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Chaps bang hawt pretty bitches pornstar hardcore
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Leaving Home: The Story of Candy Lane by Cheltenham Tags: rape, porn film, coercion, sixteen, violence **************************************************** Read the tags above. This story gets violent towards the end at about the halfway point, so if that isn't your thing sunny leone 3gb xxx story read it and say you didn't like it. This is a warning. Leaving Home: The Story of Candy Lane Contains a realistic portrayal of how some smutty porn directors treat their female actors.

It isn't to be taken lightly. Some of these women aren't lucky enough to survive their ordeal and be able to tell what it is they learned from making uninformed choices.

**************************************************** Leaving Home: The Story of Candy Lane A Calling All Writers 7 entrant, xnxx [dot] com exclusive June 2011 Kate looked back at her home, now miles down a long and winding road. She questioned her choice, was it worth leaving her mom to that brute they had lived with?

Would he make good on his threats to find her should she ever decide to flee from their house? None of that mattered. Her little brother Kyle, a blond haired boy huddled close to where she stood near the train platform and boarded the transport ahead of her. The conductor came around and took tickets from everyone. He spent a few fractions of a second in Kate's vicinity, but tried to act like he wasn't fixated.

"Tickets, please." She held them up and let go before his hand could interlope with hers. "Thank you little miss." He calmly said dismissively. In no way was she little. At sixteen, yes most guys thought she couldn't have been old enough to be a freshman in college or have a drivers permit but due to her intellect and academic focus, she achieved more in her short life than many people twice her age.

No one suspected Kate's abilities, nor did they need to. Everyone back home believed she was going to see her grandmother. Little baby xxx fastime sexx brother Kyle remained under the impression that that was their destination, but he was wrong. Vegas was calling. Yes, it must have felt like a world away on a train. Yes, she could have planned ahead and brought her best friend Jenny along for the ride.

This journey meant everything to Kate. It embodied freedom, fame, wealth and power. And at what cost? Something that already had been stolen when she was merely a child herself, by that brute of a man that her mom loved with all of her heart. Four days later, they came up over a ridge where huge signs and lights flashed.

It had been five days or would soon be once her watch struck midnight. She huffed and took her little brother's hand. "I hope I made the right decision," Kate whispered sorrowfully.

Her voice wavered immeasurably as they exited the pressurized doors to the terminal. A woman in a rather expensive black coat stood against the interior wall of a vendor's alcove. "Hi. I'm Wendy. Wendy Weston of CVC Videos. We talked on the phone two weeks ago?" "I remember you Wendy," Kate replied with a hesitant smile. "You said you have a cat named Snowball, right?" Wendy nodded and led them outside to a waiting limousine. The driver knew where to go because a word wasn't spoken between the two of them.

He glanced in his rear-view at her conservatively clothed self and at her brother with a lewd expression, then visibly adjusted his belt obscenely while grinning.

"Roll the window up Thomas. We need privacy." Wendy ordered and watched the glass partition slide up to soundproof their compartment. "Do you recall the deal we talked about?" Kate nodded shyly. "This weekend might be tough for you.

A couple of our best actresses will help you through the first few scenes, but once things get started I'd recommend just letting them do as they wish." Kyle overheard all of this and trembled.

His hand clasped Kate's and she felt his fear mixed with her own. They pulled up to a nondescript building and got out together. The driver stayed in the car, eying both Kate and Wendy to a lesser extent. Her brother nestled himself in his sister's lap, listening to what a taller man wearing a suit, Wendy and Kate were discussing. "Kate. Hi. My name is Egan. I'm the head of this company, CVC Videos." He outstretched his hand and took the girl's for a moment longer than he should have.

She recoiled a little, sat in a wheel-bottomed chair and heard the rest of his speech. "I hope that you can be comfortable with us and make sure nothing that we suggest is against your wishes.

There are conditions to our agreement, though, keep in mind. We require you to fill in the checklist. Once that is done, everything else will add to your final total. The two of you have accommodations in an upstairs suite, as I'm sure you're tired. When you awaken I can elaborate on specifics." Kate's sky blue eyes peeked up from beneath her dark locks.

She pushed it back and stood with Kyle. "We were on a train for nearly a week to get here. Both of us slept enough. I'm just looking to get this over with as soon as possible." "Oh, in that case. Wendy? Can you show our little actress to her dressing room? Your costar should be ready in ten minutes." They disappeared down a hallway, dimly lit and uninviting.

