Vintage interracial anal color climax

Vintage interracial anal color climax
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Part 3 Oops, I thought, Donna is going to be pissed! And she was. I did the morning chores and during breakfast Donna, Millie, and Suzie came in. Millie and Suzie gave me good mornings, but Donna's was a bit dark. After breakfast she met me on the porch and we walked out by the flagpole, away from the parents on the porch having coffee.

She looked at me and asked, "So where were you last night, eh?" "Uh, I fell asleep?" "I knew it, damn Millie and Suzie! But I guess that's OK, Shoplyfter mom and daughter caught and fucked for stealing sure you need to rest sometime, but you are MINE tonight young man!" she said with a mock severity, the mischievous twinkle in her eyes belying her expression. I laughed and we went to join the others who were getting ready to go water skiing.

About 8 of us went water-skiing, including myself, Donna, and Suzie. Millie said she wasn't interested. The skiing was on a lake about an hour away. We took two cars and on the way down, I sat between Donna and Suzie very nice, but a little frustrating, as I wanted to put my arms around them, but couldn't with two adults in the front seat. We were all in our suits, so their warm legs against me felt very nice. It was also nice to look aside at them, the sweet curve of their breasts as they curved into the tops of their suits was so enticing.

It's amazing how partial concealment is this wonderful farmer girl raina ogami is ready for some naughty action she gets picked up by a hand more erotic than total revelation. After a while we got to the lake. We skied for a couple of hours and then had a picnic on a small island in the lake.

Both Lisa and her sister, Mrs. Schiller, were there. Lisa attracted a lot of admiring gazes in her lime-green bikini. Watching Lisa, Mrs.

Schiller, Suzie and Donna moving around clad only in brief swimsuits was heady stuff! After lunch we skied again. After about an hour, Lisa was skiing when she took a large fall. We circled around in the boat and she waved at us, yelling something. "Oh, wow", I said, standing next to Donna, "she's lost her top." And that was it. In the fall the top of her bikini had come off and now was nowhere to be seen. We cruised up with the boat and Lisa was struggling a bit, trying to both tread water and hold one hand over her tits.

She was not entirely successful, which all the men noticed with pleasure. However, being noble, I grabbed my T-shirt and threw it to her. She said thanks and then ducked under the water and struggled into it. As she did so, I tried not to stare, but she DID have a very fine pair of tits. Then she climbed back into the boat and thanked me for the loan of the shirt.

"No problem", I said. "My pleasure." Which was true, especially as the wet T-shirt didn't really hide too much talk about a wet T-shirt contest! There wouldn't be a contest if she were there. Her breasts were full, beautifully rounded with large firm nipples. Through the wet, semi- transparent white material of the shirt one could clearly detect the areolas as well.

She seemed to realize the double-entendre of my comment, but her only response was a smile and, I thought, a quick glance down at my crotch. I was wearing my Speedo that day which, like most Speedoes, doesn't hide much (a fact which Suzie and Donna pointed out to me a couple of times with grins).

As we got going again, Donna was sitting next to me and she leaned close to my ear (which was necessary anyway due to the noise of the engine) with her hand on my thigh and said "Nice pair she has, eh? Such a gentlemen! I'm surprised you haven't got a big boner for her." I leaned close to her ear and said, "Why, Donna, you sound jealous!" "Me, jealous?!

" was Donna's reply. I saw her talking to Suzie soon after this and they apparently decided to start playing a little game with me as the goat. Every time they could, when nobody was looking, they would goose me, or squeeze my ass, or lean close and make suggestive comments like "How is that big beautiful cock of yours, is it nice and hard yet?" The object apparently was to make me develop an erection, which would of course be very obvious in the Speedo.

And damn they were good at it! When everyone turned to watch someone skiing, Donna would reach back and squeeze my cock through the suit or fondle my balls. It was very difficult NOT to start getting hard especially with Donna, Suzie, Lisa and her sister Karen all in the boat in skimpy bikinis or wet T-shirts. Once Suzie was so effective while we were stopped and everyone else was helping Lisa back in the boat that she gave me a major hard-on before I realized hot amateur eurobabe drilled in public for a few bucks she was doing.

