Xxx six sunny leon storys play

Xxx six sunny leon storys play
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Characters. Me(Daniel)- 17 years old.

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Taryn(the mom I was gonna fuck in my other story.)- 43 years old. Let me give you a little backround on Taryn. Taryn is a whore, not figuratively, but literally. All you have to beauteous gal nailed before public pornstar hardcore is give her some money and she'd do anything she wanted you to. So let me tell you that I have saved about 200 dollars.

That should get her to let me do "anything" I want. So one day I decided to finally fuck this old bitch. I went over to her house, Bridget(my girlfriend) was upstairs sleeping and was going to stay that way, do to the massive fucking I gave her last night. Linda, Taryns other daughter, had let me in and said that Bridget was asleep, and that her mom was upstairs, and would be down in a few.

I waited and waited for Taryn to come down stairs. After about 30 minutes. I got tired of waiting, and decided to go up. When I got to her door, I heard a humming sound coming from the pother side. I tried turning the knobb but the door was locked. Me being as smart as I am, found a little screw driver, and unlocked the door from the outside. I threw the door open. And Taryn jumped at least a foot off of her bed. And man, what I saw was incredible. Taryn had a giant red dildo at least 10 inches long and a 8 inch girth just sitting there vibrating inside this whores cunt.

She screamed at me to get the fuck out of her room. I pulled out the wad of cash I had in my pocket, and her additude immediately changed.

She walked over to the door, slammed it shut, and grabbed me by my pant line and walked me over to the bed. She took my pants off, and started to suck on my hard as a diamond cock. Than I started to play with her b-cup size tits.

That not big, but stillfun to play with. Then she did something I never thought she'd do. She turned me around,and started to eat out my ass hole. And oddly enough, it felt fucking amazing. I was jackingoff as hard as I could while she ate my ass out. I than stood up, turned dude stuffed cunt to big tits milf, and slammed her onto the bed. I spread her legs, and "wow" was all I could say. This cunt had a patch of hair so thick, it looked like a rain forest.

But it didn't gross me out, it turned me on even more. Whe I moved the hair away. I noticed that she had a loose ass pussy.

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I stuck my face down into her twat. And ate her cunt out like there was no tomorrow. She tasted fucking great. And her cum was just flowing out of her. Then, out of nowhere, she started pissing on my mouth. Now me, I love the feeling of hot piss running down the back of my throat. I swallowed every last drop of her delicious piss. I then lifted her legs higher, and started eating out her ass.

I shoved my tongue deep in her ass. Then I asked her to shit in my mouth. She pushed hard, and a giant fart come out right in my face. Is smelled really good. Soon after, I had 4 mouthfuls of delicious shit. I swallowed every once of her shit.

Than she got under me, and begged me to piss and shit in her mouth. I did was was asked of me. I pissed in mouth for about two minutes, and I shit at leat 5 pounds of shit into her mouth. And she step mom dpee during sex it all. Then I slammed her onto the bed. Spread her legs and shoved my hard ass cock into her dirty old cunt.

For such a loose whore, she gripped my dick pretty good. I slammed as hard as I could into the bitch. She screamed like a banshee. I was shocked that no one came into the room. Then she started squirting all over the place.

Her cum just kept gushing out of her. I swear it must have been a gallon. My entire dick, my balls, my body, my face, and the entire bed were completely soaked. Then I pulled out of her cunt, and shoved my dick into her ass. Her ass was pretty fucking tight. I rammed her ass for at least 20 minutes. She than said she had to piss. So I pulled my dick out of her ass and shoved my face into her twat. Blonde skinny teen teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom started pissing in my mouth.

I swallowed every last drop. I suck her cunt dry.

Then I went back to ripping apart her ass hole. As I continued to pump my cock into her ass, I balled up my fiist and shoved it into her gaping pussy. I fisted her so fucking hard. She was now screaming in both pleasure and pain. I pulled my dick out of her.

Then shoved my other fist into her ass.

She was crying now. I then pulled my fist out of her ass, and shoved into her cunt with my other hand. With both my fists in the asian slut with a slamming body gets double p pussy, I started to stretch it out.

I stretched it more than I thought humanly possible. Her hole was gaped so much, I decided to try something, and it worked. I shoved my entire head into her pussy. I head fucked her and my face was covered with piss, cum, and blood. I pulled my head out of her twat. I grapped her head, and shoved my cock down her throat. I throat fucked her for about another 5 minutes.

Than I pulled it out of her mouth. I shoved it into her ass, and came so fucking hard. At least 8 goods spurts. I pulled out and shoved my face onto her ass. I sucked all my cum out of her ass. I also sucked out a good sized piece of shit. She than pissed in my mouth one last time. Than than shit and pissed in her mouth again. Niether of us swallowed any of it. We started making out. Mixing together my piss, my shit, my cum, her piss, her shit, and her blood.

We stopped making out and each swallowed all that was in our mouths. We cleaned up, got dressed, went down stairs, and acted like it never happened. The End.