Hot booty babe vanessa cage gets her twat wrecked good pornstars hardcore

Hot booty babe vanessa cage gets her twat wrecked good pornstars hardcore
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Fixed spelling errors and minor word changes on 12/2018 I am Tawny and my mother is Susan, we own a swimming suit store located in a mall in San Francisco. The mall is located in a cute yuria kano sucks cock and feels it in her twat business area so unlike other malls we are closed on the weekends.

During the day is when we see most of our business. People will come by during lunch or as they take a break from work to make their purchases.

We close at 7:00pm, but usually from 5:00pm on there is very little business. The store is in the food court area and at lunch time the food court is fairly busy, but we do not get a lot of business in our store and it is often pretty boring. My father, Jim is the manager of the mall, so we all see each other a lot. I just turned 19 and I still live at home. On the weekends is when I get to go out and have some fun. My friends and I like to go to the beach on weekends and normally go to the same place.

However this weekend Heather wants to try another place. This place is a nude beach and it is known for people having sex while voyeur's watch. She said she wants to go there because it is not as crowded. I did not tell my parents we were going there, I am sure they know about the reputation it has. Heather, Amber, and Hannah were going to leave early and I was going to meet them on the beach.

Once I got there I called Heather and she told me where they were at, I grabbed my things and started walking to join up with them. There were cute amateur has sweaty sex in office laying out, but it was not as full as were we regularly go, so Heather was right about that.

As I was walking I looked around and saw lots of nude people, and then I came upon a cluster of people that were watching something. I was curious and as I walked by the I stopped for a second to see what was happening. I was standing partially behind a couple and saw a woman on top of a guy in the sixty-nine position, she was sucking his cock while he was eating her. As I was watching her, her hair was in her face, but russian ballet dancer flashes her pussy breasts looked vaguely familiar.

When she pulled her hair back behind her ear, I noticed it was my mother. I then looked at the guy and even though his head was partially obscured by my mother's legs, I could tell it was my father.

I could not believe what I was seeing. I brought my hand over my mouth or I might have gasped out loud. I stood transfixed and watched as my mother was blowing my father in front of all of the these people. My mother's mouth was all of the way against my fathers stomach, she was deep throating him. When she pulled away, I could see the full length of my father's cock and could not believe how big it was. After a few minutes, my mother stopped and got down on her hand and knees.

My father got behind her and shuffled his knees so he was close to her. Then he grabbed his cock and aimed it at her pussy and started to fuck her.

He started slowly at first and my mother yelled for him to fuck her faster and harder. For about 10 minutes my father was pounding away at her pussy. He had sweat running down his face and my mother had sweat dripping off her nose. I watched her breasts swinging back and forth, it was almost hypnotizing. My father reached around and grabbed her nipple and squeezed it hard and my mother just groaned and gasped as she was clearly having an orgasm.

My father then grunted as he came in her and they both stopped moving. My father then looked around and I quickly jumped behind the couple, turned my back, then walked quickly away. Only when I was quite a distance away did I realize that my pussy was dripping wet. I looked at my nipples and they were hard and visible behind my bikini top. I should explain that I got my breasts from my mother. We both have large breasts, mine are 32 Gs, but what makes them distinctive is our nipples, they are ¾ inch long and just a little smaller than a dime in diameter.

When they become hard everyone notices. I was hoping that mime would soften before I meet up with my friends. I stopped and sat down to give myself some time to cool off and process what I just saw. My mother and father are exhibitionists, I thought to myself. I sat there for sometime thinking about what I just witnessed. My phone rang, which scared the bejesus out of me. It was Heather asking where I was at. I told Heather I ran into a old friend and said I will be there shortly.

I was still turned on and my nipples were still hard, but I got up and continued on my way to meet up with my friends. When I joined my friends, they all noticed my nipples and were kidding me. Heather had removed her top and her nipples were also erect so I tried to deflect the attention to her.

Heather, ask me if was going to go topless. I went to high school with Heather and she knows how big my nipples are from showers in gym class and was hoping to goat me into showing them off.

I told her no I am good with my clothes on. Heather, Hannah and Amber asked If I would stay and watch their things while they went in the water to cool off. I agreed and they took off. I sat down and could only think about my parents. I was getting hornier just thinking about what happen. I started to apply some sun tan lotion to try to get my mind off my parents, but as I ran my hand over the top of my breasts, it only made me hotter.

I spread my legs a little and noticed there was a huge wet spot at my crotch. I saw my friends coming back, so I quickly got up and once they got close enough I started walking towards them and told them I would be right back as I need to cool off in the water.

I walked into the the water up to my waist and knelt down to wet my breasts and stayed there for a couple of minutes. I thought at least my bottoms are wet now so the area around my pussy would not be visible. I walked back to my friends and they all just stared at my breasts. What I did not think about was my top being wet would cling to my breasts and my nipples were even more pronounced now. What made it worse, my bikini top was not padded, I had not planned on getting wet or excited today.

I got embarrassed at first but then decided to just with the flow. Everyone soon forgot about my breasts and nipples and we continued on with our day. I have always been embarrassed about my breasts size, but it was kind of nice receiving the attention that I was getting after spending all those boring hours at work alone.

After a few hours, Amber and Hannah had to leave and Heather asked if she could get a ride home with me. A few minutes after the others had left Heather told me she had come here before and has gone nude.

It is such a exhilarating experience being naked in front of other people. Heather was always an outgoing person and not shy at all. She asked me if I would mind if she took off her bottoms. I told her to go ahead, it doesn't bother me. She slipped them off and then grabbed some lotion and started to rub some on her. As she was applying the lotion she was telling me how free it made her feel and she liked the attention she gets, she is a very beautiful girl.

I said to her, OK I dare you to go in the water and play a little, then come back. We were about 50 yards from the water and there were quite a few people between the water and us. She looked at me with a scared look on her face, it seems she was not as brave as she talked. Then she said she only stayed on her towel when nude before. I started to laugh. She finally said OK but when I come back you have to take off your top. She then started to laugh at me, because now I had the scared look.

I don't know if it was the dare or because I was horny but I said OK. Heather slowly got up and started walking towards the water. She walked cautiously at first, she would look around and then back at me every once in a while. When Heather got back she had all of her confidence back and was no longer scared to showoff. She stood and talked with me for a couple of minutes before sitting down, this time with her legs spread wide open.

She looked at me and said OK your turn. I said I don't know about this. Heather said I don't have to remove my top if I don't want too. I said no we made a deal and reached behind my back and untied the strap on my top. I let my top slowly fall off trying not to draw any attention. When Heather saw my breasts she gasped and said they are bigger than when we were in school.

She then shocked me when she asked if she could touch them. I have known her to have several experiences with girls, but I have never down anything like or even thought about it. However, it would feel nice to have someone touching me as it has been a while and I am horny from earlier.

I looked around and nobody was around so I said OK. She turned towards me and reached out and grabbed my breasts and then pinched my nipples.

My body gave me away and my nipples got rock hard, I also let out a moan. This encouraged Heather and she kept on playing with my nipples. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. I felt a warm moist feeling on my nipple and quickly looked, Heather was sucking my nipple.

I let out another moan. This was really getting to me. My pussy was getting wetter. Heather then put a hand behind my neck and pulled me in and kissed me. I gave in a started to kiss her back. Heather grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast as we kissed. My mind was out of control and my body was getting hotter. I could only think here I was making out with my best friend, the first time with another girl and on a nude beach, but I was so hot I did not want to stop or care who saw me.

Heather pulled away and sucked on my nipple some more. She then reach down and rubbed my pussy. I could hardly take it any more, and then she bit my nipple, hard. My god is felt like a direct line to my pussy and I had an orgasm and let out a long moan.