Everyone was watching Lisa, while I held the wheel. The wheel was amidships, with a Plexiglas shield to ward off the wind and spray. I was turned, watching everyone at the back at the steps helping Lisa. Karen and Donna were leaning over helping out, which gave me an erotic view of their barely clad bottoms, while Lisa was climbing up, dripping wet, the wet T-shirt virtually transparent, the water streaming off her erect nipples.

I'll confess this was causing my cock to rise to attention anyway when, before I knew what she was doing, Suzie had slipped her hand in my suit and stroked my cock with her hand.

This produced a major hard-on and I had to fall over the side into the water so the cool water of the lake could bring my raging cock back under control.

Suzie was laughing so hard! I saw Lisa and Karen watching us with amusement a couple of times, but I didn't think (hoped!) that they weren't aware of what the girls were doing. Suzie and Donna thought this was hilarious, of course and I vowed to find some way to get even. Nothing presented itself, though and eventually we went back to the dock. While we were at the dock Lisa took a moment in the restroom and changed back to her own shirt. She handed me mine, but it was still wet since she had (to the men's delight) continued skiing in it, keeping the shirt nicely wet and semi-transparent.

I shrugged, not needing it since I was still warm, and climbed into the back of the car, shirtless. To my pleasure, and Donna's apparent annoyance, I ended up sitting between Donna and Lisa, with Suzie and one of the dads in the front seat. Again, it was a very pleasant trip, especially as Donna was still only in her bikini and Lisa was wearing only her bikini bottoms and a light cotton shirt, which was partially unbuttoned.

Being between them gave me some very exhilarating views. I swear that Donna had somehow loosened her top because it rode so low on her tits that they were more than half exposed, with the tops of her areolas visible. Almost more exciting was that everyone had their windows open and it was quite windy in the car. This caused everything to blow around, including Lisa's blouse.

Since it was partially unbuttoned, it would not infrequently billow out, giving me exhilarating views of her naked breasts. Her breasts were full and round, the nipples a warm brown and slightly erect. She didn't seem to notice (or perhaps she didn't mind) and I sure didn't mind! But Donna apparently did and resumed her little game.

When Lisa would be looking out the window and the driver occupied talking to Suzie, she would reach over and squeeze and stroke my cock. Between the two sexy women, one of who was caressing my cock, it was essentially impossible to keep from getting a wild threesome with a horny floozy hardcore groupsex. I managed to snag a towel and keep it in my lap most of the time.

But then Donna said, "Oh, can we put the towel under us? The seat feels scratchy." So I had to give up the towel and all three of us had to shift around stretching the towel over the seat. At one point Lisa ended up kneeling on the seat, tugging the towel over while I arched myself up, keeping my butt off the seat. Lisa's blouse was effectively completely open, so I had a marvelous view of both her tits, the nipples erect, the smooth sweep of her tan belly and the inviting curve towards her barely concealed pussy.

Donna took this opportunity to reach over, slide her hand inside my suit and give my cock a couple of good strokes, tickling her fingers over the tip of my throbbing cock.

By the time we sat back down, my cock was hard as rock and extremely obvious. I held my hands over my lap for a moment, then bent over and snagged a comic book off the floor and pretended to read it. If Lisa noticed anything, she didn't say anything. Donna was of course tremendously amused. When we finally got back to the camp, we broke up to shower and get ready for dinner. I stopped next to Donna for a minute and murmured, "You little wretch! You may have lost your turn tonight!" "Oh, no," she replied.

"Don't even think of it I don't know why you didn't whip it out and show her what you got she probably would have liked it. I saw her checking you out why do you think she kept letting you look down her blouse?

And I'm pretty sure she did see your nice big erection anyway! I smoking hot girl rides a long dong her looking right at it a couple of times." She left me speechless as she walked away, that beautiful ass swaying sexily. Well, I managed to get the through the dinner and then Donna, Millie Suzie and I went down by the creek for a quick joint about 11 o'clock.

As nobody was around, each of the girls took the opportunity for a little kissing and fondling with the usual result a throbbing hard on. "Save that for me, lover" said Donna as she and the other two made their way back up the path and I sat on a boulder to enjoy the night and let my cock subside.

After a while I went up just in time to see Donna and Suzie bid goodnight to everybody, saying how tired they were from skiing and head off to their cabin. We passed each other in the doorway of the lodge and as she passed Donna whispered "Don't wait to long stud, I'll be waiting." Wow, I thought to myself, busty milf masturbates before fucks her man I died and gone to heaven or what?

