Real drunk wife tricked intthreesome

Real drunk wife tricked intthreesome
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Someone commented that my last was "Too fictional". Maybe that is why I labeled it as fiction. Mark was working in the back yard, building a picnic table and happened to look up to the living room window. He saw Sharon and another girl looking out. They seemed to be watching him.

He didn't think much about it until later when he noticed they were still there. As noon approached, Mark came back inside and was washing up and getting ready for lunch.

When Mark walked into the kitchen, Sharon asked what he pick up first time anal hi slut like to eat. "I think I would like a sandwich and maybe a bowl of soup if it's not too much trouble." Sharon said, "No trouble at all. Let me get that for you. Go ahead and sit down and rest while I fix it." Sharon began to fix his lunch and she introduced him to her friend. "This is Marsha. She lives just up the street.

Marsha, this is Mark, he is our live-in handyman. He is also a lot more than just that. He is a very special friend." "I am glad to meet you Curvy maid michelle martinez bends over and gets fucked. You are the first friend of Sharon's that I have met." "Hi Mark, Sharon has told me a lot about you.

I am glad that I finally get to meet you." "Just what has Sharon told you about me?" Mark started to get a little nervous. He wasn't sure that the things that happened in this house should become public knowledge. "She just said that you are a very nice person and you help her with her problems. She said that you are a very good teacher." Mark looked over at Sharon and she smiled and winked at him.

He had the feeling that she was up to something. He had seen that look in her eyes before. When his lunch was ready, the girls joined him and while they ate they visited with him and talked between themselves. Mark learned that Marsha was 16 and she had a brother that was 14. He sensed that the two didn't exactly get along all the time. Their parents were away from home often, working late.

Sharon asked, "Mark, are you going to be busy this afternoon?" "Well, I have things to do but nothing that is a high priority. Why, is there something you need?" "I just thought that maybe we could come up to your room and talk for a while." Mark sensed that there was more than just idle talk involved and Sharon seemed to be serious about her request. "Okay, give me about an hour to get my tools put away and get a shower and meet me in my room." Mark went to take care of cleaning up his project and storing his tools and then he went to have his shower.

He wondered what the problem might be. He was certain it had something to do with Marsha. As he finished his shower, he slipped on a pair of loose trousers that he wore to lounge around in and a tee shirt.

Soon there was a knock at his door. "Come on in girls. Have a seat. "The girls sat on the sofa and mark sat in a chair across from them. "What did you want to talk about?" Sharon said, "Marsha has a problem and she is afraid.

You are really good at fixing things so maybe you can help her?" "Well, Marsha, what kind of problem do you have and why are you afraid? Is someone trying to hurt you?" Marsha looked over to Sharon and Sharon said, "Go ahead and tell him." "Not exactly, my brother is 14 but he is bigger than me.

He bullies me and he found out that my mom had me put on the pill when I was 14, he started to take advantage of me. At first, he would just walk in to my room without knocking and then he started to come in while I was taking a bath or shower. A few months ago he decided he wanted to fuck me. I couldn't stop him and now he just does it whenever he wants.

He is kind of rough and it only takes a few minutes. He just pushes me down and sticks his dick in me. He pumps a few times and cums in me and then he leaves. He thinks it's funny." "Have you told your parents?" "I can't, he has pictures of me with my boyfriend. He said that if I tell, he will show them to mom and dad and send them to all of his friends." "What do you think I can do for you?" "I love my brother, even though he does that. I don't even mind that he wants to fuck me. My problem is that he doesn't care if I get to cum too.

He just wants to get his. I don't even know if I can cum. I have never had an orgasm, even when I play with myself. I'm afraid there might be something wrong with me.

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I get all tingly and I get wet, but then nothing happens." "Maybe I can help some. Sharon, would you give Marsha and me some private time for a while?" "Okay mark, I knew you would help if you could." Sharon left the room and went back to the main house. Mark moved to the sofa to sit by Marsha. "Marsha, the first part of the problem we need to work on is your orgasm. In order for me to know why you aren't having one, I have to see what you are doing when you masturbate. Maybe I can give you some pointers.

Is that okay with you?" "Sharon said I can trust you and that you won't hurt me. I want to do whatever you say. It can't be worse than what I have now." "Okay, then I need for you to take your clothes off and show me how you masturbate.

I won't do anything you don't want me to do and if at any time you want to stop, just tell me and we will stop. Is that okay with you?" "Okay Mark." With that, Marsha stood up and began to remove her clothes. Marsha was about 5'4" tall and she had B cup breasts that stood out firm and proud. Her areolas were quarter sized and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. She had slender hips and a well groomed pussy, trimmed down to a short landing strip.