Heather asked if I wanted more. I could only shake my head up and down. She kissed me again as she played with my breasts. She told me to lift myself off the ground. I looked around and nobody was close to us so I did as she asked. Heather pulled off my bottoms and threw them aside. She started to kiss me some more and played with my nipples with one hand and the other was rubbing my pussy. I felt her finger slide in me. It was more than I could take, so I laid down.

Heather took the opportunity and moved between my legs and I felt her tongue on my pussy. I was constantly moaning now. It was not very long and I had a huge orgasm and some small ones from Heather's tongue and fingers. I finally had to pull her away.

I pulled her to me and we kissed, I could taste myself on her. Her hand was rubbing my breast and nipples again. I looked at Heather and told her it is her turn now. Heather said I did not need to and I told her I want to. As I got up I looked around and we were still alone. Heather laid down and I started kissing her while playing with her breasts and nipples. I slowly moved down and kissed her body as I went.

I sucked on her nipples. Having a nipple in my mouth felt wonderful. After a couple of minutes I started to descend lower as I kissed my way down to her pussy. I changed position and moved between her legs and on my knees, I knelt over and just looked her pussy for a minute. I had never seen one so close before. I rubbed my hand over her pussy and then rubbed her clit.

It was Heather's turn to moan now. I lowered my mouth and stuck out my tongue as I took my first taste of her pussy. It was delicious. That was all it took and I started to eat her and lick her furiously all of the time she was moaning. I then started to finger fuck her, like I have done so many times to myself.

Heather was tossing back and forth as I continued to fuck her. She was so wet and I could feel her juices all over my face. Heather finally had an huge orgasm and reached down to me and pulled me up to her.

We kissed again and laid there cuddling with each other. I took the opportunity to look around and I noticed there was a group of people watching us. The guys had an erection and were stroking their cocks. Although this time I was not embarrassed, I was more excited than I ever had been. I looked at Heather and asked her if she wanted more. She shook her head yes. I got up and got over her into a sixty-nine position and started to eat her again while she did the same to me.

Both of us had an orgasm fairly quickly and Heather pulled me off of her again. We laid down together and kissed and cuddled some more. The people watching us started to leave and once they all moved on she and I talked about how wonderful it was. We looked at each other and I said I guess there is no point in wearing a bikini here anymore. I said I am hooked. Heather asked what I was hooked on. I said going naked, having sex with girls, and having sex in front of others, did I miss anything.

Heather just started to laugh. We finally settled down and separated from one another. Heather asked me what got me so worked up earlier. I told her I will tell her if she promises not to say anything to anybody else. She promised. I told her about seeing my mother and father.

She gasped, and then started to laugh. I said what. Heather said I believe you are your mothers daughter. I looked at her confused and then she said, you are just like your parents. I must have had a odd look on my face as she began to laugh. We stayed a little longer and then decide to leave. As we were getting our things together we both looked at each other and said at the same time, I guess there is not need for us to put on our swim suits to walk to the car. We both started laughing again.

We walked to the car nude and got several looks from guys and women as we were going. I told Heather it was making me horny again and she said it had the same effect on her. Once at the car we put our stuff in and Heather said I guess we have to put our suits back on now. I told her we can just wear our cover-ups. Our cover-ups are a light-weight, off-white material.

Heather thought that they may be a little too see-through to walk in the house with her parents and brother there. I started to kid her, I thought you like people to see you naked. She put hers on and asked how she looked. I told her is was not too bad. I asked her to take it off and let me put it on so she can see how it looked on me.

Once she saw it on me, she said no, you can hard couple part watch part on littlesweetcamonline it too easily. I made a chicken sound and I said I dare you. When you get home just make a bee line for your room.

She finally agreed and then I put on my cover-up. Heather started to laugh at me and then said my cover-up showed more than hers did. I looked at myself and it did not leave much to the imagination. Also with my large breasts, the front lifted up and a portion of my pussy visible.

Heather said it is a dare, remember. We both got in and left for home. When I dropped off Heather she took my bottoms and towel with her so I could not cheat. While driving home I though about what I would say to my mother, or father or both if they saw me. I got home, parked in the street and had to walk past the neighbors house. That did not concern me as much as walking in the house with my parents home, even though I had seen them naked.

When I went in the house, my mother saw me and asked what I was doing, I told her Heather want to borrow my suit and I lost the towel, I thought the cover-up would be sufficient to get in the house. To make a little show of it for her, I said I was wrong as I tugged down on the front to cover my crotch and when I left it go and it bounced back up showing my pussy to her. I then went to my room where I got a bathrobe, then turned and crossed the hall to the bathroom. As I left my room I passed in front of my father, I hurried into the bathroom and shut the door.

I contemplated what he saw of me. I looked in the mirror and he had a fostterontour leather sex bar in koumlln deutschland breaktheinternet fostterriviera view of my right breast. I thought oh well, I have seen more of him and it was kind of fun and exciting giving him a peak. I got a shower and put on my bathrobe. The robe is a short one and I wear it frequently around the house but I usually have on pj's or underwear under it.

I was still horny and playful from earlier and thought I would go downstairs with just the robe on to see what my parents were up to. I walked in the kitchen and my mother said just in time. I was just going to call you for dinner. This caught me by surprise as sitting down in the short robe was not in my plans but I made the decision to ride it out. I sat down and crossed my legs and felt fairly confident I was covered up.

During dinner we all talked and after a while I saw my father was looking and talking to me more than he usually does. A thought occurred to me and I felt a hot streak pass through my body. My robe has pulled off of my breasts. I took a peak at myself when my father and mother went to get a fork full of food. From me leaning forward and backwards while eating blonde campus ex girlfriend fucked from behind in bathroom robe loosened up and a good amount of my cleavage was visible and from my fathers view point, I believe he can see my nipple.

Just as I thought this, I also thought oh no, if my nipples become hard everyone will see. Again my body betrayed me and my nipples grew hard. I could see my father looking at me more intently now. I tried to think of something else, but it did not work. I finally gave up and just finished my dinner. No one said anything so I though that was a good sign, either they did not care or were very tolerant of my nudity. I soon began to relax just as we finished eating.

I also thought about how fun and exciting this day has been. My mother asked if I would help with dishes as she got up. I immediately said OK out of habit. Then it occurred to me that bending over to load the dishwasher my ass would surly be visible. Now I thought what the hell, I might as well have some fun with it and tease my father. What could he say, go put on some clothes. So my mother washed up the pots and pans as I cleared the dishes from the table and loaded the dishwasher.

My father stayed seated at the table, so every time I bent over at the dishwasher I made sure my ass was facing his direction. I saw him looking several times and he did not say anything. I took this as a good sign and made it even more interesting for him by opening up my legs so he could see my pussy. My robe opened up more from bending over and I could see my large areola's were visible.

Still no one said anything. I was very wet till I finished cleaning up and had some fun doing it, I was feeling pretty good. I though I would try one more thing before leaving them. I washed my hands and as I was drying them, I asked my mother if she needed any more help. She said no, so I told them I was going to go to my room for the rest of the night.

As I had my back to everyone I loosened my sash a little more on my robe. I turned around and asked my mother for our ritual good night hug and kiss. As we pulled apart I purposely dragged my breasts against her body pulling my robe open further, I could feel the robe slip over my nipples. I turned towards my father as I reached out my hands to give him a hug and kiss. He had to stand up and as he did I saw he had an erection. When I was hugging him I could feel his shirt on my nipples which were still hard and his cock against my stomach.

I held the hug longer than usual and swayed back and forth slightly pulling my robe open further. I release from my father and stepped back and turn to look at my mother. She was facing the sink and did not see anything. I saw my father looking at me and reminded him that it is my turn to open the store tomorrow. My mother and I takes turns opening up the store, whose ever turn it is to open the store, we go in early with my father, the other, gets to stay at home a little longer in the morning.

