Bright joy during rough sex smalltits groupsex

Bright joy during rough sex smalltits groupsex
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Rape and The Highland Fling! Tessa and her husband attended a special 'Dance Night' event called the Highland Fling!. They belong to a dance club called the Highlanders The club rents places to hold dances all over the south of England and has rented an old dance hall in Brixton, it is in a questionable area south of London.

She looks incredible when they arrive, dressed in a blue velvet dress that has a wild flared hemline that ends at mid thigh, a scooped neck that shows a lot of cleavage and requires no bra something she would not normally wear! But the dress accents her beautiful breasts and if one looks closely her firm puckered nipples easily show through!

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The dress is trouble from the start as the hem is quite unmanageable.and with little effort shows a lot of her shapely legs stockings suspenders, and occasionally her silk covered"V"! The fact that she is wearing red, incredible hi heels leaves her precarious and sinfully vulnerable!. Tessa is normally a modest young woman, but has dressed this way in order to please her husband, and he has responded my placing a most beautiful and very expensive diamond neck less around her lovely neck!

Her husband is usually so caught up in his work, that he has neglected her to some extent, but loves to show her off especially to other men. They have had a wonderful, but boring sex life. Much like many young couples do at first, and have started moving from traditional vanilla sex to exploring the possibilities, and one way is to take her to events like this!

He has recently purchased a fairly new Jaguar four door luxury sedan, with tinted windows! It is beautiful black, and well appointed. For him it is just a another way to display his sinfully dressed lovely wife! He has let her out on the street at the front steps leading to the dance hall thinking it would be closer as it is a challenge for her to walk in these hi heels!. Then has driven around back to the parking lot, the place is really packed and after some time has finally found a place to park, it is in the very last row, and has backed in next to a dark wooded area.

He is in a hurry to hd pornpros tiny teen sammie daniels fucked by older man with her and finding this spot has taken much longer than he expected! When she enters the hall, a hansom male guest who apparently has no date. remarks to Tessa a sandy haired blond how incredibly beautiful she is&hellip.and."Oh, what's that lovely smell" As he looks her over with more than just just an admiring glance. The last comment is in reference to her perfume which she knows has a strong effect on her husband, but is surprised it has the same on other men.

Tessa, was a woman that never thought of herself as a looker, but could easily look very appealing in the most casual of clothes, much less wearing this dress and sparkling neck less!

Both have left little to one's imagination, and her absolutely stunning! She not only turned the heads of men, but also of several other women near by! She was the kind of woman that when dressed like this, reeked of sinful appealing sex the kind that made men after the most casual contact think, that she was interested. in only them! She innocently and unknowingly seems to attract them, those that are forceful and demanding!

You know the kind, those that will not be denied ,or will not take the word "No", for and answer!. While waiting for her husband she has been offered, and has accepted more than one glass of red wine. With the crowd entering into the spirit of the event, the dancing, and the music as you would expect, is wild loud and quite energetic. As the evening progresses, suddenly and before Tessa realizes what is happening she is pulled from her seat by the man who has earlier paid her the wonderful compliment!

Her husband still has not shown up yet, and this has left her alone. Immediately, almost against her will, and trying to put on a brave face of it, in order to cover her reluctance! Tessa is quickly flung around the dance floor by this man to the beat of the lively music,and along with numerous other couples.

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It is all she can do to keep the hem of her dress down, and her 38" DD breasts in the top of her revealing neckline! The loud music echo's around everyone, and her soft unencumbered breasts wasn't the only thing that made her world go round!

The wonderful tasting wine was having its effect, along with each twist and turn of Tessa's short flared dress would slowly work its way up as she was twirled around giving onlookers a very good view of her shapely stocking covered legs, an occasionally her thin silk panty covered bottom!

She had tried to put one hand down by her side and stop the rise, but this man, who seemed to be in seventh heaven, just grabbed her by the wrists and prevented her from holding the short hemline down and keep it in place. Her smile was forced and he could see that she was a little anxious and flush at being twirled about so furious.

Leaving her a bit awkward on these incredibly hi, red heels! She continued to put on a brave face of it as they danced, but desperately wanted to get away from her over attentive lustful dance partner. Twirl after twirl, up worked her dress! Higher and higher, now even more embarrassing and showing all of her stockings suspender belt.and panties. front and back leaving them all sinfully exposed, and her with no modesty at all!

This went on for what seemed like to Tessa .forever. When the music finally stopped her dress had finally come down and she tried to say her goodbye's! But he, keeping a firm hold of her wrist continued to make small talk complimenting her again and again on her incredible beauty, her outfit, and her smile…The compliments from this strange attractive man took Tessa's breath away as she tried to make excuses that her husband was waiting, but this man would have none of it, and would just.

not. let her go! Then as if he had planned it, the lights went down low and a slow waltz began. In the half light of the darken hall and in this strangers arms, Tessa kept looking for . her husband Dan, but he was still no where to be found? He must be on the other side of the packed dance floor she thought, still trying to see through the crowd in the dim light as she danced.

He probably assumed she was just dancing? As he had encouraged her to do so with anyone that asked? Tessa thoughts were interrupted as she now had to contend with being pulled tight to this man, her head was next to his and on his shoulder her breasts were firmly against his chest! Her body is pinched and nipple clamped before pussy is played with really had no choice as his over enthusiastic wandering hands seemed to easily find her bottom pulling her even tighter to him!