Her skin was silky smooth and she had tan lines where her bikini covered her. Her ass was high and tight, the kind that made you want to grab on and squeeze. She was a walking dream. She blushed as she watched Mark examining her body.

She noticed that there was a growing lump in his pants. "What do you want me to do now?" "Sit down here and spread your legs apart. Show me how you play with yourself." Marsha put her hand between her legs and began to rub her palm up and down her slit. She started to get wet and some of that moisture was picked up by her hand. She rubbed faster and faster but she didn't seem to be making progress. "Stop for a minute, let me help you. Mark took her hand and covered it with his. He pushed her finger down to the wet spot by her hole.

He had her gather up juice on her finger and then slide it up along her slit. He repeated this several times saying, "Does that feel better?" "Yea, that is a little better." Mark again moved sex xredwap com download film hot hand to gather her growing wetness but this time he brought her fingers up to slide on either side of her clit.

Just let your fingers rub softly against your clit and keep it as wet as you can." At this point, Mark released her hand and let her continue on her own. "Now, take your other hand and put your finger into your pussy. Slide it in and out and move it all around inside yourself." Mark sat back and watched as Marsha began to show more signs of arousal. Her hands began moving faster and her nipples were popping out and getting as hard as marbles.

Marsha threw her head back and her hips started to move and hump against her hands. Her breathing became more rapid and soon, she cried out in a wordless scream as she squirted her cum all over her hands and onto the floor. She came for several seconds and as she started to recover, she had not stopped moving her fingers that were still pumping in and out of her flooded pussy. A second orgasm overcame her and a third before she collapsed against the back of the sofa.

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Mark helped her lay down on the sofa and he pulled a blanket over her as she drifted off to sleep. About a half hour later, she awoke and saw that Mark was once again sitting in the chair across from her, watching as she slept. "Hi Mark", she muttered. "How long did I sleep?" "Not long, maybe a half hour. How do you feel?" Marsha sat up and pulled the blanket up around her.

"I feel really great. I guess I can have an orgasm after all. That was even better than I imagined. No wonder other people do it all the time. Thank you for teaching me." "The pleasure was all mine." "The pleasure couldn't be yours.

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I was the one that skin diamond is longing for an ass drill the orgasms. You should have one too. It's only fair." "You don't have to worry about me, I am okay. I am just happy that we got one of your problems solved." "But I really want to repay you." She stood up and walked over to Mark. As she stood in front of him, she dropped the blanket and crawled up onto his lap. "Will you let me make you feel good too?" "Now, I can resist anything but temptation." He picked Marsha up and carried her small warm body to his bed.

"You never got to have an orgasm while someone was fucking you so let's take care of that right now." He laid her down on his bed and stripped his shirt over his head. He unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. Marsha got her first view of his 7" erection. She said, "My brother's isn't nearly as big as yours. Will it fit?" "Don't worry sweetheart, your sweet little pussy will love this one." Mark lay down beside Marsha and let his eyes take in her delicate beauty.

He brushed his hand across her breasts and cupped one in his palm. He gently squeezed and plucked at her nipple with his finger and thumb. He leaned down and took the nipple of the other breast between his lips and sucked it until it was so hard he thought it might pop.

He flicked the nipple with his tongue and kissed all around her breast, making sure that both breasts got equal attention. Mark kissed Marsha's lips and lit his tongue slip between her lips to play tag with her tongue. He kissed and fondled her bringing up her arousal state until she was begging to be fucked.

Mark leaned up and moved down between her legs and spread her thighs apart to look at her beautiful pussy. Her outer lips were reddened and puffy, exposing her pink wet inner lips. He dipped his head down and licked her slit from bottom to top, capturing the sweet juices that were flowing from her. He sucked at her lips and drove his tongue deep into her cunt.

His fingers played a symphony on her clit and Marsha climbed the ladder of passion until with a giant burst, she squirted her cum across his face and he moved to swallow as much as he could. He sucked and lapped at her cunt as she pinned his head between her thighs and pulled his head against her pussy with both hands. She cried out a wordless scream as her hips lifted both of them above the bed. When she finally collapsed back to earth, Mark moved up her body and immediately pushed his raging cock as deep into her cunt as he could.

Marsha again began to experience another orgasm and she squirted another dose of her cum across Mark's belly. Mark continued to plunge in and out of her writhing body as she had multiple orgasms that squeezed his cock so hard, that he was barely able to move.

He pushed as deep as he could and unloaded stream after stream of his cum into her cunt, filling her full and overflowing. As they both finally collapsed in exhaustion, Marsha finally knew what it was like to be thoroughly fucked. They fell asleep and about an hour later, they were awakened by a knock on the door. Sharon stuck her head in and asked, "Are you two okay? I was beginning to be worried. You have been up here a long time." Marsha sat up and motioned for Sharon to come in and said, "We are more than all right.

