Lp officer plow jessica jones pussy doggystyle

Lp officer plow jessica jones pussy doggystyle
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Previously This story was set in 1996 when I was just 19 years old. It is about an incredible (fictional) sexual encounter I had with an 18 year old girl at the time. It is a continuation of the story 'My friend's 43y/o kinky mother part 2.' It is not necessary to read part 1 at all.

You may want to read part 2 to get a little background on the characters. But, I don't think that would be necessary as this story stands alone. My 2 previous stories you will find in the 'mature' category.

However this story does not feature mature sex so will not be in that category. I think this will appeal to female readers much more than my previous stories Enjoy.in the story my friend Mike invited an old flame from high school for a night on the town.

The old flame agreed, but, said she wanted her best friend to come along too. They were from the middle class, myself and my friend were from the working class. His old flame's friend was feisty and hot-headed, she didn't seem to like being around working class people. But she is the best friend of my friend's ex. That night I would sleep over at my friend's house.

So too would the girls. The story continues. After the conversation I had with Mike's Mum on the phone, which brought her to an incredible orgasm, I was left feeling so aroused, I couldn't think straight. I discreetly adjusted the erection in my pants and made my way back to the bar counter. I handed over the telephone to the bar maid, Who was told by Liz in a call to the bar, that it was my Mother who needed to speak with me 'urgently.' "Is everything ok?" She asked.

"Yeh. It was Just a domestic incident, between my Mum and my step Dad. Mums fine now," I said. "Thanks for taking the call for me." I strolled back to the table where Mike, Rachel and Charlotte were all looking at me curiously. They were waiting for me to divulge the drama about my Mum's distressful situation. "So? What's gone on mate?" Mike asked.

"My Mum and step Dad had another one of their fights. Mum got all wound up and asked me to go home, I talked to her for a little bit, and she chilled. She's fine now," I said nervously, as if being wired to a polygraph machine, straight to Mike's head. As I sat down Mike began having a rant about what an asshole my step-Father was.

That he doesn't deserve somebody like my Mother, etc. We had conversations about this in the past. But this time I could barely look Mike in the eye. I was afraid that if he looked me in the eyes, he would somehow see through my lies, and to the truth of the matter.

That, I had just dirty talked his sexy E-cup Mother to an orgasm. I changed the subject. "Let's not get hung up on that anyway. We're out to have fun. Let's hit the dance floor," I reasoned. "Agreed," snapped Rachel.

"Come on Mike. Let's see those sexy moves of yours. I could do with having a laugh," chuckled Rachel. We walked up to the disco area of the bar which was upstairs and hit the dance floor. The DJ was blasting out techno music at an almost unbearable volume. The dance floor was rather dark, most of the light being supplied came from the shapes and colours bouncing off the retro mirror ball. Rachel began dancing in front of Mike, grinding her ass against his crotch. Mike obligingly danced likewise, grinding his crotch against her ass.

The loved up couple kind of made me and Charlotte feel somewhat awkwardly uncomfortable as we were each dancing solo. That snobby bitch Charlotte had hurt my feelings with what she said earlier, before that call to Mike's Mum. My mind was playing over what she said to me when I was simply trying to initiate conversation with her: "Look. I don't mean to be rude. But let's get one thing straight.

You are NOT having sex with me. Ever! If you so much as even touch me I'll slap you," she asserted. "I'm not one of those cheap bimbo's you pick up. I have standards, and those standards are way above you. Understood?" Suddenly Charlotte moved close to me. She put her mouth to my ear to talk above the volume of the techno beats.

She must have had an attack of conscience, because she said: "I want to apologize about earlier. I'm sorry I spoke to you the way I did, I was out of order. You didn't deserve to be spoken to like that." "It's ok, don't worry about it, I don't blame you for saying what you said," came my reply into her ear, as I smiled back at Charlotte, before resuming my dance.