By this time it was after midnight so I said goodnight myself and then went up and took a nice shower and headed for my cabin. But instead I circled around the camp on the old fisherman's trail until I was behind the girl's cabin.

It was very dimly lit again. I climbed up on the porch and very gently scratched at the door. "Who is it?" a voice whispered.

"It's me", I replied. Then the door opened and Millie whispered "Come on in stud!" I stepped in and was immediately wrapped in an embrace by Millie, a warm, naked Millie! The feeling was wonderful! She kissed me deeply, our tongues warm and sensuous against each other.

I ran my hand down to her sweet ass and caressed it, running my fingers along the delightful cleavage, the skin warm and silky. Mothers and son xnxnx storys com she reached down and pulled my shirt over my head, kissed me again while rubbing her tits across my chest and whispered "Next!" She stepped back and Suzie was in my arms, a warm naked girl rubbing her firm breasts against my chest, her fingers running mom and son sexy vi my spine and down into my cutoffs to squeeze my ass.

Then she stepped back a little and her fingers were at my waist, unfastening my cutoffs. She unsnapped them and slid down to her knees, pulling my cutoffs down to the floor, leaving me naked, with a throbbing hard on, in the semi-darkness.

She ran her hands up and down my cock, then stepped back. I looked across the cabin and saw across the room that Donna was lying on her bed, splashed by the light of the moon, her breasts gorgeous in the silvery moonlight, her pussy a dark inviting triangle. I stepped across the room and she stood up smoothly and put her arms out and embraced me.

She sighed and we kissed, very gently at first, my hands gently upon her shoulders. Then our passion increased and she pressed herself against me, her large firm breasts warm and inviting; gently rubbing herself against me. "I'm sorry we teased you so much today, I was a little jealous.

And horny! I wanted you so much. I really wanted to suck your cock on the way to the lake. It was all I could think of.

And then on the way back! With Lisa showing you her tits like that!" As she said this, she sank down until she was sitting on the bed, with me standing in front her, my cock waving stiffly.

She gently stroked my cock and then bent her head and sucked on it. Just gently at first and then she suddenly sucked most of it into her mouth. "Oh, God," I moaned and my knees literally went weak. For the first time, I noticed Millie and Suzie, who were on Suzie's bed just a few feet away. Suzie was kneeling at the head of her bed, facing us, while Millie was reclining beside her, her legs spread invitingly, both of them still naked, unashamed of their nakedness.

We were all becoming so free and uninhibited it was incredible! They too were lit by the silvery moon and I noticed how gorgeous they looked, Millie's full, round breasts, the dark, erect nipples, the inviting darkness beneath her spread legs, Suzie's smaller but delightful breasts, her firm thighs. They were both watching us raptly, their eyes sparkling in the moonlight. I didn't mind their watching us, enjoyed it in fact!

I noticed that Millie had her hand around Suzie's waist and Suzie had her hand on Millie's knee. Then I didn't notice much else as Donna started slowly bobbing her head up and down on my cock in long, slow, firm strokes that caused me to groan again.

Oh fuck it was good! I just rolled my head back and spread my legs, letting her work her magic. I reached out and stroked Donna's hair as she caressed my balls and ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. Then I opened my eyes wide as she swallowed nearly all my cock again. The pleasure, oh god!

Then I noticed with a sort of remote amazement that Suzie and Millie were still watching us, but Suzie now had her hand not on Millie's thigh, but between Millie's legs, down in Millie's pussy! And her hand was moving, gently, rhythmically! And Millie's hand was no longer around Suzie's waist, but appeared to be caressing Suzie's ass and fingering Suzie's pussy from behind!

Then I looked down at Donna again, who had apparently noticed my look and she paused for a moment to look over at the other two, grinned and turned back to my cock. Well, it was incredible, Donna was sucking my cock and I was watching Millie and Suzie fingering and caressing each other.

They saw my gaze on them and they smiled devilishly. Millie was clearly finger-fucking Suzie and Suzie bent forward to give her better access, all the while looking at me as Donna sucked my cock. Suzie smiled and her eyes closed, her ass swaying as Millie stroked her pussy. Suzie's eyes were closed but there was this big smile on her face as she enjoyed Millie's attentions. Then Suzie turned to Millie and they began to kiss, obviously totally turned on and not new to this at all.

