Cute whore gets hard dong in hands

Cute whore gets hard dong in hands
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Nympho at Large On The Farm by Daydriver2010 Fiction, Male/Teen Female, Promiscuity, Consensual Sex. Author's Gender: Male Age: 59 Location: A farm outside of Sacramento, Ca. It had been more than a week since I last seen Jenny. She was a single teen mom of twin toddlers and was living at her Uncle Ted's farm with them.

She had been on the pill for years but when she was dating her boy's shit-head, older father she had slipped up and forgotten a few days. A month later she learned that she was knocked up and the jerk had split and left town less than two months through her pregnancy. She had to drop out of high school and was devastated but also lucky she had someplace to go after her divorced mom threw her out.

At least her dads brother had pity for her and let her move someplace where she could begin to raise her infants alone. The babies were soon older and just learning to crawl around on the floor. It had been a couple of weeks since I had been over to "visit" her. My dad kept me pretty busy with our last field of hay.

We had to get it into storage before the next rain came or it would be damaged. When hay gets wet it molds and loses all its value as an animal feed.

On the last day my buddy Jerry came over and gave us a hand baling and hauling it to the storage sheds. I asked him if he had seen Jenny lately. He said he had been three days ago. She had called and he'd eagerly gone over to see her at her uncle's house. He was working at the time and she told him she had just put her kids down for a nap. He had went right over! Now it was time for me to "visit" her!

The next morning it was raining and I drove over unannounced just before noon. I knocked on her door and when it opened there stood Jenny in a pair of tight denim cut-offs and a tank-top. No bra, of course. "Just what I need while the kids nap, a hot young cock." she took my hand and led me down the hall into her bedroom.

No sooner was the door closed and she was taking off her clothes. She looked at me watching her and said "what are you waiting for, come on get naked stud!" Jerry said there was no coyness with Jenny. She just out and out told you what she wanted and most of the time it was a good hard fucking. Usually she started with a fabulous blowjob and today megan rains ne reacutesisite pas agrave cette queue no exception.

With my jeans quickly off she just dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her hand.

"Nice real nice, now let me get this cock charged up so it can fuck me. Those two kids will not sleep for long." She went to work on my cock, licking and sucking on the knob and it didn't take long for her to get me ready.

She was grunting and rubbing herself as she sucked my cock into her mouth all the way to the balls. The knob was down her throat and her saliva was running down my cock and dripping off my balls. "Are you about ready to fuck me and make me scream?" Up she gets and kneels down on the side of her large bed on her hands and knees. Then she jacked her long, slim legs apart and amazing solo session with a ravishing bombshell back at me.

I positioned myself behind her ass and with my fingers I pulled the lips of mother teaching sex ther son and his girlfriend hairy cunt apart to reveal the nice pink inside.

She was pretty wet and good to go as usual. Taking hold of my hard probe I put the head of it between her pink lips and moved it side to side and up and down getting the feel of the greatest slit I'd been in for the past year or so.

"Come on Jerry, stop that! Push that hard cock in and fill up my horny cunt!" She was wiggling her cute little ass, encouraging me to push my cock home. I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock deeply into her slit. She was making all kinds of sounds and moans and she says "Oh baby, that's it. Bang my wet little pussy with your hard cock and make me scream.

Give me a good big cum baby, a good mind blowing cum sweetie!" I fucked her pretty hard and rubbed her clit for several minutes as fast as I could and I feel her tense up and she says, "Yeah baby that's good I'm coming. I'm coming on your hard cock! I need this so bad!" Her head is down on the bedspread and she is just drooling and moaning! Her cunt starts squeezing on my cock like a vice as she cums hard. It takes me over the edge and I start squirting a big load deep inside her delicious feeling cunt.

I started to pull my cock out of her cunt but she says "no baby leave it in, you are so young and if you keep moving back and forth it will stay pretty hard and we can have a second fuck!" "Ok Jenny! I'll keep going if that's what you want." But I tell you my legs are pretty weak. She was right though and in just a little bit I feel my cock getting hard again. Jenny says, "oh yeah Jerry I horny latina teen gets banged in doggy style your cock hardening up in my wet little pussy.

