Sunny leone xxx hind story

Sunny leone xxx hind story
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Alan awoke, startled at first as he didn't recognize exactly where he was. Then he felt a soft body next to his looking down he saw that Hopix had at some time climbed into the bed with him for warmth. God Alan thought she feels so good so soft so.! Alan had looked under the covers immediately growing hard as he found that Hopix was stark naked! Holy shit he thought as he could only stare at her naked form my god! She's perfect!

Slowly Alan reached under the covers and began to gently massage the outer section of Hopix's breast that was crushed up against him. God! Alan thought she had felt soft before but this! I am going to go insane if this keeps up Alan thought I need to finish with this so Hopix and I can be alone for a while.

Merlin was doing his best not to make a sound, he remembered the first time he'd seen and been with his Glimmer.

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The things he thought he knew about love were completely blown away by the woman. Then Merlin felt the deep emptiness that was in his heart, though he could feel her he was still longing to hold her again.

Merlin could feel that his power had grown again but I really shouldn't try something like that again unless I have no choice he thought. Reaching out Merlin could suddenly feel a myriad of different life forms on the planet, what the hell? This was something entirely new to him and though it was a good thing it could drive one mad if he didn't get a handle darcy and ashlynn share a big boner it.

Merlin hadn't measured his power in a while, the last he knew it was at the fringe of the high power. Feeling again Merlin saw that yes, he was into the high range but still at the far low end of it.

Alan was enjoying the soft sighs and pressing of Hopix's body to him when he too noticed that Merlin was reaching out. "Merlin," Alan whispered to the man. "You have to learn to tune it out, or it will always be on but you can turn it down 'til you hardly notice it at all." Merlin looked at Alan then nodded trying Alan's suggestion, to his surprised it worked!

Well for a few minutes, and then he had to reapply the tune down. Thankfully it was lasting longer each time. "Alan love that feels so good, please don't stop!" Hopix suddenly whispered to Alan. "Hello beautiful, though I see you are in your full glory already. Why may I ask are you undressed?" Alan said with a smile to Hopix. "Well you started to shiver last night so I thought to give you warmth. Besides I was getting cold myself.

I hope you don't mind but I couldn't have you getting sick." Hopix told Alan calmly and matter of factly. "Ok I agree with that but why my dear are you undressed?

Alan asked her again. "Well," Hopix started, "we are to be wed and you have seen daughter in panties teasing father undressed before, so I thought it would be ok with you to add more warmth without my clothes." Alan sighed and tried to make himself more comfortable, damn he thought I thought Glimmer had talked to her.

Alan looked at the beautiful woman lying pressed against him, leaned down, and whispered into her ear. Hopix lay still as Alan whispered in her ear, and then she reached down Alan's body and felt his hardness.

Suddenly red faced she kissed Alan and was clothed, leaning back she told him, "I had forgotten my soon to be husband." Pausing a moment she looked under the cover then smiled at him. "I won't again; never will I forget the gifts you have given me." Leaning closer she whispered, "Plus those that you will give me. I will do her boyfriends large dick gives her total joy I can to be your partner my love," kissing him she leaned closer emphasizing, "ALL I can." Alan could only stare at Hopix as she got up on shaky legs then walked to the common room.

Merlin had a huge smile on his face, ah the young in love! Alan wasn't sure exactly what the hell had just happened but he loved it! His whole body was tingling as was his very hard male anatomy! Sighing Alan really didn't want to get up but knew that there were 17 bad mages out there that wanted his soul. The really bad thing though was these weren't going to just roll over and die that easily as the others had. Shit Alan thought I really got my work cut out for me. Alan got up finally as did Merlin, "I see that you have finally moved into the third stage of power.

Be careful Merlin, when I moved into it, the creeps seemed to come out of the wood work!" "I am well aware Alan, I may not have been able to move, but I was watching.

You have achieved quite a lot in a fairly short time. The simple fact that you freed both of the, what is it you call them? Ah! Yes! The Fairixies, the fact that you have freed both of their worlds is nothing short of a miracle.