Then Suzie bent and kissed Millie's breasts, first one and then the other. Millie rolled back on the bed and Suzie trailed her tongue down to Millie's cunt and began to lick and kiss between her legs.

Millie opened her legs wide to give Suzie access and Suzie became more animated. I could see Millie's hand was still on Suzie's ass, stroking and fondling. Then Millie twisted her around and they slipped into a 69 position and really began to make love.

I tore my eyes from them and turned back to Donna. She was bringing me close to coming and I didn't want to come yet. I pulled her up and off my cock, which she let slip out of her mouth with a sort of slurping sound.

Then I gently forced her back onto the bed and began kissing her breasts, gently at first and then ravenously, sucking and nibbling. She moaned and writhed in my arms and then I slid down between her legs, stroking her thighs as I ran my tongue along her pussy. I ended up kneeling on the floor with her legs over my shoulders, my faced buried in her pussy.

As I stroked Donna's thighs and ass, I licked her pussy and lapped at her clitoris. In my peripheral vision I could see Suzie and Millie in the midst of ecstatic love just a few feet nylon foot gagging and petite teen rough anal social media creeper. Then I felt Donna bucking against me as she came.

I kept licking and licking as she ground her pussy against my mouth. When she slowed down I rose up and crawled between her legs and began rubbing my cock against her pussy. After a couple of strokes my cock slid right into her hot wet pussy and buried itself to the hilt. We both sighed with pleasure and I began slowly rocking back and forth, my cock almost coming out and then plunging into the hilt.

As we slowly rocked faster and faster, Donna was wrapping her legs around my waist and I was squeezing and stroking her ass. Over our noise, I could also hear panting and sighs from Suzie and Millie, which was definitely raising my excitement level! Donna and I rocked faster and faster, then slowed down, then built up again. Donna was making little cries every time my cock bottomed out and I realized she was about to come again. My cock began to stiffen with that exquisite pressure and then she suddenly thrust hard against me and I felt heat around my cock and sweat coming out all over her body as she came.

This sensation caused me to go over the top too and I began spurting and rocketing inside her. I don't think I had ever come so hard! We were both just bucking and moaning. Afterwards I don't know how long we lay there, spent. I could hear all of us breathing, panting more like! "Oh, god", said Donna after a long time, "that was unbelievable!" "Amen", I said "I done think I died and went to heaven!" "Mmm", agreed Millie sleepily.

I looked over towards Millie and Suzie, where they lay tangled on Suzie's bed. They were still lying head to toe where they had made love. "Um", I said, slowly "I guess, I didn't, uh, realize, um, that you two, well." "Loved to make love to women?" asked Millie. "Absolutely!

Ever since Donna seduced us last year." "What!" I exclaimed. "Oh, yeah", said Donna, running her hand gently across my chest, "We all love kissing and fucking both guys and girls. I don't know about guys, but it's not that unusual for girls." "Really?" I responded.

"I don't know about other guys, but I don't know any guys who do that. Maybe in ancient Greece, but." "Well, we have, ever since that night when Donna got us into a group masturbation session and it sort of got out of control." "Yeah," said Suzie.

"She was just going to show me a new way to get myself off and she did using her tongue!" "Wow." was all I could say. The image of these girls sitting around naked, masturbating together, Donna saying she knew a new way, and then using her tongue.

it was a very powerful image! This vacation was certainly full of revelations, to say the least! We lay there quietly for a while, then the cool of the cabin started to penetrate and Donna pulled the sleeping bag over us and snuggled against me. I saw Millie and Suzie do the same.

I guess that we all dozed off then because it was much later when I re-awoke. The moonlight had moved all the way across the cabin and was shining on the opposite wall. There was an old dusty, cracked mirror there and it scattered the moonlight back across the room like a silver shower. Donna was lying spoon- fashion in front of me, her warm, firm body gently cupped against me. I lay there enjoying the wonder of it for a little while. Then I gently ran my hand along her side and whispered in her ear, "I think I'd better go now, my love, before Mr.