The floors were scummy, unwashed in as many years as this building must have been standing, Kate thought. What Wendy referred to as her dressing room was nothing more than a bathroom with a safety bar on its left side, opposite the door.

Ten hangers hung upon it. Further inside, a flimsy veneer cabinet to the back right held a mirror. To the right of it, in the middle of the room was a shower stall without a curtain. "I will let you know when he's ready, Kate." Wendy smiled and shut the door. "Kyle," his sister began. "I have to star in a few movies. But these won't be in the theaters and I won't be walking down a red carpet. Keep ebony girlfriend sucking a big black rod naked paper with you.

It has a few phone numbers on it. If something should happen." He shook his head and grabbed her upper arms as she knelt in front of him.

"I don't want anything to happen!", Kyle sniffled. "Listen to me, please!" she insisted and pressed her nose to his. "If something happens, I need you to call the first number. They'll come and get you. It's a friend of mine. You'll be safe with them. This is where I was going to go with the money I'm gonna make during the weekend, but someone will come and get you." Her voice lowered.

"Don't worry. I wouldn't leave you here in this place alone. My friend lives a few minutes away and he'll bring you to the safehouse." Her little brother shivered and hugged Kate like he would never see her again.

"I'll wait for you to come back." he barely spoke. The door creaked open and Wendy's overly permed head peered through the opening. "We're ready for you. Put on the blue outfit and step into the hallway." Kate stripped off her clothes as Kyle turned away. The one piece dress covered her like a stretchy leg warmer. It bunched around the middle of her thighs and over the tops of her boobs. She felt uncomfortable being exposed so explicitly and when she tried to pull one end further up or down, it revealed the other.

Kate stepped out of the door and Wendy walked her to a room that didn't appear to be much more than a club. Music was playing, men and women were dancing provocatively but the majority of them must have been sixteen or seventeen at first glance.

The guys were old, severely so. Many were well into their forties, a group crowded around a girl that reminded Kate of herself must have been in their fifties. Still, others were cotton topped with toupees, wigs, perms and every trick in the book that failed to hide their baldness. None of the girls seemed happy but then again neither was Kate. This was a business transaction and nothing more. Wendy led her sixteen year old protégé into a spacious, dingy room and closed the door behind them.

Two women, well past twenty clamored for her attention. They barraged her with questions and sat her in a makeup chair. "What's your name? How old are you? Is this your first movie? Do you know Calvin?" Questions Kate had no idea about, and honestly didn't care to know the answers to. "My name? Are you talking about a stage name?" she finally responded. "Yes, silly! We don't use our real names on camera. I'm Gina." The girl that stood on her right said matter of factly, with a typical valley girl accent.

She had blond hair that actually fit her somewhat petite frame. Her teeth were nearly perfect except for a few on the bottom that were crooked. There weren't any blemishes on her skin and she must spend time at the gym. She didn't see an ounce of fat on the girl's body except for her backside.

"I'm Amber." replied a spunky brunette. "I used to be a cheerleader for the Cowboys back in '99 but I.picked up a habit from one of their roadies." She stood aloof, like an airhead. Her eyes were a deep black, beady color. The way her hair fell to the small of her back made her seem prettier, though her face could have looked better than it did.

Her voice sounded uneducated. She hesitated, every few words were interrupted with 'um' or 'uhh' and it annoyed Kate. Amber looked the part of a former junkie, her skin was pockmarked with blemishes, scars, craters especially her face. But her body was enviably thin. Somehow, the girl retained her youthful perkiness.

She guessed both of them were fluffers for the crew. "I've been thinking of the name Candy Licks", Kate blurted between Gina applying makeup to her already flawless complexion and Amber washing her hair.

"It sounds good." Gina whispered. "We are trying to have you look older. They want you to pass for eighteen, so a little magic will have to be worked in here." Amber smiled and it was almost enough to make her pretty. Almost. She sat up after what could have been forever and her chair was turned towards a wall mirror. "What do you think of your new look?" Gina asked sweetly.

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Kate gawked at her reflection and trembled nervously. Amber caught her and guided her back onto the chair. "I'm a blond now?" she mournfully cried. "Yes. This is the washout kind. We can't have someone recognizing you before any of us get paid." Gina added, touching Kate's shoulder. "This is what Candy Licks looks like. Inside, you are still the same ol' Cum in her asshole creampie compilation She embraced the girl and waited for everything to sink in.