As I was talking with him I could see him eyeing my breasts and his eyes moved down lower. I finally walked out of the room and took a look at myself. The robe had fallen off my breast and the sash was almost undone. My wet pussy was visible. I reached down and rubbed myself a few times as I made my way to my room.

I closed the door and then opened it slightly so someone could peak in if they desired. I pulled off the robe and laid on my bed where I fingered myself to an orgasm. I got up again and listened at the door and did not hear anyone so I stepped out of my room naked in to the bathroom and closed the door.

I peedcleaned up again and brushed my teeth. This time I just opened the bathroom door and walked to my bedroom. No one saw me I think. I stayed naked and called Heather. She was caught by her brother going in to the house with just her cover-up. He followed her up the stairs to her room till she shut the door. She said she was so excited and wet from teasing her brother, that she had to masturbate. Heather said she may have to tease her brother more often.

I told her how I teased my father and that I am going to sleep naked tonight and he is coming to wake me up in the morning. She thought that was so clever. She said she might try that with her brother in the morning, as he wants her to drive him to the mall to see about getting a job at the food court.

He has to be there at 10:00. Heather said she is coming to visit me while he is doing his thing. We talked about what we can wear to maybe flash each other tomorrow. Heather finally dared me to wear a short dress with no underwear and she would do the same. I was to tease my father while he was driving me to work and Heather would tease her brother while she was driving him.

I told Heather she could tease her brother trying on bikinis at the store. She said I could tease him also. Then she suggested we make out in front of her brother, that should drive him wild. We can catch up and tell each other what happen tomorrow and decide what we are going to do with her brother. For the rest of the night I stayed naked. I knew that during the night I would pull up my covers, so I set my alarm a little earlier so I could push down the covers and pretend to be sleeping when my father comes in.

My alarm went off as expected in the morning and I quickly turned it off then pushed the sheets off of me. I then laid on my stomach with my right leg out and my left knee bent to the side so my pussy was visible. It was only a few minutes till I heard my bedroom door being opened. Then I heard my father walking in very quietly. He did not try to wake me immediately. My father took at good look at me for about 5 minutes before I felt him shake my arm to get me awake.

I rolled over and did my best acting job to make it look like I just got awake. I stretched out from the morning sleep showing him my breasts in all of their local nurse prone xxx story10. My nipples were hard already.

He was wearing only his boxers as he always has done, but I saw he had an erection. I starting asking him about his day and what he had planned just to keep him there so he could look at me. He finally said come on lets get some breakfast. I got up and just walked across the hall to the bathroom and told him I would be there shortly. Once I closed the bathroom, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was completely naked in front of my father and he did not say a thing and he had an erection.

I peed and washed up then went to my room and got my robe. I tied the sash loosely and went to the kitchen.

He was already there eating his cereal. I joined him and as I sat down I could feel my robe open up and expose my nipples. We talked a little but his eyes were watching my breasts till Beauteous girl and chap in oral sex finished my cereal. I got up from the table and grabbed my dish and as I reach for his bowl, my robe opened up further.

He got up and I saw he still had an erection. We left the kitchen and he followed me as we walked down the hall to my room. I pulled off my robe as I entered my room.

My father stopped at my door and started talking to me again as he watched me pull out my clothes for the day. It was just idle chit chat. I got out a button up dress that was fairly short and put it on with out buttoning it up.

I then got a gorgeous young senorita pleasures a thick shaft of sandals and put them on. I looked at the clock and told him we need to get moving, it is getting late as I buttoned up a few buttons on my dress. So now he knows I am not wearing any underwear and still has not said anything to me.

He left for his room and I sat back on my bed just contemplating what has happen over the last 24 hours. My father was back to my room fairly quickly and asked if I was ready to go, which I was.

Heather and I both agreed to tease while driving in this morning but I was running out of ideas on what else I could do. I had left the upper and lower buttons on my dress undone though so when I got in the car my dress opened up above my crotch and my pussy was visible and a good amount of my cleavage was visible.

We made it to the mall at our regular time and nobody else was around so I left my dress undone. Once inside my father and I separated as I went to the store and he went to his office. I saw he still had an erection. Only after a few of the other mall workers arrived did I button up my dress. This is has been the most excitement I have ever had at the mall. Nothing was happening at the mall until Heather showed up. We hugged and kiss and she could not resist feeling my breasts.

I told her everything that happen with my father and how I was completely naked in front of him and got dressed in front of him and he knows I am not wearing any underwear and he did not say anything. Heather told me what she did. She had told her brother to come in and wake her up at 9:00 this morning. She was naked and waiting for him but pretending to be asleep. Her brother eyed her up for five minutes and then she heard him pull down his pants and he jerked off until he came. He left to go clean up and then came back again and got her awake this time.

She got up naked in front of him and walked to the bathroom, cleaned up and then came back to her room.

As she was coming back her brother came to her room again and started talking with her until she got dressed, again with no underwear. She said she could not tease him to much while she was driving to the mall. She told him to come in the store after he is finished with his interview. Heather also said it was the most fun she has eve had. Heather looked at me and asked how do you want to tease him this morning.

Well he has not seen me and my nipples yet so I should probably make sure he gets to see something of me. Do you want to make out in front of him, I asked Heather do you want to give him a blowjob or let him fuck you. Heather said I did not even think of doing something like that. I don't know, but I am so horny right now, I am up for anything you want to do. I told Heather lets try on some bikinis in front of him and go from there.

We just have to make sure if the chimes go off, a customer has come in the store, so we need to cover up or hide. About 20 minutes later her brother, Rob showed up. Heather introduced me to him and he was cute. I whispered in Heather's ear that I wanted to fuck him, I added that I need a cock.

Heather started off by telling Rob that she wanted to try on a bikini or two. He begrudgingly said OK. He did not know hat he was in for. Heather pick out a micro-bikini and Rob sat down on a chair just across from the changing booth, which is just a curtain to pull close in a small room, although Heather did not pull the curtain close.

She took off her clothes in full view of her brother and put on the suit. She came out and twirled around a few times and asked us what we thought. I said I liked it and maybe I should get one. Heather took the opening and told me to try this one on. When she said that Rob's eyes got real big and he smiled. I said OK, now I had his attention. Heather and I walked over to the changing booth and left the curtain open as Heather remove the bikini ravishing model is displaying her gaped narrow vagina in close up then she opened up my dress and slipped it off of me.

I looked over at Rob and it looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Heather then bent over and slide the bottoms up my legs and put them in to place. She ran her hands under the front gusset to adjust the bottoms. Then she asked me to pussy ramming with a sexy wench smalltits homemade around so she can put on the top.

I turned towards Rob and he had an unobstructed view of my breast till Heather got the top on. The top was way to small and it could barely contain my breasts. I look towards Rob and asked him what he thought. He could only mutter out, beautiful. I was just about to whisper to Heather, what should we do now, when I felt her hands on my breasts.

She had started to feel me up. It was not long till she removed my top and then turned me around and sucked on my nipples. Rob was getting a good show. Heather then pulled down the bottoms. We were both naked nice chick is gaping slim honey pot in close up and having orgasm. She reached between my legs from the back and rubbed my pussy.

I looked over at Rob and motioned for him to come here. Once he got to me I pulled him in and kissed him. Big ass wife cummed inside did not pull away and began to kiss me back. I undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear, then grabbed his cock, which was already hard.

I bent over and sucked him a little then turned around and pushed Heather down on the bench. I bent over and told Rob to fuck me as I started to eat Heather's pussy. I stopped eating her pussy because I had an evil thought. I pulled up Heather and had her go behind me. I pulled away from Rob and turned around and feed his cock to Heather. She started to suck him and after a few seconds I pulled her away again and shoved his cock back in my pussy.

After a few more strokes I pulled away again and feed his cock back to Heather. This time I pulled Heather to where I was standing. I sat on the bench and pulled Heather's head down for her to eat me and as she started, I motioned for Rob to fuck her.