We danced closer together and the atmosphere between us became more relaxed. She put her mouth to my ear again: "I know I come across as a snobby bitch sometimes, but I'm quite nice when you get to know me." And from that moment, Charlotte and I riley reid in throat treatment full on zzerzcom on well together. Later, back at the table, Mike and Rachel were in their own world. Me and Charlotte just had general pleasant chit-chat.

We were both rather tipsy and comfortable in each other's company. There was no sexual chemistry between Charlotte and I. She made it clear, as did Mike, that I had no chance of any sexual encounter with her. She was an foreskin alexander and tristan getting ass fucked stunning red head who was well out of my league.

I was also a red head and pale skinned. Not exactly the highly attractive and well groomed type that meets Charlotte's standards. Besides, I was too smitten with Mike's 43 year old lustful Mum to really care about trying to fuck Charlotte. It was because of the lack of sexual chemistry that conversation flowed so well between us. Not long before the end of our night out, Mike brought up the subject of sex. Rachel described how she loves to give blow jobs.

She was graphic when detailing her technique. Charlotte, despite being as drunk as the rest of us, looked like a rabbit in the headlights. It was easy to see she was not comfortable with the conversation. "Is it true, you've never sucked a cock before, or done anything with a guy other than just straight sex?

Rumour has it that you're really frigid," laughed Mike to Charlotte. "Oi! Don't be so cruel," said Rachel, giving Mike a light hearted gentle elbow to his ribs. Charlotte quipped defensively: "I have class, I don't spread my legs for just anybody, you know.

When someone comes along that I feel I want to give my body to, I will. It's my choice. Just because I don't behave like a slut, doesn't mean I'm frigid," she asserted. I could see that Charlotte was not the type to speak openly about sex and resented being called frigid. What Mike said had upset her, I could see her eyes watered slightly. After that conversation we all jumped into a taxi and download cartoon porn xxx ninja hattori to Mike's house.

My anticipation for tonight was growing considerably. I was starting to shake with sexual excitement at the thought of being with Liz again tonight.

We entered the house through the side door of the kitchen. And there was Liz washing some dishes in the sink. "Hey mum, we're back," said Mike as he walked over to give her a peck on the cheek. "Hi guys. Did you have fun out?" said Liz, as she turned around to face us all.

She didn't look directly at me however. Me, Mike, and the girls all went into the lounge with a cup of coffee each that was made by Liz. Mike and Rachel began kissing and cuddling and Charlotte went to her bag in the spare room to change into her pajamas.

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I ceased the opportunity and told the love birds I was just popping into the kitchen to put a little more sugar in my coffee. But really I wanted to speak with Liz. I approached Liz from behind as she was drying the dishes with a tea towel. I put my arm around her waist and said, "hey Liz." She gently brushed my arm away and said, "Not now Arthur." She didn't even turn to look at me, and continued drying the dishes like I wasn't there.

She was like a different person again. It seemed she'd had a change of heart. "What's up Liz?" I asked. Liz turned sex new xxxsex stories story 2019 me with a melancholic gaze. "I'm sorry Arthur. I've done a lot of thinking over the last couple of hours. I don't think we should have another night like last night again.

It's not right, you're my son's best friend and I'm old enough to be your mother. I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you Arthur. Please believe me when I say I meant every word that I said to you last night. My feelings for you won't go away, and you will always be the subject of my sexual fantasies.

But we can't have any kind of sexual relationship. It'll only end in tears." I was so full of hurt from her words. Liz was a different person than the lust fuelled fuck machine she was last night.

This was the normal everyday sensible Liz and what she said was correct, we can't continue having encounters like last night.

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My heart sank into my stomach. I couldn't stay around her.

"Ok Mrs C. I won't bother you again," I sighed, before walking back to the lounge. As I was leaving the kitchen I heard Liz let out a couple of heavy sniffs, the sniffing made it apparent that Liz was crying. I couldn't look back, I just returned to the lounge.

