Squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches

Squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches
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I'm Sandie and I need at least 3 or 4 orgasims every day. More about how this started later. This is the first in a series of stories about my life, but today I need to tell you about the young man that lives accros the alley from me [I live just outside Hollywood in a house provided by my employer - that another story later also].

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billie is a 6 foot 11inch basket ball player here in high school who just had a big 18th birthday party [he lives accros the alley behind my house]. Lots of kids in their back yard aroud the swimming pool and having a blast.

For several years now I have used Billy to mow my yard, trim bushes, do some heavy lifting in my house and garage; things that I either don't have time for or need help to accomplish. I have from time to time let him see my cleavege and often tease him with short hot pants when helping me.

I know he looks, I've caught him looking often and smiled back at him giving a come on wink. Nothing ever came of this so far. Obviously he is eager to work when I need him, and I pay him well [monetarily].

However, I;m older than he is [24] and wanted to wait to seduce him until after he became 18. I know his parents would not appreciate such seduction by their neighbor so I waited for his birthday. I tried to figure out what present I could give him for his birthday. Now he is really tall and built like Adonis. Broad shoulders, long arms, narrow rear end and long legs.

I think he is beautiful. I'm sure his girl friends do too. Since I am tall [almost 6 feet}, I think crawling all over that big body would be a hoot. Last Saturday I saw him over the fence in the back yard and yelled over and asked him if he could bring his ladder over and put new light bulbs in the chandelier in my dining room. It has a vaulted ceiling with a large glass light with pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore 24 bulbs.

Several burned out and I can't reach them up there, it's about 10 feet up from the floor. Of course he is tall, but a ladder still is needed. About twenty minutes later he arrived at my back door with his ladder and we went about getting it placed at the right spot so the burned out bulbs could be removed. He went up about 4 steps on the ladder and removed the burned out bulbs and I gave new ones. All this time I'm looking up and can see up his legs nearly to his cock.

He is wearing a pair of basketball pants, you know, the silky ones that are long and real loose fitting down about to the knees. Standing next to the ladder and looking up I marveled at what I saw.

If I looked just right I could see the bulge between his thighs. Right then I knew how I was going to solve my problem. As he finished with the last bulb I told him I wanted him to do exactly as I told him. He said; "OK now what'. I said Billie I want you to put your hands on the top of the ladder and keep them there no matter what I do.

Did he understant? "Sure" he said. Now I could no longer resit. I told him to step down two steps and hold still. I then put my hands on his leg inside his pants and ran them up until I almost reached his buttocks and stopped so he wouldn't jump off the ladder and told him to hold still and don't move.

I heard him gasp and try to answer. Finally he said, "Oh, what are you dong"? "Just hold still" I said, and dropped my hands down to the bottom of his trunks and pulled them down to his ankles, then reached up and pulled his boxer shorts down there too.

What a beautiful sight.

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There hanging between his legs was pettiest cock you could imagine which was begining to grow by the second. I reached up and gently put my fingeers around his shaft and with the other hand cupped his sack giving it a slight squeeze. This immediately caused him to groan and I told him to hold still. "Don;t move Billie" I said. I began to examine his shaft, slowly moving my hand the length of it. He began to tremble a little up there. I said, "Billie I've been waiting to give your birthday present until we could be together and I want you to have the best present I have to offer, OK"?

Now he is having a hard time controlling himself and all he cold do is mumble something. I told him to keep his hands on the ladder and turn slightly towards me which he slowly did. Now I could fully grasp his cock and feel it get real stiff pointing up toward the light. I think his shaft must be at least 7 or 8 inches long; a big purple nob on the end. I was begining to get wet down below, however I wanted to take it slow and enjoy feeling this beautiful dick.

I now needed to remove my shorts and panties so I was "ready' which I did. Now I was ready for phase two. I asked him to keep his hands on the top of the ladder and step down onto the floor, lean back so I could step up on the second step in-between him and the ladder. I then stepped up on the 2nd step and found my nose almost evern wiith his chin. Then I put my arms around his neck and pulled him tight against me, pushing my breasts hard agains his chest. My nipples were begining to get hard.

I told Billie to lean back so I was leaning on him and to put his hands on my butt and squeeze me tight and lift me as I brought my legs up around his waist and squeezed them around his ass.