She could feel his forceful swelling bulge in front, and his grip through the blue velvet dress and thin silk fabric of her panties! This was all, that was between his hands and her lovely bare bottom! His touch had left her with a moist sexual foreboding, that was mixed and appealing, but quite unsettling? She thought to herself what on earth was happening to her, and what might happen next ?.

Tess was at the edge of the dance floor, the slow dance and dim lights had taken the crowds attention off their sinful wild dancing. at least for the moment. Everyone was no longer bothered with the spectacle of her beautiful bare legs and shapely bottom that had been on display so sinfully, and erotic for all to see!. She knew she was arousing him; she had seen the glimpses, the signs of it; the way he'd looked at her as if his eyes were easily trying to seduce her, the way she, had inadvertently and innocently been aroused by his forceful and self assured advances!.

The flash of her bare legs and stocking, and perhaps her panty silk, had she led him on? Oh My!. She had reluctantly felt herself moistening even more!.

He was a forceful arousing, and a very handsome man; perhaps, just perhaps if she wasn't already a married woman, she would have been less reluctant and a bit more receptive to his most forceful advances? Now, on the dance floor, had convinced herself that, she had not led him on? But then she was an attractive desirable young woman!. Perhaps it was the red wine, maybe if she had resisted more? But he had almost dragged to dance floor?.

In a way she was flattered; he was so dam good looking, and would be catch for most any girl. But it was she, a married woman who had perked his interest and aroused him so!.

Tessa trembled as she felt his fingers release the grasp they had on her buttocks and slowly slip down the sides of her short velvet dress, tracing the outline of her suspender belt.

She was even more shocked!.When his hands had worked her dress up, and were now inside her panties roughly squeezing the tender skin of her bare shapely bottom as they danced! For Tess "This was going too far"!. She told herself, she had to be more forceful and assertive!. "No". she whispered firmly. "I'm a married woman, don't do this", please!.Tessa again felt his breathing deepen, as his hands squeezed her posterior even tighter.

Slowly she tried desperately to push him away. But his hands would just not let go, and again pulled her tightly too him!. "Noooo she cried out again and tried to three moms and one guy. But her eyes were even wider as she felt his ever larger hardness press against her now over moistened pussy folds! He whispered softly."Please, Ive fancied a girl like you for sooooo long, make love to me". please. I want you, I really want you!

Almost pleading!. This time Tessa was stunned by his bold remarks and was even more pull away. She shook her head vigorously no! But she had nowhere to go; the dance floor was completely packed, a sea of moving people, over 20 to 30 deep. Startled she cried out; "No" as she stumbling a bit on her red heels frantically looking for help, and her husband?

Then it happened so, quick she could hardly think much less remember.?. Tessa like many women in her 20s, and just married to a wonderful loving husband. Only had several sexual experiences before marriage and both were innocent awkward and unfulfilling, but this had only whetted sexy split by gabriela pliant webcam girl teaser interest for further sexual adventure! She had feelings, fantasy's and thoughts of perverse sexual encounters ones of rape, and of dreadful sexual abuse she dare not tell anyone!

Least of all her loving husband, and one was now forming in her naive over stimulated young mind? One about a dance like this, where she has no choice in what is about to happen! Before the dance was over this strong hansom man puts his arm tightly around her waist and still holding her other hand firmly escorts her towards the bar, but instead of the bar he bundles her into a darkened hallway and moments later into a smaller side room!

She is aghast at first and tries to resist and fight him with all her strength!. Her husband Dan after finally finding a place to park has anxiously returned to the wild music and crowed dance hall, spotting her small purse on a chair next to several empty wine glasses had assumed that she has been asked to dance, and is smugly content with the fact that another man has wanted to enjoy her beauty and company.

The thought pleased him as the lights were still low from the first of several slow dances. The songs were long, agonizingly long, as he tried to catch a gimps of her in the dark dance hall wanting to enjoy the thought of seeing her romanced sought after and in the arms of another doting man! > But his attention for the moment was drawn to the sound of a fire door alarm, that quit almost as soon as it started?

Busty blonde milf alexis fawx screwed by her nasty stepson pornstars big tits to other couples with attractive shapely women that waltzed by showing a lot of beautiful legs and cleavage! As he watched these couples the lights finally came up. he expected to see Tessa on the arm of a hansom man emerge from the crowed dance floor and introduce him to her new dance partner!

But with her no where in sight, after a slight intermission, and now a bit more concerned had slowly worked his way through the crowd of dancers to the other side of the dance floor. Still without finding Tessa had finally surmised that after several glasses of wine she must be in the ladies room? In the dim light, this forceful man has locked the door, and placed his hand on her throat! He so hansom and amorous only moments ago has quickly turned into a beast!

He snarls at Tess to be quiet, then squeezing her throat so tight she can hardly breathe slaps her hard familystrokes cute teen fucked by easter bunny uncle times across the face telling her to keep quiet and not to resist!. Tears from the stinging slaps start to trickle down her beautiful flush cheeks, as she still tries to fight, what is about to happen!

But he wants her badly and is a very strong man that wants her to see and feel everything, especially the power he has over her! There is nothing she can do, her vision he chokes her even harder. his other hand has found her soft pubic folds and her helpless wetness, she seems to have no control of! Tessa standing there in her red hi heels, can feel his hands, and its grip, one on her throat and the other on this most sensitive and intimate place!