Back in the lounge Mike and Rachel were locked in embrace, I just sat watching the TV, but not able to concentrate. A few minutes later Liz shouted "Goodnight everybody. You're all welcome to stay. Please don't leave a mess." "Goodnight Mrs C," shouted Rachel. "Ok, Me and Rachel are gonna hit the sack now Arthur, I don't teen slut knows how to please a dick in doggystyle Charlotte is coming back down, you're on your own now mate," Said Mike.

Of course, I knew he and Rachel had only one thing on their minds. "Yeh that's cool with me, I'm gonna crash on the sofa, I need an early night". The fact is I just didn't have the motivation to stay up chatting, My mind was in turmoil over Mike's Mum. Over 30 minutes had passed and I was lying wide awake on the sofa, not able to shake Liz from my mind. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs, somebody was coming down.

I hoped to God that it was Liz and everything was going to be ok. It wasn't Liz. It was Charlotte. She had her night clothes on. A pair of pink pajama cotton trousers and matching buttoned up pajama top. "Hey, Arthur. You can't be comfortable down here on this sofa.

Why don't you come up to the spare room. You stay there almost every weekend, it doesn't seem right that I should push you out. I know you're a nice guy and you're not going try any funny business with me. As long as you wear something and stick to your side of the bed, then I'm happy to share." Said Charlotte. Then I had a flashback to the conversation I had with German camgirl pina gets fucked and facialed earlier: "Tonight, if you don't manage to lay Charlotte, which let's face it Arthur, You're highly unlikely to.

Then you will crash here on the sofa, she can have the spare room. That is of course unless the frigid stunner decides she wants you up there, haha." "Are you sure you don't mind?" I said. "Of course not, come on Arthur," she assured. I followed Charlotte up the stairs, she was walking ahead of me and my eyes were firmly focused on her cute ass as it swayed so femininely just inches from my face. Most men would go to extraordinary lengths to be sharing a bed with this 18 year old stunner.

But my mind was obviously on other things. I took off my trousers and shirt and climbed into bed wearing just boxer shorts and a tee-shirt.

Charlotte climbed in the other side where there was a bed side table with a lamp that was on it. At first we were facing each other. "Thanks Charlotte. You know, I couldn't stand you and you're snobbery before. But tonight I've seen another side to you.

You're actually a nice girl at heart," I told Charlotte sincerely. "Aw, that's sweet of you Arthur, Thank you," she replied. I could see water building in her eyes. Charlotte was beautiful. Envied by women, lusted after by men, intelligent, and from a financially well off family. But despite all this, it was clear that she lacked self esteem. She was not used to people telling her what a nice person she was.

What I said had genuinely touched her, made her feel good about herself. Although close to tears, she smiled at me. "Shall we get some sleep," I said, as I rolled over to face the edge of the bed. "Sure hun, goodnight," she said, before turning off the bedside lamp. No sooner did Charlotte turn off the lamp, Than a banging sound started from the room across the hall.

Unlike this bed, that myself and Liz had fucked in just last night, the bed in the Mike's room across the hall had a big headboard. The banging was the sound of the headboard slamming into the wall. Mike and Rachel were obviously having sex. "Someone's having fun," giggled Charlotte. "Good God, that's noisy. Whatever would Mike's mum be thinking, I guess she'd be understanding, she probably has her own needs just like the rest of us." "Yeh, do you think so?" I said in a sarcastic tone.

The headboard slamming stopped after about 10 minutes, much to my relief. I just lay there, still unable to sleep after several minutes of silence, my mind was all over the place.

"Arthur," whispered Charlotte. "Yes," I answered. "Are you still awake?" "No, I'm fast asleep," I sarcastically quipped. "Can I ask you, why do you sleep around so much? You go out every weekend, and often you get laid with a night club bimbo.

But where's the romance in your life? When did you last have a girlfriend?" She asked curiously. "It's just fun, I enjoy sex a lot. I haven't had romance in my life since I left high school? To be honest Charlotte I lack confidence when it comes to forming a relationship." (I didn't tell her of last night's romance with Mike's mum of course but then, last night could have been pure lust what I was feeling with Charlotte was different) "Awww.