I never did get a chance to thank you for freeing my Glimmer and her people." Here Merlin bowed to Alan who was really uncomfortable. "Look, I am not a god ok?

I am a man like you well kind of like you.

I only do these things because they are right that's all, ok?" Alan told an even wider smiling Merlin. "Yes son I know. Remember this though; you have freed worlds that have been slaves for centuries in less than six months. You are the first that has had enough power to milf blackmailed pay son debt that.

No! You are more special than you think, but I am glad that you are doing all this for the reasons you are. Now then we need to discuss what you are going to do next, I know I am not a lot of help but I will be there if you need me. Believe me Alan I owe you far more than you think and I hope that one day you can truly appreciate just what you have done for me." Alan was taken aback he wasn't used to really any praise at all but the amount of praise the old man was giving him was making him really, really uncomfortable!

"I have to defeat at least one more then I feel that the light council will be able to appear here." Alan told Merlin. Merlin was nodding he felt that also, and then realized with a shock that it had just come to him that he had the knowledge.

"Yes I have felt that also but these last few aren't going to be that easy." "I know that's why I thought." with that Alan launched into his newly formed plan. Merlin's eyes opened wide it was a bold plan, dangerous and a little risky but it could work they just needed a little luck.

Later on that day Alan was standing outside what appeared to be a burned tree but he wasn't sure. Shrugging Alan paused a moment and released a blast at about half his power. There he thought that ought to wake up the stupid ass! Sure enough a few moments later several bolts of electricity shot out of the sky at Alan.

Smiling Alan watched as they harmlessly bounced off his shields. A voice behind Alan made him sigh, the same old thing damn! These guys for as powerful and old as they are didn't seem to have any idea of the pain Alan was going to stellar petite teenie gets her soft quim and small butt hole poked upon them.

Sighing Alan waited as the being he guessed was part snail with huge human eyes appeared. Then of course it started to boast, yawning Alan just stood there and tuned out. A few moments later the creature stopped with a growl. "So you think to disrespect me this way?

I am far more powerful than you think I will." Alan finally tired of it waved his hand and the creature was silent. "Finally, so here's how it's going to go, first I'm going to freeze you," with that Alan waved another hand and the creature stopped moving. "Then I'm just going to kill you.

Good bye!" Alan let loose a titanic burst of energy that enveloped the creature and just as suddenly it was gone. Alan waved his hand and looked at a small sphere that formed in front of him. "I am tired of you cowards hiding but if you want to die that way so be it." Pointing at the sphere a misshapen deer like animal appeared in front of him.

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"Now then that's better!" Alan made a slashing motion and the creature was dead that quick. Well that's two Alan thought but I won't be able to get the rest as easily. Alan suddenly heard a clapping behind him, "God I'm glad you are as smart as you are!

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If you went about it any other way I might have killed you out of boredom. Now I see you truly will be a challenge after all!" Alan felt the huge fireball as it approached him.

He was ready this time though and easily bounced it back at the man. Though expecting something of this nature the man was surprised that Alan had done it as easily as he had.

Hmmm the man thought so maybe he was pretending the other day. Yes, I'll have to watch him closely. Then the man saluted Alan and was gone. Damn it! Alan thought he had hoped that the bastard would have been hurt. Turning back to the sphere Alan pointed at it again as another winged snake like creature appeared, though startled it attacked almost immediately.

Alan smiled so they were smarter after all, as long as nothing but sex for a busty doxy naturaltits and hardcore had control of the sphere he could draw almost all of them here but the sphere was limited.

Making several slashing motions this one fell as had the others. Alan had to hurry he could feel the sphere growing weak, pointing three times Alan knew that this was risky but he had to do it.

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Suddenly there was a loud screaming as the first appeared. The second hissed a warning, and the third just started to fire at Alan. Smiling Alan hoped they were using their full power as he started to bounce their attacks back at one other than who fired it.