I thought it myght be a little awkward, but when he grasped sexy lesbian teens playing with pussies on webcam butt the whole manuver went off so slick I was amazed. There I was, my head nuzzled to his neck, my pussy pressed against his cock up against his belly. "Billie" I said, "am I to heavy?. "Uh.no!" he replied. " Can you hold me" I asked. "Ya.Yeh.this is awaome" he said.

I told him to lift my rear a little so I could get my hand down to hold his cock. I let go of his neck with one arm and reached down and grabbed his shaft.

Wonderful stiff cock pointing towards my pussy. I then pushed him so his cock slid down my pussy and ass and out my ass cheeks. Wow, that got me oozing juices.

Billie groaned and inhaled as the head of his cock found air back there. Now it was time to change position. I told him to turn slowly and set my butt down on the dining room table. This worked real well except he had to pull back his cock so I wouldn't sit on it. I told him to lay me on my back on the table while I held on to him and guided the head of his cock towards my pussy.

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I pulled him to me and moved it up and down my pussy and my ass and then up and down again mixing my juices with his oozing lubricant and almost let it slip into my vagina. I didn't want him in there just yet as I wanted him to suck my breast. He groaned and his breath on my nipples made me moan. I said, "suck them hard Billie". He began rubbing one and sucking the other almost making me com.

It was time to have him enter me so I grasped his shaft tight and made the large head circle around my entrance and I could tell he wanted in there real bad. So did I, but I wanted to slow down so he wouldn't cum until I was ready.

I pulled him close and told him to push real easy and guided his head inside and then yelled "stop right there". "Oh.um.ah".he said and I squeezed him real hard hilding him real still. I knew if I let him punch in he'd go off and I wasn't quite ready. Now I told him to lean forward on me and I grabbed his head and kissed him tenderly on the lips. He gave me his cute blonde sloppy blowjob a brides revenge and we deep kissed for a couple of minutes.

So sweet!!! I said, "OK now begin easing that beautiful cock slowly inside. "Wow.it;s hot in there" he said while clutching both of my tits. This helped me enjoy the sweet expansion in my pussy. I was ready for the whole thing. I said, "stop now Billie and start thrusting real slow back and forth with your cock gragually putting it in further. I knew if he started pounding it in there real quick he chris gayle with sunny leone blow his nuts and I wasn't quite ready.

I wanted him to really be up tight when he unloaded so he would always rember the feeling. My pussy was demanding to be satisified and I wanted it all so I said, "now Billie.blast it in there all the way"!!! OH what a wonderful thrill that was when he hit bottom.I almost came right then but I held off.I wanted one more thing.

I said, "Billie, pound me hard and fast, I want to come with you". His cock hit bottom and my clit was smashed against his pubic bone.OH God.here we go!!!! I exploded in a huge orgasm just as he exploded inside me.

I could feel the bursts of cum forceing inside me driveing me to a contineous spasm again and again. I squeezed my pussy tight and held everything in as long as I could holding my breath. Suddenly, there was to much pressure and our combined cum began leaking out.

I was in heaven with this young cock.so stiff.so tender.so huge. I wanted to cum again so I reached up and kissed him deeply as he returend my embarce and still pumped my pussy slowly. I said "do me hard Billie, I'm not thru yet". He squeezed my tits with both hands and kissed me real hard sucking my tongue and that did it, I came again and freak monster cocks gay anal spasms kept coming and I could hardly breathe.

I gulped air and Billie colapsed on me when he again spurted cum deep insie me. He was exhaused and so was I, I needed a couple of minutes to recover. Finally Billie's hard on began to deflate and we just lay that way for a while. I've had lots of guys, but this fuck was real special because I wanted to please him so much. Finally Billie could speak and he said "Sandie, my cock just loves your sweet pussy.I'll be your slave forever"!! I thought about that for a bit then told him that could not be because I have needs you are not ready for.

But Billie, I want you to return tomorrow with your ladder so I can show you how much I appreciate you letting me give you my birthday present. I told Billie I had to go to work soon so we needed to call it quits for today, and I hoped he would return about two in the afternoon so we could have more time. He got up and put his clothes on, then leaned down and gave me a long kiss on the lips, then said he'd be back for sure and left.

There I lay on the table, my legs still drawn up to my chest cum oozing out my pussy. I just laid there and savored this experience for a while. Wonderful need begining to develop in my pussy again. Dam, I had to get ready to go to work. Tomorrw.Chapter 2