His hand is so firm, so assertively down in a place where few other male hands have ever been! Suddenly his grip their has tightened and he has a much firmer hold on her, and her very wet pussy folds!

His other hand, has left her throat for the moment and yanked her beautiful blue velvet dress, from the neckline, down! Just missing the sparkling neck less! At the same time she screams, but it is timed perfectly with the loud horn of the dance band and the noise of the crowd, that easily drowns it out!

The dress so thin,and tears easily away. the fact that she is wearing no bra leaves her bare breasted nakedand ever so helpless and sinfully exposed! Then this pervert has pulled her to him, by only this painful nasty grip of her privates! Tessa is frozen. frozen for the moment in total fear.

His grip has easily found her swollen clit! In a harsh uncaring voice he tells her, turn around. helplessly she his fingers pull free of this most tender treasure! But busty teacher yoga exercises while naked with girls they do, they have pulled her silk panties, easily ripping them as they come! Once she is facing the wall, he through clenched teeth in her ear tells her to put her hands up. spread her legs.and .then in no uncertain terms said.

not to move, or scream! He accented his demands by giving her a vicious stinging whack on her bare shapely bottom, then has harshly pulled her head back using her hair with one hand, and with the other has stuffed the damp wadded panties in her mouth!

It was all Tessa could do, not to gag on her own moist panties, or to cry out in disgust! OMG! With her obediently standing there naked in only heels stockings, and with her hands up on the wall, leaving her beautiful bare ass sticking out so sinful and inviting! She would be desirable to any man, but, in the dim light this had only increased the size of rapists manhood!

Leaving it throbbing and dripping with perverted anticipation as to what he was going to do to her! You have heard the term, "Wreck My Wife"! This is exactly what. was going to happen to Tess! She naked and helpless, with the taste and smell of her own sex driven ambiance, has let her feelings change from gagging.

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to a heady intoxicating feeling, of helpless sex? Tessa could only feel him, at first as the big cock head lifted her up slightly before parting her delicate under lips, and with their slight resistance, then thrusted harsh deep, and up into her!.

She struggled as best she could making a gasping startled sound from his violation, as it forcefully slipped in leaving her standing as high as she possibly could on the very tips of her toes! But she could not stay that way for long! All this did when she finally could stay no longer, allowed her to slowly sink back down impaling herself even deeper!.

In seconds he began to hump and jam it into her vigorously again and again, up and into her most tender of treasures!.The diamond neck less in between her breasts sparkled like a perverse kaleidoscope dancing around on the walls wildly in the dim light as he brutally raped her! In only minutes she had gone from reluctantly dancing on the dance floor with this hansom man to being raped and hard fucked furiously by him! The fact that she was fucked secretly and brutally in this small deserted back room while others not far away were dancing and having fun, only added to her feeling of being helplessly and horribly violated!.

She finally came around in numb total shock, that a exquisite cookie licking for playgirl homemade and hardcore big hard dick was deep inside her, fucking her, a married woman in the back room of this crowed dance hall!

She could hear, out on the dance floor the loud music and happy voices of others, and they having no idea that a horrible rape was being committed only a short distance away! He continued to hold her tightly, gripping her, imprisoning her as he used and raped her wildly, like the lust filled brutal beast he was!.

Her head was spinning from the shock and now finally the reality of it all! Tessa almost with composed realization tried again to cry out, but with the wet wadded panties jammed in her throat, and partially hanging from her red painted lips! Could only give up a meek resigned submissive groan, and that was all that could be heard, as she felt herself being so used, and so ravished!. Oh No!.

OMG! How could this be? She was. Oh My Gawd Nooo this could not be happening! She was feeling the start of an incredible and uncontrollable orgasm "Just like the one in her fantasy of rape"! One that would leave her hanging by only his hard dick and her finger nails. as they scratched their way up and down the wall while she tried desperately to steady herself, again she made an attempt to scream, but again nothing came from her lips, only a choked perverted whisper!

help, oh please somebody help me!. In only moments. he too was the one who had an incredible ejaculating orgasm, one that easily matched hers! She could feel his heart pounding against her busty teen joseline kelly loves an outdoor foreplay lots of his warm sperm shot itself up inside her, he savagely, now clutching her bare breasts harshly, and savoring the moment with him against her naked body for even more lengthy minutes as he continued to hold himself up into her and release his cum!

OMG! For him it was everything he could have imagined in the savage moment of the successful brutal rape of a woman like Tessa! When he finally pulled his dick free it let her sink helplessly to the floor! It less than a minute he had pulled himself together straightened his clothes, and had left her there naked raped soiled and in shock!

For Tess it seemed like ages before she could look down at her horribly used naked helplessness! A pool of still warm cum his and hers was easily dripping onto the floor beneath her well used lips, and still stretched wide open tender young pussy! She slowly pulled the remnants, of her panties from her beautiful red lips and used them with little success to try and stem the nasty flow and horrid release of his rape filled semen! As she did she touched her swollen clitoris, the sensitive sensations left her trembling again, unable to move for several more moments!.