The screams he heard let him know it was working as already one was down. Alan attacked the weakest of the two hoping this worked he surrounded the creature with a cloud. Within a minute the cloud lifted and the creature was dead.

"So wanna give up before I kill you?" Alan shouted at the last one. "Kiss my wart covered ass you repulsive human! After I kill you I think I'll keep your head as a trophy." The huge toad like creature said as it started to laugh and spit venom at Alan. Well Alan thought that's original! Let's see how he likes the taste. Alan made a covering motion with his hand as the toad creature kept trying to spit at him. Too late it realized its mistake as its stomach grew larger then exploded!

Alan had already moved a distance away. Looking at the sphere Alan thought he might get one more when it winked out. Sighing Alan thought well that's six less, but how hard the last eleven will be? The champion had been watching from a distance, the porta sphere had been brilliant! A direct path to those viewing it, unable to look away or disconnect truly a stroke of genius! The champion was starting to get more excited this was going to be a battle that he would savior the rest of his life!

Alan was pissed he'd hated to use that, having just learned it not long ago. There was another trick he could use but he felt he needed another day at least before he could even think of using it. Hmmm Alan thought maybe Merlin had a few tricks he hadn't thought of after all Merlin had been doing this with less power for a lot longer and had survived. Alan was about to go when he felt that the sphere was still there just weak, he had to try one more time. Concentrating Alan pointed four times; this could kill me he thought.

Old and young anal with hairy granny youngandold older women few moments later four extremely pissed off shapes; a snake, an ogre, a beetle, and a bent and broken looking man appeared in front of him.

I have to move quickly Alan thought as he made a slashing motion a few times. Two of those in front of him stopped and keeled over. "Weak fools! You may have gotten us here but you will never end u." The one that had been speaking suddenly couldn't say anything as blood gushed from its mouth. With a startled look it gagged and fell over. The misshapen and broken looking human smiled at Alan.

"Very good, or lucky," it said as the face twisted into a horrid mask of hatred. Alan nodded this one wasn't going to be fooled like the others.

His defenses were high and in place. They were wrapped tight like a bl., Alan suddenly smiled he had him beat. The warped man moved in trying to gain an advantage when he sara jay is a big titty hooker he couldn't move!

What the hell was going on? That's when he saw that Alan was bending the creatures wrapped shields onto him. Shit! He was going to die from his own protection. Releasing his shields Alan was ready as he fried the last dark mage with a barrage of electrical attacks. Laughing as he was dying the last dark mage told Alan, "Enjoy this victory; you won't beat my brother you dog of the council!" Alan reached out to make sure that the sphere was indeed gone.

That was nine of the last seventeen, it had taxed him to a point that he tried not to reach. Shit Alan thought I need to get back, thinking of the sanctuary he'd brunette with sex toy fucks female agent femaleagent and lesbians maybe a thousand yards.

Oh crap Alan thought as he felt his reserves start to dwindle. Merlin and Hopix appeared a moment later, grabbed him and were back at the sanctuary in less than a minute.

Merlin's eyes opened wide damn! That was the longest and furthest he'd ever moved not bad, aw shit! Merlin slightly stumbled as they took Alan into the sanctuary. "Thank you Merlin," Alan slurred out then collapsed on his bed.

Merlin nodded then almost fell his self his power was growing but so was the demand on his body. Damn it! They still had eight out there and they were going to be the toughest of them all.

I sure hope Alan is up for them his power was in the ultra level but it hadn't moved much at all. Hell from what he felt Alan was still only half way through the ultra level. Hopix walked to Merlin and hugged him. "Thank you, thank you for helping me save him. I was afraid that he'd gotten himself killed going alone." Hopix turned back to Merlin then smiled as he too was now passed out though, he hadn't quite made it to his cot.

Shaking her head she didn't know what she was going to do with either of them, the most important men in her life besides her brother. Sighing she decided that it must be a trait of all men from earth, to put their life in jeopardy worrying the women that loved them.

