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Realitykings moms bang teens ava addams dillion harper xander corvus moms sweet seduction
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Well ill start off by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Josh and I'm 22 years old. I'm about 6 foot 1, 190 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes, athletic body and a nice thick 8 inch dick. I'm just your normal average working guy with a decent job making 18 dollars an hour. I have more than enough girls wife takes on two bbc bulls for hubby liked me and if I played my cards right I could maybe get any girl I wanted. Not to brag about myself or anything, just making a point so nobody thinks I'm some ugly nerd sitting around my house all day.

Lol. It all started when I was 19. Its just me and my mom living together in our new house we just had built out in the country. It was a normal household and we had the normal things around the house as in the sexual porn stuff. Lol. My mom would always go in my room and try and find where I had my porn and she would take then for herself and I thought it was pretty sexy. Just thinking about my mom watching my porn and fingering herself turns me on.

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We both worked almost everyday and hardly seen each other. Whenever we did get to see each other is wasn't long cause my mom sleeps a lot when she's off work. Usually she would always be walking around the house with just a tshirt and panties on.

Now my moms not the hottest lady but she's a real turn on. She's about 5 foot 4, 130 pounds, hazel eyes, light brown hair, 34 double D tits and a nice round ass to go with them titties. But anyways, I had been working at this one plant for almost a year.

Nothing special about this day at all while I was on my way back home to get ready to go to work. On my way to my house I came to an intersection when a older lady decided to pull out in front of me. I didn't see the car at all as she pulled out in front of me so I didn't even have to time to put my foot on the brake to slow down. I slammed into stunning sultry blonde in fishnet stockings get a big cock almost head on going 70 miles an hour.

To make a long story short I ended up shattering my femur in my leg and had to get life flighted to the hospital. I ended up staying in the hospital for about a week until they finally let me go back home.

So I can't walk or even move my leg at and its the worst thing ever not being able to move when your use to doing everything for yourself. So I'm back home not working and my moms not working much either cause she's home taking care of me.

Me and her are really close and I pretty much tell her anything and were pretty open to each other. If I have to get up and go to the bathroom she would help me in there and helf me back to my bed.

So at night time when I had to take a shower was the best thing about being homamde sex tape of hot teen couple able to do much.

My mom would help me to the bathroom where she would strip me down to my boxers and help my get in the shower and leave out the bathroom. I would take my boxers off on my own once she left out the bathroom so she wouldn't have to see me naked every night. After I would get done showering I would have a towel close by so I could dry off and put it around my waist before I called my mom back in there.

She would come in there and grab my new boxers and put them on me while the towel was still around my waist and once they were over my dick I would take the towel off and finish putting my shorts and shirt on. It was a normal routine for us almost every night. One night I was drying off and I called my mom in there to get my clothes on.

She was pulling up my boxers and she was around my knees when towel slipped off and fell to the floor. My dick was hanging 6 inches from my moms face and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't bend over to pick up the towel and so there was nothing I could do.

My mom acted like she didn't see anything and turned her head and pulled my boxers up the rest of the way. I finished dressing and she helped me back to bed.

I didn't think much about my mom seeing my dick but it kind of turned me on knowing it was 6 inches infront of my moms face. So 2 nights went by and it was shower time for me. I was just finishing rinsing off and turning off the water and I realized I didn't have a towel. I yelled at my mom so she could hear me through the bathroom. "Mom!!!! Bring me a towel!!" 20 seconds later she comes in the bathroom and hands me a towel. About 10 seconds later while I'm drying off I hear my mom unbutton her shorts.

"I have to pee, don't look." My mom says to me.

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As I'm drying off I hear my mom start to pee. I reach down and start drying off my dick and it starts feeling a little tinglely. The toilet is a foot away from my shower and I start thinking about my mom peeing and its turning me on. I start putting the towel around my waist and my dick is semi hard right about now and you can see the outline of my dick through the towel.

"Are you ready?" My mom asks me as she starts the flush the toilet. "Yea I'm ready." As I say back to my mom. She opens the curtain to the shower and to my amazement, she's standing there with just her shirt on. Her freshly shaved pussy looks sooo amazing and she's just standing there teasing me. "Mom, what are you doing?" "You don't like this baby?" My mom asks back.

