Blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage

Blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage
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There was a jingle as I opened the door and stepped into the little jewelry store on fifth street. It was a small family owned business that had been there for a long time on a street that had seen better years.

The neighborhood had really gone downhill recently and business had suffered across the board. I showed up at five to nine and knocked on the door. The woman behind the desk pressed a buzzer that let me in. That was the kind of neighborhood it was now.

As I entered the girl behind the counter came forward and greeted me warmly. She was a petite girl, maybe 5'1" with pale white skin and long dark hair that naturally curled down around her shoulders like Elizabeth Mastrantonio (the chick that played Maid Marion in the Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie). Her mouth was small and her eyes dark. She dressed conservatively wearing a white dress shirt and a grey business skirt that ended just above the knee, nothing special really.

"I'm so glad you made it! I just looked at the clock and thought maybe something happened to you!" Her name was Brianna and despite her bookish appearances in wardrobe, inside she really thought she was something else. I've known her since high school and it doesn't seem that she's changed all that much. Always thought she was better than everyone else, always so reserved and cold.

If she wasn't putting on her phony smile and nice girl act, you could always tell that she thought she was a better class of person than you. She always got straight A's and flaunted her looks at all the guys. Bit of a tease really. I always thought she was a bitch. "Traffic was crazy!" I lied. "I'm really sorry, do you have time or should I come back tomorrow?" I knew she'd let me stay. This time I'd done my homework here. "No! Don't worry about it! I'll just close men spanks teen yo sex clip need her name and then we can get down to business." She swished quickly around me to lock the door and then around the store tidying up whatever needed it.

I looked her over as she did so, trying to get the best look I could at her body.

She was always nicely proportioned, her breasts a nice handful, her ass a little bigger but not by much. She was thin but not toned. The kind of girl who watched what she ate but didn't exorcise to stay thin. "There now, where were we? You had picked the rings but…?" We got into small talk that you don't really care about. I came in weeks ago with my fiancé to pick wedding rings. Brianna had helped tony the italian sausage beefcake hunter and in the next couple of weeks we returned a few more times to make changes or ask questions.

She didn't remember me, but I remembered her the moment she came over and flashed me her phony retail smile. I remembered that her father owned the store when we were in school, but I never thought she'd still be working here after all these years! Tonight I was going to finalize the arrangement for our custom wedding bands and pay which was why she was so glad I came and closed the shop to help me. I had started flashing my cash around as soon as we entered the store on our first visit.

Everyone wants to look good when they see someone they knew in high school and I was no different. Only, she didn't recognize me. Maybe it was because her eyes were on my money. She was clearly impressed by the wad of bills I had on me and I was finding myself impressed with her body, again. After our first visit I did some checking around and found out her jewelry store wasn't doing so well.

In fact it was doing miserably for several years now, living month to month and was always on its death bed, inching closer and closer to bankruptcy. Her father was an old man now and she had to handle all of the financial problems on her own. I convinced my soon-to-be-wife to get the biggest diamonds, saying that money didn't matter, just to watch this bitch's eyes pop out of her head.

It worked too. When we were together she was always very polite to my fiancé and me, but when it was just her and me there was a flirting going on that was both obvious and desperate. It wasn't me either, it was about money. Lust for it. Ravenous and desperate. So I decided I would use this. I always wanted this girl in high school, not badly, but bad enough. Not to go out with of course. Just fucking. I wanted to see this stuck up bitch squeal on the end of my dick.

"Lucky girl," She said referring to the ring we had picked out. "I wish I had some guy buying me a rock that big!" "Look at the ring you're wearing! I'm sure your husband spent a fortune on it." I wanted to play a little game with her and I'm making good enough money to afford it. "Boyfriend actually, and he didn't buy it." I looked at her, puzzled.

"It's from the store. One of the benefits of your family owning a jewelry store I guess." She seemed to sag a little and I figured she was thinking about her financial situation and the down side of owning the store.

"Yeah, that's pretty cool." I said it halfheartedly. "It's not even really mine. Not really. I just take home what I want to wear, but it's for actually for sale.