He positioned his cock on her pussy and slowly pushed in. I could feel Heather's mouth on my pussy and she moan as he entered her. He gave a few more strokes then he came in her. After a few seconds he pulled out of her and it looked like he was having second thoughts.

I pulled Heather up and we both went over to Rob and sucked his cock till we had him all cleaned up. We pulled up his pants and put him back together. Heather and I got dressed again and then we looked at Rob. He had a big smile on his face. Heather went over to him and told him he cannot tell anyone what happen and if he keeps it a secret we can do it again sometime. He readily agreed. Both Heather and I cleaned up and fix ourselves up and we kissed again.

I told her I would call here later and she and Rob left the store. A while later we got in a box of bikinis in so I started to unpack and hang them up on a display rack at the front of the store. I was bending over to get one out of the box when my mother arrived. She asked me if I was trying to give the customers a show. I looked at her and asked what she meant. She told me that when I am bending over the box, my ass was on display.

I blushed and looked out in the food court and saw several people watching me. I simply smiled at my mother and said to her maybe I can attract some customers for the store. She just smiled and went in the store. She did not say anything about my lack of underwear or that I should be more careful, so that was another good sign. I started displaying the rest of the bikinis and thought what the hell and kept bending over like I had done earlier. It was not to much longer and my mother came out to help me.

I saw her bending over the box as I had been doing and she had a short skirt on, but I don't know if she was wearing underwear or how much someone could see of her. We finished up mom and son and sister xxxxstory german moved back into the store and began to chat. I told my mother we did not have any customers all morning. I jokingly said we should wear bikinis while we are in the store to help attract customers.

At least we might get some guys to come in the store and maybe a few women, then started to laugh. My mother laughed and then she said that might be a good idea. I dared my mother to wear a swim suit in the store, she agreed only if I also wore one. I had to laugh again and said what would dad say about it. She said let me call and have him come up and we can talk about it. It was just about lunch time when my father came in to the store. My mother brought him up to speed on our conversation.

I was thinking he would be all for it after the show he put on at the beach. He did think it was a good idea, but he wanted to check on a few regulations first to make sure there wasn't any restrictions where we could get in trouble.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and my father came up to get me so we could go home. My mother was closing up the store today. She was going to get some take out on the way home for dinner tonight. The car had been sitting in the hot sun all day and when my father and I got in we were roasting, so I opened a few buttons on my dress, I also wanted to tease my father some more.

We got home fairly quickly as it is a short drive and both of us were hot from the car. I told my father that I was going curvy maid michelle martinez bends over and gets fucked get a shower as we were walking through the house. He started talking to me as I entered my bedroom, he stopped at the door and kept talking. I know he was waiting to see if I would get undressed in front of him and did not want to disappoint him so I took off the dress fairly quickly, and then my sandals.

He kept on talking with me so I decided I would see how far he would go. I walked past him in to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to pee. He was still talking and watching me so if left my legs open so he could see me pissing and then I wiped myself.

I could see he now had an erection. He finally said OK I will let you get a shower and I will talk with you some more afterwords and he walked to his room. I thought about following him and see if he would get undresses in front of me, but I thought I would let him be the one to decide when I would see him naked, if that is where this is going. After my shower I put on my robe and went to the kitchen, then set the table for dinner.

My father came in the kitchen wearing his boxers. His erection had gone down and I wondered to myself if he had jacked-off. We then watched some TV till my mother came home with dinner. She wanted to get a shower quick before eating and came back in a robe similar to mine.

As we went to the kitchen for dinner I noticed that she did not have anything on under her robe. I never seen her do that before today. I thought to myself this may have some meaning. My mind was beginning to fantasize at the possibilities. We all sat down to eat and I did not worry about my robe or what was covered or not covered.

I noticed that my mother had no concerns with her robe either, as it had opened up and was showing a lot of cleavage, more than I have ever seen from her. We talked about wearing bikinis at the store some more and how skimpy of an outfit we should or could wear.

We did not want to angry the other store owners or get catty comments from woman. My father wanted to talk with some of the food court managers to make sure it would not be a problem with them. During dinner I kept an eye on my mother's robe and it had opened up and her nipples were now showing. Then I snuck a quick peak at myself and mine were also showing. Neither one of us tried to cover up or show any hint of modesty. Watching my mother was starting to have an effect on me and my mind was starting to conjure up a few fantasies.

Soon my nipples were hard and I just had to ignore that they were visible to my parents, my pussy was also getting wet. After a while I saw my mothers nipples were hard also. We finished eating and my mother asked me to help clean up again. My father sat at the table and watched the both of us. Again I gave him a show as I loaded the dishwasher. As I wiped down the table the swaying of my breasts had opened up my robe even more.

As I walked over to the sink my mother saw my now open robe. She smiled at me and said I have the same problem with my robe, I don't know why I even bother with it. As she turned towards me her robe was completely open. For the first time in years I saw her breasts and smooth shaved pussy. I suspected she opened the robe herself while doing the dishes, but I was more than willing to play along.

I said I know what you mean it seems like it is always falling open. I told her she did not need to wear it on my account. With that she took it off and threw it to the side. She looked at me and said you do not need to wear yours if you don't want too.

I started to take it off and said to her wow I see where I got my body from. I threw my robe over hers. I walked up to her and looked at her breasts, she was looking at me. I could feel the sexual tension between us and I wanted to touch her. Instead I raised my hands and pinched my own nipples, they were rock hard. I looked at my mother, without me saying a word, she said go ahead. I reached out and pinched her nipples, then slide my hands over her breasts.

I said they feel the same as mine and with that said, my mother started to caress my breasts. My mother then pulled me into her and kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss I ever had. We release each others breast and our hands caressed over each others body as we started to make out. I was more excited and hornier than at the beach with Heather. I then felt a hand rubbing my pussy and left out an audible moan.

Then my mother said lets go in to the living room and grabbed my hand and pulled me along. In the living room, she kissed me again and then kissed down my neck till she reached my breasts.

There she would kiss one breast then the other, then moved to my nipples, where she sucked and bit on them. It was driving me wild. She then kissed down my stomach until she was just above my pussy, which was dripping. I looked down at her while she looked in to my eyes and stuck out her tongue. She then slowly leaned closed to me and I felt her tongue slide on my pussy.

It was so wonderful that I had an orgasm from her first touch. She then licked and sucked my pussy. My legs were becoming weak. I pulled her away and told her to lay on the floor. Once there I straddled her and got in to a sixty-nine position with her. She resumed her assault on my pussy while I started on hers.

I then thought of my father and motioned for him to come to me. He was still in his boxer shorts with a huge erection. Once he was beside me I reached up and pulled down his shorts then he stepped out of them.

I grabbed his cock with my hand and pulled him to me where I swallowed his cock and then sucked on it. Once I had him covered in saliva, I motion for him to fuck my mother.

As he was entering her pussy, I was licking her pussy and his cock. After he had been at for her teen and stepmom feast on big throbbing cock young old and pornstars a alone hot sexy amateur fem love toy sex action vid-05 tube porn, I grabbed his cock and pulled it in to my mouth.

His cock tasted so good with my mothers juices on it. I pulled him back to my mothers pussy and he started fucking her some more. I pulled him out again and motioned for him to fuck me. He got a smile on his face, then walked behind me. I raised myself up so I could look back and saw my mother took him into her mouth first as she suck her own juices off of his cock. I saw her then pull his cock to my pussy and felt him as he started to enter me.

I never had as much anticipation about getting fucked before. He slowly pushed in to me and he felt so good. I have not felt so full before. When he was all of the way in me I could not help but let out a moan. He was slowly pulling out of me I could fee my lips rubbing over the veins in his cock, it was driving me crazy. He was completely out of my pussy and I waited for him to re-enter me, but felt nothing. I looked back and my mother was sucking his cock. I then felt him on my pussy again and he slowly entered me.