Well, I felt some romance tonight between us," she said, shocking me. "What. Seriously? But we only had general chit-chat," "But it was nice chat, and I felt like you really wanted to get to know me not having sexual or romantic intentions caused conversation to flow more smoothly and freely between us." She paused, then said.

"I like you Arthur." "I like you too Charlotte" Suddenly I felt something. It was like a jolt of electricity that made my body jerk. It was in fact the feel of warm soft fingers inside the front of my boxer shorts.

The fingers began gently wanking my shaft. Pulling my foreskin slowly back and forth. My mind delved even further into turmoil. Here I was so hung up on Liz and with this picture perfect beauty making sexual advances on me. I turned around to face Charlotte. In turn she turned on the bedside lamp. She lay back facing me, closed her eyes and gently brought her lips to mine and caressed them, before slowly pulling away with my bottom lip between her lips. "Hey, Charlotte. Are you sure this is what you want?" I whispered.

"Arthur. I have really enjoyed your company tonight. I want to prove I'm not frigid. My desire for love making is as strong as any other girl's." "You shouldn't make sexual advances on me simply to prove you are not frigid.

You don't need to prove anything," I said. "I've got to know you a bit better tonight, and you're a nice girl. You deserve someone better than me. I can never match your high standards." "Aw. You're so sweet Arthur," she said. "I've known you and Mike since the beginning of high school. I've always thought you were a nice lad. But tonight you've kind of grown on me." "What? You mean you find me attractive now?" I asked tentatively. "It's funny. Before tonight I hated you're fucking guts," I said laughing.

"Don't be so mean," Said Charlotte with a childish, teasing frown and an extended bottom lip. She said. "Not so much a physical.well yes, something of a physical attraction I guess." "Well I know I'm no Brad Pitt Charlotte. Just be honest, I'm an ugly cunt aren't I?" I said laughing. "No, don't say that Arthur. There's nothing wrong with the way you look. Besides, there's more to a man than just his looks.

The really fit ones are all form and no substance in my opinion," said Charlotte. "Men are usually only interested in one thing when they talk to me. But tonight you were interested in me, not my body. And when you compliment me, it makes me feel special. I'm usually told how sexy I am blah blah, I'm sick of hearing it. But you said I'm a nice person. I like that, it makes me feel wanted." Charlotte paused for a moment then said: "Sorry, I'm droning on, I'm still a little tipsy." "Another reason we shouldn't do anything sexual tonight Charlotte.

You've had a bit to drink. And it wouldn't be right if I took advantage of you, if alcohol is clouding your judgement," I warned. Again Charlotte went, "Aw. You're so sweet. But really, I know exactly what I am doing. I'm in complete control of my actions." Again she moved her lips to mine and we kissed, her lips caressed mine in gentle slow movements. There was no tonguing or excess saliva, I didn't want to risk being kinky at all, lest I would put her off.

She put her hand over the side of my face as we kissed. I did likewise and ran my fingers through her hair. I broke off the kiss to speak: "Charlotte can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure.

What is it? Charlotte replied. "I know you resent being called frigid. And I can see you lack a little self esteem. I just wonder is there a relation between the two? Do you lack confidence in performing sexually. Are you afraid of horny bride shares her husband with her mom being able to do it well enough," I asked Charlotte.

Charlotte paused for a moment, then nodded her head. "I think you're right Arthur. I'm afraid because I lack the confidence, and I'm afraid what people will think of me. I don't want to be known as frigid, I resent it. But I'm afraid of being thought of as a slut also. And, what if people laugh at me or spread rumours that I can't perform. There is also more to it though, I just don't exactly know what I'm afraid of," she said openly.

"Other than one to one straight sex I haven't performed anything else sexually. If I grew in confidence, I know I can be a little sex kitten," she giggled. "Was that the first ever time you had stroked a man's cock, when you felt me just now?" I asked.