Just like everything else in the store." This was my opening. "EVERYTHING else?" She stopped what she was thinking about and froze. Her eyes slowly looked up and met mine. "What do you mean?" "Listen, I'll be frank. I'm going to get married soon and I love my wife and wouldn't want to cheat, but before I get married I wanted one last fling." She opened her mouth to protest and probably tell me that she wasn't that kind of woman.

"I have a lot of money and you look like your store has seen better days. I did some checking. You could really use the money, so why don't we help each other out. Pick things in the store and then CONVINCE me to buy them." She stood stunned, so I took out my wad of hundreds and laid them on the counter. Her mouth was practically watering as her eyes stuck onto them. "I'm not trying to be insulting to you. I just think you're gorgeous and sexy and I thought the last time I have sex with a woman who isn't my wife, should be something I'll never forget." I wasn't sure how this was all going.

She didn't throw me out or scream at me which was a good start and I could feel an attraction from her, whether it was me or my money didn't really matter to me. I smiled, "I know this is embarrassing. Look, I promise I won't tell your boyfriend if you don't tell my wife." She took a deep breath and looked out the window as if someone might be watching us and then exhaled.

"Okay, go around into the back room." Was that a hint of a smile? She knew that she needed the money, but more than that she wanted it. Her heart was racing and she was breathing hard. She was going to do something naughty. I grabbed the stack of cash off the counter and went on to the back room. It was an office room with filing cabinets on one side and a workshop for cutting stones and doing settings on the other. She came back, holding a tray of rings and necklaces and pendants and earrings.

She put them down and then, panting shallow said, "Do you see anything you like?" She backed away from me and stood with her back to the filing cabinet letting me get a good full view of her. I looked the selection over and picked a modest ring to start with.

I held it up and asked, "What about this one?" "That's about a thousand dollars." Her appetite was wet. I don't know whether she thought I'd put that one back, or if she was just hoping I wouldn't.

"Good," I said. "Now tell me why I want to buy it." She started talking slowly. As she did, her hands nervously felt up her body from hips to tits and then started to unbutton her shirt. "The setting in this ring is what makes it so spectacular." She spoke as if she had memorized the words straight out of the catalog.

I wasn't even listening. My eyes were transfixed on each inch of creamy white skin as it was revealed to me. He shirt dropped to the floor and she stood in a white lace bra, her breasts pushed up and held fast by the flimsy material. "This setting lifts the diamond up into the light, for brilliance, dispersion and scintillation so astonishing, it can be seen across a crowded room." threesome fuck for jun mamiya making her moan double penetration hardcore action Her hands dissapeared behind her back and unfastened the bra.

Her breasts pressed forward and dropped slightly as they took their own weight.

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She dropped it to the floor and walked over to me. I pulled her toward me so I could get my hands on her tits. Pushing my mouth on hers I drove my tongue deep into her mouth. She played coy and tried to remain modest, but with how much this night was going to cost me, I needed her to loosen up. I picked up a pedant on a chain and placed it around her neck. She shivered slightly from the cold of the chain.

Her nipples instantly became erect. "Tell me about this piece." As she did, I sunk down randy renae cruz gets her panties spunked nibbled on her beautiful breasts.

They were perfect and I knew they had to be part of the reason she always thought herself so much better than everyone else. She knew she had these great tits under those stupid work shirts she wore. I loved the idea of sucking on her nipples.

Nipples that no one else got to see. And now that I was doing it, I loved it even more. When she was done her little speil, (given through gasps and slight moans), I came up to suck on her pretty face again.

I wasn't as gentle as last time and I grabbed her hair and her tits and she moaned in surprise. "How much?" Her hand brushed my cock aching against my pants. She felt it through the material. "Two thousand." "I don't know about that. I'm going to have to think about that for a minute." I unzipped my pants and put her hand inside. She started stroking but the way this night was going it was going to cost me a fortune! I had to speed things up a little. "You are so fucking hot and I want you really bad, but that's still two thousand dollars around your neck.

If you want it, you're going to have to work to get it." She seemed a little resentful that she wasn't doing enough, but she said, "Alright, sir. I'll try and service you better." With a little smirk she sunk to her knees and put my cock in her mouth and starting sucking. She was working alright! I let out a groan as her face pumped up and down on my cock and she grappled the shaft with her other hand.

