Teen slut cheating on her boyfriend does porn

Teen slut cheating on her boyfriend does porn
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My Mother Loves to Spit and squirt Part One It all started when I was 16. I was a star player on my High School Girls Basketball Team. I got the talent from my mother who played for a top Division 1 college. She taught me how to play the game which made me a starting freshman on the varsity squad.

By the time I was a junior, I was already being scouted, but mom would push me every day. We usually didn't practice on the days after our games and that's when Mom and I would go to the driveway or local indoor basketball gym and practice.

My dad was an athlete but now just played golf on a regular basis. They met in college and had me when mom was 25. I was an only child even though they wanted more kids. At 41 mom was still in great shape standing six foot with blonde hair and hazel eyes. She kept her body in great shape by working out and continually playing basketball with me or friends at the local gym. Mom worked as an Events Organizer for a local Hospital.

Dad was a structural Engineer and worked on road project locally and in other states. While I was playing basketball I began to take an interest in other girls. I liked boys and even lost my virginity at the end of my freshman year. His name was Bobby and after we had sex he bothered me all the time for it but was timid in bed.

I discovered long before that I like rough sex. When I first started to masturbate, I would pull my nipples had and that would excite me. When I wanted more I stole moms' cloths pins and clamped them on my nipples. I tried hot wax on my tits and even tied one of dad's neck ties around my neck and pulled it tight. Anyway, Bobby didn't like the rough stuff and soon I didn't like Bobby.

It's well known that a lot of girls who play sports like other girls. I would say at least one third is gay. I began to like Lisa, our Captain. She ran the team and kept us in line and motivated. She was a senior and had beautiful short brown hair. She had blue eyes and stood about my height 5'10. We were both starting guards, but I had over 100 more points this season. One day after our most recent game, Lisa asked to help me take blonde milf big tits black dick they find his ass drag a confession to a crime out of tape off her ankle.

I did and all the other girls went to the shower. Lisa talked to me and removed her shirt leaving her with just her sports bra. Her tits were bigger than I thought. She asked if I had a boyfriend and about the usual conversation shit. Anyway by the time we were done we got undressed and headed for the showers. There were a few girls left so we found big boobs latina gets fucked in reverse cowgirl position showers and just sat under them letting the hot water relax us.

I looked over and began to admire Lisa's body. I was told she was gay but she never hit on me so I let it go but right now I wanted to shove my fingers up her cunt and make her scream. I never even kissed a girl, but I wanted Lisa bad. After our shower we were drying off behind the wall that separates the shower from the lockers and I figured what the fuck I would go for broke. I inched my way over to Lisa and dropped my towel. Lisa stopped looked and me up and down.

We stared into each others eyes and I leaned forward and kissed her. Our tongues danced and played in a kiss I will remember for the rest of my life. We cut it short when we heard our coach telling us to hurry up and get out. Lisa told me to meet her at her house two days later on Friday night. We had a game Saturday morning, so I said sure, I would see her then. The next day was Thursday and we didn't have practice after school.

My drill sergeant mother made me practice with her in the driveway. She began to yell and order me to do certain picks and shots again and again. I was getting tired and mom began to yell and stated we would stay all night until I got my picks and plays right. After a while I took a lane up the middle to the basket and when I jumped I pushed my shoulder up striking mom in the mouth.

Boy did she get pissed, but at least we stopped practice. The next day after school I had practice, Lisa and I confirmed plans for that night and we found a secluded area behind the school where we made out and felt each other up. I came home and got ready to see Lisa. When I was leaving my mother stopped me and said "Where do you think your going?

You have a game tomorrow and what you did yesterday was unacceptable." We began to fight and before I knew it I called her a "Fucking Cunt".

I don't know what came over me but I knew I just blew my chance with Lisa tonight. My mom came over to me and slapped my face. I grabbed my cheek in pain, then turned and spit in my mothers face. I was taking all the years of her pushing me and venting in one fight.

Mom began to swing and hit me everywhere, finally she held my arms down and I could see she was going to spit back. When she did I figured I would fuck with her head, so when she spit I opened my mouth and she spit in my mouth and face.

Mom looked at me with shock and disgust and let me go. While she was looking at me I wiped my face with my fingers and licked her spit from my face. Mom looked at me and called me sick. That was the first time I had even done anything like that and as much as it seemed gross to me I was horny as hell all of the sudden.

Mom walked over took my laptop and grounded me. I sat on the bed going over what just happened. Dad was away until Monday evaluating a structural failure of a bridge somewhere. He would never have let this happen. I still had my cell phone and called Lisa and told her the story, she was comforting and told me to hang in there and she would give me a special surprise when I saw her.