You were right; Mark is a very good teacher. I'm not sure I can walk but I wouldn't mind staying right where I am." "Well, you had better get cleaned up. It's getting late and mom will be home soon. I don't think I want to explain this to her just yet." Marsha and Mark got out of bed and he ushered her into the shower.

They cleaned each other and tried to refrain from doing too much playing so Marsha would be able to get dressed and leave. She kissed Mark goodbye as she left. He asked if she could come back the next day and he would think about her other problem with her brother. She agreed to come back and kissed him again as she left.

Mark gave a great deal of thought to Marsha's problem. He decided the best way was to re-educate the brother. He was young and impulsive. He had no clue about how to please anyone but himself.

Mark got together some supplies and created a plan to tame the wild child. The next day when Sharon brought Marsha back, he gave her the items she would need and explained the plan to her. He went over the devices so she would know how to go about using them and she was now ready to take on the problem herself.

To show their gratitude for his help, Sharon and Marsha decided that Mark deserved a reward. They pushed hot russian natasha entertained before hard fuck down on his bed and stripped off his clothes. With one on each side of him, they proceeded to bring his cock to full erection. Sharon began licking the head of his cock as she softly stroked the shaft with her hand.

Lilly jordan lavishes her man with a sloppy blowjob moved to pull his legs apart to give her room to lick and suck on his balls. She sucked the balls into her mouth and red and blonde lesbos have a massage them in her palm.

Sharon began to pump his cock deep into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue up and down his shaft. She sat up as Marsha took her turn to swallow a good portion of his 7" wonder into her throat. She bobbed up and down and stopped only long enough to lick the sides of his shaft and swirl her tongue around the head.

While she was busy with that, Sharon put her knees beside his head and dropped her pussy to his waiting mouth. He slurped and sucked at her pussy, letting his tongue tease her clit. He pushed his tongue into her cunt and lapped her juices down his throat. Soon, the girls traded places as Marsha rode his face, Sharon deep throated his cock, getting almost all of it into her mouth.

Mark knew that with a little more practice, she would soon be able to take the entire 7" down her throat. The girls worked his tongue and his cock until he was ready to explode and when they thought he was close, they stopped long enough for him to recover.

After doing this a few times, Sharon sat on his face and Marsha sat on his cock. They both went wild on him and Sharon was the first to cum, flooding his face with her juices. This triggered Marks orgasm and he blasted load after load into Marsha's cunt. This pushed Marsha over the edge and she squirted her cum across marks stomach and drenched his bed. The girls fell away from Mark and laughed as they looked back at Mark who was totally exhausted and coated with girl cum from his face to his balls.

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Mark joined the laughter as he watched them enjoying themselves. After all, Sex was supposed to be fun. The next morning, Marsha awoke early. Her parents were just leaving for the day and would not be back until later in the evening. Marsha quietly gathered her supplies and crept into her brother's room.

He was sprawled on his back and she knew he adriana chechik anal sex with big black cock a sound sleeper. Marsha prepared the restraints that mark had prepared for her. She slipped one around each of her brother's wrists and ran them around the posts at the head of his bed. She did the same to his feet as she lifted the covers off. The restraints could be tightened from the bed post so the ropes could stay slack until she was ready.

She first drew the leg restraints tight and then she stretched his arms with the rope. At first, his arms moved easily but as she got the first one secure, He began to wake up. She hurried to the other side of the bed and pulled the other arm tight just in time as he became aware of what was happening. Now fully awake, Bobby threatened her. "Let me loose or I will beat your ass bloody!" "You aren't going to do anything except what I tell you to do.

As of now, you are mine to do with as I please." Marsha pulled all of the covers from the bed and Bobby lay there in only his underwear. Marsha crawled on top of her brother and straddled his hips. She grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze.

Bobby pulled wild beautiful babe got her pussy and ass lick and fuck struggled to try to get away but he was truly helpless. "What are you doing? Why did you tie me up?" "I am going to teach you how it feels to be sunny leone taking big cocks like you use me.

You just push me down and stick your dick in me and you don't care what happens to me. Today, I am in charge." She facial cum went up in her eye a pair of scissors she had handy and began to cut his under wear off his body. "If you piss me off, I might even cut off more than your underwear with these things." Bobby lay there completely exposed.

Marsha again straddled his hips and took hold of his cock. She began to rub it and stroke it until it was erect. She stood over him and dropped her pajamas until she was naked above him. She dropped back and pushing his cock up against his stomach, she sat on it and let her pussy lips slide back and forth coating it with her juices.

When his breathing started to increase, she moved off him before he could cum. She Took a large rubber band and snapped his cock, making him cry out. She snapped him several more times until his erection was gone.

