Cute teal conrad play dirty twister amp gets fucked naked twister and doggy style

Cute teal conrad play dirty twister amp gets fucked naked twister and doggy style
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Sorry I haven't written in a long while, guys. I've been really busy with life etc. However, please don't assume I will be posting regularly from now on, and I'm really sorry about that. The only reason I've written this is because I got super-horny and just wanted to get off on writing. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to finish this entire story in the next few months. I've got ideas for new stories which I might begin in summer.

But don't count on it. Sorry haha. As always, enjoy! Mike was turning out to be an aggressive fucker. This, I liked. What I didn't like was the fact that he was into scat. Then again, looking at the bright side, at least I wasn't the one getting my dick covered in shit. He always used a condom, though, so I guess that was good. It's just that… there is a biological reason we're disgusted by shit and I couldn't help but think there was something wrong with Mike.

That was when I remembered that Mike's parents were strictly homophobic and Mike, being either gay or bi (I still hadn't figured out which), had been made to hate himself ever since he discovered his sexuality.

Psychology was one of my subjects and using the meagre knowledge I had of Freudian Psychology, I made the assumption that if people are taught to treat their sexualities in disgust, sometimes they will associate with it other things that they are taught to be disgusted by.

In Mike's case, this was shit. Of course, this didn't work always because my parents are homophobic as well, but scat didn't bubble butt licking with rio and giselle appeal to me. The only reason I let myself go to him was that he was really amazing in the bed and the entire daterape thing just turned me on so much. Of course, saying he was really amazing 'in the bed' would be a lie because we'd never really fucked in a bed.

It was a cold morning on boxer's day and we were both in a dark alley between two houses. We were being loud, but we assumed (or hoped) that everyone was sleeping.

I was wearing a blindfold again because Mike still assumed that I didn't know his true identity. Interestingly, he didn't do that fake, throaty voice any more. He'd turned back to his real voice which made me sure that it was him. This voice of his was somehow hotter than the other one, contrary to my expectations. I guess, being a teenager, I preferred a voice that sounded more my age. So anyway, I knew Mike was wearing gloves because I could feel that rough surface every time he touched me.

"SHIT!" he commanded, "Let me cover my cock in it, you whore!" I was lying face down on a sheet he'd bought and I could feel him towering over me. We were both naked (obviously) and I could hear his grunt as he moved down, crouched over me, bit the back of my neck as he pushed his cock in me. "FUCK! Fuck me hard!" "Only if you shit." It was probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. He had told me specifically last night not to shit and try not to piss.

We were going to have a dirty fuckfest as a belated Christmas present. Well, I argued with him and he said our little fuckbuddy-relationship is over.

That was when I agreed to do it and he said, I quote, "Lol I know my little whore can't resist me or my cock." He was true though. I wanted him really bad.

It was a really crazy obsession back then. I sort of wanted to get more than fucked by him. I wanted us to combine somehow so that we were fucking eternally and having one single eternal orgasm.

Yes, I was slightly unhinged. I did what he said, and now I was paying the price. Well, don't get me wrong, I love the way my ass tingles when I shit. But the entire idea of covering someone's cock… urgh.

Oh well, I just kept calm and carried on. After I shat, I assumed he covered his cock in it. To hear him say it, it was like heaven. "Fuck yes, oh yeah, I want to get covered in my whore's shit!" He entered me again, making my asshole pulse around him.

This time, his groan, "Awwggh yeah!" was so sexy, I wish it was a person so I could fuck it. The next time he touched me, I realised his gloves were not on him. He crouched over me and started thrusting and I yelled in pleasure, breathing rapidly, "Yes, yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Then lay down on me, pushing his arms underneath me so he could pull me into a backward hug.

The heat and feel of his smooth skin made my cock throb, wanting more. He pressed his lips against the back of my neck, biting now and again. I was busy moaning in pleasure as his hot sweaty cock thrust inside me.

It was as if I'd forgotten the boner-shattering stench of my shit. He pulled me around and rolled over so he was underneath me and I was lying on him face up. My legs rose up into the air as the space between them was occupied by his nearly seven-inch cock.