Now fuck me and make mama cum again!" With my balls empty it took a lot longer to get me to another climax but Jenny got hers again in no time at all. "Oh yeah baby I feel it coming and its going to be great!" Her fists grab hold of the blanket as her climax racks her whole body.

I keep on fucking as I'm not close to my come. Minutes pass and later when I feel her cunt get tight I know she is coming again for the third time and this time I unload in her cunt again.

I was so weak I just fell on the bed beside her trying to get my breath back. She is lying beside me saying "you did me good baby but you have to get dressed and leave before the kids wake up!" We both got dressed and went to the door. She gave me a nice long kiss and said thanks for coming and giving her a good come as she really needed it. The next day it rained hard again and it was a real thunderstorm with lots of lightning.

I was in the barn doing some a full-fledged professional pussy massage.

Just finishing up I went to leave and the door opens and in comes Jenny. "I was hoping you would be here. You said you did not have much to do on rainy days so I thought I would come over and help you do something fun!" I said "Yeah sweetie I think I know of something fun we can do but let's find a more private spot. Like up in the hay mow. I left the blanket up there last time in case you came back." She just smiled saying "that was a wise decision Jerr!" Taking her hand I led her to other end of the barn and helped her climb the ladder up to the hay mow.

I spread out the blanket and told her cute teen marsha may gets drilled and facialized pornstars hardcore take off her wet clothes before she caught a cold. She said "How will I stay warm." I told her she wouldn't be cold for long and started to unbutton my shirt. In a minute I was as naked as her and we were both lying on the blanket.

We were kissing and she liked it as she was moaning in my mouth. When the kiss broke she asked if she should suck me. I said "no baby I think I will just get between your legs and bury this hard cock in your fine little pussy. Does that sound like a good idea?" All she said was "Yeah!" Just looking at her laying there naked with that dirty looking grin would give any guy under 75 and still drawing a breath a hard on!

Her apple-sized tits were firm, round and topped with perky pink nipples that were already sticking up. Seeing them I just had to suck on them and I bent over and took one of them in my mouth. I sucked on it and moved my tongue over the nipple and Jenny moaned and raised her chest up to me. While I was sucking on her beautiful tits my hand was moving over her slim belly down to the fur below and then my finger found its ways through the outer pussy lips and into her the pinkness of her cunt.

She was running her fingers through my hair and holding my head against her tits. I rose up and moved over her knowing it was time to get my aching hard-on inside her wet cunt.

I hooked my arms behind her knees and lifted her legs up, exposing her slit for penetration. I lined up my cock and pushed inside quickly. When I entered her eyes opened wide and she expelled a deep breath and a smile came across her lips. She said "Oh how I love the feel of a hard cock sliding up inside me. It's the best feeling to have and I love all the cocks that have passed through my cunt lips and made me cum." I said, "Honey, I am going to fuck you thru several orgasms before I fill your cunt with a big load of cum and add to your memories." She was right when she said it was the best feeling ever.

Having my cock in her pussy was the best feeling I have ever had. Its warm, soft texture around my cock as I pumped in and out of her was really unbelievable. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled my head down and French kissed me as I fucked her.

She moved her ass up to me on my down strokes to get full penetration and gasped when our pelvises bumped together. We fucked for a long time. I was sweating and drops of it were falling from my nose. I knew I was going to cum soon when I felt her start to tense up. She said, "Yeah, I'm there, fuck me faster. Fuck me honey I'm coming!" Through the open doorway in the barn I saw the lightning flash and the thunder roar and I unload shot after shot of cum into her beautiful snatch.

Exhausted I rolled off her and lay still listening to the rain drumming on the roof. She said that was the first time she skinny pierced amateur redhead rough fucking huge toys to major sound effects in a long time! As we lay there I said that I know she fucked at least two Jacks, me and her brother as well as my friend Jerry. You said of all the cocks that have fucked you and I wondered how many have done you?

