Cutie rides up big throbbing jock and bounds very fast on it

Cutie rides up big throbbing jock and bounds very fast on it
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My experence with the new plumber that came to fix my broken shower and sink wasn't all he worked on that day! After putting a request to have my bathroom fixed to the manager at my apartment complex he came by and agreed to have a new shower stall put in. He told me that he'd call me to let me know when the plumber would be by to work on it so I could be ready for him. I was told that he'd be by at 12:00 noon the next day well the night before I got a lil drunk n horny!

I watched some very nasty gay porn and took out some of my dildos that I loved using on myself while I watched the videos.

Well next thing I knew I woke up to someone pounding on my door yelling out he was going to leave if I didn't open the door! Still a little buzzed and half asleep I jumped up put on my robe telling him hang on I was coming and answered the door. Sorry I'm here a lil early hope you don't mind.

I was shocked and stunned to see this big muscular black man carrying a toolbox just walk right passed me and straight into my bedroom before I got his attention telling him not to go in but I was too late!

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He dropped his toolbox when he noticed my 2 favorite flesh like black dildos on my bed and my big screen TV still playing the video "I Want To Be Your BBC Bitch"! He just grinned at me "Come here you nasty lil white bitch boy"! I just froze right there at the door way as I looked at him grinning looking me up n down "I said to come here bitch I'll take good care of you and give you what you want"!

I walked over to him as my body trembled with fear and excitiment staring into his dark sexy eyes "that right you know you want this BBC"! He didn't waste anytime taking me in his strong arms forcing his tongue deep into my mouth with a passion while sliding his hand down to my ass squeezing it hard then slapping it hard a few times. It made me moan softly as our tongues danced together like there was no tomorrow then he slid 2 fingers in my ass pushing them deep he started to wiggle them making me push back on them!

He broke our kiss "oh you like that don't you bitch" finger fucking my ass hard now he knew he could do anything he wanted to me! I started to kiss his neck while worked my ass good my hands went straight onto his big growing bulge to rub and squeeze it.

I went down to my knees quickly undoing his pants pushing them down and he stepped out of them. His cock was on the side of my face as I looked up at him taking ahold of it "I love black cock" stroking it slowly!

I lifted his thick shaft and started licking on his huge balls his musky cock scent filled my senses driving me wild for his BBC! I could hear him moan with pleasure as sucked his balls and stroked his cock he told me how good it felt and wild college party of teen besties turns to riding cocks I was a good lil bitch.

I slowly wrapped my lips on the sides of his cock and worked up n down both sides coating it with my saliva really good. Holding it up I opened my mouth and licked around the tip of his dark shaft squeezing it as I stroked up getting a nice taste of his pre-cum that oozed out.

I had to have his cock in my mouth so I slid my lips around his thickness taking more than half the first time! I took a deep breath before I went back down on him,he kept telling me"Thats it bitch yes show me how much you love my big cock"! I gobbled his cock down while he talked dirty to me like he did making me want it more.

I let go of his cock and balls so I could grab his ass and shove more of it down my hungry mouth! He loved it like that and soon put his hand on the back of my head to help me take more of it! After about ten or so thrusts of him fucking my mouth and throat his cock started to swell up "OH YES I"M GONNA CUM" the first few thick wads shot out filling my mouth full of his cum,pulling his cock out he sprayed a few more streams on my face.

I licked his still hard cock clean for him before he told me to turn around lay face down on the floor.I quickly did it and reached back spreading my ass apart wide for him "FUCK ME" I said like the slut I am for BBC. I heard him flick the cap up on the tube of lube "Are you ready for my cock" he asked lubing only his cock before I felt it pushing on my man-pussy.

"OH FUCK YES FUCK ME" I said as he pushed his cock in me with steady forceful thrust sliding deep inside of me giving me almost 3/4 of his thick cock. Yelling out from the pain I felt he pulled it back a lil then thrusted right back in telling me how good n tight it felt around his cock!

He kept working it in n out of his lil white ass he told me as the pain became more of a pleasure as I relaxed some. When he passed the second "lil tight muscle" he buried all of his cock inside of me balls deep!

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"oh my god yes yes yes" was what I said when this intense hot flood of pure pleasure came over me making my body tremble under the weight of his body lying on top of me while he held it deep inside me for a lil while. Whispering in my ear he told me that he was going to fuck me better n harder than I ever was before by any niggggas cock!

Biting down on the back of my neck he started to pound n slam my ass like a wild man with his big thick black hard cock!

Screaming out in pleasure as he fucked me like that I was in BBC heaven and he knew it was for damn sure I was his BITCH now! I even tilted up my ass some making it spread out a lil wider I thought at least.

He fucked me like that for ever it seemed like to me as I was lost to the world loving and taking seductive teen blonde hottie hitchhikes and gets pounded pornstars hardcore cock inside of me. After 10 minutes of getting brutalized by his BBC he exploded every drop of his hot cum deep in my quivering well fucked asshole still gripping tightly on his beautiful black cock!