart then womens basketball active athlete college av debut straight inside her from behind.

Her cunt is absolutely soaking wet, she has never known it to get so wet until our lovemaking. She reaches around beginning to play with her clit, the previous rough treatment certainly had its effect as it had come out from its hood and is very erect and hard. Her tight ass-hole is still stretched from my earlier attention, licking my fingers I start to play with her ass again but more gently than then before, she is surprised at how easily my fingers slid in.

It didn't take long for her to start howling like a banshee as she came, her cunt clenching my cock and her ass-hole tightening and clamping on the two fingers that I slipped up her ass. She was bucking and writhing like she is possessed, shouting obscenities and demanding that I fill her with with cum.

Her juices are gushing out of her pussy, coating my cock and both our thighs. I grab her hips slamming harder and deeper into her, enjoying the way her ass cheeks ripple. I can't hold back any longer, duly obliging her request; she held still, impaled on my hard cock as I explode deep inside her. Her cunt clenching tightly around me as my orgasm continues, doing all the work and milking what feels like huge loads, as big as she had just taken from me earlier, my cock jerking wildly deep inside her as my balls release massive loads of cum filling her up.

I slip out of her still semi hard, moving around to her head she immediately accepts my cock grabbing my ass with one arm for support while vigorously coaxing my semi hard cock back to life with her free hand.

Ellen is finding it hard to concentrate on sucking my cock, especially as my monster cock swells back to its full length and girth, I didn't mind content with the hand stimulation I'm receiving as I start to mauling her breasts pulling her nipples which are now hard and extended to their full length.

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I moved back around behind her, rubbing my big bulbous head up and down over her sticky dripping slit. I parted her lips thrusting my cock in deep without ceremony. Ellen yelped as her sore pussy stretched to accommodate my length and girth again, ignoring her yelp I gave her five or six hard deep thrusts then withdrew.

Then sliding four fingers into her pussy, I held them deep inside her for a moment while I press my thumb against her tight anus. After a couple of minutes the pressure caused the ring to expand letting my thumb slide inside. Ellen starts wiggling, bucking and grinding her ass on my hand moist and wild twat licking pornstar hardcore me to fuck her cunt again. After a couple minutes I remove my drenched fingers from her pussy proceeding to work first one then two, three and finally all four fingers into her tight ass before finally slipping my rock hard cock back into her pussy.

Simultaneously slamming my cock into her pussy while working her ass hole with my four fingers burying them deep soora pappa characters cartoon sex her ass, gradually increasing my rhythm. She is past caring about having unprotected sex with me. She screams as another orgasm is building up inside her. I remove my fingers from her ass, grabbing both her hips proceeding to slam my cock into her cunt as she starts to wail and sob with the strength of her orgasm.

It's the first time she has ever had an orgasm in this position without playing with her clit at the same time. Ellen is still cumming when I slid my cock out, I'm briefly treated to the sight of her gaping cunt, contracting and then gaping again before I suddenly position my cock over her ass-hole ramming it home. Despite my girth I seem to slide in quite easily. Ellen is begging me to fuck her virgin ass hard and asking me if I wanted to cum in her ass and begging me to fill her ass with my cum, telling me how good my massive cock feels in her cunt and ass and begging me to push it in deeper, asking if it is in all the way.

I proceed to slam into her faster and harder, encouraged by her dirty talk. After ten minutes of taking this pounding though, she wriggles away motioning to me to lay on my back which I did. Turning her back to me and facing the room, she spreads her legs lowering her ass onto my monster cock. Ellen thought she would have more control that way telling me, she is going to fuck my cock with her ass. My hands came around started kneading her sticky tits, which is still smeared and streaked with my cum from earlier.

She starts grinding her ass onto my cock. Ellen starts grinding her hips faster and faster and then she lets out a guttural groan. Ellen is rubbing her engorged clit, she has never seen it this big before, her breasts are bouncing and wobbling from my thrusting and her nipples are more erect than she has ever seen them due to my earlier attention.

She can't resist reaching down to pinch, twist and tease them further. After several minutes I shoot my fourth cum-load inside her. I pull out of her collapsing beside Ellen on the bed, our panting is the only sound as we tried to recover from the exhausting experience. For me, it wasn't enough. My hand grabbed her hair again pulling her toward me as she groans, drained but unable to resist.

Pushing her head down onto my crotch, my half-hard cock works its way into her mouth. She is savoring having my cock again. Wanting more, she works my cock with her mouth, licking all over, licking my balls for every stray taste.

Ellen continues sucking as my cock hardens in her mouth. I begin thrusting into her, causing her to gag. She moves off me, but my hand forces her back down, taking me deep. She rose again to gasp for air, but this time both hands grab her hair holding her head in place.

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The thrusting is shallower, but I didn't stop, fucking her mouth, teasingly threatening to go deeper. A few tears run onto her cheeks as the saliva flows into her mouth and streams down my cock, the pumping just keeps going, starting to go deeper again. She reels from the gagging that brought on and I stop, seemingly irritated again. Holding her, I rose pushing onto the bed, Ellen panting heavily, wondering what I'm going do to her next.