And I could hear him breathing beside me. I wanted so hard to kiss him but I kept remembering what he said last time: "Kiss me and I'll cut your tongue out." However, he diverted my attention from the feeling of his breath to the feeling of my cock as he started wanking it off.

He gripped it a little too tight but it felt nice enough. I always liked it when my cock was in the hands of another person, even though they never could quite get which spots were the best to have pressure on and whatnot. "Ali," he panted. I was shocked—he actually said my name! "I'm really sorry, but I want you to pee on me.

I know this means you'll have to get rid of your boner and everything, but please…?" "We should have done that before. It just disturbs the whole rhythm we've got here," I commented. He laughed. "But alright.

Only because you're so fucking hot." He slowly pulled his cock out of my asshole so I could turn around and kneel over him. "Alright, closer," he said, "Closer." He was directing me because I was blindfolded and he told me to stop at a point where I could feel his mouth's breath on my cock.

He held it, but I interjected, "If you hold it or breathe on it, it's going to turn me on." "Okay!" Mike said and held his breath for a bit. I could feel his arm moving around in the search of something and a while later I could hear the sound of water running down a tap. "Got it recorded on my phone. Psychologically helps you have a slash." My metaphorical eyes amateur swinger group and girl moaning daddy sure enough just as the ball dropped the. "You've really prepared for this haven't you." "Just shut up and let me drink your piss, slut!" he exclaimed and I felt at peace again.

As I said before, I really liked the daterape angle. I didn't want him turning into a compassionate nice guy suddenly. I had David for that. Anyway, the psychology thing worked and I felt my golden water flowing out of my penis. Mike made a weird sound that was a cross between a gulp and a groan. I felt his arm repeatedly moving up and down against my thigh and realised he was getting off to this.

A moment later he was holding my cock and pointing it downward and curving it behind me.

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His moans of pleasure where almost making me horny again but the fact that I was pissing sort of hindered that. Yet, I was feeling it. I was liking this entire pissing thing.

Infact, I wanted to do more of it. "Fuck, Ali, that was one of the best Christmas presents you could give to me!" he said. I could hear him rubbing it around his body and the smell was… not that bad actually. It was weird but I liked it. In my defence, peeing on someone is definitely cleaner than shitting on them.

"It makes for such a good lube as well, although it doesn't last long," Mike was saying as I was having my little internal debate. "What… are you fingering yourself?!" I asked, very surprised. "Well, why not?" There was silence for a short moment in which the only sound was the soft squish-squelch of someone fingering themself. My dick was slowly returning to its erect state and I was having an internal dilemma about whether I should ask him to pee on me or not.

"Should I pee on you?" he asked. That made the decision a lot more easier. "Of course. You seemed to like it a lot. Just don't shit on me." Mike laughed. "I won't. I'm sure my little slut would love to drink a pool of my piss." And so both of us rearranged ourselves with him kneeling over me as I lay down. He turned the water-dripping sound on again as I kept my mouth open like a dog waiting for a treat.

The treat came and it was fucking amazing. I licked it, tried to spread it all over my mouth. The best was when he bent his cock to piss all over my body. I couldn't meridian babettes saftbienen sc brunette big tits but moan as I washed my hand in his golden water and fingered and wanked myself off using it as a lube.

With a grunt, he stopped abruptly, leaving me wishing for more. I could feel him move down and sit near my ass.

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Then, with his strong arms, he pulled me up towards him and I could feel his flaccid bellend trying to get into my ass. His slit was pressing against my asshole and suddenly he started pissing again. This time, it went everywhere, most of it into my ass, although it sprayed all over us as well.

I yelled, "I do wanna drink a pool of your piss!" Soon we were back to fucking as we rolled around with bodies soaked in piss. What was good was that he was now kissing me, letting me taste his saliva and the mixture of our urine. It was fucking amazing. He let go of my mouth later as he was reaching his climax. "Listen," I said, groaning slightly as he pushed his cock into my ass, "I know who you are." His pace slowed. "What? How?" I ignored that. It was too long a story anyway to tell over a fucking sesh.

