Amateur casting girl sucking and riding cock pov then given a facial

Amateur casting girl sucking and riding cock pov then given a facial
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that one girl part 2 Images were streaming through my head as i lay there,rolling around to try to get some sleep before the next day.The first was the picture of the first girl i had ever had a crush on,her name was tara and she worked at the local hairdresser, she was around my age at the time, only 2 years older than myself Probably doing a work exeriance.She was smart,funny,pretty and there was something about the way she washed my hair before it was cut that got me blushing and that made her giggle which set me off too.We had only kissed once before out behing the shop, but then she moved away and left me heartbroken, we still talked through facebook and our relationship had changed to just being freinds.Her face was swimming in front of my eyes and then suddenly,was pushed aside by the form of Sandra forcing her way into my thoughts,regardless of how i tried to keep thoughts of her out of my head.Try as i might, thoughts that i tried to avoid crept into the forefront of my mind.

She stood there in front of me completely nude(or what I imagened to be her nude i had never seen her naked at that time)her hair held back in a bun.I reached over her shoulder and pulled out the band and watched the long silky hair cascade over her breasts and small erect nipples.She stood there ct naked milf pov handjob big dick and big cock at me with unbridled love and lust in her eyes as she turned and bent over exposing her flawless ass and pussy.When I couldn't contain myself any longer i reached forward and grabbed her soft smooth ass and slid my fingers into her sopping wet pussy.The moist feeling as her pussy clenced aroung my fingers was indescribably and her moans were so arousing that my rock hard 6.5 inch cock nearly burst out of my tight jeans.To my extreme surprise I wasn't wearing any, but then i realised i was dreaming and i made my own rules.

Grinning to myself i reached over and felt her breasts that were growing in size before my eyes. "Oh shit"i murmered"I need a bed right now"as soon as this thought came into my head a huge four poster bed with silk sheets and fur coated pillows appeared behind me.

I turned her arounds to see her beutiful face completely red and smiling at me. I lay her down on the bed hearing her giggle as the fur tickled her ass and back.

I slid into her easily and started thrusting hard and fast desperate to cum inside my dream girl(litterally).she began to moan and say my name with brunette hair slots sucking dick striptease hardcore thrust,her voice peaking in pitch everytime i thrusted.I began to grunt and i could feel my orgasm coming a leant forward and suckled on her breasts,switching between the two every few seconds,causing more moans of pleasure from the writhing girl below me.

My cock was becoming a blur as i thrust faster and faster into he convulsing pussy."Oh god Im going to come!!"i grunted as my orgasm hit and got a brief glimpse of Sandra's writhing form beneath me as a splash of damp hit the base of my cock.

I jerked upright and looked around groggily."Shit"i murmered as i felt the damp around my cock i realised that id just had a wet dream and jizzed myself"oh dear lord" i said as i felt the warm liquid settle aroung the base of my cock. I got up slowly and tried to shuffle to the bathroom to clean myself up and felt it trickle down my leg.

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"Jesus how much did i cum?"i asked myself sleepily.I reached the bathroom before anything reached the floor,i cleaned myself up quickly and decided to get up and try to finish some work before the rest of the house woke up.I Shaved my Stubble and washed my face underarms and cock.

I went downstairs and put my Spoiled underwear in the wash with the rest of the washing bin and probably cocked up the temperature i was meant to set it to. i went back to my room and checked the time to see it was only 5.30 i sighed and turned on my pc intending to play Doom or something.when i heard the opening jingle to vista i noticed that my msn messenger had somebody online"who the fuck?"i muttered curiously,opening the windo i saw that it was Sandra.worried that she xxxstory boss and sacretary sex upset and eager to cpmfort her i sent a message saying hey,immidiately i got a reply saying hey with a smily face "Are you okay?Why are you up so early?" "im fine"she replied this time without a smily face "then why are you up so early?" "Why are you up so early ;)" "Oh we're doing this then?" "sorry im just thinking about later.

what do you want to do?" "i don't mind maybe just go and walk around :)" we talked for at least 2 hours before she said she had to pretend to be asleep so her mum wouldnt yell at her."Okay then i see you later" "Bye cya later ;)" i sighed as she logged of and left me alone with my thoughts "why the smily face?"i said in my head.

that afternoon i walked out of the house calling goodbye to my mum,dad and bitch of a sister.I was wearing my favourite blue t-shirt,jeans and a dark grey jumper that i loved. i thought i looked good as i walked down the street towards where i had agreed to meet sandra and her freind Alice. Alice and Sandra were best freinds they did everthing together at school and spend a fair share of their time in each other's company. I liked Alice although i thought that she knew that i liked her best freind.She had shorter dark purple hair that reminded me of an anime girl i had seen the other day.It was obviosly dyed and synthetic but i cant deny it looked quite good on her.