She didn't have to wonder long as she feels rope loop around her wrists and tighten. Grabbing her by her hips, I pull her back so that her arms are fully extended and she is on her knees with her ass in the air. A fresh intrusion into her ass came, I shove two fingers in. Grasping the taut rope, she braces herself against the hard cock that slides into her again and she yells.

Her pussy is sore and yet she craves my cock all the more. She let my thrusts thump into her, karina white gets a big hard cock shock waves all the way to the tips of her outstretched arms. I'm hammering her fast, then slow, then fast again, then at angles and moving around, frenziedly trying to fuck her pussy everyway at once. She feels my drool dripping onto her ass and smiles.

Im panting harder and harder now, pulling her into me as I slam into her.

My cock pressing deep inside her, trying to delve deeper. I suddenly slow to long, deep thrusts as I gasp over and over, my hips quivering against her ass.

Final few thrusts and a long moan signals I'm finally coming in her again. She smiles again relishing the thought of my cum inside her. I collapse beside her, panting heavily. " Was that good enough for you?" I gasp as I lay on the bed glistening with sweat. Ellen turns towards me, grinning at me lovingly, and whispering, " I want more." " Don't be shy with me.

Fuck me, Fuck my tight naughty girl knows how to suck a dick ass. I want to feel your balls smack my clit as you grab a tit with each hand relentlessly, mercilessly pounding my sweet ass with your fat cock." " Mmm Fuck!" She screams as she feels my cock head enter her again, pushing my long fat shaft all the way deep inside her ass with one hard push. Pulling completely out and pushing it straight back inside for the first few thrusts.

Feeling her body warming as my fat cock thrusts slowly and deeply.

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Pulling her ass higher as I grab her hips hungrily. Forcing moans from her lips as she grabs the sheet holding it tightly, pressing her body back into me.

Feeling her asshole stretching wider to accommodate my fat cock. Her moaning causing me to become very excited, my balls smacking her clit hard and fast as I thrust deeper and sony liyan se xxxx videysupop. Grabbing her tits and squeezing them tight, pulling on them with a firm grip, pushing my cock deeper as I use her tits to pull her harder against my fat cock.

Reaching between her thighs to take a firm grip on my balls. Holding them as she feels every inch of my fat cock slipping easily now in and out of her ass. Massaging them in her hand as she rubs them against her pussy with each thrust I make. Hearing my grunts, each time my hips resonate off her ass.

Ellen begins to rock on her knees, grinding her ass against my cock. Her movements making each thrust harder and deeper, clawing the bed with one hand as her other hand continues to hold and stroke my balls. Ellen's face buried in the sheets as she tries to stifle her loud lustful moans. In a moment of passion she releases my balls and quickly fingers her engorged clit as her thighs shake and her body tingles.

Feeling her orgasm coming quickly, she cries out loudly." Oh fuck, I'm going to cum, baby. yes, oh Fuck. YES." Cum dripping from her pussy onto the clean sheets.

My balls stealing some of the moisture as they smack even harder against her quivering pussy. And then she feels my hand coming down hard onto her ass.The sharp searing slap, as the next comes crashing down, and the next until she is literally shaking; my cock becoming completely engorged as another smack comes painfully sharp down upon her reddened ass.

Crying out, " Oh Fuck, oh fuck that feels so good," She buries her face harder into the bed as her ass instinctively rises higher to meet my hand. Pushing back against me as my fat cock slams into her body hard, lurching her forward. My hands back at her hips digging my nails into her hips as I thrust. Her moans turning into guttural screams and then into breathy pants as she cums violently again, feeling my throbbing cock pressing deep inside her.

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Feeling my fingers working her clit rubbing and stroking it firmly. Slapping it as her juices pour from her again ." Yes, that's my good girl, cum for me." Pulling my cock from her, I grab her waist flipping her quickly onto her back, grabbing her legs and pushing them back until her toes touch the wall behind us.

With one easy thrust, I'm back deep inside her ass again. Brushing the hair from her face as my hips slowly rock back fast fodii sex with baby girl forth, looking down at her, smiling.

My fat cock slowly sliding in and out of her, as my lips find hers. Reaching behind her head, grabbing a handful of hair and gently pulling it as my tongue slips into her mouth finding her tongue and curling around it.

She tastes my breath as she whimpers and her body is shaking. Holding her hair firm as my other hand finds her breast, brushing my thumb over her nipple, as my thrusts pick up again; not as hard or fast but just as deep, if not deeper than before. Ellen stares into my eyes as she grabs my neck, moaning softly. Holding my head to hers as our eyes lock, losing ourselves, surrendering to each other and the ecstasy surrounding us.

Feeling my thrusts briefly quicken as my cock throbs hard inside her ass, taking her lips again to mine as I spill myself deep inside. Our lips linger, pressed together as my balls empty, with a few more slow deep thrusts.

Feeling my fat cock head emerge from her ass, I sit back on my heels and admire the sight of my hot cum dripping from her. Looking up at me, she smiles then says " I have never allowed any man to fuck my ass, that was incredible. This is the most satisfying sex I have ever experienced." " You now belong to me, Ellen." I reply.