"Do you want to know who I think you are?" "How long have you known?" Mike insisted. "Since the first time we fucked in those changing rooms." "Am I that obvious?" he said fearfully. "I had a hunch then, but now I know for sure." "So, who am I?" "Michael." He removed my blindfold and I saw his blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

He wasn't smiling nor was he frowning. He was just moving up and down as he fucked me with his divine sex. He pushed his arms underneath me and pulled me into a tight hug and we kissed.

Just for that moment, time stopped as we rolled around smelling of piss and shit, making out as he tried to reach my throat with his tongue, pulling our bodies together so that our sweat and piss rubbed off on each other, as his uncut cock slowly went into and out of my asshole, my legs wrapped around his butt.

When we came, he still had enough fuel to eat my ass out, moist and hawt lesbian party college and amateur he licked the Santorum mixed with urine dripping out of my hole and gulped it down (for those of you who don't know, Santorum is the 'frothy mixture of semen and faeces that is often the by-product of anal sex'.

If you don't believe me, look it up). Then he pushed his rapidly deflating cock inside me again and hugged me, rubbing my cum over both our torsos in the process. We kissed again and this time literally paused in that position for what seemed to be a long while. Don't get me wrong, I love cuddling after sex. But this was fucking awkward and uncomfortable. Yet, to Mike, it was probably the most romantic thing ever. I started noticing things such as rank smell of shit that had pervaded through the area, the disgusting sweat trickling down our bodies, the bad breath that permeated from his mouth.

I wondered whether his cock, which was naked in my ass, would get infected at all seeing as there was so much shit and piss down there. The semen between us dried into the crusty form it usually takes, thereby locking us together in a horribly adhesive bond. Worst of all was the hard pavement beneath us. Although there was a bedsheet between me and the pavement, it wasn't near thick enough. That led me to the conclusion that sex is magic.

Things that we barely notice in sex often become the most annoying things when we're not horny. Things that are publicly frowned upon, like peeing and shitting on people, spitting on people, licking peoples' feet and, heaven's forbid, putting your dick into someone's ass or vagina, suddenly become the most desirable things in existence. "Mike," I said, breaking away from our five minute kiss, "Mike!" "Sorry, I just…" Mike trailed off, biting my ear playfully, "I like keeping my dick in little chesty secretary lennox luxe gets her pussy ruined pornstars and hardcore like you.

You know you deserve it." The line almost amused me. Almost. One of the things that stopped me from finding it amusing and sexy was the way he smiled after he said it.

The roleplay was over. It was going to be difficult to get back that sense that I was being raped by a hot guy. Hopefully, though, Mike also liked roleplaying a rape in which he was the rapist raping a fit bottom. I didn't want that element of our relationship to go away.

He pulled himself out of me and I imagined his cock was soggy and wrinkly after spending so much time in that damp place I call my ass. He lay beside me, putting a hand under his head. It was like a little nudist picnic in a dark alley.

I looked at him and realised he was looking at me. He had the confident smirk on which I liked so much. Dave was not exactly a stereotypical nice guy, but he cherie has her twat licked and widened definitely much nicer than the guy lying across me.

Of course, Mike was steadily becoming nicer as time went by, but I guess I didn't want that. "I want you, at least while we're fucking, to treat me like I'm you're bitch," I said. Mike blinked in surprise. I was known for my direct comments, but Mike and I were simply acquaintances so he didn't know a lot about me. "Shouldn't be hard. You are my bitch," he said, winking.

However, his smirk left him the moment later. "But, the thing is, you're the first guy, besides Dave, who… well, you know. I feel like you're the actual first guy I have had a relationship with, not Dave. Even though it is one of the weirdest relationships ever.

Naturally, I'd want to be slightly nicer to you than I usually am. But if you don't want me to be… that's all right. I find it easier being the bad guy. I just want to know why." "I've already got a nice guy in my life. That's Dave. I really liked the daterape thing we were doing. Like you were dominating me and whatever.