Charlotte nodded her head. She then put her hand in my boxer shorts and began caressing my balls. It felt wonderful. This was so sensual and gentle.

Not like the animalistic session I had with Liz the night before. The more time I spent with Charlotte in this bed, the more I realised my feelings for Liz were more lust than genuine chemistry.

But with Charlotte, even though I was nowhere as sexually driven as I was with Liz, I felt we had chemistry and a genuine affection for each other had grown on us that night. I had previously misjudged Charlotte as a middle class snob, who couldn't stand to be seen with us working class people.

But she wasn't like that, she had a sensitive and caring side to her. During our chit-chat in the bar earlier that night when there was no apparent sexual chemistry between us, we had learned a lot about each other, and surprisingly had things in common. The lack of sexual interest between us, got us opening ourselves up in areas that are not usually explored by people who are romantically linked.

I said to Charlotte. "your hand feels wonderful around my cock, but how would you feel exchanging it for your mouth." Charlotte paused, smiled shyly and said. "I'd like to try it." "Good," I said. I pulled the duvet back and stepped out of bed.

I put a pillow on the floor. Then I said, "Come here Charlotte and kneel on this pillow, make sure you are comfortable." Charlotte put her hair in a ponytail then did just that. "Ok, are you comfortable there Charlotte," I asked. "Yes, I'm ready," she said. I saw Charlotte shiver as if cold. But I think threeway fucked pornstars suck a fat cock european facial shiver was from the spine tingles you get from sexual excitement.

She looked up at me. It was strange from this angle I noticed she wasn't so picture perfect after all. Without her make-up, freckles were visible over her nose, her bottom teeth were slightly crooked. But still, she looked beautiful. "OK Charlotte, I want you to maintain eye contact with me as you pull down my boxer shorts" Charlotte, looking up at me grabbed the sides of my boxers and in one swift motion yanked them down.

"Easy there" I said. "Now I want you to gently grab a hold of my penis with your fingers and peel back my foreskin.

" She peeled my foreskin back while maintaining her eye contact. "Ok charlotte, please gently put the helmet of my cock on your tongue and then seal your mouth over it." Looking up at me she gently put the tip of my cock in her mouth.

"Oh, that's great. Keep your mouth still for me, start sucking it as if through a straw. But gently please Charlotte." Maintaining her eye contact with me, Charlotte started latina sex tapes danni cole khloe mansion passion mofos the end of my cock.

It began growing rapidly in her mouth. "Ah, look what's happening Charlotte. Magic!" I said. Charlotte giggled, opening dad helps daughter with her first tampon mouth uncontrollably.

Saliva leaked from the side of her mouth and dripped on to her pajamas. Although that night I had seen the sensitive and caring side to Charlotte, her external persona was usually feisty and hot headed. But here she was in her desire to please.

But this was not, 'master and servant'. It was not me getting off on having power over her. No. This was the manifestation of an unconscious mutual understanding between us. Here was I, a sexually experienced 19 year old, teaching love making techniques to an eager to learn and feel confident 18 year old. It was an amazing experience for both of us.

"Now, Charlotte. I want you to slowly move your lips down along the length of my cock, as far as is comfortable. Then reverse back to the tip and repeat the process back and forth. Remember nice and slowly. No hands please" Charlotte moved her lips down my length as requested. She let the cock go as far as her tonsils, when suddenly she gagged, released my cock and coughed saliva. "Easy there," I said. "You ok?" Charlotte: "Yes, honey I'm fine.

whoo" Me: "You're doing a wonderful job, better than most experienced girls I russian amateur teen will a long penis met" Charlotte smiled with delight, and continued to slowly suck my cock. This time, with seemingly heavier concentration. Her head was now facing forward and her eyes were closed. Without me prompting her, her pace gathered speed and her suction gathered strength.

This continued for a couple of minutes. I was almost ready to burst. "You're great at doing this. I can't believe it's your first time," I told her. " Now Charlotte, I'm done with guiding your actions for now.

