Former penthouse pet lanny barby has been boned

Former penthouse pet lanny barby has been boned
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[b] That night I had the best fuck fantasies about my older sister. I knew what her body was like (6' 180lbs) and knew how to manipulate it. The next morning I woke up with morning erection and just layed there picturing Lyn in my mind.(naked of course.) I soon got out of bed and headed straight for the shower. When I got there the door was locked and I stood there totally nude as my mother walked out of her room in her robe.

She looked at me then her eyes rivited to my erection. i felt a shock of embarassment and then a bolt of pride as I could see my mothers gaze was totally fixated on my tease the pink inside her young pussy. She stopped about three feet from me and just stared. I walked towards her and she just melted falling to her knees she was under my control.

it wasn't knew to be with mother naked it was just being there with mother nakes with the lights on. I had been blown by mother a few times since dad died and she was keen to keep this progress going. it was her twelve step program.

Twelve steps from her bedroom to mine. As I stood there towering over her, her sweet mouth opened widley as I slid the head of my long dick in. She flowed her tongue all around as i slid more and more into her as she continued to suck. My pleasure was rising as was my heartbeat. mother was a great cocksucker and she knew it. I soon felt my orgasm building in my nuts and tried to hold on longer but mother knew just how to do me so I lost control of my faculties and came in huge spurts down her coaxing throat.

I was spent and retired to my room for attractive beauty is presenting her opened yummy crack in close up short while as mother went about her business down stairs. I fell asleep for about an hour and when I got up I finally suceeded in getting my shower. i cleaned up quickly and then headed down stairs strutting into the kitchen to find mom and Lyn out in the backyard both talking over the fence to Judy Lowe our sexy next door neighbor.

Judy had these 44D tits and was very proud of them since her husband had paid hugely for them. Elden Lowe was not the brightest light on the tree but he liked women with big tits and would do anything to get his hands on them.

Many times with Judy right there cheering him on. Judy was bi and had slept with my mom on a few occasions when they thought I was not home. I liked seeing my mom make it with Judy, it was just one of her vices.

Dad was still alive the first time they had sex together. He never knew and I wasn't going to break the news. i watched pressing pretty brunettes face on dick through glory hole gloryhole and hardcore a while as i brewed a coffee and then sat out on the porch watching my sisters ass sway as they leaned on the fence talking loudly.

I could her my sister talk about going to the new theatre tonight and mom said she would be glad to get out of the house tonight and sister agreed and said maybe brother should come along we'll make it a family affair. Her words were in truth to be sure. I perked upa bit and cleared my throat to let my presence be known. My sister turned and started to walk towards me. Mom gave Judy a kiss and then came over to sister and I. They explained what the plan was for the movie and since i was going with them I had to do the driving.

i couldn't help but smiled as I looked down my sisters loose top as she sat down and leaned forward telling me the plan. She was wearing a black lacey bra under her top and she looked fabulous. That night I dressed up in a nice pair of dress slacks and black button up shirt my sister had bought me last month for my birthday.

I checkdd myself out, threw on a little clogne and proceeded to the living room downstairs to wait for the two women in my life. Myother appeared fist looking like a million bucks.

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She wa s wearing a low cut dres with no bak and a slit up to her thigh on the lfet side her backl being exposed and the cut of thdress almost left her breasts totally uncovered as the low cut showed plenty of cleavage to begin with. She had her hair tied back in a french braid and wore astring of pearls she hadn't worn since dad passed and her knew red high heels.

The dress red was burgundy cute german daughter mouthfucked and pussy stretched hard colour Then down the stairs swaggered my beautifully made up older sister Lyn. She was wearing a micro mini black leather skirt with long stockings and white panties I could see as she walked down the stairs just above me and mom.

She had a half open red blouse and a matching white bra on and black high heels. she also wore a red belt around her delicate waist.My mouth must was dry as we walked out to the car and headed for the theatre. As I parked mom and sis did the last little mirror check and we got out and headed to the front doors as a faint rain started coming down.

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The ticket guy was staring at mom as we walked up and he had a glassy look in his eyes. he had to be shoved aside by some chick because he was stunned by the look of my mom and sister. The girl just smiled and apologized for Morris's stupid behavoir.

He had done it a few times tonight with other ladies he found very attractive. I couldn't blame the guy and we headed for the pocorn stand and we all ordered medium pops and popcorn and headed for viewing room this place had ten rooms.

The theatre room was pretty much empty with mabe twelve other pepole there as we walked in and took three seats near the back corner. i sat closest to the wall then my sister sat next to me then mom next to her. As the coming attractions roled a few more people maybe twenty entered and seated throughout the room.Everybody seemed to be in couples. I settled in and as the movie started i put my sunny leone red sofa story on my sister knee as she smiled and leaned into me.Mom glanced over and saw where my hand was she just smiled and contunued to watch the movie.

It was supposed to be an erotically charged thriller. I don't know how of the movie went but let me tell you what i do know. My sister put her popcorn on the floor as my hand moved farther up her leg to the hem of her miniskirt. She was trying to keep it cool watching the movie screen but she was biting her bottom li[p trying to keep quiet as well. I moved my hand up and gently storked it across her panty clad pussy.

Mom again glanced over and saw what was happening. She had deposited sex siren katrina jade gets doggystyled by plumber popcorn to the floor and leaned over and kissed sister on the cheek. sister turned her head trowards mother and mother planted another lingering kiss on Lyn's sweet lips. Sis was now getting it from both sides. I let mother take a few tongue filled kisses as I spread Lyn's legs widely pulling one over the arm of the chair and she hiked her skirt up in responce.

Mom's hands shot down between sis's legs and moved the panties aside as she stroked my sisters bald pussy. As mom kissed and caressed sis I gently undid the three remaining buttons on her blouse and started to caress her tits through her bra. Th emovie raged on but so did the groping of Lyn's body.

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By the next scene we had Lyn's bra and panties off and mom was finger fucking my older sister. i caught the look in Lyn's eyes as she looked at me and her hand snaked between my legs to my raging hard on.Deftly she released it and wrapped her slim fingers around my shaft. Mom had lost the top of her gown to the other free hand of my sister and her great tits were being fondled by Lyn. i watched the show these two were putting on while Lyn's fingers brought the greatest sensations to my dick.

I knew i wouldn't last long but I was enjoying watching my mother suck onLyn's tits and finger fuck her pussy. Lyn was squirning constantly and I leaned over to kiss her to help stifle her moans.

A few people had glanced our way but they kept where they were. I knew I wasn't the only guy getting jacked off as I could tell some of the ladies were in the motion just a few seats a head of us and a few guys heads were thrown back in pleasure.

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