I began to rub my pussy thinking about her and still licking some of mom's spit from my face. I was soaking wet in no time. About an hour went by and Lisa and I were getting off on the phone when I heard mom coming up the stairs. I hung up the nasty mother id like to fuck gets punished hardcore and blowjob and my door flew open wide.

Mom realized I still had my phone and demanded it. I reluctantly gave it up. Mom threatened to call my coach and have me removed from the team. I began to cry and protest. Mom said that would be my punishment for what I did. Then she asked why I did that. I asked "Did what"? She said "You know lick my spit." I said I didn't know and that I just wanted to piss her off. I told her that she has been driving me too hard and that we were losing site of our goal.

I thought basketball was fun but that she was making me hate it because it was work. Mom said she was down stairs thinking about the whole incident and realized I must be acting out because she has been tough lately. Then she looked at me and said "That brings me back to my first question, why did you lick my spit? Did you enjoy it"? I said "Actually, I did. It kind of turned me on". Mom said "I can't get that image out of my head." I said you want me to do it again, you can sip on me or I can spit on you." Mom looked at me and said "That's sick, isn't it"?

I said "No, watch." I saw a lesbian video that did it a few weeks before. I leaned mom back and let some spit fall from my lips and onto her face.

Mom was kind of disgusted but didn't get up. She wiped her face and I told her to open her mouth. Mom did and closed her eyes and I let the spit fall into her mouth. Mom swallowed it and opened her eyes. I looked at her and said "That's HOT!" Mom sat up and said "let me do it to you." I leaned back and opened my mouth; mom leaned over and let a large wad of spit fall into my mouth.

I thought I was going to cum. I smiled at mom and sprung up off the bed. I grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks with one had and spit in her face.

Mom tried to pull away and I pushed her back on the bed. God she looked so hot and vulnerable. Mom protested and I grabbed her throat and held her down. As mom tried to get up I spit on her again, this time she opened her moth and told me to squeeze harder.

I was shocked but did as I was told. I leaned in a kissed my mother with my tongue. She responded right back and we bit and pulled each others lips while grabbing our hair and slapping each others face in a playful way. Mom stopped and began to laugh. She said "I know where you get that from, I always loved rough sex." I was relieved because I thought I was a freak.

Mom began to tell me about some of her lesbian experiences and how she loved rough sex.

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The whole time she was undressing me and when my shirt was off and she was squeezing my nipples, she said " Honey I know this is wrong, but do you mind fucking your mother tonight"? I said not at all and I thought she was so fucking hot anyway.

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Mom then grabbed my throat and threw me down on the bed. She began to slap my face and spit in my mouth. After a while I said "Mom I really need to cum, I burning down there." Mom licked and bit her way down to my cunt. Mom began to finger me and then finally lick my clit.

God, she was the best I ever had. Not that I had many, but holy shit was she good. It wasn't long before I felt a pressure I never felt before. MY legs got tight and my whole body locked up. When I came I began to squirt. That never happened to me and I didn't know what to do.

I came all over moms face. I said I was sorry for peeing on her and she said "That wasn't pee honey you're a squirted like me." Mom wiped her face and licked her fingers tasting my cum.

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Mom planted a long rough kiss on my and made me lick her face and cream pie zoe zane hardcore and granny my own cum. It was so fucking hot. Mom then slapped my face a few times and said "Now suck my cunt you little slut or I will have you kicked off the team. I looked at her and said "Mom I thought everything was OK?" Mom looked at me and said, "Don't break character, and just go along with me." I knew where she was going and said "Yes mommy, I will suck your cunt and make you cum." Mom grabbed my hair and began to pull it.

As I sucked her clit and fingered her cunt she ordered me to put two then three and finally all five fingers in her cunt. It was so fucking hot. Mom leaned up and spit on my face and kept trying to spit on her clit. I would take her spit and rub it on her clit with my other hand. Next thing I knew, Mom reached down grabbed my wrist and inserted my whole fist in her cunt. I continued to lick her cunt and soon she was beginning to tense up.

Mom reached down and removed my tongue and began to rub her clit. She was screaming so fucking load, I bet the neighbors heard her. I was watching this from two inches from her cunt when all of the sudden I was being soaked by a fountain of cum.

Mom was screaming and coming like a faucet all over my face and bed. I was having a hard time catching my breath. It was like being under water. Mom was exhausted and just lay spent on the bed, so did I and soon we got up and took the sheets off the bed.

Sexy asians marica and cindy hot some action invited me into her bedroom for the night and we fucked some more. We had to put three towels on the bed to keep moms cum from soaking the bed. The next day I was tired but played one of my best games. Mom was in the stands cheering. After the game Lisa asked if I wanted to go to her house for "A Little Fun" I had a better idea and said "Why don't we go back to my house I have a surprise for you" We walked out to mom's car and she just smiled and said to me "Oh you little devil." To Be Continued.