Great bang with legal age teenager attractive girl hardcore and blowjob

Great bang with legal age teenager attractive girl hardcore and blowjob
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Guide week Chapter 3 Milly phoned Julie and arranged to meet at the garage clearance. It was a hot day and both girls were wet and sweaty as they moved box upon box of rubbish out of the garage. They were upload 1st time porn video tube porn lemonade by Petra Anderson and were grateful for it. Mrs Anderson would have she explained tidied it herself, but she had heard the GUIDES were on job week and thought it better if she had help for herself and helped a good movement at the same time.

She told Milly and Julie of her time in the Guides and as they cleared had may a tale to tell. Lunch approached and Petra, as they had been told to call her went inside to make sandwiches.

Milly and Julie just carried on working they wanted to get to Richards as soon as possible, each had in their backpack a change of clothes and night attire. They all stopped for sandwiches and refreshments and then continued their labours. It was 3 in the afternoon that the task was finally completed.

Petra paid the girls and offered them her shower to freshen up but they refused giving the story they had 1 last task to do for the day. Leaving Petra both girls were feeling the strain, it had been more work than at first appeared. Richard would probably be anxious they had not given a specific time, but nonetheless they wanted to get there as soon as possible, he had some other jobs to do and at least they would stay the night. Arriving at Richards they found a note on the door addressed to them, which stated if he was not home go in make themselves comfy and there was food in the cupboard if they felt hungry.

Milly and Julie entered the house, there was a strong smell of pine as though someone had been cleaning or polishing. Looking around they noticed the differences in the rooms as they went exploring. Everywhere so neat and orderly, even the bed had been made and had fresh linen. These were some of the tasks they had come to fix raunchy latina stunner has her asshole drilled cumshots and big tits on Richards list.

Both were puzzled as to why they had been requested back. Both were desperate for a shower and wondered what he would say if they used his bathroom. Deciding not to risk it they sat and waited. It was 45 minutes before Richard appeared with a large carry bag. "Ah good I see you made it?" said Richard "Let me just attend to this and I shall be right with you" Richard took the bag upstairs and soon returned to find the girls had noticed a photo album he had been looking through.

Talking and showing them the photographs explaining who each was, where it was taken. The evening was getting later and the girls needed to freshen up, Milly asked if they may use the shower, Richard told them of course and as they went upstairs Milly made 1 final observation that Richard was looking smarter.

Undressing, they were soon soaping and cleaning, Julie washing Milly's back and vice versa. Neither of them detected Richard spying on them behind the door. Richard had his cock out and was rubbing himself to the sight of these two lovelies. Watching them shower and clean their cute pussies and asses, he got a little too close and the door pushed open. The girls turned to see Richard his trousers open with his cock in hand stumble in the bathroom and gave a loud laugh. Julie suggested if he was so horny he should shower too.

Richard wasted no time in getting undressed and the 3 of them were soon frolicking around in the shower. Richard could now see the wondrous sight of Milly and Julie bathing at closer quarters. He watched as Milly soaped her friends pussy slowly and deliberately, then her belly and up over her breasts. Julie turned and Milly soaped down her back and round her bottom in a similar style. Julie returned the compliment for her friend. Richard's hard cock was standing to attention and he thought he would explode.

Suddenly Milly knelt down and took Richard's cock in her mouth; whilst she did Julie had moved round behind him and was soaping his back. Richard was letting out moans of pure ecstasy at the attention. As Milly sucked harder and harder Julie inserted a finger in Richard's anus and pushed in and out to excite his prostate.

Richard was already too far gone and a few moments later his seed erupted in fury firing into the back of Milly's throat. Trying not to miss a drop Milly eagerly swallowed as much as she could. Richard withdrew and stood back, he watched in amazement as Milly and Julie swapped his cum from one mouth to the other. They all 3 then finished their shower and dried off.

Richard had the pleasure of drying both girls as they stepped out. In return the girl's towel dried Richard. Milly and Julie were about to get dressed but Richard told them to come in the bedroom he had a surprise.

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On the bed had been laid out 2 sets of girl's underwear and 2 dresses. Richard told them to dress and he left them to it while he himself dressed.

Milly checked the size it was spot on but how would he have known. Seeing the girl's dressed in the outfit's he had chosen pleased Richard's eyes. He had taken great care in the choice, and now he saw them being worn he chuckled at his wisdom. Milly was pleased with her outfit and so was Julie, they gave him a peck on the cheek.

Much nicer than the jeans and t-shirt each had packed. Richard asked if they were hungry, both were enthusiastic in saying yes. Richard had one more surprise in store; he led them downstairs and ordered a cab. Within 30 minutes the 3 were seated at a table in a rather posh looking restaurant. Neither had been anywhere like this, and they felt like fish out of water.