I like that." Mike chuckled. "Alright, if that turns you on, slut." "So tell me, what do you consider yourself as? Gay, bi?" "Don't care really. There are certain things I like putting my cock in, I don't differentiate between gender. You should know, though, that your little cunt ass is the best thing to ever happen to my cock." "Okaaay…" I told myself that he is pansexual… although they prefer people based on personality, not the quality of their asses.

"And what are we doing? Is this a relationship? A friends-with-benefits thing?" "Do we have to put a name on it? The only rule I say is that Dave should never know. And because Dave should never know, no one can know." Oh, so it's cheating… an affair, I thought. I was about to tell him that Dave knows already, but I stopped myself. This secretiveness just made it sexier somehow.

Of course, I knew that Dave knew, but I could pretend he didn't. The only question was, should I tell Dave that Mike said this? Will it affect their friendship at all? "Of course not, Mike," I grinned.

I wasn't sure whether I should wink or put a finger to my lip or do nothing hot arabian webcam girl dildos her ass all. I decided to do the last one in the end, because that was the one that came most naturally. "Though, as much as I want to, I can't fuck another time now," Mike said, "I'm physically drained.

That was a strong orgasm." "Same," I said curtly, my thoughts far away. "But it's only half past 6. If we walk naked to the swimming pool, the only guys who can see us are workers and even if they come to us, I'll just bribe them." I panicked, "We should have brought two pairs of clothes.

I can't wear my clothes lovely teen babe nailed by her masseur hardcore massage all this dry piss and cum on me." "I was thinking about telling you to bring another pair, but I like going out naked." "I do as well, but there should be a limit!" "Don't worry, I've got enough money to shut up anyone who sees us." We left the bedsheet there.

It had a horrible brown stain on it and some drops of pee had dried up on it. Taking our bags, which had our clothes in them, we started walking.

The swimming pool was a good five minute walk away and Mike's words about the labourers had reassured me. My prime worry was seeing one of those early morning joggers. Our community was one of those in which the neighbours barely knew each other, but I'm sure some of them would recognise me if they saw me and would know what house I'm from.

My parents, who didn't know about my gayness, would probably be shocked to hear that I was walking around naked with some guy. Of course, it is precisely that risk which produced a boner in both me and Mike. We looked down at each other and Mike found this all funny. Laughing, he started stroking my cock, going at a slow pace so as not to make me ejaculate. "Stop it, Mike," I whispered. In reply, he took my hand with his free arm and placed it on his cock.

"Relax, you worry too much," he said as he curled his fingers around mine to make me grip his cock and stroke it. I told myself what naughty petite babe zoe parker gets a spectacular fuck said and we fell into a certain rhythm.

As you can imagine, stroking another person's cock as both of you are walking is possibly the most awkwardest thing on this earth. But, being teenagers, any sort of sex we had had up till that point was awkward so the awkward motions came almost naturally.

As I predicted, the workers were there, either cleaning up and dusting the road, the streetlamps, or watering the frontyards of houses. The first three simply stared at us and I determinedly stared away. Somehow, the fact that there were spectators to our awkward walk turned me on. The fourth one, however, dared enough to say in broken English, "What you doing?!" He came up to us with his hands on his hips and stood in our path.

Mike didn't stop stroking my cock so he followed on, "You… what you doing?! Put some clothes on!! This is a bedroom?" It wasn't exactly light yet and I assumed he had poor eyesight because as we came nearer to him, his eyebrows arched. "Two… two boys?! This is bad! Very very bad." He went on to say in his own language something that roughly translates to sacrilege or abomination. "Listen, mate," Mike said. He reached behind with his free hand and pulled his wallet out, "If you don't tell anyone anything about this, I'll give you and your friends this entire wallet!

Here, check it." The man, who had been covering his eyes from the monstrosity going on front of him, slowly reached out and took the wallet. I gave Mike a look that said, "Are you retarded?" He replied with a look that said, "It's alright." The man looked at Mike with narrowed eyes and slowly grinned after checking the wallet. He put the wallet to his head and bowed and went back to his work. It was a commonly known fact that all these government labourers had horrible cutie babe gets a double pounder bricate entertainment. I just couldn't believe that we'd taken advantage of that.

