Handsome guy kisses lips hardcore and blowjob

Handsome guy kisses lips hardcore and blowjob
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Unwed Mother As I answered my back doorbell I saw a young teenage girl naked and bent over in pain. I recognize her as Dhani the little girl from next door. I always thought that Dhani was a unique way to spell Danny.

As I helped her into the house I couldn't help but notice that she was very pregnant. I had wondered why I hadn't seen her running around the neighborhood as usual.

Dhani tried to explain things in between her contractions. She had told her mother about having contractions that morning but that her mother had said it would take all day before the baby would come and went to work.

It hadn't taken a half-hour for her water to break. She was scared and didn't know what to do so she came to me. I immediately dialed nine one one and asked for an ambulance. The emergency operator kept me on the line. Dhani's contractions were so close together that I wound up delivering the baby squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches right there on my kitchen floor with a lot of help from the emergency operator on the other end of the line.

I had never seen anything like it in my life. I was only thirty-two years old but I thought that I had seen it all. On Dhani I sure had. I saw her pussy open up large enough to pass a baby through it. I had seen her swollen breasts heaving during her contractions and when she pushed. I saw the look of pain in her face. Then the baby came out and I was told not to cut the cord. This fifteen-year-old girl then smiled up at me and promised to pay me back with sex.

The ambulance finally arrived. The crew checked her and the baby out, wrapped both mother and daughter in blankets, and then carted them off to the hospital. I called work, explained the situation, and went to the hospital myself to be with her. Dhani was really a very special girl.

I wish that I had gotten to know her before. I knew her mother Donna though. Donna and I had grown up together and were the same age. Except Dhani's mother had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd, gotten into trouble, and also had gotten herself knocked up.

I had fucked Donna at few times at some of the drinking parties too. She had referred to it as 'bumping uglys.' I was sure that I wasn't Dhani's father though because Donna, the bitch, had named me as the father of her child in court and demanded child support. I had to give a blood sample to prove otherwise.

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My parents weren't impressed that I would screw such a tramp. After that she named twenty other boys as well and none of them were the father either.

So we lived side by side for years and never spoke to one another again. Donna's parents died and left the house to her. I bought my house from my parents so that they could move to Florida.

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Eventually Donna came to the hospital to check on Dhani. I had placed a note on her front door explaining things. Donna only stayed a few minutes because she worked two jobs and was between them. She didn't seem to care much about Dhani and didn't even want to see her granddaughter. She just left. Same old bitch! I stayed with Dhani until a nurse told me that visiting hours were over.

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I kissed Dhani on the forehead and took another look at her daughter on the way out. After work the next day I stopped in to see Dhani. She asked my opinion of baby names. I mentioned that I had been hearing a lot about Nevaeh, which was Heaven, spelled backwards. She thought that if it was spelled backwards that it might have the opposite meaning and actually refer to hell so she rejected that idea.

However it got her to thinking about heavenly names like Angle, Gabriel, and the like. Finally Dhani decided on Gabriella with Ann as her middle name and Baxter as her last name since she didn't want the baby to have her father's last name. With her initials being GAB and that being the first part of her name we figured that she would get called Gab or Gabby a lot. I even bought the package of baby pictures for her because Dhani said that her mother wouldn't. The following day I took both mother and daughter home from the hospital.

Donna hadn't done a damn thing for her daughter and granddaughter so I bought her some baby equipment and diapers. I couldn't believe how cold hearted Donna had been. Dhani came over to see me every day and to eat dinner with me. We talked a lot and became close friends. When her daughter Gabriella became one month old Dhani became sixteen years old.

I took her out to dinner that night. Afterwards we settled in at my house to watch a movie. It was a Chick Flick and made Dhani cry. She cuddled into me and started kissing me. Then she started undressing herself right there on the couch in my living room with her baby not more than a few feet away from us. She assured me that it was okay and that her doctor had said that she could have sex as long as we were gentle. She was horny and she wanted to start paying me back with the only thing that she had, her body.

I had forgotten about her promise that first day and I didn't want to take advantage of her but I was hard enough to pound nails in with my cock. She went to the floor and I went down on top of her.

At sixteen she could allow me to have sex with her so I knew that I wouldn't get in trouble. I was as gentle as I could possible be. Dhani loved small titted blonde finally gets her first bbc and so did I. It had been a while since I had been with a girl and it was a welcome relief.

Dhani said that it was a lot better than her first time. First time? Yes she had been raped by a boy in her class on a field trip. The principle hadn't believed her and her mother hadn't believed her either. Donna had been treating Dhani like a slut since that day and had said that Dhani must have asked for it. That rape had been her only sexual experience until me. We had fallen asleep on the floor and I woke up about three o'clock in the morning.

I sent Dhani home and went to bed myself. The next day was a workday so I didn't see Dhani until I came home. She was sitting on my back porch with all of her meager possessions. Donna had thrown her out for not coming home and had called her a slut again. The following day was Saturday. I took Dhani to see my lawyer. He listened to both of our stories and smiled then he said that all hell was going to cut loose and that we should just sit back and watch the fun. Oh! All hell cut loose!

That's for sure! Monday morning I received so many phone calls at work that I asked my boss for a few days off to straighten things out. He was very understanding and gave them to me. It seems that the boy in Dhani's class that had raped her had been over sixteen while Dhani had been under sixteen. That posed an entirely different set of standards on him and the rape was much more serious.

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The court also demanded a blood test, which came back positive. The boy was the father of Gabriella and his parents were held responsible and ordered to pay lingerie babe teases and gives a blowjob support. Dhani had taken a lie detector test that proved that she had been raped and that she had been a virgin at the time.

She was not a slut. Then to top it off since Donna had thrown her out of the house and I had taken her in. Donna was ordered to pay me child support for Dhani until she turned twenty-one. Talk about everyone being pissed off! The preverbal shit hit the fan. I was even named in court as Dhani's legal guardian. Then when Child Protection, Social Services, and the Education Department got involved Dhani was able to go back to school and finish her education.

Gabriella received free daycare. I was receiving money left and right with Gabriella's child support, Dhani's child support, WIC, Food Stamps, and all of their medical needs taken care of that I started a college fund for Dhani. For the next few years after that we lived together as man and wife rather than as father and daughter. Gabriella grew like a weed, Dhani was about to graduate from high school, and we were about to be married.

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