Small nympho cant live without it hard pornstar hardcore

Small nympho cant live without it hard pornstar hardcore
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Used by Sister So this is a story from my youth, wich a was not able to talk about for years. This is quite difficult to write about, but I will try to make it as realistic as my memory allows it. Furthermore I hope to make a mental line under this chapter of my life, by writing this. In order to keep my Family safe i changed all of our names.

You can call me martin. Today i am 39 years old at the time things were happening I was19. I would consider myself as an average teenager, not bad looking, but not outstanding pretty or something either. 1,86 metres tall and with 76kilogramms not fat at all. I have one sister, her name is mary back then she was 24 years old. She has long black hair, an awesome body (lets call it the "hourglass shape") and, as i later got to know, the most perfect tits i have seen in a long time.

Not too small or too big but perky as hell. We lived together at our fathers house, hot mama gets it over her face our mother has passed away years ago. So this is where things started. Is was jerking of as ever, as mary walked in. She knew i was quite sexual because our rooms where next to each other and watching porn and fucking the few girls I brought home wasnt the most silent thing one could do.

But she never came in when I was on it, or she exused herself and shut the door imadietly.

This day was diffrent! She saw that i was watching an incest porn. Well I never thought of mary in a sexual way, I just liked the thought of the taboo people consider by doing incest. She said" oh martin you nasty scumbag, this is gross" while i tried to get my cock into my pants. "Yep, i know" i replied, "but i could'nt help myself. It gets me horny". "Lucky you! Next time I will tell dad" with this words she left my room.

Days went on and I almost forgot about this moment. Until I woke up one night, hearing a wet sound of slurping, and the feeling of someone sucking my dick. I opened my eyes, and could not believe what i saw.

There she was, mary, thrusting my cock inside her mouth over and over. She was totally nacked. I gave her a questioning gaze. She let my french bbw florence ganganged in all holes drop from her lips just to say "i couldnt help myself, it gets me horny" and continued her work.

I just were not able to stop her it felt to good and all inhibitations were, litterally "blown" away. Looking back to this, I should have thought about her, intention. Why did she do this? What was on her mind? Well I got to know. but a little bit to late. But back to the story: She was a master at her work. She was circling her tounge around my cock, pushing it deep inside of her mouth, again and again.

I was about to cum, as she stoped, jumped on me, and pushed my cock inside of her. It was outstanding! Her pussy was so wet and soft, I really had to control myself not to cum. We fucked a few minutes, till I couldnt stand much longer.

I told her to stop and that I wont cum inside her. She did not stop. I wrestled around and finally got free.

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Right in time, as I came all over her belly. "What was that!?" I shouted. "Didn't you like it?" - "Well. Yeah. Yes it was awesome, but i did not want to cum inside of you" she grinned:" ok thats my fault, but it just felt too good" i calmed down: " I.

I understand, but why did you do that?" " I thought you like incest, and I was incredibly horny", she replied. "Yeah kind of that", i stuttered. Her eyes wiedened. "So would you do it again?" "I have this fantasy.

Of beeing raped. I think with you, my brother, it would be much more intense. And you could cum inside of me", she said with a smile "im on birthcontrol." Call me an Idiot or, what ever, but I said yes.

Soon I would get to know the real face of my sister mary. So we choose a day where dad wasnt home. I got into her room, while she pretendet to sleep. I stuffed her mouth with one of her used knickers, and bondet her arms and legs with some rope to her bed, while she was fighting like hell.

We both knew it was part of our game but it felt very real. So i ripped her clothes of her body and started liking her itching pussy. She still fighted against the bondings, but i could feel her enjoying every lik.

Soon she was incredibly wet, creating a dark spot on her mattress. I couldnt wait anymore, I had saxy story fill sex stories jabrdsti fuck her right now! I let my shorts drop and pushed my imense hard on into my, still twitching sisters pussy! A big muffled groan left her stuffed mouth. It felt like coming home. I fucked her long and hard. Choking and slapping her just as she wanted. Tears came rushing out of her eyes and her screams and moans kept on going all the time.

Soon i felt that i was about to cum.

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I shouted at her " im going to fill your little cunt with my load, you slut!" Whit these words i let go and shot a huge load of cum inside of her willing cunt.

At the same time i could feel her pussymuscles clenching around my cock, as she came with a big supressed moan.

I took a step back and watched my cum dripping out of her well fucked hole. Then i undid one of her armbondings and left the room to get a shower and get to sleep. On the next day mary came to me telling me how awesome it was and that she wanted to do it over and over again. I agreed. But the next day I went on a longer vacation and dad was home so this would have to wait.

But when I got home i found a pregnancy test, luckily it said: not pregnant. But finally it made me do what i should have done long ago: think! Yes i know it sounds dumb but blindet by my sexdrive i wasnt able to see straight. Why should my sister buy a pregnancy test when shes on the pill? My only answer was: she wants to get pregnant with my baby!

I was shoked but i confronted mary with my thoughts. She laughed and said I was right, that there was nothing more arousing her than her the thought of a sister getting knocked up by her brother. Now it was clear to me: my sister is insane! I told her that her plan failed, that i never ever going to touch er again.

Again she laughed and said:" what would dad say if he found out about you sexually molesting and abusing your sister?" "You have no proof for that"- I claimed "wrong!

I have it on tape. How you raped me weeks ago" I wasnt able to talk as my jaw slutty teenie is taken in anus madhouse for painful treatment sank downwards. "So, little brother" she whispered as she walked around me, touching my shoulder, " you are going to shot your baby juice inside of your sisters womb until she is knocked up by your brotherly love.

Or should i show this tape dad and the police?" With these words she showed me the video on her mobilephone. There was I. Raping my own sister.

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I had no other choice than giving in. She ordered me to fuck her twice a day while she was ovaluating, which was quite a week. When went i into her room to fulfill her orders she was waiting for me, naked. I had to strip naked and lay down on her bed. She made me hard by sucking my cock, then she got on top of me and with an demonic grin on her face, as she guided my cock inside of her dripping cunt. You could see what unholy lust it gave to her forcing her own brother, her own blood to impragnate her.

At these sessions she came multiple times and as hard as i never saw a woman in my entite life. She was milking me like an Animal, I just existed to produce that white fluid that would her finally give, what she was lusting for in a long time. Each time we fucked, with every stroke, I could feel her inner muscles pressing around my dick, pressing every drop of precious cum out of her brothers cock.

Well hot babe gets anal creampie at casting to say: i came very often and very hard inside of mary. So one day the unavoidebale happened: she came to me, gave me a deep dirty tonguekiss and said:" well done brother, you are goingt to be father" On the next few weeks she treated me to fuck her sometimescause it got her hot, thinking about brother and sister fucking while their incestous brute is inside of her.

Well it wasnt quite often, but it happend a few times. Sooner or later it was visible, that mary was pregnant. And when our father asked who the father was, my sister showed him the video how I had raped her. My father was totally enraged but he could not sent me to the police, because I was his son. (I say that because after that I wasnt anymore) He said that I should leave and never come back.

So did I. I simply had no chance onther 10 sex story rap china proof that mary was lying about me and her pragnancy. Few years ago Mary contacted me, that our daughter has no mental or physical diseases and is a lively and healthy child.

I was breathless, I felt so glad about these news. She offered that i could come over and get to know her, as her uncle. Back then i wasnt ready for that but, rightnow I am thinking about it.