Richard allowed them to choose their own meal but did order the wine. The stares from other customers at his 2 companions made Richard feel proud. They did not let him down and they watched how other people ate not rushed but savouring each mouthful and sipping wine. Both felt very grown up as the evening passed, the meal over it was time to head back. Richard settled the bill and with a girl on each fresh teen new to porn and fit sleepy guy missed how his father humps his girlpatron they stepped into a waiting cab; on the ride home each sat either side of him and leaned in close, he put an arm around each.

Now ensconced back in Richard's living room, the three sat relaxed as a warm milk drink was being supped. Richard asking them if they had enjoyed their evening, and the girls telling him that they had. Milly and Julie both affirmed that it was a pity the evening had to end. Richard agreed but as they had enjoyed it so much and he their company asked of them if once in a while they would consider a repeat performance. Milly and Julie nodded in affirmation, and each rose and placed a kiss on Richards's cheek.

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was their company or maybe something else, but Richard felt a longing he had not had in a long time. He would love it if these two were to be his lovers. He checked his thoughts. He was lusting after two 15 year old girls. They had shown him they were not averse to some sexual activity, but he was unsure if they were virgins.

Milly and Julie both were feeling similar, they enjoyed his company and were more than willing to be wined and dined. Julie for one had enjoyed the sexual aspect too and maybe they would get to do it again; she certainly hoped they would. Milly had sat down legs crossed in front of Richard her dress had ridden a little of which she was unaware, but he had spotted. As Milly sat there Richard began to feel a stir in his loins, a stir that Julie had noticed and without forethought she had taken it upon herself to massage it for him outside his pants.

This only made Richard's predicament worse, sensing the problem Julie moved in front of him, knelt and began to release him from his pants and shorts. Richard lay back to enjoy the wonderful touch of this girl; no sooner had she freed it than she began to run her fingers along its length. Richard rose in his seat allowing Julie to remove his pants and shorts in their entirety. Julie helped Richard remove his shoes and socks; she then stood before him to help him remove his tie and his shirt.

Completely naked Richard was sat relaxed as Julie once more worked on his cock. This time she licked at his balls and up and down the shaft making Richard squirm and busty babe raylene has a huge rack big boobs pornstar taking a pause she invited Milly to help her.

Now with 2 young nubile girls administering to his cock Richard felt he would soon cum and motioned the girls to stop. He invited them to stand and let him help them undress, taking his time with each as he removed the dresses 1 by 1. He took it in turn to remove their shoes and socks, leaving them clad in only their delicate little panties. He started with Milly first moving her round so he could see her back. He ran his hands over her shoulders down her back and across her bottom over her panties, feeling down each leg in turn till he reached her feet.

Turning her round he started by running his hands across her flawless body, over the outside of her panties and again down her legs to the feet.

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He asked her to raise each in turn, and slowly and lovingly kissed and licked his way over her foot and between her toes. Licking up her legs toward her thighs asking her to open sex sinhala sex storys new com a little, he then licked and sucked at her panty covered pussy.

Leaving aside Milly he then required Julie to accept the same treatment. Milly had enjoyed the sensations and was a little disappointed he had not carried on but she appreciated it was now her friends turn.

Julie too liked what was happening to her this was sheer bliss she had never seen this being performed in any of the clips of movie she had seen. Richard had now licked and sucked each girl in turn and his cock needed attention, he urged the girls to give him relief. Milly and Julie were more than happy to render to his aid and within a few short strokes and licks Richard signalled his readiness to shoot. He asked the girls to lie on the floor, and as he felt the welling he aimed his cum at each of their panties; shooting forth he soaked each of their panties as they lay there.

Drained Richard once more sat down but asked the girl to lie there a few moments so he could witness the result of his actions. Satisfied he allowed them to stand and helped each one remove the stained panty.

He took the articles aside and placed them on the table. "May I keep those as a souvenir?" Richard asked, both nodded their approval and he kissed each delicious slit as a thank you. Unsure of where to take this Richard gave them time to compose, as each one had now taken to sit upon a knee and put their arms around him. He was gently rubbing his hands on their butt cheeks as he finally summoned the words.

"Girls that was so wonderful" Richard began "But if you would allow I could do so much more but only if you are both willing" Milly and Julie listed as Richard explained he would like them to have full sex by inserting his cock inside them.

He assured them he would be gentle if they were virgins, which each of them told him they were. He also explained there would be bbc loving cop feasted on pussy in threesome interracial and reality pain, they both looked in doubt but Richard explained this would soon go and they would enjoy it. Sitting back continuing to rub buttocks Richard watched and waited for their reply.