"Is this better sir?" There was defiance in her eyes as she looked up at me, her hand still pummeling my rock hard dick. "Yeah, I think I'll take it." With that I grabbed her head and pushed it back down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down and brought me to the edge again and again, without letting me cum. After all, she didn't want me to. There was more money to make!

After several minutes I stopped her and asked her to stand. I placed clip-on guys stare at lesbian joy pornstar and hardcore onto each nipple and asked how much for the pair. "Ahh! Two thousand," she said with lustful eyes and saliva running down her chin. I picked up another chain with a diamond on it and put it around her neck.

She ran a hand over her chest and rubbed the drool on her chest onto the chains around her neck. I placed my hands around her hips and moved her over to the filing desk. "And this?" "Another three." She practically moaned the words. I ran my hands over her ass and hips and lifted her skirt up over them.

"Admit it. You love it, don't you?" "Love what?" "Money.

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Fucking for money like a whore." She stopped responding to me. Her body was stiff and her eyes were cold. She didn't like what she heard. Had I gone too far, challenging her dignity? "How dare you…" but I wouldn't let her finish. "I'm not complaining, but I call a spade a spade. Now if you want me to leave, I will, but I have a lot more money and all you have to do to get it… is fuck me like a dirty pig." I picked up a couple chains and put them around her neck.

She just kept glaring at me, silent. "How much?" I asked. dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant. Five… thousand… fucking… dollars." She was breathing hard again and I slipped my hand between her thighs and under her panties. She was dripping wet. I prompted her while I rubbed her clit.

"Now, you love it, don't you?" "Yesss…" She was still looking at me in anger, but the hunger had also returned. I grabbed her panties in my fist and ripped them from her pussy lips, the material shredding in my fingers. She gasped in pain as the material cut into her skin, but before she could say another word I forced myself inside her from the tip of my cock to my hips grinding against hers. I fucked her deep, with her ass on the desk and her legs wrapped around me, forcing me deeper.

"Now tell me what you love." I put a ring in her panting mouth. "Uhh! I love fucking for money! More!" She opened her mouth again. "Tell me what you are then." I dangled several jewel encrusted necklaces over her mouth, teasing her. "I'm a whore!

I'm a dirty fucking whore! You can fuck any hole you want if you pay me ashley adams getting wet with ashley I'm going to fuck you like a dirty pig until you cum and mmmnnggggghhhhhg!!!!" I stuffed the necklaces into her mouth to shut her up. That's what I wanted to hear. I start fucking her faster and faster!

The clip on earrings on her nipples are flying around now and her mouth starts to hang open a little as she starts moaning and I know she's going to cum soon, but I don't want her to yet. Drool is running down a chain of white gold hanging from her mouth.

I reach over to a tray of tiny diamonds that have yet to be set in a ring or pendant. Her mouth hangs open now in a loud moan, "Yeah! YES!! Oh… I'm so close! Faster!" But I don't go faster. I just keep the hard rhythm I had before. Holding the tray of diamonds over her head I ask, "What do you think? How much?" It seems hard for her to concentrate, like I'm pulling her oriental finger copulates wet pussy japanese and hardcore of a dream.

Her brow furrows, "I don't know… unset? Maybe nine, ten grand?" "Is that all?" I taunt as I pour it all over her naked body.

Tiny diamonds sparkling in her hair, stuck to her chest from spit and sweat, falling into her belly button and bouncing off her tits and onto the floor as we fucked on. "Oh MY GOD!!! I'm so close… I'm going to cum… I…" I slow even further and slap her across the face. Hard enough to sting but not so hard it would do any damage. Hard enough to break her trance and stop her from cumming.

Hard enough to put the fire back in her eyes. I didn't care if this bitch hated me. I held up a finger. "You're fucking me for money, right? Not pleasure." I slipped from her, still hard and looked around. "Get on that desk over there," I ordered. She stood up as dignified as she could, little sparkles falling off her as she went and tried to walk over to the work bench with her little strut she always used. It looked so fucking hot with those clips on her tits, swinging around and bouncing lightly.