Alan was floating in a gray area, this was much like the dream world I was in before he thought. Reaching out Alan started to smile ah! He could see it wasn't from him, this was from somewhere else.

A few moments later the figure of Hopix appeared before him. "Hello Alan," she told him, "I have missed you, come back to me so we can be together." Reaching out the vision tried to wrap its arms around Alan but he pushed her away.

"What is wrong my Alan? I have wanted you for so long I know that you will fulfill me more than any other. Come to me now my love!" Alan was shaking his head it was a good ruse, if they had a lot better information than they did.

"Very convincing are you really a man or are you one of the rare ones that once was a female?" The vision of Hopix's eyes went wide but whoever it was kept in character well. "My love why do you say these hateful things to me? I love you! I want." The visage of Hopix was saying. "Look drop it ok? I already know you aren't her, so drop it! Maybe I should just blow you away!" Alan said kinky brunette kitty jane gets hardcore vag plowing he watched his hands start to glow then just as suddenly go dark.

The Hopix vision started to laugh then the voice started to change, getting higher and a hell of a lot more irritating. As he watched the vision of Hopix started to bend and twist 'til it was misshapen. Alan brunette cutie loves being pounded captain willy swear the meat was falling off the bones, the hair what little was left was stringy, greasy with a horrid odor that was filling the air.

Sighing Alan had expected no less. Wait a minute! He could smell the odor of her hair. Smiling he knew where they were now. "As you can see you have no power here but I am all powerful. Bah I don't know why I'm telling you!" Finally Alan thought one who used their head!

Alan watched as the twisted female shape rushed toward him, drawing a hand up from his side he heard her gasp! "You really thought I wouldn't figure it out? Please! I might be new to this but I'm not stupid!" Alan stood stock still he only had two chances at this as they were still locked into her alternate reality. The woman was starting to back away as Alan's hands were starting to get brighter.

"No! You are locked in this realm with me MY realm, there is no way you could access your power unless." The woman stopped short realizing that Alan was using life energy, though a moment too late as Alan blew half her body away. On the other side of the planet the woman's real body began to jerk and convulse.

two others watched as her eyes and ears started to bleed and she began to vomit up blood. Back in the alternate reality Alan could see that she was finished he'd felt almost half his power flow back in.

Quickly Alan drew in all he could, "I should kill you just on the principle of you trying to disgrace Hopix, but ah hell, just DIE!" Alan released another blast nearly as big as the last, this time he took what was left of the top of her body. In the woman's home the other two were shaking their head it had been foolish to think the white mage would have been fooled.

Then the now dead woman's body sat up and looked directly at them. "When I started today there were seventeen, then eleven, that was whittled to eight. I don't know whose idea this was I don't care who's idea this was. Suffice it to say that before I was doing this because it was right. Try something like that again, and I will make your deaths truly painful." With that the body dropped broken and empty both of the dark mages looked at each other then vanished.

Merlin awoke not too long after he'd fainted still weak he tried to bring something to drink to himself when he noticed Alan glowing. What in the hell was going on?

He hadn't seen anything like this since back when Morgan le Fay was learning every scrap of magic worthwhile blow from attractive cutie hardcore and blowjob she could. As he'd told Alan he'd never been very powerful but had developed tricks that truly deceived all who saw them.

Hell they even fooled Morgan le Fay 'til the day she tried to kill him. Merlin stretched out his feelings and hit a wall, a damn hard thick wall! What the hell was going on? Pushing harder Merlin could finally hear Alan but still couldn't see anything. Trying one more time Merlin was finally through in a sense, though they couldn't hear him.

Merlin watched with pride as Alan took the other out almost with ease. Retreating Merlin was afraid he'd be trapped there if he didn't. Alan awoke with a start that was an experience, looking at Merlin; Alan could see he was still fast asleep. Back in the home of the female mage the champion just shook his head. What a fool he thought, the white mage was new true but he wasn't as unknowledgeable as most of them thought.