"Don't worry," consoled Mike, giving my cock a nice squeeze, "I put most of my money in my bag anyway, so he's barely got anything in that wallet." We were pretty close to the swimming pool by then and I purposely stopped wanking Mike off.

"This is fucking awkward." "I know, but it would be boring if we just walked all the way." Mike smirked, "The audience will fall from mouth to cum hole sex hardcore blowjob here anyway, so never mind." The lifeguard who Mike had previously had dealings with was there, cleaning the pool out.

The sun had peaked above the horizon which meant we had to go inside the changing rooms quickly, otherwise all the neighbours around us could see us. The gate was locked, so we climbed over it, garnering the lifeguard's attention.

He gaped and told us to stop, but Mike beckoned him to follow us into the changing rooms. Once inside, he asked, "What the fuck are you doing?" His English was much better than the labourer's, but it had that Indian brogue (as opposed to Scottish).

"We were going to swim," Mike said, "Skinny-dip." We both chuckled, but the lifeguard didn't find this funny. "This is the Middle East. Do you know what they do to you if you—" "I was joking, Rohan," Mike said, "And anyway, it's not like this is Saudi Arabia. It's Dubai. They're still pretty harsh here but it's much better here." "Still, nudism is a horrible thing to do here." "Okay, I'll tell you the truth," Mike said.

I was holding his hand up till then but now I squeezed it slightly, although Mike was unperturbed. "We were going to swim, but these two dogs came and peed all over us.

We couldn't possibly wear a thing soaked with urine, so we took it off." "You weren't wearing underwear?" Rohan the lifeguard asked. "Of course not! Swimming with underwear is unhygienic," I piped in. "So you've not got any clothes? What have you got in your bags?" "Little towels. We couldn't really use them to cover ourselves up," Mike answered, "Our dicks are a bit too big for them." Laughing, Rohan said, "Okay, don't worry, I've got spare uniforms here." He walked over to a cabinet behind the entrance to the changing rooms and pulled out two white polo tops and two red shorts that candy samples and uschi digard big breast orgy halfway down our thighs.

While he was searching for them, Mike whispered to me, "After he gives the clothes to you, let's hug him and 'accidentally' brush your cock against him.

Wanna see if he gets freaked out." I was all for this plan. When he came over and handed Mike the clothes first, Mike hugged him and I imagined that he was lightly pressing his cock against him down in the darkness between them. The guard started smiling bashfully and reciprocated the hug. "Thanks, Rohan, you're always there for me." I did the same when he handed me my clothes. My cock lightly pressed against his red shorts so I could feel a bit of what's underneath ever so slightly.

"Thank you, Rohan. Any friend of Mike's is a friend of mine." When we parted he told both of us, "You're welcome!" Then he turned to me. "What's your name?" "Ali." "Ahh, Ali. Nice name. Do you smoke?" That was a random question, but Mike answered for me, "No he doesn't." "Okay, I have to go clean the pool first but both of you have a good shower because dog urine stinks and you both smell of it.

And give me back the spares in the week, okay?" As he left, Mike made a motion as if to grab his ass and sniggered. He closed the door behind him so we had the room to ourselves. We went directly to the shower after Mike pulled out shampoo and soap from his bag.

We showered in the same cubicle, soaping each other up much like what I'd done previously with Dave. Mike tried to push a soapy finger up his ass but I stopped him from doing it. "It burns like hell, don't do it," I advised. "Oh, okay." "Have you ever fingered yourself before?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Today was the first time actually, Didn't know it could feel so good. I just wanted to put more of your piss inside me, and I my asshole sort of beckoned to me hungrily." Mike told me. "Don't use soap or shampoo. I had to find out the hard way. Just use the lube we used this morning." I sat down against the wall and water ran down me in rivulets.

Mike sat down on me, my cock between his butt cheeks. I wrapped my arms around him, putting my face against his back. "So how tattooed girl sucks boyfriend and get load i you know Rohan?" "He used to be a lifeguard in my compound last year.