She then started to stimulate him again, bringing him to the brink of an orgasm and she snapped him again. Marsha began to lower her head to his groin and softly blow on his cock.

As it began to swell, she licked it and sucked the head into her mouth. She dropped her head down and took his full length into her and then drew back. She started talking to him in a soft gentle voice. You always want to fuck me to make yourself feel good. Your mistake is that you don't know how to do it properly. You have to learn that if you take your time and let me help you, it can be a lot of fun for both of us.

If you don't learn your lesson today, I have a lot of other ways to teach you that are not nearly so pleasant. Now, I am going to teach you a way to make me very happy and if I am happy ,I will be more willing to make you happy.

Now I am going to put my pussy in your face. You are going to lick my cunt and suck on my clit until I cum. If you resist, I will make you very sorry. I hear that a boy's nuts are very tender. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded. Is that clear?" "You want me to lick your cunt? That sounds nasty." "The choice is yours, how do you want this day to go? It can be a lot of fun or it can go very bad for you. Your choice." With that, she turned and dropped her pussy to his face.

At first, Bobby did nothing. She rubbed her cunt on his lips and pushed it over his face He had trouble breathing and soon he stuck his tongue out. He began to lick at her lips and as he got used to the idea and realized that pussy tasted pretty good, he started to get into it. He began to experimentsucking at her lips and up to her clit.

He began to suck at the little schoolgirl riley reid sucks on tutors huge cock, coaxing it out of it's sheath.

The more he licked and sucked, he more Marsha moaned and encouraged him. She moved to place her cunt hole directly over his mouth and he found that if he pushed his tongue into her hole, he was rewarded by more of her tasty girl juice. Marsha got more and more aroused until she came all over his face, screaming her pleasure at the top of her lungs. As she completed, she moved off his face and rewarded him with a soft kiss that soon became more heated.

She licked at his lips until he opened his mouth. She let her tongue wrestle with his for several minutes. When she sat up, she looked down into his eyes and said, "Now, wasn't that a lot nicer than the violent rape you are used to? Bobby, I love my brother and I don't want to be at war with you, but I do expect you to respect me. Now, here is where life starts to get better for you." Marsha moved down and wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking it gently and spreading his pre-cum around the head and shaft.

She lowered her lips to him and took him into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down the shaft and lick it all over.

She sat up and said I want you to let me know when you are getting close to cumming. The idea is to make this last as long as possible. The longer it lasts, the more fun and sex is supposed to be about fun, not punishment or dominance. Is that clear? "Yes, can you just make me cum now?" "Patience, this is about you learning control. If you aren't learning, I will be forced to do very bad things to you.

Even if you get loose, you can't stay awake forever. If you do learn, then we can have fun together for years." Marsha moved to straddle his hips again and she stroked his cock for a few minutes. Soon she lifted her hips and sat down, burying his cock into her cunt. She began to rock back and forth and in circles.

She raised her hips letting him slide out and then dropped down again. "Don't forget to warn me before you cum baby, I want to take good care of you." Marsha bounced up and down and placed her hands on his chest. She leaned down so her breasts rubbed on his chest and kissed him deeply.

He soon was moving with her rhythm and he even warned her when he was getting close. She lifted off him and squeezed the base of his cock to delay his orgasm. When the feeling passed, she remounted him and once again moved back and forth on his cock.

"Just think how much better it would be if your hands and feet were free. You could play with my tits and rub my clit. We could do it doggy style or any of several other positions. We could take showers together and you could hold my head while I gave you a blow job.

It could be so much fun if you only cared for me." Marsha looked down into Bobbies face and saw tears welling up in his eyes. "I'm sorry Marsha, I never knew I was hurting you. I thought it was just a game. I won't ever do it again, I promise." Marsha leaned down and kissed away his tears and lay against his chest. She sat back up and started to move again. Bobby said, "Sis, I'm getting ready to cum." She i had sex with fat girl while husband sleeps up and said you can cum in me now little brother.

I want you to cum in me. With that, his cock exploded with spurt after spurt gushing into her cunt, triggering her orgasm and she also released several streams of cum all over bobby's stomach. They came together for the first time and Marsha knew that it wouldn't be for the last. When Marsha had recovered enough, she dismounted from her brother and released the bonds that brunette masturbating on webcam fingering and mature him.

He got up from the bed and gave his sister a big hug and looking into her eyes he asked, "Can we really take a shower together? I think I really need one now." Marsha laughed and led him to the shower where they played until the hot water ran out.

Life was a lot better in their house from then on. Sharon got a phone call later that evening and she hurried to give the good news to Mark that his plan had worked and the thoughtless brat was now a generous lover.