She was shocked, and could see that it had swollen to over twice its virgin pea shaped size! How could she, married to a loving husband let her body respond like this? She felt so guilty like a whore, and a slut; how could this man do such a horrible nasty vile thing to a woman like her? She was so angry. For a moment she looked at her shredded soiled panties; in disgust at her arousal with the sight of his and her wet cum still all over them.

and her stockings!. Disgusted again at herself that somehow she had enjoyed this, OMG!. She did?.OMG! She did enjoy it!. It had been harsh brutal and furious, like most rapes are, and spontaneous; in many ways.

She now even more upset with herself and, with her head again spinning, was slowly able to get up at first onto her knees, then to her feet. Still naked and shaking, wearing only her suspender belt stockings and red heels! She opened the door just enough to peek out, in one direction dancing, noise, music, and laughter and in the other a dark corridor with the dim green light of an exit sign.

She was about to head for the dance floor and to find the safety of her husband Dan, that would now be worried sick and concerned of her whereabouts? But as she looked around her blue velvet dress was gone! The bastard.apparently he had taken her dress with him leaving her with nothing but a naked helpless feeling. Again she wondered what would she do? OMG!

She could not go out into the crowed dance hall like this! Her only hope was the dark hallway. . her husband had gone to park in the back lot.

That was it she thought, down the deserted hall out the back door and to the Jag! Once safely in their car she could hide and crouch down out of sight where no one would see her! Her husband would finally after looking and not finding her would go to their car, and it would all be over, she relaxed for a moment now that she had this, what seemed like the perfect plan!

She opened the door again and peered out? No one seemed to be around, and had decided to throw caution to the wind, and make a dash for the darkness of the hall and the back door, where she could finally escape the thoughts of this horrible rape and all that had happened to her! With her heart pounding she opened the door held her breath, and bounded for the safety of the darken hallway! No one so far had seen her as she reached the darkness and pushed the exit door door handle.

but nothing happened? The door was stuck tight and had not been opened for some time! Desperately she pushed harder and harder as she did she could hear voices of men talking and coming towards her, in a moment they would be on her! She in naked panic and with all of her might made one last effort to push the door open, slowly it moved just a little.

and once past a certain point swung wide open! But as it did, an alarm sounded as it was a fire door emergency exit! She was just barely through the door when the men rounded the corner, with her beautiful bra less breasts flying and her bare bottom jiggling obscenely she was in seconds out into the safety of the dark paring lot!

Her husband Dan relaxed some, and waited, but still no Tess? Then no longer able to stand being without her had inquired.

giving a young attractive woman exiting the ladies room, a description of his wife Tessa ? The woman said no, that she was not in there. But earlier said, she had seen a woman dressed as he described, in a blue velvet dress being escorted forcefully by a man towards the back of the dance hall, then pointed towards the dark hallway!

Her husband now somewhat alarmed started to quickly investigate, it was not unusual at all, for couples to neck or be groped in this dark hallway between dances! He could see the green exit sign in the dim light as he entered the hall and had quickly found the door to bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob small room ajar, after opening the door and upon investigating further, had found Tessa's ripped and sopping wet silk panties!

They were in a pool of cum that was obviously left from what had been some kind of incredible sexual encounter OMG! They were hers alright, as he held them up to his nose!

The unmistakable smell of her perfume and the ambiance of female and male sex had easily confirmed that sex, and lots of it had taken place in this small room! Looking further in the dim light he spotted a lone sparkling diamond, this now confirmed that Tessa had indeed been the victim of forceful and foul sex play, that to him was obviously rape!

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Now alarmed and scared to death for Tessa, her husband thought that something dreadful might have happened to her, and had used his mobile phone to alert the authorities! Dialing the 112 number, the system took what seemed and eternity to connect to an operator!

Once connected he tried to explained in detail what he thought had happened expecting the police to quickly respond! But the operator after hearing the location, and that it was a dance hall where young couples went to drink and be part of sexual adventure told him she would alert the local authorities, but suggested that she was probably outside in the back seat of a car with another young man willingly having sex as things like this had happened at this dance hall before!

The woman was technically correct, however it was not so willing. at least at first! For Tess once out in the lot, she was not sure where the car was parked, she looked for the beautiful black Jag and the safety of it, as she crouched down between cars in the first row. She heard the emergency exit door close and a man say, I think some drunk wanted to take a short cut to the parking lot!

As her eyes became more accustomed to the dark, she stood for a moment and looked at the sea of cars in both directions? Their black car looked the same as any other in the dark, she made her way passed the second, and finally into the third row of the dark lot where she thought the car was parked? Finally she spotted it, and for the moment was relieved, but as she got to the passenger side door, she was stunned with the realization that it was locked tight, and her small purse with the keys, were probably still on the chair in the dance hall where she had been setting?

Now in a panic and outdoors in the dark wearing nothing but stockings suspenders and her red heels she was again scared to death someone might see her! Thoughts of breaking a window crossed her mind, but it was a beautiful car her husbands pride and joy, besides she had nothing to break the glass with!

The bushes behind the parking seductive teen blonde hottie hitchhikes and gets pounded pornstars hardcore was a place she could hide, but it was really dark back there as she tried again desperately to open the car door!

Then heard voices, talking in low whispers coming towards her? Now Tessa had no choice but to enter the dark wooded area and what she thought was the safety of these bushes!

The men she heard were a group of young black gang bangers that had been looking for expensive cars or things in them to steal! One said, are you sure you saw a naked woman go between these cars, your just bull shitting us brothers, aren't you? Yea. I really saw her the voice said! They were quickly approaching the spot where Tessa had been only moments ago.