Candy stood and shook off the nervousness. The door opened again and Wendy stepped in. "Ka-" She was interrupted from the get go. "Candy Licks." Gina stood in her wake, hiding her smirk. "Go get 'em Candy!" Amber whistled as the two of them left the room together. "Okay.Candy. Your first scene is going to be with two guys. I'll introduce you beforehand, but the whole idea is that you and him have met at a club earlier and the opening scene brings you to his house. The problem is, his cousin wants a piece of the action too." The nervousness crept in and her facade melted enough to reveal her underlying repulsion.

She tried to keep some semblance of balance and held her chin up. It certainly didn't help that the 'actor' was hotter than most guys were back home. "So this is the new star!" he announced with a sly smile. "I'm Leo. But off-screen, it's Chris." She held out her hand and simply said, "Candy.

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Nice to meet your acquaintance." Kate didn't know where the self assurance came from. It shocked her to say the least. He pulled her onto the set and talked her through the scene. "We can improvise our lines, Candy. Basically we are hot and heavy for each other.

Kissing, hugging, groping on our way in through the door. But my cousin, Derek wants to somehow get a piece of you for himself. Eventually he convinces me that you want him to join us. And a word to the wise, ignore the cameras. Act like it is you and I, alone in a room." "It is just us in a room, Rocco." She cooed seductively.

He walked through the doorway with her in tow and waited for the camera guy to call a take. "And, take" he shouted from offscreen. japanese son fucking sleeping mom, Leo.

I can't wait to get you down on your couch and finally get out of these clothes." "Melissa, I would like nothing more than to give you a tour of my house. How much of it can be seen from your knees anyways?" "Enough.

Open the door.

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I can't wait any longer." It swung after some fumbling and let them inside. He shut it and cradled her face in his hands. She sensed a telltale trickle of her juices down the insides of her thighs and swirled her tongue with his expertly.

Leo slipped his hands beneath the fabric of her improvised miniskirt and couldn't feel anything underneath it. "You are a dirty little slut!" he moaned in her ear, then knelt in front of her. His tongue licked the insides of her thighs and she spread them wide. "Oh, Leo! Yes! Lick my cunny! Oh baby, yes!" She writhed for the cameras and felt him really going to town on her.

"So wet and tastes so good!" he mumbled. The cameras still filmed but this scene would later make the cutting room floor. Everyone knows that porn stars, especially the males aren't supposed to actually please their costars. She winced as he entered her soaked pussy with one smooth thrust. Her legs were in the air already and Leo pounded her with everything he had. Their loins slapped noisily like a busty big booty milf fucks continue on mypornox com motion clap, filling the room and the overhanging microphones with evidence of how soaked she was.

"Leo! Oh god! Mmmm" Candy shuddered against her better judgment and came all over his cock. He never let up. His shaft disappeared inside, withdrew and slipped right back repeatedly as the cameras zoomed in closer.

"She actually came", Kate overheard one of the guys brag. They watched how her asshole continually clenched tight and saw another fountain squirt out of her urethra. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Deeper!" she begged without an ounce of self consciousness. He couldn't hold back and shot a copious load inside of her, not having worn a condom. "Shit!" he said as his eyes rolled in his head. Candy retained her composure and sighed contentedly. He withdrew as Derek came into the shot. "What do you say the three of us have a little fun?" he joked and gave her the eye.

"Huh? A game of hide the sausage? Pump the pepperoni? Swallow the sausage? Huh? Leo? Come on! I have needs too!" The scene broke and Candy brought Leo off the set. "Did you shoot your load inside me?" she whispered. He was about to apologize when she interrupted him. "I've never squirted before tonight. You must know what you're doing because I've also never had an orgasm. I keep getting to that point where I think I'm gonna pee and stop because I think I might pee." Leo hugged her.

"If you are pregnant, I'll gladly help raise him or her up the best way I can. Far from this institution and I will break free myself." "So, what's left of the scene?" Leo elaborated but stopped and said "basically it involves a DP." "Let's go back in there, my stallion!" she said into his ear.

They emerged from the doorway just as the director took his seat. "Take it from Derek entering the scene. And action!" "Needs?" Leo started in on him.

"You're a pervert. Nothing you need can't be taken care of with your hand and a bottle of lotion." "Hey! That's no way to treat your cousin.

Look, I just want a little pussy and after that I will leave the two of you alone." Candy looked between the two of them and smiled her widest of the last twenty four hours.