Sun gets up". She came sleepily awake and stretched against me, her warm full ass feeling delightful against me. "Must you? What time is it? Hey, I want every minute of my night! You don't have to go quite yet, do you?" And as she said this she began gently rubbing her ass against me, just like the first night, except this time we were both naked. The effect was the faketaxi party girl gets fucked in taxi though, as my happy member quickly became hard as a rock and I began reciprocating her motion.

"Oh, yeah", she murmured, "That's nice." It was beyond nice - it was exquisite. The feel of my cock sliding up and down along the cheeks of her ass, firm and soft, silky and hot was hard to describe.

I ran my hand across her belly and up to cup her breast. I gently stoked it and felt the nipple grow hard under my fingers. She murmured and continued stroking my cock with her ass.

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She lifted her leg a bit, spreading her legs. The cover of the sleeping bag fell back, leaving us lying naked on top of it. The room was very cool, but the contrast between the air and our skin seemed to heighten the sensation. Donna reached back and stroked my hair as I ran my hand down from her breast across her smooth, softly curved belly and into the tangle of curls between her legs.

She sighed as I slipped my fingers across her pussy lips and then hardcore slut doing two cum loaded shafts one finger in between them. Her pussy was already warm and slick. I slid my finger inside and gently kneaded her clit and she pushed her ass harder against my cock.

I slipped a second finger in. Her pussy was so hot and wet! I then slid a third finger in and slid all three up and down her pussy. Then I pulled my fingers out and brought them up and gently rubbed her nipple with my wet slippery fingers. She murmured again as I rubbed her juices around the surface of her breast. The moonlight reflected off the wetness, showing her breast as a shiny, warm mound with a dark, erect nipple.

I repeated the process again, returning my fingers to her pussy and rubbing the juices across her breast. Then I did the same with her other breast. Donna loved it. She even grabbed my hand and sucked on my fingers, tasting her own pussy juices. "Oh, god, I want your cock in me! " and suiting action to words, she raised her ass a little and I ducked my hips down and brought my cock under her. Then my cock slid into her with a warm, slippery glory that made us both groan softly.

We began a very slow fuck, pulling my cock almost all the way out and then ever so slowly back in. Then again, and again.

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I kept stroking her pussy and then her breast and the whole sensation, my cock in her pussy, my fingers in her pussy, feeling her warm, slippery wet breast beneath my fingers was absolute ecstasy! I don't know how long we kept it up but it seemed like a long time, but eventually I felt my cock getting stiffer and stiffer and could feel the head of my cock swelling more and more every time it bottomed out in Donna's pussy.

"Oh fuck, that's good, that's good ,, oh fuck oh fuck" moaned Donna as I went over the edge and began to come inside her. This seemed to push her over too and she was pushing back and gasping, her pussy pulsing around my cock.

Afterwards we lay there, breathing deeply and I felt Donna settling down. "I really think I huge titted maid fucks the virgin guy angela white tyler nixon to go now", I murmured. "I guess", she agreed, "what I really want is for you to sleep with me all night and wake me in the morning. But I guess not." So I got up and put the sleeping bag back over marsha may push ups or squats. Then I bent down and kissed her very gently and stood up.

I hunted around and found my shorts, shirt and thongs and put them on. Then I started for the door, but a small voice from the other bed stopped me.

I stepped over and looked down to see both Millie and Suzie were awake. Millie reached an arm up to me and I bent over and kissed her gently and she said "I sure hope you make love to me like that tonight, lover".

And I realized that they both must have been watching Donna and I. Again, it made it somehow more exciting. "I'll see what I can do." I replied grinning. And I bent down and gently kissed Suzie, too and she wrapped both arms around my neck for a moment.

She smelled and felt warm and sleepy, her skin smooth and silky to the touch. I stood up and went to the door and opened it a crack. Outside the sun wasn't up, but the eastern sky wasn't completely black either. I looked around and didn't see anything o anyone moving. The closest cabin was about 50 feet away, the cabin where Lisa and her sister slept. I slipped out and around the back of the cabin and onto the fisherman's trail back to the camp. When I got close to the center, I branched over towards the men's shower as I figured I needed one.

As I began to approach the showers, however, a figure with a flashlight emerged from the shadows on my right. "Oh", I said, a little startled, not expecting to see anyone. "Oh, hi! It's just me, Lisa", said the figure.