She was now on her knees hiding in the dark bushes unable to see them clearly but close enough to hear their every word. Her heart was pounding as she tried to hold her breath, and not make a sound! The footsteps came closer and closer., almost directly toward her for a moment!.

One of them said, your seeing things? Jav taytli sekreter pornosu turkce altyazili been drinking to much.

.no the voice said I saw her she was naked swear to god, bare titties and all, I think she was trying to get in this black Jag! Then one said, maybe she is hiding in the bushes and again walks directly towards where Tessa is hiding! No man, your seeing things as his attention was again focused on their beautiful car! Lets take it and get the hell outta here before someone shows up!

He then takes a spring loaded center punch and snaps it against the glass just outside of the car alarm strip, and waits several seconds expecting it to go off! At first he is surprised as all is quiet, except for the breaking glass! Apparently her husband in his haste to get back to the dance hall, and be in her company has only locked the car, and failed to set the alarm! For Tessa she could not help herself, and had with out thinking blurted out loud the word no!.

As the side window of their beautiful car shatter's.just enough for him to reach inside and open the door! One of the big black brothers then points his maglite into the bushes where the sound had came from, and in doing so the diamond neck less still around her neck sparkled brilliantly easily giving her hiding place away!

With in seconds and with her still on her knees one said as he trained his small light on her naked.backside "Damn, look at that ass." ! It was nice alright, accented by her stockings and suspender belt, now ripe red well used and bare! He grabbed her quickly by the hair and stood her up. She was scared death and trying with little success to cover her nakedness with her only her hands, and could not bare to look the young man in his face!

Then with her struggling against his grip marched her to the car, all she could say was, please, no.oh no don't hurt me, just take the car and I wont tell anyone! One of them said "Hold on baby, we wont hurt you, and another said like hell we wont," Tess could smell the booze on this ones breath.

He then placed his black hand on her bare bottom and lovingly squeezed it, and at the same time remarked dam, that's nice! What the hell a hi class bitch like you doin out here naked? Then before she could answer, another said. "You love big black cocks don't you?" If notyour going to by the time we get through with you! This would latter.turn out to be a very accurate statement! Tessa now a bit defiant and trying to fight back with what was obviously a hollow threat, and trying to slap him saying "I have a husband, and he will be out here anytime.

to get .me"! They all laughed, as one said he's a big mean "Son of a Bitch" right? Oh my, another said we are so. fucking scared, with mock sarcasm, will he beat us up, saying even more sarcastically, I guess we better not fuck with you!.Or he will kick are ass!

They all laughed again at her, as one of them ,and his hand roughly explored her soft naked flesh! "Stop that!" She yelped trying again to slap his hand away."This bitch must be a prick tease or some kind a kinky whore especially by the way she is dressed?"I wonder what kind of dance is going on in there?

Suddenly, one of the men grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them so hard it brought tears to Tessa's eye's, she still tried helplessly to fight him!. Then like a helpless rag doll he easily forced her around hard, and slammed her against the open door and onto the big plush back seat of the Jag, this had left her stunned helpless an disoriented for several minutes!.

One set down next to her grabbed her ass first, and then started fingering fucking her wet slit. "Holy shit, this bitch is fuckin drippin!", "No shit?" Another said sitting down on the other side as his hand had reached the the same place! She's already full of cum, I guess she's already been fucked, but not by some real men like us! Tessa felt angry and helplessly violated again as these two easily held her and their hands explored her naked shapely body!

There were four of them. One got into the driver's side, apparently he had some sort of device that after several tries the Jag easily started?

The other sex stories hind prond xx story in the passenger seat, the two in the back with her in between them, had pulled the center arm rest down, and had rolled her over face down on top of it, and at the same time one had pulled her wrists together behind her back as the other forced her face into his crotch the car drove off!

At first Dan distraught, at not getting any help or sympathy from the 112 operator and now not sure what to do? Continued to investigate the dark hall, and in a panic had opened the emergency door that again sounded for a pussy played jap teen in school uniform gets gaped in close-up tube porn as he started looking for Tess in several of the numerous parked cars! After frantically looking with no success he had slowly migrated towards where he had parked the Jag, expecting it to be there?

Then after walking back and forth looking, finally realized the now empty parking spot was where the Jag had been parked! He more perplexed than ever with both his beautiful young wife and now is expensive car gone?

Had dialed the emergency number again, and by chance talked to the same operator. After explaining again, what had happened telling her, that both his young wife and now his car were missing!

She said sir, trying to be as polite as possible, your wife is probably parked somewhere in your car, or is out dogging in it, with someone else! Going on to say, don't worry I have heard this story before, and I am sure she will show up sooner or later! After several more frantic calls to the emergency line, followed by a terse comment, not to call back unless he had a real emergency or more definite information as to foul play!.This had left him even more frantic than ever about Tess her where about's and her safety?

His heart raced, he was full of angst, wondering what on earth had become of his beautiful wife. For Tess the heavy stench of the man's unzipped pants and his nasty smelling privates it s better to get dicks instead of one under Tessa's nose, was at first sick and nauseating. She could feel the other man in between her legs with one hand holding her wrists, and the other playing with her pussy!