I had an orgasm this time and it felt so good. He started to fuck me harder and faster and I heard my mother say cum in her. I was almost out of breath but I manage to squeak out, faster, then, cum in me. He fucked me hard and fasts for about ten minutes before I felt him cum in me. I had several orgasms from him fucking me. He come up to me and I sucked his cock. His cum and my cum was fantastic.

My mother ate his cum from my pussy. I then in earnest started eating my mothers pussy and finger fucking her to an orgasm. We both got up from the floor and kissed, we each could taste ourselves and my father.

We just held each other for a while till my mother started talking. She told me that my father had seen me at beautiful gal is giving nice blow girlfriend homemade beach watching them. At first they weren't sure what to do so they packed up their stuff and went to the car.

Then they decide they were going to go look for me. My father had a pair of binoculars, so he could stay back off the beach and looked till he found me. They saw me and Heather together, having sex on the beach. When they saw that they realized they did not scar me with their antics. Then over the last day they saw a change in me and what I wore.

So you are OK then aren't you asked my mother and then kissed me. I had to smile and said I am great, then kissed my mother and stood up and kissed my father while I stroked his cock. My mother said come on and grabbed my fathers hand, we got to be a work early tomorrow. We all kissed each other good night and went to bed.

The next morning when I got awake the house was quiet and I stayed naked while I had some breakfast. I laid around watching some TV till it was time to go to work. I found a short skirt and top to wear for the day, of course no underwear. Then drove to the mall. I met up with my mother at the store and she said good timing, as my father was on his way up.

She said he had news about us wearing bikinis. When he got there he said he talked with the owners/managers of all the stores in the mall and no one had a problem with us wearing bikinis. He laughed and said when I told them it was going to be my wife and daughter, most of them said they can go topless if they want, it is legal for women to be topless in San Francisco. A few told him we can go naked and then come to their store.

Old man Frank at the Burger Hut said if they come over topless or naked they will get a free meal. My mother and I looked at each other and said lets get to it. My mother picked out a fairly conservative suit, I told my father to select one for me. He picked out a thong with a little top. Once my mother saw it she went and got a suit like it. Since no customers were in the store we change in the open and put our clothes behind the counter.

My father left the store. We went out to the front of the store and rearrange the racks just so people would see us. We got a lot of attention throughout the day. It was time for my mother to leave and she put her clothes back on, before leaving with my father.

I had 2 more hours to go and it was already very slow. I stood at the store entrance, but very few people came by. It was mostly the workers from other stores checking me out. It seems that we are the talk of the mall. Skinny babe alex teasing in tight black jeans before closing time, Pete from the shoe store came by to see me.

He is not a bad guy, a bit old for me though. We were talking and all of the time he was looking at my breasts. Too bad my nipples were not hard for him. This was the most we had ever talked and we were running out of things to talk about. He finally asked me if I would ever go topless. I told him that I would but we do not want to have customers get mad at us.

He said that I need to be wearing a pair of heels with a bikini on. I had to laugh. Then Pete said I tell you what, after closing tonight, walk to my store topless and I will give you any pair of heels you want. I asked him if he was serious and he said yes.

I said OK, I will see you later. I did not think about get free stuff for showing off. After a few more people stopped by it was finally closing time.

Most of the other shops had closed up early. I got everything put away and the store front closed up. Then I went to change in to my clothes. On my skirt I found a note from my mother. She took my top as a dare for me to come home topless.

I put on my skirt and pulled it up so the hem was about even with my pussy, then took off my bikini top. Once I took it off reality set in and suddenly I got a little embarrassed and excited and my nipples got hard.

I pushed my fears aside and left the store and walked to the shoe store. Pete saw me coming and his mouth dropped open. I went in the store and he said you don't have on your bikini bottoms. I said I did not think he would mind. He ask me what pair of latina coed cecilia takes a stiff cock in her tight twat did I have in mind. As I use to always go there to look around.

I went over to a pair I liked and bent over with my ass towards him. His mouth dropped open again. I said you don't mind that I don't have on my bikini bottoms do you. He asked what size I needed. I told him he better measure my foot and walked over and sat down. When he sat on the little stool I raised my leg and he had a clear view of my pussy. He could hardly believe his luck. He wanted to measure both of my feet and he took a while, not because of my feet though. He left and came back with the shoes and then put them on my feet for me.

He rubbed my calf for a little while. My nipples had softened a little and I saw him looking at them. I asked if he liked my breasts and my nipples. He just shook his head yes. I reached up and squeezed my nipples and they became hard again. I stood up and walked around in the heels a little to check the fit.

I also checked out a couple pairs of heels and would bend over with my ass always towards Pete. I could see he had an erection. We talked a little while I was checking out the shoes, then I said these are great I will take them, they are free right. Pete just shook his head yes. I said thank you and see you tomorrow and walked out. I think I made his day. Other than being topless on the drive home nothing exciting happen. My mother had dinner ready when I got home and she and my father were naked.

I got a quick shower and joined them. At dinner I told them about Pete and my new pair of heels. My father asked me if I was going to wear them to the store tomorrow. I said why not.

My mother dared me to wear the heels and just a small pair of panties to go to work. I asked her if she would do the same. She is the one coming in late and will be seen by many more people. My father was loving watching us exposing ourselves. My mother finally said yes, but remember you leave early and you will be with you father. I said OK. She said she has the pair of panties I should wear. I said I have a pair for you, and then we swap at the store. After dinner my father had an erection and I asked him if he wanted some help with that.

My halloween halloween treats from adria rae to danny on passion hd and I both gave him a blowjob that he really seemed to enjoy and then everyone went to bed. The next morning my father came in to get me awake for work. I was looking forward to going to the mall public agent mature women sex just panties.

After I used the bathroom I met my father in the kitchen for breakfast. On the kitchen table was a pair of panties for me to wear. They were no more than a sheer g-string. I had to smile at my mothers sense on humor. Before I forgot I went to my room and got a pair for my mother to wear in to the store. They were a pair of white cotton thongs. I did not have anything more revealing for her, but she did have to wear the other pair when coming home.

The good thing about just wearing panties to work is it does not take long at all to coordinate an outfit, because there is no outfit. After some breakfast and makeup I put on the panties and my heels and my father and I left for work.

We got to the mall at our normal time and we were the only ones there. I was aurora snow cumshot compilation lord of cumshots disappointed that no one would see me. When we got in the mall I asked my father if he wanted to pick out a suit for me to wear today. He said yes that he would come up in a couple of minutes.

For some fun I took off the panties and gave them to him. I told him I will stay naked until he picked out a suit for me to wear, then started off to the store. After opening the store up and doing a little vacuuming throughout the store, my father had still not shown up.

The mall had been opened for about 15 minutes by then and I was still naked. The customer chimes went off so I thought my father had finally get there and I saw it was old man Frank from the Burger Hut.

He came over to me and looked me up and down. He told me that I am beautiful, which was nice to hear and we talked a bit. He told me to come over to his stand at lunch for a free meal. I asked him if I needed to be naked and he said no, you have already earned a meal, then laughed. I smiled and said OK, I will be over in a while. He then left. While everyone call him old man Frank, he was a nice guy.

I was still waiting for my father and it was almost 11:00, lunch time crowds will start to show up. I did not know if my father got busy and forgot about me or if this was his way of making me squirm. At 11:15 he finally showed up and picked out a small thong for me.

I put on the bottoms and then he handed me a top. He picked a top from class is in session for big dick dude and hoe bff teens suit which was way to small for me. It did not cover my areola's and if my nipples got hard, they would certainly become visible. I looked at him and asked him if he is sure and he said yes.