Please, suck my cock any way that pleases you, if you want to use your hands that is fine. I want you to enjoy the experience. Use whatever technique you wish.

When I am ready to cum I will let you know so you can prepare yourself. After I have cum, it will be my turn to work on you. Love making is a two way process after all. I want to please you as much as you are pleasing me. What do you say? Would you like me to return the favour to your pussy after this?" Charlotte smiled, nodded her head rapidly and said. "Absolutely, I can't wait, my pussy is already soaking wet. Having your cock in my mouth has got my so hot and horny, I love it.

Look how wet I am," said Charlotte, as she reached her hand down her pajama bottoms and panties and rubbed. She then released the hand from her pussy and held it up. "Look," she said. Her fingers were completely glazed in pussy juice. It looked like she had dipped her hand in golden syrup.

"I like that" I said. "Play with yourself as you suck my cock, I want you to experience as much pleasure as I am having." Charlotte didn't need telling twice. She spat on my cock then began sucking on it and rubbing her pussy. She was using her hand to wank my cock as she held her lips motionless over it. She did all-sorts of things on my cock. Clearly she had seen this kind of stuff before. Probably from pornographic material.

She held my cock against my belly and licked the entire shaft from base to tip while looking up at me. She then put one of my balls in her mouth and sucked, swirling her tongue around it, whilst wanking my cock and maintaining eye contact. "Charlotte I'm yhivis dad feeds nami dahlia his thick cock cum baby," I panted. I took hold of my cock and started wanking it vigorously, with the end aimed toward her face.

"Give me your hand" I said. I had one hand holding Charlottes hand palm-up, and the other hand pumping my cock. Charlotte had two fingers of her free hand in her pussy hammering away.

Her pussy made an audible squishing sound as her fingers frantically worked her tunnel. "Are your fingers actually in your pussy? So you do masturbate then?" I asked. "Uh huh," came Charlottes reply.

"I'm gonna cum in your hand now Charlotte," I panted. "You can either taste it or wash it off. Look at me with your tongue out. That's it, you look so hot I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum right now Charlotte." Saying that must have stirred something up in Charlotte because she went into her own incredible climax. "Oh baby. Yes. Fuck.

Fuck. Awwww I'm cumming. Huhh huhh huhhhhh." The sight of Charlottes orgasm sent a jolt through my groin. As Charlotte was decelerating from her climax I exploded several ropes of cum into her hand.

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"Oh, wow! Charlotte look at the cum, I'm shooting right into your hand. Watch. Huhh, huhh." After a moment of Charlotte and I panting. I said to Charlotte, who still had her palm up full of my semen, "Now, despite what you may see in all of those porno's or read in them husband porn 18 sara luv stories.

Not all women relish the taste of cum. In fact most women detest the taste of cum. Some women do find it a turn on, (Liz being one of them of course) not because of the taste, but because of the fact that a male organ is ejaculating into their mouth it can be very arousing to some women.

But I think most aren't really into it. If you're curious,why don't you give it a taste. Just like they do in all those porno's? See what you think. Just give it a little lick. You won't know unless you try," I said. Charlotte lifted the hand with the cum pond in it up to her nose and gave it a sniff, "eeeuww, that smells horrid," she squirmed.

"That's fine, just wash it off babe. It's not to everyone's taste," I said. Charlotte paused for a moment, then gave the cum pool a rapid flick with her tongue. Rather like a cat to a water bowl. It looked quite amusing and cute. Then the expression on her face was one of uncertainty. After another brief paused she then slurped some of it into her mouth. Suddenly her eyes squinted and her hot room mates aaliyah and tara sharing one huge dick screwed up.

"errr. Yuk," she cried. She dashed to the bathroom to wash her mouth out and clean the cum off her hand. I couldn't help but let out a giggle. Charlotte returned to the room a few minutes later. Me: "Are you ok? Charlotte: "Yeh, that stuff is wretched." Me: "Well at least now you know what it tastes like.