First one finger followed by several more forced their way into her wet and well used tender folds! Even after the brutal raping she had endured earlier, her almost virgin pussy had tightened and almost returned to normal, his fingers were barely able to probe her! With his fingers now in her all the way his thumb had easily found the entrance to her puckered tight little asshole!

OMG! Tess thought as his thumb entered this ever so tight virgin place, her eyes opened wide bbc gangbang sex fairy tales innocent mom hard concerned fright! This had quickly gone from fright to terror! No one had ever stuck anything up her bum before, no one? Now next to her face was a black penis that was becoming erect and growing by the second! She had never imagined one so big or so black! She tried to scream, and pull away but the man now with both hands holding her head tight in his vice grip hands had lifted her head up slightly and guided the beautiful red lips of her mouth onto the big head that was already seeping!

She clinched her jaws and lips as tight as she could as they touched the gooey yellow sickening cum thinking that this might save her? But she already knew it would not! His cock was far larger than any of ones Tess had ever seen before. She had been around other older more experienced women, and had heard hushed comments about black men?

But when they talked, had always kept the details to themselves never including her, thinking she was just a naive young woman and not wanting to share their ecstatic giggles as they commented about the size of a black mans appendage! She had only sucked her husbands cock once and he, she thought was more than adequate?

She had heard that men loved it and was only trying to please him! She with no experience what so ever, and over aggressive had caused him to ejaculate prematurely as he tried to push her away! He considered getting a blow job a nasty perverted thing, and that only a true slutty whore, would do such a thing to a man willingly!

Both were quite shaken from the experience! But for Tessa the feeling about doing so was quite mixed, something she did not quite understand, and unknowing to her at the time was now about to find out why? This time she would have little choice in the matter, his helper had a tight grip on her with his thumb in her tight little asshole and had been able worked all four of his big black fingers into her stretched open again pussy folds, his thumb aggressively went one way and his fingers the other the feeling was incredible!

Then before she knew it was experiencing incredible pleasure, he had then noticed her swollen dark pink clitoris and was so intrigued by how much it had swollen and the way Tess that had clamped her pubic muscles as tight as she could, and this had slowly squeezed his fingers out! For Tessa no one had ever finger fucked her with a thumb in her ass hole and fingers in her tight little pussy! The feeling along with her resistance and clamped tight pussy muscles and his fingers working back and forth had created a perfect storm of sexual release that was quickly about to end with an incredible orgasm on her part.

and it did! Damn he said, woman your one hot piece of ass! As she laid there shuddering helplessly spent from his forceful manipulation. His hand now free had found this most sensitive swollen pearl that was attached to the root ends of every female fiber in her body! At first he just kneaded it between his thumb and fore finger her reaction was trembling as she withered about in blissful pleasure, her upper thighs and ass cheeks were squeezed together so perversely tight,as she seemed to have no choice he had apparently found a place that left her with no control at all of her body or her sexual feelings!

Still amazed at her reaction and with strong fingers had gripped and squeezed this dark pink abused sexual orb of hers between his thumb and fore finger as tight and, sadistically as he possibly could!. The indignities of rape Tessa had endured earlier and up to this point was nothing compared to white hot flashes of lightning and the severe excruciating pain that sadistically shot through this most tender intimate and normally untouched place!

Easily allowing her to scream so loud it could be heard outside over the sound of the engine and the soundproofing of this plush car! When she screamed, her mouth had opened wide and this big man that had been holding her head and beautiful lips forcefully poised over his big cock head!

Had with little resistance easily forced them over, and down onto his big black pole! At the same time his dick with little resistance went deep up into her virgin throat gagging her for the moment!

The next scream was a gurgled muffled one, as she was forced down on him even farther! With her hands held tight and helplessly behind her back by one sadist, it allowed the other to face fuck her over and over again, kinky pubic hair was tickling her nose at one end and the big head was trapped inside her jaws unable to get out at the other!

OMG! The treatment was nasty perverse and abusively dreadful! But this sexual abuse had produced several more orgasms, incredible ones the kind that few women will ever experience! She was so horny ripe and ready now for abuse, her a sexy young woman, but would have never known or admitted it only hours ago as she had no idea that sex like this even existed!

Just as these thoughts crossed her ever more perverted young mind his big cock exploded with such force it squirted out through her nose and around her red lips choking her and leaving it, all over his pants and dripping from her nose onto the leather seat! Tessa's eyes were wide open and watering, her jaw ached and her lips were stretched to their very limit as he held her down tight! Her lungs were burning from lack of air as the last of his stored up cum ejaculated making its way up.

and then down and out! He could sense her struggling to breathe as he finally let her up! It was a new thing she had experienced called asphyxiation sex, something she had never heard of, this along with her clit being sinfully abused coupled with this forced blow job, and all with two nasty black gang bangers doing so to her had conspired to produce yet another incredible helpless climax!

Tessa for the moment could now care less where she was, or what was happening to her. as she laid there trembling and shuddering in incredible sexual bliss!.

The likes of which she had only earlier in the evening experienced, it was though a real experience, and no fantasy. but there would be more! As the black Jag cruised effortlessly through Brixton and the streets south of London, Tessa now free and setting up for the moment was passed over to his partner, who from her earlier treatment and obvious pleasurable orgasms was more that ready!

Her incredible pussy, the one where his nasty black fingers had helped to bring her off, with the first of several orgasms was also ready!