He's also a bit of a drug dealer. Knows where to get douk and doha and everything." "Ahh. I guess he's used to seeing naked people." "He's used to being naked as well. A bit of a nudist. Once I entered my compound's swimming pool changing rooms and he was getting out of the shower, entirely naked. Short story, he was one of the people that made me realise I wasn't fully straight. He's hung! His cock is eight inches when it's hard. And his ass… I so want to fuck that thing.

And he's got abs as well, but that's not important. The thing about his ass is that… because he's a lifeguard, his ass is much paler than his actual body. I've wanked to him quite a few times." I could see how that worked. I personally was not exactly attracted to him, but I'd never seen him naked. But anyway, I definitely wanted to have sex with a guy where there was no mutual attraction between us. It was on my bucket list of things, among 'write a book and get it published' and 'have a drunk straight guy fuck your brains out'.

"So anyway, he milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion started talking to me naked as if it was a normal thing. And remember the first time we fucked? So I came earlier that evening and found that the changing room was locked. I knocked, saying it was me and he opened it slightly and told me to wait for him to go back before opening it fully. So when I go in, this dude is full on smoking douk, naked and wanking off to some porn on a TV he has.

And I saw his cock and my own cock reacted instantly. He told me I could have a wank as well if I wanted but I said I was okay. And then you know what happens he gave me the key. But I said I'm feeling horny and he let me strip and watch the porn, but I was actually getting off to him. It was one of the first times I desperately wanted a cock in my ass, so it was a life-changing experience. And then he came all over the TV. At the same moment someone knocked and he told me it's one of the security guards.

When he went over busty pickedup euro fucked outdoors for cash european and pulling talk to the guard, I licked everything off the TV, which made me cum on the floor. He came back a minute later and told me to clean up, but I've had a crush on him ever since." "Wow." I was fully hard now, and even Mike was. We both stood up and he bent over, putting his hands against the wall. "Dry hump my ass," he said and I slid my cock between his butt cheeks repeatedly, so that give me pink shaved black haired teen loves fingering her ass went between them and my bellend appeared on the other side.

He moaned but we weren't exactly feeling superhorny and we finished literally a minute later. We came out wearing the lifeguard uniforms and, in my opinion, all three of us including Rohan looked fit. I liked anything that revealed a lot of thigh while keeping some of it covered. I was strangely more attracted to thighs and nipples more than any other part of the body, but I wouldn't go so far as to call my affection for thighs a fetish.

Mike's comments on Rohan the lifeguard had kindled up a new attraction in me for him. After swimming a bit, we hugged him goodbye and he thanked us for some reason. Mike himself had to go now but asked me when we could fuck tomorrow. "Ahh, you see, I can't," I replied, "I'm busy babysitting this kid because his parents are away on a business trip.

I'm supposed to stay with him 4 days, so we can't meet again until New Year's Eve." Mike was shocked. "What?! Tell me where the address is. I'm sure—" "But I can't do that. The kid will tell his parents that I invited a friend over and they obviously don't want anything like that. My reputation is at risk here. We're family friends, see? His parents think of me as a really good boy, if you get what I mean." "But that's 4 days gone," Mike exclaimed as we came toward the alley where we had pissed on each other and done a lot of other things.

His bike was still parked there. "It's such a waste. I thought I could get to fuck you every day until the holidays are over!" "You can still fuck me after they are over…?" I suggested, perplexed. "No, because Dave comes back." I laughed. "Oh come on, Mike, do you think Dave coming back will mean an end to… this?" I playfully put a hand down the red shorts and grabbed his cock.

"Don't worry. You already have a taste for fucking in pals take up with the tongue and fuck beautiful gals that are not bedrooms. The school has a lot more of them." I took my hand away from his dick and caressed his thigh, absorbing every modicum of the smooth hairiness of it. It was covered in slight, golden hair and I knew that I could spend days licking the tan skin on them, biting the flesh.

His kiss was unexpected, but I welcomed it anyway. We stood there, him sitting on his bike with a foot on the pedal and me with both my hands on his cheek, exchanging our saliva and touching each other's tongues.

When he left, I felt a small emptiness and a big longing. I worried I was starting to love him as I loved David Denman. I wondered if such a thing was even possible.