As she approached I saw in the splash of the light that it was indeed Lisa, wearing a flannel shirt, shorts and carrying a fishing rod and tackle box.

"Well, uh, I'm just heading for an early shower", I said, somewhat lamely. "Oh, that's great", said Lisa "That way they'll be plenty of hot water.

I always like a nice hot shower afterwards, too" "Uh, sure", I said. After what, my brain was asking? What was she saying? Had she heard us in the cabin? Or seen me leaving?

Or both? "Uh, yeah, sure is nice after a night's sleep", I youporn guy jerking off in his car xp videos responded lamely. "Well, have a nice shower" she said brightly and continued downhill, towards the creek. I looked after her, trying to figure it out.

Then I shrugged and headed into the showers. I dragged my self into the shower and had a nice, long hot one. At least, if I was up at that hour I could get a nice hot shower! Then I stumbled my way back to my bunk which was beginning to seem unfamiliar - and fell soundly asleep. When I awoke, it was mid-morning, the birds were singing and the sun was streaming into the cabin. I heard my mother's voice at the door.

"Are you all right, dear? It's not like you to sleep so much!" "Oh, yeah, sure Mom, I'm fine. Just needed some sleep." "Well, don't forget that you have lunch dishes today" Oh, boy, I thought.

Joy is mine. And, actually, joy was mine, in part, since I was partnered with Suzie switzerland school teacher ducking with students her little sister. Her sister wasn't bad, she was about 11 and too perky but otherwise a good kid.

Suzie was nice to work with. We were rapidly developing this warm glow amongst us that made us feel good when we were together. Suzie was wearing a T-shirt and some tight shorts that nicely showed off her hips and ass. She kept giving me these little hip checks as we did the dishes and even snuck in a couple of bun-squeezes. I was into the game as well (especially after the day before) and got kind of forward (for the camp kitchen, anyway). I gave her ass a squeeze several times when nobody seemed to be looking and once when we went into the storage cupboard, reached around and fondled her breast while giving her a nice thorough goose.

She sort of yelped in surprise and then said "Shh! Don't do that here!" as though they hadn't done far more on the boat! I was pleased to note that when we came back out of the cupboard, both her nipples were erect, pressing through the thin bra and shirt she had on.

Millie and Donna were hanging around in the lodge while we did this. I don't know what they had in mind, but it must of backfired as Millie's mom recruited them for the weekly grocery trip into town a tedious two-hour task. By the time we finished the dishes, I was glad to get out of the kitchen as it was heating up.

We had heard they were having a heat wave down in the valley and even up there in the mountains it was quite warm. "How about a swim", asked Suzie. I agreed and we went off to get suits and said we would meet down at the beach.

I went back to the cabin, put on the Speedo. I was feeling studly after the last few days and wasn't as shy about wearing something like that anymore. When I got down to the beach, there was a fair crowd there, including all the young kids as they had some sort of contests going for the little folks. I paddled around helping for a bit until Suzie arrived. Lisa and Mrs. Schiller were there as well, playing and helping Mrs.

Schiller's son. I watched them with interest as they were as usual, the most attractive adults there. In addition, I was thinking of Donna's comments about Lisa "checking me out" and "looking at my hard-on". Had she? Why? Curiosity? Sluts face hole and fur pie get rammed And then there was our encounter that morning. What was the meaning of her comments? While I musing about all this Suzie came down, wearing a flowered bikini I hadn't seen before.

I wondered if it was Millie's as it seemed a little large. However, like Donna's on Millie, the looseness was very sexy. Suzie came down and we both helped some of the tube races and so on and then we paddled upstream in our own tubes. Suzie said she wanted to sunbathe, so she brought a towel, which she carefully kept draped across her chest to keep it out of the water. "Let's go to the upper pool", she suggested. "OK by me," I replied.

"I'll follow you anywhere." "Really?" she smiled back. "Anywhere? You're my slave, then?" "Oh, yas, missy!" She laughed and we paddled up through the upper, teenagers area to the rapids above it.

Rapids was strong name, it was just a series of riffles and pools. But you couldn't get through on a tube, you had to carry your tube along a narrow fisherman's path on the side. Once we reached the upper pool, I thought we had reached out destination, but Suzie said "Let's go the Head of the Nile.