He a big man had effortlessly grabbed and lifted her up onto his dick, if she could have seen this monster she would have resisted with all her might, but in her aroused state it mattered little? He said in almost a caring way, "You're not the first white woman I've had"!.

Don't worry I'll be easy on you."it was a lie! As he pressed the head of his cock into her pussy openingwhich was still wet and dripping from her earlier pleasurable sexual abuse!

She could not or would not offer any resistance even though It was one of the few times. well.actually the third where she had ever been fucked by a cock other than her husband's.

But this time it was going to be a fucking that would pale by any stretch of her imagination compared to those past experience's! Her husband was more than adequate and she had assumed that few men were better endowed than he?

But she would be mistaken, and find that this was not the case, especially when it came to black brothers! Her body and sexual arousal was in full control of all that happened next! The luxurious Jaguar not only had polished racing wheels in also had rigid suspension that could be switched from a comfortable ride to stiff high speed cornering an option her husband liked and where he usually left it!

Tessa was about to receive the full perverted benefit of the Jaguar's option? The car as if by chance had run into a rough part of the roadway in Brixton, one that was under repair. Just as this man relaxed his grip, and let her own weight impale her! Slowly at first, the car hit the first of several large deep ruts in the road! It had with no help from him at all, thrusted his rock hard black cock up deeply into her, at the same time she was banged down harshly and brutally against his privates!

The experience was much more forceful and violent than he could have ever done with his own strong arms and body! They were sitting almost directly over the rear axle as the rigid suspension continued to bang him up into her with tremendous force, much like a sexually operated jack hammer!

Incredible fuck for a wicked beautiful cutie hardcore blowjob farther into a place where no other white cock head had ever been, this incredible hammering had brought her mind and body quickly back to the present!. She squealed screamed out loud one moment in excruciating pain and the next with pleasure as the luxury sedan hit one big bump after the other, Wham!

Wham! Wham! She was ashamed of how she reacted, as the perverse sexual pleasure again overrode and controlled her over sexed young body. Up and down she went, again and again. At first, in a perverse sort of way she tried to kept track of how many times this big cock went into her, but after a dozen times or more with the bumps helping, she quickly lost track!

Plus the driver after hearing her pleasurable screams squeals and groans had no intention of slowing down. To Tessa his enormous cock was filling and stretching her, incredibly in pain and disgust at first, but had quickly turned to pleasure and the sexual contentment of a well used and a sexually satisfied young whore of a woman! "Damn this cunt is tight he groaned in sexual relief .to no one in particular as he could no longer last and blew his load! Now she knew they were all going to take turns fucking her as he humped her several more times then held it as deep inside her as he could, so spent as he commented man is she ever good!.

The car stopped for several minutes as the one in back had switched places with the brother in the front! The next man seemed even bigger and was already hard. They took turns fucking Tess as they drove through these back city streets of Brixton passing Tessa back and forth!. They had been driving through some of the worsts parts of Brixton and had stopped several times in order to show other black brothers on the street that she was a naked willing white woman, who was enjoying being naked and having sex with four young black men in the back of this posh luxury sedan!.

Tessa was now so overcome by having perverted sexand now doing so in public that by the time the last man had entered her, she could have cared less as to her fate!

Her mind was in utter infusion, and her body stimulated by the continued forced pleasuring. She was the one now jamming her pussy down in wanton lust, and abandon trying to forcefully grind it deeper onto each hard black cock! When she thought about it later, it was unsettling, the bigger the man was, the more it seemed to excite her, and the wetter she became, resulting in even more mind blowing sex.

They referred to her as a whore, and now she was beginning to act like one. Was it the constant and rough attention to her most intimate areas that was making her lose perspective. The forlorn nature of her plight, having been raped at the dance hall and NOW THIS!!??

To Tess being called a whore seemed to stimulate her even more!.she couldn't understand why she was so turned on by these beasts demands upon her body…but she was most certainly now theirs…and they were taking everything they could from her. The traffic police had noticed the Jag that seemed to be a bit out of place in this part of Brixton, and had been following at a distance?

As the Jag slowed down, they quickly discovered what was occurring. Sex in public was against the law! The officers dick started to twitch in his pants as he saw what he thought was an attractive young white woman giving herself to a number of black men, and it appeared without a struggle.

As her head bobbed up and down, it revealed a neck less that sparkled brilliantly along with doing it from the back seat of this expensive sedan, had perked the officers interest! The officers assumed she was a woman of substance that was getting her jollies and innocenthigh schoolgirl blonde teen macy cartel fucks prof so as a dogger!

This was something that seemed to occur more often over the last several years, and most anywhere! It was not that unusual in south east London, but here in this part of Brixton was, a bit unusual! Normally these infractions were not enforced as the laws were quite ambiguous and normally unenforceable. The progressive legal system in the UK over the last several years only seemed to convict those that had performed grouse public sex acts in front of young children!

The officers earlier had heard a comment from dispatch about a missing young woman, an expensive Jaguar, and that the husband was quite distressed about both and had assumed that his car had been stolen and his wife raped! The dispatcher then said she thought it was just some kinky sex play as the report came from a dance hall where this sort of thing had occurred in the past! The officers thinking they had solved the mystery had decided to pull the car and assumed they would find a half naked young woman and some over sexed young fat ass redhead anal fucked in threesome lezdom that had been drinking a little to much, that were now having the time of their lives!

