Pretty blonde drilled by horny pawn man

Pretty blonde drilled by horny pawn man
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Today I am going to my friend Matt's birthday party. He's turning 12 and he has a twin sister(Sarah), having her birthday at the same time and place as his. I knew that there would be boys and girls at the party, thanks to Sarah inviting her friends. The party was at an indoor pool, and when I arrived I was greeted by Matt and Sarah. Matt was shorter than me, about 5'3', and Sarah was about 5'4'.

They both had light brown hair and green eyes. Soon everyone else showed up, and the boys and girl's went to their respective locker rooms and changed.

There was some talk among Matt's friends, who were my friends too, about how Sarah's friends would look in their bikinis. There were about 14 boys and 12 of Sarah's friends.

We finished changing and walked into the pool room. The pool room was empty, they must've rented the place out for the day. The girl's hadn't come out yet, but they were out in few minutes.

We swam around for a while, and I was checking out Sarah's friends, all of which were from my school, as Sarah and Matt were my friends from school. All of them looked pretty good, but I noticed one chick that stood out. Her name was Mary and she was actually a good friend of mine. When I saw and talk to her at school I thought she looked pretty hot, but she looked amazing in her bikini.

She had long dirty dark blonde hair with hints of light brown. She had blue eyes and a very innocent looking face. Her tits looked soft and perky. She was wearing a blue and white striped bikini, and could see a small mound that was definitely her pussy. She was younger than Sarah, and was only 11 years old. I walked over to her, and started some small talk. Pretty soon I just came out and told her that she looked hot in her bikini.

She smiled and told me that I looked pretty lana tailor get out unrated episodes with my six-pack. I didn't know if she really meant it or not, but I saw a dark wet spot in her bikini bottom, and it wasn't from the water, water would've run off of her body by now. We talked some more, and I stared at her tits the whole time, letting her know that I wanted her.

I even hinted going out switzerland school teacher ducking with students a date with her.

She then surprised me by grabbing my hand and leading me to a janitor's storage closet outside of the pool room. No one noticed our departure as they were too busy enjoying the pool.

My dick had gotten hard during our talk, and she instantly recognized it in my trunks, and grabbed it.

She felt it through my trunks and then pulled them down. Mary then grabbed my dick again, this time it was skin to skin. She then moaned and swooned, "Oooooo, I can't wait to have your dick inside me!" This completely surprised me. Her grabbing my dick the first time surprised me too!

Mary had never acted like a slut in school, and she looked very innocent. I never would've expected her to be a horny whore!

I was shocked that she wanted to have sex, as I was just interested in going out with her. But I was hot for Mary, and I wasn't going to pass up losing my virginity.

She grinned at the surprised look on my face, and put the head of my dick in her mouth. It was a wet, warm feeling, and then she licked my balls, giving me an urge to moan slightly. After she licked up my shaft a few times, she took the entire 6 inches in her mouth. She went back and forth, and I moaned with pleasure. She started to gag, and her spit erupted all over my dick. She sucked it some more, smiling and letting out slight moans of enjoyment the whole time.

I was a virgin, so this warm feeling was new to me, and I already had pre-cum oozing from my cock. I had seen pornos before, and the girl always stopped sucking the guy's dick right before he came, and then let him fuck her. This is what I thought Mary was going to do, but she couldn't tell I was about to cum, and I came hard into her mouth.

I leaned my head back and moaned.

My penis instantly softened. She removed my dick from her mouth, and swallowed the cum, grinning as it went down. She whispered that she wasn't done, and then masturbated for me to watch until I was hard again.

She ripped off her striped bikini bottom, and yanked and pink tampon our of her pussy. Her vagina was wet and had tufts of hair around it. Then she grabbed a broom, and used its handle to masturbate with. She stuck it in and out slowly at first, while rubbing her clit. I saw no blood, and figured that her hymen had already broken from masturbating before. I watched closely and my dick hardened again. When she saw my dick hard again, she dropped down nmercy rough double penetration bbc the floor.

