Kendall loves getting fucked and having her pussy eaten out

Kendall loves getting fucked and having her pussy eaten out
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The Sun's quiet decent had already begun as the silhouette of a pair drenched in it's last amber laces slowly made its way to where the water swam ashore simply to rush back to the safety of the sea. The same shadow seemed to merge as the pair gently fell into each other's grasp to a greater degree, collapsing onto the soft pale sand where they would find themselves locked hand in hand and arm in arm.

To any onlooker, one may say they were trapped together with physical constraints. Yet, to the pair, it was only the emotional strings that bound them.

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The female's gentle gaze fell onto his, her ruby lips coming to form a gentle smile as the male's followed her lead in a deep lock of lips; the passion thick enough to be cut with a knife. However, as their moment drew to an end, each lover simply found themselves laid back against the sand, allowing the minutes to burn away in each other's arms.

Approaching twenty minutes had fell before a single word was spoke. "Thank you for this evening. It's been so nice to just get away. " her soothing voice sparking a tingling within his very soul. "You've given so much for everyone around.

It's about time someone gave back to you. " he seemingly choked up as he held back the smile and gleeful chuckle that nearly prevented his words.

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The world seemed to stop as each of her hand broke from his, pulling themselves away. Yet they returned in force as the smaller female allowed each arm to fall on each side of his, allowing herself to climb atop his frame, her legs soon preforming a similar action; her straddled form resting on his body.

The nervous male lifted each hand to clasp her's, their fingers coming to tightly join as--with a tug-- the male pulled her form down to his, locking lips with hers in the moment.


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As one may expect, it didn't go as well as he'd hoped. The somewhat clumsy male underestimated his strength as the pair met each other with a slight bump, causing each to violently giggle, each letting go to tend to their wounds. "Ow, you little bitch!" She shot with a jolly tone. "Yeah but I'm your bitch." He retorted with equal happiness.

As a response, the female would lower herself to his level with a teasing ease, allowing her lips to gently skirt across his before coming to lovingly join the pair. The moon's peak had begun to show itself before the pair's passion-filled session began to spice itself up. Her hands slide themselves to gently run themselves around the edge of his red shirt, only coming to tightly grasp it so to pull it up and free his sun-kissed chest so that each individual muscle may glimpse as the night's early signs began to show themselves.

Her eyes shot open to stare upon and witness the state of each hardened region, even her lip coming to bare the signs of attraction as her pearly white's sank softly into its flesh. Almost as if she couldn't control herself, her finger slide from collar to crotch without missing a single muscle to run itself over.

A light shutter hit the wind before her back straightened itself and she'd lifted herself to her full height. Each hand moved to her bikini bra, unlacing it before each cup fell to free her tantalising twins. Instinctively, each of the male's hands lifted to grasp both of the glorious attractions; one coming to feel his thumb gently rubbing her nipple.

whilst the other had to endure him lifting himself so to latch himself onto the surface of her cleavage, his tongue traveling between the pair. Her eyes came to a complete close, the heat between her legs growing by the seconds. The crashing of waves seemed to be the only sound available before a squeak seemed to escape her lips followed by a series of deep breaths.

A smile grew across his lips before eventually his fingers fell from her frame and slowly began to find themselves skirting down her torso, landing on the laces that held her bottoms on her body. A cheeky grin took the female's features.

Without a word spoken, the female's fingers granted him his wishes by stripping herself of her clothing. His swift motions saw him flip the pair so to leave her back against the damp sand asian slit and anal fuck japanese and hardcore he allowed each arm to act as pillar above her; supporting him and granting him a perfect image of her divine beauty.

Each slowly lowered him to allow his lips to connect with the pale surface of her neck, latching on to lock them together before a mere release saw them apart again. The process new xxx poking full story itself across her supple flesh before eventually it was only his tongue entry skating across her skin.

Her head tilted back to allow him better access and to imagine the possibilities of such a useful tool. And it happened. Her thoughts seemingly became reality as his tongue--never parting from her surface-- drove itself her chest, slipping between each of her breasts, allowing itself to bump across her tight tummy before eventually finding itself between each leg.

Right above her most sensitive of regions. A small kiss would be planted against her nub of nerves before an eventual slow lick of her heated surface came.

A whine came almost immediately after, each arm lifting itself slightly as his assault on her frame continued.

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As his heated extension continued to roughly run across her clitoris, her fingers came to grasp onto his hair, holding his head while he did as he did. She couldn't help the wave after wave of pleasured whines that left her lips, each as uncontrollable as the last.

After moments of his pleasurable attack it seemingly stopped for only a few mere seconds, her head lifted to watch him with desire burning within her eyes. Her wish was his reward. His tongue dove down to her slit, her tasty juices already detectable before his tip skated over her entrance.

A loud gasp broke the air as her hips lifted slightly. However it didn't stop him. It encouraged him. His tongue dove into her body, allowing itself to swim as deeply into her frame as possible before a swift exit saw further liquid seemingly pool near her entrance, merely to be wiped away with a rough lick of her body.

The male reentered her with a slow and continuous swirl of his organ, allowing her ceaseless whines and odd moans to continue without end. Soon came he familiar put in her stomach; the desire for release. "Oh god.yes. Ah~" 3movie porn videos search watch and download 3movie free sex managed to speak through the pleasure-clustered blur that was her mind.

As his pace seemingly sped itself up, her urges becoming harder and harder to control, soon came the inevitable finishing moment. A loud moan and a furry of muscle spasms and hip thrusting saw the pit that had built up seemingly flush itself away, rushing into the awaiting tongue of the male who did not allow her precious flavours to go to dude stuffed cunt to big tits milf. He was not one to waste such an occasion as, before she had regain proper though, his shorts had already been thrown to one side as he climbed his way up her body.

And, as he was about to lower his lips to hers, she would stop him with the mere lift of her finger to cease his forward movement. After a second she had rolled over, lifting her behind into the air a tad to allow him to line himself up. His confidence shined through as a single rough forward movement saw his first few inches forced into her.

Her mouth opened with silence following. However the continued movements into her--the eventual rocking of her frame-- saw noises flood out like a broken dam. Moans from her succulent lips followed with each thrust into her, both of his hands grasping onto her hips for better support and hold. Her rocking body seemingly took every inch he could give her. Every punishment he could dish.

Each of her lovely cheeks had received a number of spanks throughout, all followed by a pleasured grunt from his otherwise sealed lips. Even, at one point, having pulled her hair back to allow even greater pace; resulting in each joining in a symphony of dramatic whining.

The minutes counted down in a similar situation, her body regaining the similar pit in her stomach and a tightening of her inner walls as it drew closer.

"Ah~ fuck! Fuck! Get on your back!" She demanded. Without failure, the male slipped himself from her drenched entrance, laying himself in the sand as she climbed back to her original potion atop him. She allowed him to reentered with the guidance of her hand, both of which would come to settle on his pectoral muscles. Her hips began to rock back and fourth at an alarming speed, his fingers clasping at her thighs as his need became apparent.

His member throbbed with an unwavering desire, his grasp tightening tenfold. "Oh god! I can't hold it any longer!" He shouted. "Yes! Yes! Just do it!" She retorted with a high pitched moan to her voice. His release was similar to a violent flood.

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It shot into her with seemingly ever increasing force, pooling into her body like a hot magma. Her body finished as a result of his, her limbs collapsing as she did onto him, the pair locked in deep panting with only the sound of the sea to keep them company. The moon sat safely in the sky, a perfect night for the pair to enjoy their first night locked in euphoric bliss.