I want to show you something." "Yeah? OK." I thought I knew what she might want to "show" me, but I was willing (and how!). So we resumed walking. The "Head of the Nile" was the name we had given to the next pool up as it was as far as we used to be allowed to go when were kids, and was beyond where most anyone went at anytime. Also, the creek widened out at that point and there was a large gravel bar covered with willows and alder.

In fact, the creek became several creeks, winding through all the willows and alder. It was a nearly impenetrable maze another reason why few tried to go any farther.

To get around it one had to make a large detour into the forest along a bluff. "I wanted to show you something we found last year, a place, that is" Suzie explained. She led me into the maze and we splashed along through small streams, ducking under alders and willows. "Of course, the spring flood may have removed it you know how huge the spring is. But I think it was somewhere along here." We were getting near to the head of "Nile" where the water came down over a bluff in a series of small waterfalls spread over an area about 50 yards wide.

"Yeah, cool! It's still here!" She stepped through another dense patch of willow and brush, bending low as she went. I followed her through and was truly surprised. It was VERY cool. There was a big willow on the bluff, hanging down, sort of blending with the lower willow and alder. A small section of the creek splashed down along the roots of the willow tree into a small pool, maybe 15 or 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and 4 or 5 feet deep in the center.

Along one side of the pool the willows and alder hung over the pool while on the other there was a small beach of sand and gravel maybe 8 or 10 feet wide. It was very pretty, an enclosed little wonderland pool. "Wow! This IS cool! " I exclaimed. "Actually, it's not cool, boy it's getting warm." And it was. One aspect of the pool was that there was no breeze due to the enclosing willows and it was quite warm.

I stuck one foot in the water and then my whole body. The water was cool and delightful. I slipped into the middle, which was about 5 feet deep and very cool.

Suzie joined me a minute later and we half-floated in the pool, enjoying the total quiet and cool water. "So how did you find this?" I asked, finally.

"Must have taken some doing." "Yeah, we just stumbled on it while exploring the Nile" "Who's we?" "Donna, Millie and I. We thought we could find a nice place to hang out, maybe smoke a joint and be by ourselves. And we eventually found this." "Well, it's totally cool. Speaking of joints, I happened to bring one." And I climbed out and pulled out a carefully wrapped package from my Speedo. It was stuffed into the front of my Speedo and Suzie laughed when I brought it out.

"Oh, and I thought you meant a different kind of joint" "Well, I have one of those, too!" I retorted and we both laughed. I unwrapped the joint, which I had carefully wrapped in several Baggies. It and the matches were bone dry and I lit it up. Suzie came out of the water and we sat on the towel smoking it. It wasn't big, but it was nice and when we were done we both sort of lounged back on towel. After a couple of minutes, Suzie said "God, that sun feels good, think I'll catch some rays." I opened my eyes to see here reach behind her back and unhook her top and drop it on the towel.

I admired her fine breasts as she stretched in the sun, lying down on her back. "Want me to put some oil on you?" I asked. She had brought a bottle of Coppertone wrapped up in the towel.

"Mmm, that would be good, thanks". I got the Coppertone and began to gently rub it over her shoulders. I used very little of the oil, just enough to make my hands a tad slippery. Then I worked my way down on to her stomach and down to her waist. I deliberately avoided her breasts, leaving them to the last. Then I gently bent over and kissed each nipple lightly. Suzie had her eyes closed, but was smiling.

Her nipples came partly erect and even more so as I began rubbing the oil into her breasts. It was erotic, but a part of me knew we were going to make love, so the sense of urgency wasn't as great as it might have been a week ago, before this incredible series of events. I worked my way down and rubbed some into her legs as well, gently kneading the soft flesh of her inner thighs. "Ohh, that feels so good, please do my back as well, O slave." "Yassuh, missy!", I replied.

She rolled over onto her back and I began to rub the oil very lightly onto her back. She sighed and stretched, spread-eagled on the towel. As I rubbed I admired the smooth sweep of her shoulder, the smooth strong swimmers muscles, the relatively delicate waist, the flare to her hips, the smooth, enticing swell of her buttocks.

I worked my way down to her bottoms. "Would you like me to remove your bottoms for an all over tan, missy?" I inquired, solicitously. "Well, yes, slave, that would be nice, but aren't you supposed to be my NAKED slave?" "Oh, yes, missy, I done clean forgot".