Milly and Julie got off his lap and went to a corner to whisper. Julie was ready if Milly was, but her friend was not so sure, in the end Milly agreed that if Julie went first and she was ok then she would too. The girls came back to Richard and informed him of their decision. "Then" replied Richard "I think it is time we moved to my bedroom it will be more comfortable" All 3 went upstairs the discarded clothing left on the floor, reaching the bedroom Richard invited the girls to climb on the bed tight babe gets her pussy pounded by nasty pawn keeper he made preparation.

Milly and Julie sat on the bed and watched as Richard went to a drawer and retrieved a tube of lubricant and a towel plus some condoms. Once he had all items ready he asked Julie to lie on her back and raise her buttocks, as she did Richard placed the towel underneath. "Now Julie "Richard said "I am going to start by licking your slit and placing a finger inside to loosen you just relax" Richard was unsure if this would moisten her enough, which was why he had taken precaution to have lube ready in case.

He gently moved her legs further apart, and with his fingers he parted the folds of flesh which surrounded her labia and cunt entrance. He wet his tongue and licked over the exposed area.

Julie yelped at the administration of Richard's tongue and the parting of her opening, and she patiently lay as he continued. Richard took his time in ensuring the opening was wet enough before inserting a finger; service men at house sex gently moved it around inside and watched as the young girl lowly moaned her pleasure. Satisfied she was enjoying it he asked Milly to come over and insert a finger in his anus as he continued with Julie; feeling himself becoming hard once more Richard felt time to continue to the next step.

Asking Milly to stop he moved over Julie and resting on his arms he placed his cock at her entrance, moving over the girls wet slit. He asked Milly to come in and help him to moisten his cock head by wetting it with her mouth. Julie felt excited and nervous she was going to become a woman, some of the girls at school had bragged about having done it but she was not sure if they were true or not.

This was real it was going to happen and Julie wanted it. Richards cock now glistening with Milly's saliva he once again moved his cock back to Julie's cunt entrance, this time he placed it inside just a little so the head was now embedded in the girl. Julie let out a soft moan at the invasion. Satisfied he was positioned correctly Richard withdraw a little and stopped.

"Now Julie" Richard explained "The next part may very well hurt so are you sure that you wish me to continue?" Julie assured him she was and waited for what was to come.

Richard satisfied that she was willing started to push his cock inside one more till he felt the resistance, giving Julie time to get accustomed to this he paused a few seconds. This was it now or never as Richard shifted his weight, withdrew a little and then in one swift and almost primal moment he lunged forward till he was almost ball deep.

Julie felt the surge and a pain so intense that it hurt her insides, they felt like they were burning, she gritted her teeth but still a tear appeared and a little sniffle. Richard stopped to enquire if she was all right; he wiped her tears and in a soothing voice assured her that was the worst of it. Julie through her teary eyes thanked him and asked if that was it.

Richard had taken her cherry she was deflowered but he had not come and needed release. He asked Julie to remain still while he continued assuring her this part would be better.

Having made Julie comfortable he began a series of pumps in and out of her pussy, starting slowly he gradually increased his tempo horny diana fucked homemade amateur big tits his seed was rising. Julie got used to the insertion and soon found the pain went and the feeling most enjoyable.

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Milly had witnessed the crying as Julie was finally deflowered, and had felt her own pain, feeling for her friend. Now she saw the same Julie actually smiling in enjoyment, and watched Richard as his face contorted and listened to his moans and excited yelling's. Finally Richard could no longer hold onto his seed as he felt the precum he quickly withdrew and within seconds his seed was spurting in abundance over the girl, hitting her face abdomen and pussy.

His seed spent Richard relaxed; he looked upon the sight before him as Julie lay there covered in his sperm.

Julie was also happy lying there she was no longer a girl she was a woman now. Milly needed no invitation to move in and clean the seed from Richard's cock, then gently clean the sperm from her friend's body, licking and swallowing every last drop. She did offer some to Julie by dipping in her fingers and proffering them to be licked. Richard watched in joyful admiration at the two young lovelies enjoying themselves. Milly enquired when it would be her turn but Richard was by now tired and his foot was starting to become itchy again he needed a painkiller and told her that it was her turn in the morning he would be better then.

Milly was disappointed but saw Richard's foot hurting, she helped him put some lotion on it and went to get him water for his tablets.

Julie had risen meanwhile and kissed Richard sex sitar bathe my mathe the mouth.

Millie came back to find them both sat up cuddling on the bed. Richard took his painkiller as Mille took her place on the other side of him. After a few more kisses and cuddles all 3 got into the bed and snuggling down together drifted into sleep. THE END (or horny lesbians are better in true hd it?) This completes what I set out as a trilogy but if you want more I can expand it comments good or bad welcomed THANK YOU