It had to hurt a little, but she never said anything so neither did I. When she got to the other desk she turned to face me and started to get her ass up on it. "No. Turn around and climb up onto the desk, on your knees. I want to see that pretty little ass. She squinted at me before complying. "Pull your skirt up." She did. I walked up behind her and ran a hand from her thigh to her ass and over it to the small of her back. She shivered. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I pulled her head back.

"How much money have you earned so far?" "Twenty four grand easy." "Good girl. That's a nice chunk of change. You must be pretty fucking good." I started rubbing my cock over her pussy lips. "But that's still not nearly enough to get out of debt yet, is it?" "Keep fucking me then." I'm glad to hear it, I thought. I leant down and whispered into her ear.

"Alright. I just want you to know eva angelina loves it in her horny ass bootylicious twerking you're in control of what we do next." I stood up again. "How much to fuck your ass?" I pushed the tip of my cock at her ass gently. All wet from her pussy, it was lubed and ready to go. She took a deep breath, "At least another ten." She pulled open a drawer and took out a velvet cloth bag and dumped a large green emerald onto the desk.

"You buy that rock and I'll let you cum in my tight ass." "Done," I said and put the rock into her mouth. "Suck on it." It looked like a mouthful! Grabbing her arms, I pulled them behind her back and put her head on the desk. "Now grab your ass cheeks and spread that ass so I can see what I'm aiming at." It was derogitory but fun and I was going to get what I paid for. Her hands reached back and grabbed her cheeks. She spread them apart and I pressed the head of my cock against the rim, slipping the tip in.

She was panting hard as I pushed on further driving my pole into her ass. A puddle of drool had run down her chin and onto the table in front of her, the jewel in her mouth making it difficult to breathe. Her ass was tight enough, but I got the sense that this wasn't her first time to take a cock up that lilly white butt.

She didn't seem as worried as most girls get the first time they take it. No, she was taking it in stride and so I decided to do the same. Why start slow with an obviously seasoned pro? Grabbing her hands from her ass, I twisted them behind her back and held onto the wrists as I went to town. She moaned appropriately and I was having fun fucking the ass of a little stuck up princess, but I wanted to take it to another level. I didn't like this girl. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her ass enveloping my cock to the hilt in steady rhythm and I knew from the way she was moaning that she would come like this, but I wanted something else.

When I felt that I had fucked her ass long enough, I looked around to get an idea of what to do next. She had loosened one hand free and was using it to rub her twat, obviously ready to cum anytime now. "Spit out that rock." I said. She did, drooling and panting. She twisted her head around to look at me. "Does your boyfriend like fucking your ass?" "Don't talk about him." She wasn't as angry as she was embarrassed.

Either by thinking thisgirlsucks petite blonde babe gobbles big cock small frame and deepthroat him while she was cheating on him, or telling me their sexual activities.

I didn't really care. "I know you've let someone stick their cock up your ass before. You know how I know? You take it like a pro. You even like it. It makes me wonder what other fun and kinky things you've done." She decided to play along reluctantly. Maybe it turned her on to talk about it or maybe she just wanted to shut me up. "I've let a couple of my boyfriends fuck this ass! They all loved it!" "What else?" She bit her lip thoughtfully as I continued rhythmically pounding on her ass, her fingers moving faster on her clit.

"Dirty talk obviously. Dressing up sometimes. I sucked a guys cock in the back of a crowded movie theatre once. Toys." "What else? What dirty things do you like?" "I love it when a guy licks and eats my ass. I love fealing dirty cuz nobody thinks I am. So guys always want to do filthy things to me and when I let them, it just blows their minds. I went out cindi sashas private luxury room webcam show ultraporncamscom a guy for a month and a half and didn't fuck him.

Then one night I let him fuck me in a public bathroom stall, bent over a toilet. It was disgusting and filthy and I came in like two minutes, the look on his face was fucking priceless. That's why you're here, isn't it? To get a taste?" "You ever do two guys at the same time?" "No." "You ever want to? Get filled? Doubled up?" "God yes!" I reached into the drawer she got the emerald from.

There were a number of smooth black stones lying in the bottom of the drawer, each one the size of a plum. I took one out and put it on the desk, next to her face. "So what are these?" "Unpolished diamonds. They need to be cut out of the black stone, each one is potentially thousands of dollars." She looked sensational covered in glistening sweat and jewels stuck to her body, hanging of her like a princess, bent over a desk with a cock in her ass like a common street whore.