I said OK you are the boss. He then left again. I followed him out to the front of the store and stood there for a bit. I saw several men watching me so I turned and went in the store. After a few minutes, the customer chime went off several times. Several men had come in the store. They all wanted swim suits and I was rushing around to help them all. Each of them bought a suit. Then a few more men came in. This was the most people we had in the store in weeks.

There were even a few women who came in. As I was helping a couple women, my mother arrived in just her panties. The women looked at her as she walked by. They said money talks sluts fucking for dollars story 30 each other I wish I had the confidence to wear something like that. My mother had changed in to a swim suit and came over to us and the women started talking with her. Another man came in and I went to help him.

He told me that the word is out at his workplace about a beautiful girl at the bikini store. I helped him and he bought a swim suit and said there will probably be others. The whole day we were busy.

I did get to walk over to the burger hut and get my food from Frank and all of his employees really enjoyed seeing me. It was quitting time for me and my father showed up with the panties from this morning.

I took off my bikini and put on the white cotton thong. My father was talking with my mother and I told them I was going to go to the shoe store, that I would meet up at the mall exit. I walked through the mall in my heels and panties to the shoe store. There Pete saw me and got a big smile. I went in he said my nipples were smaller today. I told him I need to be horny or cold for them to be hard. I pinched and played with my nipples for a bit while Pete watched.

I talked with him a while till I saw my father at the entrance. I told him he should offer my mother a pair of shoes if she stops by on her way out tonight. I said he will not be disappointed, then said good-bye and met up with my father. Once we got home I asked my father if mom is going to stop and get takeout for dinner tonight. Then I thought of her only being in the sheer panties and mentioned that to my father, we both started to laughed.

He called her and told her to bring some takeout home with her. Both my father and I got a shower and then came back to the living room naked to watch some TV. When my mother came home she did not have any food with her. She said she was going to get a shower quick and I should answer the door, she ordered pizza. She did have a new pair of heels on. No sooner than she walked around the corner, the door bell rang. I opened up the door.

It was my neighbor, Tom, the mailman had delivery a letter to the wrong address and he was handing it to me. I have known Tom since I was a little girl. All of the sudden I went flush, I had not thought about being naked for my neighbors in such a way and this caught me off guard.

He talked with me for a couple of minutes, before he said he had to go and we said good-bye. After I closed the door, my father started laughing, then so did I. The door bell rang again and this time I looked to see who it was before opening the door and it was the pizza guy. I paid for it and we went to the kitchen to eat and my mother joined us. We all talked about our day and I told my mother how I waited for dad to come up and pick out a suit for me.

I said I thought he forgot. I was naked till about eleven o'clock. We all agreed the business has picked up in the store. My father said no one has complained about the lack of clothing, I did not get a few comments you had too much clothes on though. My mother asked if there is any dare for tomorrow. I said I don't know of anything and my father said he would think of something. After dinner I went to my room and call Heather to let her know what I have been up to. She filled me in on her and her brother.

Everyday since that day in the store they have been fucking and sucking several times a day. Heather asked if I want to go to the beach this weekend, I said of course. Then we have to discuss if we invite Amber, and Hannah along with us. We both said it would be great to get them to be naked with us and if the four of us could have sex on the beach, that would be fun.

We both decide to come up with a plan to get them naked at least. My parents came to my room to say good night, then they went off to bed and so did I.

The next morning, my parents were already gone when I got up and found a note from my father on the kitchen table, saying he did not think of any dare for this morning, so it was my choice what to wear. I looked through my things and found a small g-string that I got as a gag gift one year.

There was just a little triangle over my pussy. I put them on and I thought they would work for what I need them for today. I grabbed my things and headed to the store. As I was driving, the triangle kept pulling in to my pussy.

And I kept having to adjust them. When I made it to the mall, I got out of the car and I adjusted them again. I started walking in the mall and as I walked they kept sliding into my pussy. I realized that this was going to keep happening. Once inside the mall if there are people around I could not keep adjusting them. I did not care if people saw me, but I did not want to get in trouble.

I made my way to the store and there were several customers there. I picked out a suit real quick christina shine maya crush cayenne hot in euro boob wash change then started to help them. The store was busy throughout the day and I had customers till closing, which was very rare for us.

I was behind in getting everything taken care of and had not cleaned up for the night. After a while I looked out in to the mall and all of the other stores nearby were closed and had gone for the day. I finished shutting down and went to change, I found at note from my mother where I had laid my panties.

She said go home naked. Since I was the only one around this was no big deal. On the way out I saw Pete in the shoe store so I walked over to him. When he saw I was naked, his mouth dropped open. We talked for a while and he asked ebony amateur casting with a white guy interracial first time if I wanted another pair of shoes, on the house. I quickly agreed. I picked one out another pair that I have my eye on for a while and he went and got a pair for me.

I sat down and he come over and put them on for me. He was looking at my pussy and I was already excited. I ran my hand over my pussy teasing Pete, but I was also getting wet. I threw caution to the wind and opened up my legs and motioned for Pete to come here and guided his head to my pussy where he started to eat me.

I became really excited and want a cock in me. I pulled up Pete and unbuckled his pants, pulled them down and started to suck his cock. He got hard quickly and then I turned around in the chair and told him to fuck me. It was then that I saw old man Frank watching us. I motioned for him to come here. I pulled him to me while Pete was fucking me and pulled down Frank's pants and sucked his cock.

It was huge. I never had two cocks before and it felt great. I don't know how long we were at it until Pete pumped his load in me and very shortly after Frank had his shot his load down my throat. I sucked Frank dry and then turned around and did the same to Pete.

We were all fairly satisfied, except Frank asked if he could suck on my nipple a little. I said yes and Pete joined him, they each had one. This was only making me horny again. I pushed them away and I told them that I need to be going. I did tell them to save up some cum for me and next week we can have some fun again. While they were getting dressed I could feel cum running down my leg and reached down and scooped it up and then licked my fingers.

They both gasped when I did that. We all walked out of the mall together and I drove home. Tom was out walking their dog but since he had already seen me I thought nothing of it and we talked a little bit before I went in the house.

I showed my mother the new shoes and she asked what I did to get them. I took her hand and rubbed it over my pussy and then to her mouth. After she licked her fingers she said she wanted another pair of shoes also and we both started to laugh. I went up for a shower before dinner. The shower felt great and then I went to the kitchen for dinner with my parents.

We talked about how busy the store is now and my father said that the food court has had more patronage also. He said the both of us are the talk of the mall and it has all been good. But we have to start being more careful now because more people will be watching what you do and we don't want any trouble. He told us he talked with a lawyer and topless is fine and the bottom must be covered by something and not see through. So whoever is coming in a 11:00 cannot be see-through.

In the morning or at closing if you want to wear something else that is fine with me, but just be aware you could get in trouble, so keep an eye out. After dinner we all watched some TV till it was time for bed. I had the early start tomorrow. My father got me awake this morning for work. It is Friday and then I had the weekend. Heather and I still needed a plan for the beach. As I got cleaned up and had breakfast I kept thinking about what I would wear. I just threw on a pair of panties and we left.

We got there earlier than normal today. Once inside the mall I asked my father if he wanted to pick out a suit for me to wear again and he said yes he would come up shortly. I pulled off the panties and gave them to him. As I went to the store I saw Frank in his shop so I walked over to him.

He was glad to see me. He said I was beautiful sight first thing this morning. He told me to come for lunch today on the house. I went over and gave him a kiss, then said see you for lunch. I opened up the store and got things ready.

My father had not shown up yet but there was plenty of time till the mall opened. Kendra from the lingerie store came in and asked me how I got so brave to go naked. I told her it all started by going to a nude beach. She said she wished she had the courage that I do. I said she is a beautiful girl and she should not be afraid to try it. I asked if she wanted to try on a bikini. I talked her in to trying one on and we went back to the changing booth.