"Come and get it. Derek, get on the couch before I change my mind." The scene ended for a lunch break, after which the actors returned to complete an additional dozen scenes. It filled her list except for one line. "Gang bang" Candy had shot three days worth of filming in four hours and every orifice hurt, especially her ass which had been used by two well hung studs.

They drilled her for a good fifteen minutes each before they erupted with seed. Leo waited in the wings and made sure his favorite costar survived the ordeal. "How are you holding up?" "I'm in pain. There must be a way to get a basin full of ice so I can sit in it." She asked him sincerely. "One more scene and they'll pay you in full. All you need to do is get the camera-guys off.

They don't have to fuck you, just do a round robin. I'll make sure they value it. I hope you're getting more than a couple thousand for this." He awesome blonde gives footjobs to vibrator masturbation and foot fetish between them as she lowered herself into the ice. "Ten grand. It is enough to get me and my brother safe.

That is all I'm worried about." Leo nodded and talked to the director, who agreed to the terms with Kate in the beginning.

He walked over and signed his name next to a printed statement that he would value a one woman, four guy sick off in place of the gang bang. No one expected Candy to film a marathon during her first night. She pushed some of the ice cubes inside of herself and beckoned the camera guys over.

"Let's get this over with." "And.action!" One of the guys pulled down his pants and revealed a grossly large cock. "Okay Candy, I want to be first." She smiled and sucked him into her throat, half of it choked her. He pushed the back of her head closer and tried to force it down. Leo saw her choking but did nothing. She pushed him back and another guy used her mouth. Another one pulled her face over to him, thrusting his cock down her throat in one go.

They didn't care about how harshly she gagged and struggled to breathe. It was the conclusion to one of his biggest films, a collection of vignettes and a new scene touted to be one of the hardest, boundary pushing acts of sexual depravity yet. Candy crawled away from them with the cameras filming. The guy that tried to suffocate her with his cock pulled her by the ankles back to their makeshift circle.

"Oh no, you aren't getting away that easily!" He knelt down between her splayed legs and pushed his cock inside of her ice cube inundated cunt. "You sure are a weird one," he growled, "ice cubes in your pussy?

fucking slut!" Of course, the cheesy elevator music would drown out any screams of protest and insults by either cameramen or directors. He drove himself all the way and another guy laid down beneath her. His cock sought her abused asshole and plunged deep. Both of them rammed their large extremities into her petite five foot tall body, with holes that were equally tight to match. She sobbed as the abuse went on for over an hour.

Neither guy could cum and raped her harder. A third guy straddled her chest and pressed the nearly flat mounds of her breasts together. They were nowhere near as big as most porn stars and he grew frustrated quickly. His cock plugged her mouth, slid into her airway and stayed there until one of the guys erupted as in her exasperation, she tensed up around both guys.

The one inside of her pussy continued to ravage her brutally. Her throat and pussy relentlessly received cock after cock over the course of three hours, all while being filmed in high definition. Candy lost consciousness halfway through and woke up in a puddle of cum, blood and her own juices. Leo was crying and showed her that the director had paid her twenty grand. Everyone else was gone from the set except Wendy.

"Get dressed, Can. This place is about to be swarmed by the police in fifteen minutes. I brought Kyle to the taxi. Get out there, now!" Leo followed her once she'd managed to dress and sat in the backseat. "What are you doing here?" she wondered and hoped the searing pain would cease. "I'm making sure you are alright." "Don't worry about me. You did nothing to stop it and that makes you no better than them." The taxi drove into summer brielle and phoenix marie in my cresting sun and ended up at a refuge somewhere in upstate Nevada, where Kate would receive medical attention.

Her brother and her finally might be free of their stepfather but now millions of guys would have her likeness on video. After having been bandaged up, Kate turned on the television. "A few hours ago, a car propelled itself off the side of a road and down an embankment. The occupants of the car were dead on impact and bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob had been in their car is too badly burned to recognize, along with their bodies.

The occupants were believed to be a fugitive smut director named Chauncy Derden, and four of his cameramen.

They escaped the Nevada penitentaries, weaseled their way out of court, and even sidestepped their way around the police force.

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But there was no way they could cheat death." The announcer paused and read off a page handed to him. "This just in, Kate Dresdin has been found badly beaten and dead, lying in a ditch just outside of her hometown." "That's supposed to be me!" she whispered with Derek sitting beside her in bed.

"There are no witnesses, but the family is severely distraught. No word on the location of her brother but he is presumed to have met the same fate." She pushed the power button on her remote and drifted off to dreamland, reveling in the permeating narcotic in her bloodstream.