She told me to rub her clit, and I rubbed it as hard and fast as I could. She leaned her head back, and pulled her own hair. She let out small yelps and moaned. When she was nearing orgasm, she told me to stop, and then grabbed my dick again.

We were on the floor now, and she took my dick in her hand and positioned it at her vagina. She the told me to hump her! I saw her erect, large clit, and did as I was told. The warm and wet feeling around my virgin penis caused me to orgasm instantly. My dick hadn't recovered any cum from my previous orgasm about 7 minutes ago. This allowed me to keep on fucking Mary, as I didn't allow any time for my cock to get soft.

She started to moan, and her clit got larger than it was before. She yelped and let out soft screams.

I enjoyed her wet pussy, and her screams got me even more excited. She moaned louder than before, and I fucked her for about 10 minutes straight. We switched from missionary to cowgirl, and she continued to yelp. She titled her head back and started to rub her clit. She told me to go faster, and I went as fast as I could, Mary's vagina erupted with cum and she let out a ferocious moan.

The spasms her pussy made made me have another dry orgasm. Mary didn't take any time to recover. "Awwww fuck me! I need you inside of me, my pussy needs some dick. Give it to me Jack, fuck me now." She started rubbing her clit, and then I started humping her again, she seemed over the edge now, rubbing her clit with inexorable force.

Her clit was turning red from the rubbing, and she was very wet. I kept fucking her and she groaned loudly, and let out a yell. Eventually she orgasmed again, letting out s stream of cum, and I finally came again deep inside her pussy.

My cock had never felt anything so good! After I came, we cuddled together for a few minutes. Then she flipped over, and told me to fuck her ass. Mary told me to fuck her ass with a strong desperation, as if her life depended on it.

She was a horny, wet, mess. My dick was worn out, but I wasn't giving up chance for anal sex! I spit on her asshole, and fingered her ass to loosen it.

Her asshole opened up quickly, and I figured that she masturbated anally too. I put the head of my cock to her ass, and pushed it. It was tighter than her pussy, and I couldn't go as fast or as deep. She moaned, and so did I. I pushed in and out, slowly, but with great force. She played with her clit some more to increase her pleasure.

Her ass was amazing. It was soft and felt incredible on my dick. I felt a strong sense of teen sex fairy tales kloe la maravilla for Mary suddenly, I loved her pussy and ass, and her hot looks. She yelled with pleasure and excitement as I fucked her ass, and I leaned my head back. This was amazing! She kept rubbing her clit, and that gave her another breath-taking orgasm. A small amount of jizz slipped out of my dick in her ass.

She gave out one last yell and then cuddled some more with me.

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We soon got up and grabbed some napkins from the closet to wipe up any jizz and her pussy juices. When we were done, we just looked at each other and smiled. I was shocked at much of a slut this innocent looking girl was! The sex was awesome and I would love to do it again! We planned to meet up a few days from now to fuck again, and we exchanged numbers.

But for now we had to leave the closet and act as if nothing had happened. She put her bikini back on and I put my trunks back on. We grinned at each other one last time and then casually walked out of the closet. When we left, I saw Mary talking to Lexi, on of Sarah's friends.

I knew that Lexi was a slut. She had long, curly, light brown hair with blonde highlights. She wore short shorts and tiny skirts to school. While I was at Matt's house once, Sarah was telling us about how she had caught Lexi with a vibrator and a dildo while she was at Lexi's house.

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Lexi finished talking to Mary, and then walked towards me. As she passed me, she winked at me and smiled, then kept walking.

I didn't know, what that wink meant, but as far as I was concerned Lexi was the next girl I was going after at this party!

I may even get a few threesomes with some more of Sarah's friends, Lexi and Sarah included! I didn't know if my tired dick could take anymore pussy today, but I was certainly going to try! I figured that if innocent Mary was willing to fuck, that slutty Lexi was willing to fuck too! The end.for now. To be Continued in: The Wet Pool Party: Part 2, Sexy Lexi