"Uhhhhh ummmmm," was all I could get out staring down at my moms pussy. She looks down and see's the outline of my dick through the towel and reaches down and grabs it. Now I haven't jacked off in like a week and my dick kinky teen stephanie pounded deeply by hard man meat super sensative so as soon as she touched it it sprung up and hardened faster than it ever has.

My mom licks her lips and starts to pull my towel off my waist. The towel falls to the floor and my dick is sticking straight out.

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My mom grabs my dick with one of her hands and can't even get her finger tips to touch around my dick. "Damn baby, its soooo big!!" My mom says as she strokes my dick back and forth. I let out a moan as I feel some pre cum ooz out the tip of my dick. My mom feels something wett on her hand and looks down and see's my pre cum oozing out on her palm.

"Mmmm you want that big dick in your moms mouth?" "Mmmm yea mom!" I moaned back to her. My mom spread her legs giving me a clear view of her now shinning wett pussy.

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She lowered herself down and licked the tip of my dick and opened her mouth. She took the head of my dick in mouth and it was soo warm and wett it made me wanna cumm right then. "Your dick taste soo good and its soo big!" "You like that mama!" I said back to her.

"Damn your mouth feels soo wett mom." My mom starts to take more and more of my dick in her mouth til she gags about halfway down. She bobs her head back and forth faster and faster as she moans and vibrates my dick with her moans.

I start to feel the urge to come and then she stops and pulls my dick out her mouth.

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"You like mamas pussy baby?" My mom says to me as she leans back and sticks 2 fingers inside her. "You wanna put that big dick of yours inside me and stretch out mamas pussy?" As my moms still fingering herself and staring at my dick and talking dirty to me she leans foward and grabs my dick.

She puts her mouth back on it and starts sucking and jacking me off at the same time while she's still fingering her pussy. "Fuck mom!" I moan out "You wanna watch mama cumm baby?" My mom says to me as she takes her mouth off my dick and leans back again. "Fuuuucckkkk imm aboutttt to cummmm babyyyy! Jack that big dick off while u watch me cumm!! My mom starts fingering faster and throws her head back and moans out load and starts to cumm. Her cum runs down her fingers and onto the floor as she still rubs up and down her clit.

As my moms orgasm comes to a rest she opens her eyes and looks back at my dick and grabs it with the hand she just cummed on and starts stroking my dick as fast as she can.

She puts her mouth back on it and it starts sucking the head as she's jacking me off and I'm sooo ready to explode with cum. "Fuck mom, don't stop!" "Cumm for your mom baby!" As she sucks and jacks me off harder and faster I start to tighten up and grab the back of my moms head and push my dick deeper into her mouth.

"Godddd mom, I'm fixin to cummm!!" My dick starts to hurt as it gets harder and building up all my cum and right before I cum I push my dick further in her mouth and unload.

The first shot of cumm hits the back of my moms throat and sexy and horny brunette at the car wash her jerk her head back and gag. But she doesn't stop jacking me off and the second and third shots of cum land on the bridge of nose and her cheek and run down her mouth and chin.

I shoot 3 more ropes of cumm onto her neck and shirt that she's wearing. Priceless fuck with smart luscious girl girlfriend hardcore last of my cumm dribbles out the tip of my dick as my mom licks it up off her hand and fingers.

My dick starts to go limp and my mom is cleaning up some of the cum that's on her face. "Oh my god baby, I've never seen sooo much cum in my life." My mom says as she smiles at me. "I don't think I've ever cummed that much either." I smilled and giggle back at my mom. My mom stands up and takes her shirt off and starts cleaning my cumm off my dick first then off her face and neck. She grabs my boxers and starts pulling them back up.

She puts the head of my dick back in her mouth and sucks and makes sure she gets all the cum out, then looks up at me and smiles and pulls my boxers all the way up. I finish dressing and she helps me back into my bed and tells me goodnight. She turns around to walk out my room still naked and smacks her own ass and winks at me.

"Goodnight babe." My mom says to me as she walks out the room. I just smile at her as she shuts the door.