I stood up and pulled my Speedo off and dropped it on the edge of the towel. My cock was half-erect already and when the warm sun fell on it, it stretched up to full size, like a flower to the sun. I knelt back down and bent to remove her bottoms. As I did so, Suzie reached back with her hand and ran it up my thigh and onto my cock. She gently squeezed it and stroked it once.

"Seems you have a ready member there, my slave" "All for you little missy," I said, as I removed her bottoms. I resumed rubbing the oil onto her, being more thorough and sensual now. I was stoned from the joint and felling the sexual excitement of the moment. There on the beach it was very still and hot, the cicadas buzzing in the trees and the water quietly splashing.

I rubbed the oil on her feet and ankles and slowly worked my way back up. I was facing towards her feet as I did this and when Suzie reached back again, she caressed my ass this time. Then her hand slid between my legs and lithe twosome by sapphic erotica sensual lesbian sex scene with anya and angel sapphicerotica lesbia my balls.

By now I had worked up to her ass I poured some oil in my hand and began gently rubbing the oil all over her ass. He skin was hot now and air seemed heavy and charged. She was rocking her ass back and forth as I did this.

She twisted around a little on the towel and said "Pass me the oil, please, O slave!" I handed her the bottle and resumed stroking her ass, working the oil up from her upper thighs, down to the edge of her pussy, running my fingers along the very edge, where the blond hairs ran like a tiny ruffle along the pink lips.

I heard her squirting some of the oil, then I felt her hand on my balls again, slippery now with oil. She was running her fingers all along my japanese sadomasbdsm funny gay cartoon yaoi anime toon comics7 and along the crack of my ass.

The oil from the bottle was warm and it felt very sensuous. I put some more oil from the bottle in my hands and continued rubbing her ass, working the oil all along the crack of her ass, the oil running down along her ass towards her pussy. Then I felt Suzie's fingers running all over my balls then back over my ass, her fingers teasing my anus. Nobody had ever done that before, it felt weird, but exciting.

So I ran my fingers all along her crack from her pussy all the way upthen back, teasing along her anus as well, my fingers very slippery now with oil. I ran my fingers along her pussy, plunging my fingers in while my thumb played with her ass. Then she moaned and rolled over, spreading her legs, presenting her engorged pink pussy to me and I rolled forward and bent my head to run my tongue along her pussy, flicking it across her clitoris. She moaned and grasped my cock, stroking it with her hands.

Then I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock and she began slowly stroking up and down my cock with her lips. With the same rhythm I began lapping at her pussy. At the same time, I kept stroking her sweet oily ass, running my fingers all over it, squeezing her cheeks and running my fingers down along the crack, teasing her ass.

She began sucking me harder and I felt the pressure building in my cock. The sun, the warmth of the air, our slick, oily bodies, even the smell of the Coppertone, were total turn-ons. I was so hot! I began rapidly licking and sucking on her pussy and she was sucking harder on my cock. I granny lesbian with young piss one hand grasping her ass-cheek and with the other I was stroking the crack of her ass.

Then I slipped my big finger into her ass and began slowly fucking her with it. Then I felt Suzie do the same to me and we were both sucking and licking and fucking until I suddenly arched and began to come in great spurts. Suzie kept fucking me with her finger at the same time and the sensation sent me crazy and then she was bucking and crying out and moaning as she came. I just kept licking and sucking and finger-fucking her as she thrashed and moaned.

Eventually, we came back to our senses, lying on the towel, totally spent, both of us still breathing heavily, covered in sweat and oil. I rolled over and kissed her. Then I got to my knees and helper her up and we rolled over into the pool. We lay there for a long time, half-awash. "Ohmigod, I have never felt like that", she said. "Me neither", I agreed. "I love to make love to you, Suzie" "And I you, lover." We lay still for quite a while after that, then I rolled farther into the pool and plunged completely beneath the water and rinsed myself in the cool water.

Suzie joined me and we frolicked for quite a while, naked, together. Eventually we ended up back on the towel and lay there in the sun. I noticed after a bit that we were now in shadow at the pool.

"I think it's late", I said. "We probably should head back." "I suppose so," she sighed. She rolled over and gave me a long kiss. Then we reluctantly got up and put on our suits and made our way back to the camp.