First time for every thing. I'll know where not to aim my ejaculation in the future," I giggled. "Come here." Charlotte joined me standing at the end of the bed. I held her face in both of my hands and kissed her briefly, then said, "Charlotte, you were absolutely wonderful, that was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had, and it was only your first time. You have nothing to worry about not satisfying a man, you are perfectly fine.

You perform incredibly. You should be really confident about your ability. Don't worry about people thinking you are a slut. It's not true. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the art of love making, foreplay, and desiring to please.

It's perfectly natural. As long as you don't sleep with multiple partners or go around talking about it all time, It's perfectly fine. To indulge in as youll find the voluptuous long haired brunette sexual activity that fulfils your lust is natural. You should never strong fuck with one massive dong away from your sexual needs." Charlotte started crying.

It was as if what I had said to her had caused a damn to burst open in her heart. A damn of pent-up emotion that blocked the flow of confidence that crippled her self-esteem, and belief in her ability to perform sexually. She was no longer the 'frigid' girl that she resented being called. She gained her confidence. I kissed her again. This time I slipped my tongue into her mouth and swirled it around.

She responded by gripping the back of my neck, pushing my face harder into hers, then her tongue entered my mouth. As we were deep French kissing I began unbuttoning her pajama top. I peeled the top off her shoulders and with one hand I unfastened her bra. Her bra fell onto the floor and Charlotte covered her breasts with her arm. "Hey, don't be shy," I said, as I pulled her arm away from her breasts.

They looked magnificent. Pert with pink nipples. "These are so fucking sexy. Do you mind if I ask what size bra you wear," I asked in awe.

"34B," was her response. We kissed again. I cupped her left breast in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, causing Charlotte to start breathing heavily.

I lightly pinched the nipple and began shaking it making her whole breast wobble like Jelly. This caused Charlotte to groan into my mouth as our tongues were dancing.

I broke the kiss and began kissing and fondling her breasts. Squeezing them and moving my mouth from nipple to nipple as I sucked and nipped at the pink buds, causing them to become amazingly erect. "Oh wow, that feels wonderful Arthur," she panted.

I dropped to my knees. I grabbed the sides of her pajama bottoms and panties and slowly slid them down her legs. I noticed at close inspection that her stomach wasn't as flat as I imagined it would be. Her belly bumped out just slightly. Funny how one notices these imperfections when something is looked at closely.

It felt good seeing her physical flaws though. She was stunning and normally someone who looked this beautiful would be considered to be well out of my league. Seeing she had freckles, slight crookedness in her bottom teeth and not a perfectly flat stomach made me appreciate her even more, she seemed more like a normal girl and not a picture perfect stunner.

I stood back up and guided her left foot onto the edge of the bed while she was still standing on her right foot, so that her wet pussy would be exposed.

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We kissed again and I inserted a finger into her moist hole. She groaned with lust. I inserted another and began pounding away at her pussy as we were in a kissing frenzy. As I picked up speed, Charlotte's light panting turned to groans.

I again gave attention to her breasts, from one to the other. "Oh, yes, yes, thats it. Just like that," she panted. I got Charlotte to turn around and open her legs staying stood up. I entered two fingers again. "Charlottte, close your legs with my hand between them and my fingers in your three hot chick get fucked by a stripper I said. Charlotte closed her legs.

I was kneeling behind her with my face an inch or two from her ass and two of my fingers in her wet pussy. "How does that feel?" I asked.

"Awww baby. Fuck. That feels a bit tight and incredible," came her euphoric reply, as she arched her back. "Is your asshole clean," I asked. "Of course I'm very clean. Why?" She asked. "Have you ever had anything up here?" I asked, fully expecting her to say no. "Only my finger," came her shocking reply. "What!? I shouted, taking a verbal double-take. "When I masturbate with my dildo, I put lube over my asshole and stick my finger in.

I love wriggling it around in there whilst I'm fucking my pussy. Hey don't you dare tell anyone about it.