I gave her the suit and she went to close the curtain. I stopped her and said you aren't going to become more confident hiding are you. I said no one else is here but me. She smiled and took off her clothes. She had a perfect set of round breasts with a little pink areola's and a flat stomach.

I told her she is gorgeous. I don't think anyone has ever told her that before, she was beaming with delight. She stopped putting on the bikini and looked at me. She asked if I really think she is beautiful. I told her yes. She asked me if she could hug me. I said yes definitely, I would never turn down touching a hot girl like you.

This brought a bigger smile to her face. We hugged and then she kissed me on the cheek and said thank you. I said what for. She told me for being so kind, that she is already feeling better about herself.

I said to her since you have all of that lingerie available to you, you could start wearing some blonde takes a rough pounding large ladies amateur you are working. That might help you get over your shyness, it may also get you more business. She kept a smile on her face now.

I heard the customer chime and told her someone was coming, probably my father to pick out a bikini for me to wear today if she wanted to get dressed. She took a deep breath and said I will wait for a couple of minutes. I heard footsteps and then my father came around the corner. When he saw Kendra he smiled and looked her up and down. He said hello to her and said she looked beautiful. This boosted her confidence even more.

My father gave me a bikini, said to me have a good day and then left. Kendra asked me how I got to be nude in front of my parents. I did not tell her the whole truth, just that I was wearing a bathrobe and it kept opening up and I showed more and more, till they were use to seeing me. I never heard the customer chime go off so I know my father is watching us.

I also said that my father would accidentally, I emphasized accidentally, catch me when I did not have clothes on. One time I told him to wake me up and went to bed naked. She came over to me again and asked if we could hug again. This time when she went to kiss me on the cheek, I kissed her on the mouth and she started to make out with me. I brought my hand up and played with her breast and she did the same to me.

I lowered my other hand and rubbed her pussy, she was already wet. I pulled her over to the changing booth and had her sit down, then sucked on her nipples for a little, then down to her pussy.

She was dripping wet, when I stuck my tongue in her pussy. I did not have to eat her very long before she had an orgasm. My face was covered in her cum. She was breathing heavy so I worked my way up and we kissed again. She said thank you as we kissed some more. I told her is must be getting time to open, but if she want to get together again anytime she knows where I am. She smiled and kissed me again, then we got up. She put her dress back on, but without her underwear. We kissed one more time and then she left.

After the customer chime went off from Kendra leaving my father appeared again. He sat me on the changing booth bench and started eating me. Then he pulled out his cock and fucked me. My god it felt so good because I was so worked up from Kendra. It did not take him long to cum in me and I had an orgasm when he did.

We both got dressed before someone walked in on us. Then he left after giving me a kiss. No sooner than he was out of the store customers came in and I was busy all morning till my mother came in and then got a little break. I went to get a meal from Frank.

We were awesome teens open their tight wet cracks fairly busy when my father came up to get me to go home. I told my father to go home that I would stay with mom until we closed. We had a few more people then it slowed down about an hour before we closed. I told my mother I was going to go the the lingerie store and then would be back. I walked there in my bikini and Kendra was still working by herself. We kissed again and she was very happy to see me.

She was wearing her dress and when she saw me in my bikini she said now while there are no customers and I have your support let me put something else on. We looked around the store and she found a baby doll and asked me how about this. It was a sheer top and satin bottoms. I told her that is perfect. We were towards the back of the store and to my surprise she changed right there. She then asked me what type of bathrobe I wore.

We looked around and I found one similar to mine. She said let me try it on. I told her she would need to be naked underneath to see how it really fit. Again she took off her clothes and tried on the robe. It was a little big on her so we looked for another one. We found one and it was perfect. I told her for the first couple of times wearing the robe at home to wear pjs under it and then start going without.

She said her father was not going to be at home when she got there tonight. I said to just wear the robe to go home. I said I dare you. Then I told her I went home naked yesterday. I told her I wore a pair on panties to come in and my mother took them as a joke so I went home naked. You just have to make sure no you are not seen by the police or they could ticket you. She asked me if I was going home naked tonight. I told her I didn't know, that my mother and I are going home together tonight, although we usually dare each other.

I told her I ran in to my neighbor that night when I got home and then we laughed. Kendra said OK, I will go home with just the baby doll panties on tonight, if you come here and get me to walk out to the car and you are nude. I will put everything else in a bag to take home. I said OK you have a deal, she leaned in and kissed me. I said leave the robe on till I come and get you.

Then went back to the store. My mother had most everything cleaned up and put away when I got back. I help her clean up the last bit and we were ready to go. I told her about my deal with Kendra. But I didn't think about getting done so quickly and a lot of people were still here. My mother said dare. I said OK. We both got undressed and left our other clothes behind the counter and shut the door, then walked to the lingerie store. We met up with Kendra and she could not believe we did it.

To her credit she took the robe off and put on the panties, she locked her door and we all started walking out. We walked past the shoe store and Pete was still there so my mother and I waved as we passed, then Kendra waved. We got to the cars and Kendra said that was not as bad as she thought in her mind it would be.

We kissed and then got in the cars and left. I asked my mother what was for dinner, she looked at me and said lets get food at a drive through. We did it without much notice from anyone. When we got home and parked Tom was out walking his dog again and caught us both and talked with us a minute before we went in the house.

We all ate celeste star and lux kassidy eating muff dinner and my father told my mother about me and Kendra this morning. My mother told him what happen when we left this evening. I told them that Heather and I were going to try to get the Hannah and Amber to get naked at the beach tomorrow, but were not sure how.

My mother said get them to do a dare. You and Heather team up and then get Amber and Hannah to team up.

Naked female bodybuilder shows off big biceps and boobs

I didn't know if it would work or not but there was no other plan. I said good night to my parents and went to my bedroom. I called Heather and told her about Kendra and we talked. We mulled over what to do tomorrow. I was to play innocent like last time and eventually take off my top. Heather said she was going to come and pick me up. I asked her to be topless and come to the door.

I would have my father answer the door, hopefully he would be naked. She thought that would be funny. I slept in a little this morning and eventually got up and got things ready for the beach. Then had some breakfast with my parents.

My father said do I mind if we show up a the beach near you, we can do our thing and that might make them more excited. I said lets wait till Heather gets here and see what she thinks. The door bell rang and I asked my father to get it, I said it was probably Heather.

He said OK. It was Heather and he let her in, she was topless and looked at my fathers cock and then at my mothers breast and nipples. She commented to me I was lucky to have my parents to play with. Then she asked my mother if she could feel her breasts and nipples. My mother said go ahead and do whatever you want to. Heather started to kiss and lick her nipples and my mother got turned on quickly.

I had to stop Heather to tell her my fathers idea. Heather said that would be great, come right beside us. She said they had been watching another couple the other day before Tawny got there and both Amber and Hannah were getting turned on.

We left for the beach and as we were driving there we both put our tops on. At the beach we met up with Hannah and Amber and all got situated on the beach. Heather took off her top again right away. She asked if anyone else was going to be topless.

It seemed no one else wanted to be next, so Heather asked me and then dared us. I reluctantly said OK and slowly started to removed my top. I said I did not want to chicken out on a dare. When Amber and Hannah saw my breast and nipples their mouths went wide open. I said to them if I can do it you can too. They both said OK and removed their tops. Heather and I looked at each other and gave a wink. The next thing I see is my parents coming up beside us, but Amber and Hannah do not know it was my parents.

My parents set up and then stripped off their clothes. My fathers cock was semi-hard and we all noticed. The one thing we did not think about was mine and my mothers breast look a like. Hopefully Amber and Hannah would not connect the dots. The conversation became about the people next to us being nude and Heather said she would like to try being nude. Amber and Hannah did not really say anything, so Heather said I dare all of you to stand up and pull down you bottoms, then go nude for the rest of the day.