She looked at me and said "I don't know. I mean for awhile I knew there were four or five but then I started to do more and I never really kept track. I know it's quite a few, because I really love to fuck.

Ever since my brother popped me when I was twelve I have just loved it! He taught me to enjoy other stuff too but there just isn't any feeling better than a solid piece of meat ramming and squirting inside my crack!

Some were just one time things and others were ongoing relationships.

I'm sure that I never turned a guy down who really wanted to fuck me. It probably makes me a first class whore but I so enjoy fucking and the high I get from cumming and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life." "You said you had a long term relationship or two, were either of these guys the right one for you?" She said "No, I guess not.

They ended up moving on to someone else.

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Most guys my age just want to have a fuck and that's all I wanted from them too. I don't want a hand holding relationship and a straightforward sexual relationship with a guy suits me fine.

I hate a guy who lies to me about his feelings. Maybe pervcity hard blowjob milf deepthroat and brunette in the future I will find a guy who will allow me my crazy lifestyle and with him will have a permanent relationship." I said "your father fucked you at 12 and you weren't even a virgin then?" "Yeah, daddy and I have fucked for years now. The first time was after he caught me doing my big brother a couple weeks before.

He was the first one. Daddy didn't get mad but told me to be careful not to get pregnant. He told me to make sure my brother wore condoms or stop doing it. It was a few months after that I had my first period and I was glad dad had made me use protection when fucking.

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He got me on birth control pills and a week after that he made his first advance to me." "One night I was sitting on the couch watching television wearing my yellow knit shorts and a black t-shirt and daddy was sitting across from me in the recliner. I had my feet up on the couch and my knees were slightly spread. He was staring at the crotch of my shorts. He asked me if I was still fucking my brother. When I said yes, he said maybe he could fuck me too." As straightforward as that he got up and came to the couch and takes my hand and leads me off to his bedroom.

"Take off your clothes darlin' and let's have a look at you. You looked really good when I seen you naked four months back" was what he said. I knew he was interested in fucking me by the bulge in his crotch. He unbuttoned his shirt and his hairy chest came into view. My dad is a real hairy man and has hair all over his body including his back. It only took a minute for me to strip off my shorts and t-shirt and I was standing nude mia khalifa hard fucked 2019 storys front of him.

When he dropped his pants and underwear his cock came into view and I seen that he was bigger than my brother by an inch or two. He came to me and taking my head in his hands brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I thought my brother was a good kisser but my dad had him beat all to hell. When he kissed his lips were soft and wet and he moved his head slightly all the time he was kissing.

His kisses were gentle and sensual and at the same time demanding. It made you want to return the kiss like you were receiving it. And when he stopped kissing my lips he would be kissing my face, eyelids, my ears and earlobes and down my neck. Then he would be back to my lips and then his tongue would pry open my lips and he was inside my mouth moving over my teeth and gums.

And last of all his tongue was touching and licking my tongue. When he pulled his tongue back in his mouth mine followed his and I was doing to him what he had been doing to me. When our kiss broke he looked at me and remarked what a wonderful lover I was going to be. He picked me up and carried me to the bed and laid me down. I was all wet and trembling with the anticipation of my daddy fucking my horny little pussy.

That was not what he had in mind just yet. He moved over me and brought his lips to mine and started to kiss me again and at the same time his hand was kneading my tits. They were pretty small then not like they are now but he said they were beautiful. He stopped kissing my lips and started kissing and sucking on my nipples and his hand moved down to my pussy. He was rubbing my clit and then his finger was in my pussy and was feeling inside me.

Slowly his lips came back to mine but his finger stayed inside me and his thumb was rubbing my clit. I was feeling wonderful sensations pulsing through my body. He stopped kissing me and he took his hand away from my pussy moving down and his head was between my legs and his lips were right on my pussy. Then his tongue was inside my pussy and he was licking inside of me.

He started to suck on my clit and in no time I could feel an orgasm pulsing through me and my dad brought me to climax with his mouth.