Please Arthur," she said. "Of course not Charlotte. It's just between us," I promised. With my free hand I spread one of her buttocks. I saw her pink hole was nice and clean.

I quickly dove in and started licking her pink asshole whilst fingering her pussy. "Ahee, hehe, ahaha, oooh ah ha It tickles," she said. I sunk my face further and applied more pressure. This caused the tickling sensation to stop. "Oh wow, I thought rimming was kinda weird. But actually it feels quite nice," she affirmed. After a few minutes of this I got Charlotte to lay on her back on the bed. "Do you like what I'm doing Charlotte?

Tonight is all about you. I won't you to have an unforgettable sensual experience." "Arthur. I have no words to describe how you are making me feel tonight. I have never had an experience like this ever in my life. I want this night to last forever." We kissed again. I made a gun shape with my fingers and inserted them into her pussy.

With my thumb I was rubbing her clit, whilst my two fingers were rubbing the G-spot on the upper wall of her love tunnel. Meanwhile I was fondling, sucking biting her breasts, quite roughly now. But not so rough as to cause her much pain. I saw her expression. She had her eyes closed and was in ecstasy. "Cum for me Charlotte," I said. "Cum all over my fingers." Charlotte grabbed the back of my neck and locked her lips on mine.

Her pussy squeezed my fingers with vigor. She came, "huh, huh. Hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhh wow. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, then, Charlotte said." I want you to fuck me now Arthur. I want to feel your rock hard cock in my pussy." I lay on top of her with my cock in my hand.

"Guide me in" I said. She took a voluptuous beauteous girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob of my cock and put it into the entrance of her sopping wet pussy.

In one quick thrust I inserted my cock until my pubic bone hit her pussy lips. Charlotte let out a loud groan that I was sure Liz would have heard from the next room. I held my cock in that position swinging couples cum together for hot encounters didn't move as I deep kissed her. "Please fuck me," she said and began slowly thrusting her hips back and forth. I obliged and we thrust in unison. Our lips were locked as we gathered pace.

Charlotte locked her arms and legs over the back of my body and dug her fingernails in. If I wasn't in such sexual euphoria, I would have yelped in pain. After a few minutes, Charlotte said, "Let's change position. I want to ride your cock baby." I lay on my back as Charlotte mounted my cock. She began riding slowly and gently, but deeply.

I sunny leone xxx fuking waptrick story download my eyes closed as I was in sexual heaven. Charlotte said, "open your eyes and look at me Arthur." I did as commanded. Charlotte's nose was just a couple of inches from mine and she was looking into my eyes breathing heavily, her mouth was agape and she was clearly in ecstasy. In my haze I closed my eyes again. Charlotte grabbed my hair, pulling my head slightly off the pillow them slamming it down again, "I said look at me." I did just that.

She wanted us to look into each others faces as we were fucking. "Oh Arthur I have never felt like this in my life," she said. Charlotte then took my hand, sucked on my middle finger and guided it to her asshole. "Stick it in!" She demanded. I inserted my finger, and she screamed with lust. Charlotte then began riding me hard and fast. I inserted a second finger. "OHHH FUCK. YES. FINGER MY ASSHOLE BABY, AWW THATS'S INCREDIBLE.

HUH HUH HUHHHH, I'M CUMMIIIIIIING!" Charlotte reached her third orgasm. And collapsed, panting on my body. I was ready to burst myself. I turned her over, pulled out and aimed my cock at her face. "I'd close my mouth if I were you babe, you're about to get a face full of cum." I warned. I let out rope after rope of cum all over Charlottes face as she kept her mouth firmly closed. With her face full of cum, Charlotte then took the end of my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

At first she pulled a face of repulsion as she detested the taste. Then she smiled at me and continued sucking the end. The rest of the cum she cleaned off with a tissue.

We both showered together and fucked one more time whilst in the shower. When we got back to bed, we kissed and cuddled and had a nice chat.

Tonight was just the beginning. THE END.