I reached the meeting point to see them both smiling and waving at me wearing almost identical clothes that made them look more like sisters than anything. We walked and talked until we reached a Cafe where i had a coffee and the girls had a mug of hot chocolate(it was a cold day) then the subject turned to boyfreinds and girlfreinds.Sandra asked Alice if she liked anybody at the moment.

"NO!"she said quickly turning instantly bright red and glancing around furtively. "ok i think we cagayan miss campus sex scandal a nerve there"I said giving her a sly wink when Sandra peyton debbie let her body become ravished for shoplyfting humiliation threesome around to look out of the window."i had long suspected that Alice was a lesbian but this hadn't been confirmed until now.immidiatly my mind started filling with filthy images involving the three of us together and a bed (enough said)Pushing these thoughts from my head as i could not afford to get a hordon in my present company.

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as we prepared to leave i got up to pay the waitress and heard Alice whisper "so who do you like?"out of the corner of my eye i saw Sandra blush bright red and whisper something into Alice's ear and look at the back of my head.I wondered what that meant. "So who do you like?" she said eager to get revenge for earlier. as we left the cafe and headed to her house to drop her off home. "none of you buisness"i replied secretly hoping she would pursue xxx hinda storys dowdloads saree main pani wali qurbani wali vein of the converstion as Sandra quickly turned to stare at me "oooh thats not a no is it?" "Okay ill bite" i said playfully"you ask me a question and ill awnser yes or" "Sure.okay do and sandra.know her?" "yeah i suppose" "is she in your year?" "nooo."i replied starting to get nervous "Oh my goodness is she in the year below"she said in mock surprise "yes."i muttered to myself almost pissing myself with fear "Alright then i have to go" she said walking into her street "bye!" we both said in unison Sandra giving the same cute wave she gave me the day before when i left to go home.

we walked towards her house in an uncomfortable silence until she said quietly "Marcus?" "yeah"i stammered nervous after her using my full name "do you" At that moment i blacked out i swear to god.but as i regained understanding of the world around me i awnsered"yes i really really do"i kept looking at my feet as i walked and then realised that Sandra had stopped walking looking back i saw her standing there looking at the floor sobs racking through her body and tears falling to the ground.

I jogged back to her and put my sexy blonde gets fucked in the workshop around her shoulder saying "heeey whats wrong Sandra?" "Not.nothing.*sniff*.im jus.*sob*.just so happy i mean *sniff* nothings been. going right.*sniff*for me recently.y'know my. parents *sob*.divorce and my grades.are slipping."fresh sobs racked her body leaving her shaking with surpressed tears."its okay you can tell me" we sat down on a bench with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder tears soacking my favourite jumperbut i didnt care.

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"and.ive liked you for so long.and i didnt know if you .*sniff*.felt the same way and now that i know you do.oh im just so happy!"i looked at her tear streaked face and deep into her beautiful green and gold eyes and tightened my hold on her pulling her closer to me feeling her warmth on my cheek with the tears still soaking my jumper feeling her shaking form next to me.

"so does this mean we are going out?" i asked trying to force calm into my voice. "well.i dont know if you asked me properly yet." "your damn right i didn't" i said deepening the embrace"Sandra Martin would you like to go out with me?"anticipation growing in my head even though i already felt i knew the awnser. she smiled and slowly said(the words took forever to get out of her mouth"yes i will" i grinned at her and leaned in for our first kiss.

it was slow and passionate as our lips met and our tounges gently probed each others lips i widened my mouth and she did the same our tounges tentatively explored each others mouths. Sandra ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Oh my pretty teen girl kylie kalvetti pounded by big black cock im so happy i thought to myself a i passionately kissed a guy for the first time in my life.

i know that its unusual for a reletively attractive girl like me never to have even kissed a guy. I had been asked before by many guys but they'd all been rude and asked more or less just to touch my breasts not to be in a relationship at all.

I knew that he liked me now and i felt soo much better about everthing in my life i knew i loved him but he needn't know that at this point he has to earn it the same as i do ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Marcus we broke apart after a good minute and a half.wait a great minute and a half.

We set off to go and walked the rest of the way to Sandra's house holding hands.

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as we reached the front door she opened it using her free hand to get her keys.she stepped into her door and tried to turn but my hand was in the way reluctant as i was to let go of her even for a second fearing that she might fly away. "let go of my hand" she asked sweetly reluctantly i let go and she turned and planted the softest kiss on my lips that made me shiver in pleasure and i felt her do the same.

"bye Marcus"she whispered into my ear "bye"i replied stammeringly she walked into the doorway and gave me her cute wave that i love so much and slowly closed the door.

i turned to walk away ecstacy filling my brain blocking out all other thoughts as i walked away a swagger and a skip in my step. okay guys thanks for reading hope its a little better that part one please leave feedback and if you leave a negative rating please say why so i can improve for next time i made it a little longer too :D