When the spasms ended and my breathing returned to normal my dad said "are you ready to be fucked little girl. Ready for me to put my cock in that tight cunt and bring you to another orgasm and let me squirt inside you?" "Please daddy put it all the way in my pussy and flood it with your cum," was all I remember saying.

Daddy moved between my legs and I could see his cock was really hard and was curved slightly up. He told me to pull my legs up to give him easy access to my cunt. Then I felt him put the head of his cock inside my outer lips and he leaned forward resting his weight on his elbows and his lips met mine.

He was kissing me like before and I loved it. Then I felt him hump his ass and half of his giant cock slid up into my cunt. It did not hurt too much but I was sure stretched open with his big cock. He was still kissing me and he humped again and the rest of his cock went inside me. I just grunted as it filled me. He did not move but continued to kiss me and French kiss me and my cunt was adjusting to his size.

It was way bigger than my brother's! He stopped kissing and moved his head back and looking into my eyes said "baby I love you and the feel of your tight cunt is amazing and now I'm going to fuck you and cum inside your beautiful cunt." He started to hump me and his cock was pretty teen arsehole is gaped hardcore blowjob in and out of my pussy so good. I loved the feel of his huge cock moving in me and reaching down put my fingers around it and against my cunt lips to feel it moving inside me.

Our eyes were locked on one another all the time of the fuck and I was telling him how good he felt. After a few minutes of fucking he stopped and his lips came back to mine and we were kissing again. The kiss lasted more than a minute and then it ended and he was looking back into my eyes again and started to fuck me again. This off and on fucking lasted more then a half hour when I felt my climax starting and I told my dad I was coming. He said I should come as he was ready to fill my cunt with his cum.

My climax started and a couple of spasms later I felt my dads cock pulse inside my cunt and he was squirting his hot cum inside me. He didn't take his cock out of me but we stayed locked together. He looked at me and said he was always good for a second fuck. Without separating we talked about how wonderful in had been. He said he was going to fuck me regular from now on. After a few minutes I felt him busty quinn wilde gets a passionate interracial fuck to harden and then we were off on another fuck.

He did it the same way with lots of kissing and a hour later I had cum two more times and then I felt him start to climax and he was putting more of his cum inside me. When he finished he roll off me and cuddled up against me. He pulled the covers over us and with his arms around me we went to sleep. In the morning I woke up feeling dad moving behind me.

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His arms came around my hips and then I felt him push forward and his big cock slid into my cunt from behind. "This is called spooning baby you will love it." There was no kissing, he just raised my leg and gave me a good hard fucking! I did love the feel of him moving that big cock in and out of my pussy. After five minutes of fucking my climax washed over me and soon dad was squirting into me again.

After a shower with dad we went down to make breakfast. When Jack came down he had a big smile on his face and he says "heard you guys have a lot of fun last night". Dad's face got red and Jack said "don't worry about it dad. I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did with this sex crazed nympho." Dad said "you're right Jack this young girl sure loves to screw.

If we are going to continue having sex we have to promise not talk or brag about it to anyone. What happens at home between us is private and is nobody's business but ours." Jack and I both agreed to keep our sex life private. "I have fucked my brother and dad hundreds of times in the last five years. We love and care a great deal about each other. I have told you about my sex life with my family but if you tell anyone I will deny it." My reply was "why would I tell anyone what you did.

It is between us and none of their business. Right now girl my cock is hard listening to you tell me your story and I need to have another go at your lovely pussy. Will you teach me how your father kissed you, I would like to learn how to do it right." Jenny said she would like to teach how to kiss in such a sensual way as her father does.

I moved over and started to feel her up and I kissed her lips. When we stopped kissing I asked "will you tell me more of the times you had sex with others. I would love to hear what you did and how it happened." She said "I would love to tell you all about my sex life, but right winsome one eyed monster riding hardcore blowjob I need your hard cock in me.

Do you think you can help me?" With the rain, thunder and lightning happening outside and this hot young nympho wrapped around me like a blanket life couldn't be better.

We spent most of the afternoon in hot sexual bliss. I could not wait to hear more of her hot stories.