As the overhead blue lights came on and started flashing the driver of the Jag in a panic floored the powerful car and the tires smoked away at great speed! The officers had assumed the car would just stop, and at first were caught off guard, but within moments were in hot pursuit! The Jag had a good lead and after several blocks quickly turned into a dark alley screeched to a stop with all four doors flying open and the young black men fleeing in all directions!

This had left Tessa alone in the back seat wondering what had happened! When the officers finally pulled up and approached the car in the dark alley they found a naked quivering woman, with a lustful look on her face as if she was ready for 'more' .she bumbled breathlessly.

"Cock, More Cock, I want Big Black Ones"!… It was as if she had been drunk or high on something. In reality she had been well and truly used.and then used again, and again. degraded in every way. Raped.then by an oh so cruel twist of fate Gang Raped. on the same night!! It must have been near midnight when the traffic police called Tessa's husband who was so distraught and worried sick about his young wife Tessa, explaining as candidly as he could that they had had not only found his wife, but they had also found his car, and asking if he could catch a ride and come to the Brixton police station and pick them both up!

When her husband Dan entered the station he was directed to a private room where a conversation about what had happened occurred? This conversation was between him and one of the officers that found his wife. The officer said we called a rescue ambulance and tried to have them take her to the hospital to be checked out, but she would not go and declined saying she needed no care or concern from anyone!

This statement shocked her husband to his core. He'd suspected she'd been raped.but not to hear anything like the full circumstances of the rest of Tessa's night. Then he is taken to another room, Xxx hot fast time story is almost incoherent laying with a blanket wrapped around her on a wooden bench blubbering that she is "a whore, a filthy whore!" He is shocked and more than concerned about what she has said, as she is the love of his life?

As he sits down next to her she opened her eyes and looks up at him. She has the most humiliated ashamed look on her face that of a beaten dog, as she sits up, the blanket comes open! The fact that she is still naked and wearing the red high heels, soiled stockings and suspender belt!

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The two officers try to look away but even under the perverse circumstances, she is still a sinfully attractive young woman! Her husband has pulled her over and into his arms trying to comfort her as she babbles on in tears. Going on, occasionally sobbing and convulsing, that she has been a slut, a filthy whore for black men and that him her husband, or any real man would never want her again!

She then confesses to him with others listening.and her trying to choke back tears of resigned humiliation! Says she tried her best to fight back and to resist, saying over and over honest I did! I tried with all of my might! They really hurt my pussy but it was.OMG!

I am so ashamed and embarrassed to tell you what they did. The extreme nature of the gang rape had meant she'd yet to tell of first being raped at the dance hall! This would be another wound to her husbands heart and he would later discover the horrid truth.

"The first black man made me suck his cock, they those black men made me do those awful things? They kept me so helpless and used me, but the more they forced me the more my body betrayed me, I tried holding backbut I couldn't and had one helpless orgasm after another." Sheepishly looking around as the officers listened! "Oh!. I feel so used so dirty cheap and worthless" "One kept playing with me (she gestures to her clit)it was like a drug of sexual pleasure that just drove me up the wall, to the point that I would do anything they wanted!

OMG! I just could not help myself!" Looking away from her husbands eyes embarrassed and then looking down past her bruised breasts at her swollen clit! After that she said I did what ever they wanted in almost in a whisper, "I truly am a whore!" She continued to babble on, barely speaking. still in oral sex and vaginal luscious teen sex whisper that she. really liked it even though she had no choice!

She still shuddering and telling this story is getting her aroused again by the thought of perverted sex with these young black studs! She sobs openly again and looks up at her concerned husband as her abused breasts jiggle most obscenely! He holds her tight,and tells her truthfully that he does not think any the less of her, and that he would love her no matter what horrible things they had done to her, and that as her husband, he understood and none of what had happened would change his love for her!.

Telling her truthfully that he loves her dearly, Tessa then goes on to say that she has been with so many black men tonight, how could he ever overlook that? She then says look at me, look at what they did as she pushes him away opens the blanket wider and spreads her legs Her clit is so swollen it is still sticking almost straight out!

For him to see it so abused and still young hottie has her wet puss drilled dark pink has perversely made his cock throb also! Again he tells her and is quite convincing as for him it is true.

Saying that to him she could have the most hideous and vile sexual things done to her along with being brutally gang raped by 100 black men, and that he would still love her, and that even if she liked having something so sadistic or abusive happen!

He would never use it to hurt her! Tessa then hugs him really hard squeezing her bruised breasts against his chest and says thank you for understanding and for caring about me. She has been naked and abused in the presence of so many men earlier, that being almost naked in front of two public servants and now in her husbands arms does not seem to bother her at all! Tessa then says in a whisper we can go home now. Once home Tessa brings herself to speak of the rape by the man at the dance hall, but pleads with Dan not to report it…she just wants to try and move on from the events of their ill fated night outan evening that was meant to have been filled with dancingromance and laughter.

Dan is beside himself that he was not there to protect her, and that he'd insisted she dress so alluringly that night just so he could get his kicks. Reluctantly he agrees to follow her wishes, and not to report this rape to the police. Over que rico mueve el culo le saca la leche a next several months their life now altered forever will take a much more sinful direction of sex and lust!……Tessa had been perversely stimulated… and could now not help fantasizing for abusive sex with black men.

Both their lives would never be the same again.