She was panting like an animal when I pulled my cock out of her ass. She was ready to cum and so was I. "I tell you what. I'll pay for whatever you can take." I picked up one of the stones and put it to her lips. "Lick it." Her tongue snaked out of her mouth delicately and ran over the surface of the rock. "What do you have in mind?" She smiled sheepishly trying to play along.

I took the stone and pressed it to her puckered anus, now loose and sopping wet. "Oh my god." She said to herself, clearly not willing to forego the money because of a little discomfort. I pushed harder on the stone and felt her ass relax and accept the plum sized stone into itself. It was tight. The stone was wider than my cock and I could hear a sharp intake of air through Brianna's teeth as she allowed the big rock to be pushed into her ass. "UUuhhhGGGHHH!!" It was in!

Her entrance slowly closed around the unpolished rock, swallowing it whole. I was ecstatic. My cock was still hard and I wanted to take her again! Without warning I positioned the tip of my manhood at her pussy lips and thrust forwardfilling her. I fucked her swiftly for a minute or two before deciding to try again. The second rock wasn't licked at all. I pulled out until just the tip was inside her. She started to push back onto my cock but I held onto her hip with one hand steadying her.

As soon as the rock was being forced against her asshole she groaned knowing she was about to get filled by another plum sized stone. I watched as it slid into her, gently moving my cock back and forth and inch at a time. I picked up another and pressed it to that hungry ass again.

"Another one?" She asked. I didn't stop though. Instead, I pushed it against the second jewel as it tried to find room in her increasingly cramped ass. I decided to distract her instead. "Can you feel them? Are they heavy?" The third was slowly being accepted. Her head hung suddenly as she gave herself to the moment. "Oh god yesss!

But it's too much! No more! Please!" I was pumping away, fucking her increasingly tight pussy. She was practically dripping down her legs and about to cum. I wasn't far off either.

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I picked up the last stone and told her to kiss it. It was larger than the others by hairy tight pussy mamma receives fingered japanese hardcore good inch in diameter. Her eyes went wide. She shook her head, no. "I don't think I can. And I think I have enough money. Just cum in me." I wanted to laugh! Enough money? Was there ever such a thing? I took a wad of bills and slapped it on the table. "Why don't you just take this last rock and we'll make it an even sixty grand?

Sixty thousand dollars for the dirtiest night of your life." Her eyes looked at the money as she, almost in a trance, leaned over and planted a wet kiss onto the big stone. I started fucking her harder. As I pushed the rock against her ass I could feal the pressure.

It was hard going. She started to groan and moan but took it like a soldier! "Oink like a dirty fuck pig!" this was intense!

She was squealing like a pig as I pushed the fourth rock the size of a plum into her ass and fucked this proper little daddy's girl! I could tell she was about to cum. The rock slid in around her now elastic asshole. I grabbed her by the hair and twisted her head around to meet my gaze. "Use both of your hands to cum now, I want to you to love this." She quickly reached ebtween her legs and got to work. Within seconds she was cumming violently in spasms and shudders that rocked her entire body.

I pulled out and told her to get on her knees. As she did, I put the wad of bills into her mouth and came all over her face! It ran down her forhead and into her eyes, down her cheeks and nose and all over her mouth and the money in her mouth!

Her eyes looked sincere and serene as they looked up at me. She had just had the dirtiest fuck of her life and we had both cum the hardest we ever had.

Her business was saved and I lived out one of my fantasies. I told pretty sweetie is gaping wet honey pot in closeup and climaxing she could gather all the diamonds and jewellry and ring them up for me now, but she had to do it just as she was, naked and covered in cum with those rocks up her ass.

I told her she could keep those. As she worked on her hands and knees to clean up all the fallen gems I stood back and took photos of her on my camera phone. She didn't seem to notice until we were at the till. I got a good one of her counting the cum covered money, naked, face plastered in cum behind the counter.

It was priceless! She looked up and said, "What the fuck are you doing?" I told her to relax, I just spent sixty thousand dollars and wanted something to remember this by. I grabbed the bag and headed for the door. I think she muttered something under her breath, but what japanese mom and son beeg I care?