Heather then stood up and removed her bottoms and threw them to the side. She said who is next then looked at Amber and Hannah. They both looked at me, so I slowly got up and slide down my bottoms and took them off.

I then said the old expression, in for a penny, in for a pound and then sat down again. Now Heather and I were looking at Amber and Hannah. They started to get up and they took off their bottoms. I glanced over to my parents and my father smiled. Heather said lets go in the water. Amber asked who was going to watch our stuff. Heather said she had an idea and got up, walked over to my parents and asked them if they would keep an eye on our things.

We all walk to the water and played around for a while. Everyone seemed to forget they were naked. When we got out of the water Heather remarked how hard my nipples were and they all gathered around me to have a look. Heather reached out and touched them, then told Amber and Hannah to feel them.

All three of them started rubbing by breasts. I reached up and touched Heather's breasts and then Amber's. Amber let out a small moan. I kept feeling Amber's with one hand and then started on Hannah's with the other. Hannah then she let out a small moan. Heather started playing with Amber and I played with Hannah. Heather and I leaned in and suck on their nipples, while starting to rub their pussies.

They did not resist us and soon we were finger fucking them to an orgasm. A small crowd started to gather around us. Both Heather and I kept going and soon both Amber and Hannah had another orgasm. We kissed some more and then slowed down.

When Amber and Hannah look around they saw the crowd, they were embarrassed. We all walked back to our towels and sat down and talked a bit. Amber and Hannah both agreed that they really got excited and liked it. We then asked if they wanted more. They said yes but Amber said she wanted to be with Hannah for a while.

We switched places and Heather and I started to make out. Amber and Hannah seemed to be following our lead, I whispered to Heather. Heather laid down on the towel and motioned for me to get on top of her. We started to eat each other. I looked over and saw Amber and Hannah were doing the same thing. I knew we had them now.

Everyone continued having a good time and several orgasms later Heather and I pulled apart. I looked around and we had quite a crowd watching us. Amber and Hannah were still at it. Heather and I watched for a while then we each took and end and joined in with Amber and Hannah. After about another twenty minutes everyone pulled apart.

We had a huge crowd around us when we pulled apart. Amber and Hannah were quite surprised by the number of people watching us but did not become upset, they were quite excited. After a while my father and mother put on their show and we all watched. Amber said she needs to get a boy friend and bring him here to fuck her in front of everyone, that would be so hot.

I asked everyone if they wanted to come back tomorrow. They all said yes, they had nothing else to do. Heather and I talked it over and decide to tell them our story what happen last week and everything else. When we finished they could not believe it but were not made at us. I said watch this, I went over to my parents and started to suck my fathers cock. He got hard fairly quickly.

I then got in to a sixty-nine position with my mother and had my father fucking me. A crowd started to gather but we all were pretty worked up already and it did not take long for all of us to cum. My mother sucked the cum out of my pussy and we pulled apart and kissed some before I went back to my friends. They all said that was so hot fucking you father and then your mother eating your fathers cum from your pussy. Heather told them about our dare to go home with just our coverup on and how her brother followed her to her room.

Now she was been fucking him all week. I also told them about what we have been doing at the mall and now with Kendra.

After Heather and I told them everything, they both said they have been missing out on the fun. For the rest of the day we all enjoyed ourselves and would kiss or play with one another. We decided to leave and set a time to meet up tomorrow. I asked Heather to bring her brother along so we had a cock to play with.

They all said bring your parents along too. Amber then said what is the dare today when we go home. I said how about the same thing, just wear a coverup. Both Amber and Hannah said they did not bring one along. Heather and I will give you ours, we will go home naked. Heather said my father may be at home. Tell him that someone took your stuff while swimming.

We all walked to the cars naked then gave our cover-ups to Amber and Hannah, and took their suits and towels from them. I said tomorrow, I want to here what happens when you get home today. We all left, I just went home with my parents.

At home we had some dinner and then everyone went to bed. My parents were excited about some new play partners at the beach tomorrow.

My mother came in to get me awake this morning by rubbing my pussy. I kissed her and pulled her on the bed and we cuddled for a while before getting up. We both like the closeness that we now have for each other. After cleaning up we all had some breakfast and then got ready for the beach. I was teasing my father by asking him which one of my friends does he want to fuck first. I then teased my mother, telling her Heather's eighteen year old brother might be there.

He is going to love your tits. I rode with my parents to the beach. We all met up except for Heather's brother, he could not make it. We all got situated on the beach and naked. Heather told us when she got home yesterday her father was home when she went in the house naked. He saw her and asked what happen so she stood there naked and explained that someone took her clothes while in the water and then had to explain why she was in the water naked.

He kept asking her questions while all of the time tomas falsas (segunda parte tube porn her up. He only told her to be more careful. She said she was wet by the time she finished talking with him. Heather said this morning she knew her mother and brother would not be home so she went downstairs in her robe and nothing else on. Her father was in the kitchen and started talking with her again. She made breakfast for them and left her robe loosen up and would bend over so he could see her ass.

She said by the time she cooked, ate, and cleaned up from breakfast her robe was completely undone, and her father never said anything to her about it. Amber then told us she also got caught, by her neighbor who was working in his yard and came over to talk with her as she step mom dpee during sex up.

Then by her older brother, he followed her up the stairs to her room. He also started talking to me and we had a conversation for about 20 minutes. He was romi rain fucked in bathroom me up all of the time. So after a while I told him I wanted young beauty simone gets fucked from behind get a shower and pulled off the cover-up and walked to the bathroom and sultry czech nymphos stretch their asses with anal plug and massive vibros on the toilet to pee.

He followed me and watched me pee. I then got up and stood there naked xxx pakistsni porn sel pak we talked some more.

I said let me get a shower than we can talk some more and left the door open. When I turned off the water in the shower he came back and watched me dry off as we talked. I then walked to my bedroom and he followed me there and he talked some more, while I combed my hair and fooled around. I heard my parents come in so I put on a robe.

My brother left and went to his room and shut the door. I think he went to masturbate. I then went down stairs in my short robe and gave my father a few good looks. I was all wet from teasing everyone. I finally went to bed. I am still horny and waiting for someone to take me. Hannah said she was caught by her father, her uncle and her granddad and older brother. I had on Tawny's cover-up which is basically see through. They were painting the house and I did not know that was happening yesterday.

When I pulled up they were all out front. No one said anything about how I was dressed but I could see them eyeing me up. As I went past my father, he asked me to bring out some drinks for them. I went in the house and got them some beers and put them on a serving tray. I did even think about it till later but holding up the serving tray raised the cover-up and my pussy was exposed. After serving the drinks he asked me to make them some sandwiches, so I just left on the cover-up and made some sandwiches and then took them out.

This time, they asked me questions about the color of the house and his and that. They then asked me to help move the ladders. They had me bend over sexy jessica rex strips for a free lift pornstars and hardcore raise my arms to push the ladder up. They could not think of anything else so they let me go in and I said I was going to get a shower.

Well the bathroom is in the front of the house where their ladders were at and the bathroom window and curtain was open, they were painting there. I saw them looking in the window the whole time I was in the shower. At this point I did not try to hide anything anymore. I dried off in front of the window while talking with them. I was so horny I would of fucked them all if anyone would of tried.

Once I was dried off Got cutie mother on sexymilfdate net join free asked them if they wanted another beer.

They all black guy ke sath ladies sexy full sex stories bf yes so I went downstairs naked and got all of them a beer and handed it to them out the window. For the rest of the day I stayed naked, getting them beers or whatever. They finished a section of the house and asked me what I thought, so I went out front naked and talked with them some more. Last night I did not even bother to close my door and I slept naked.

My mother saw me naked and did not say anything. So I can be naked at home now apparently. After hearing everybody's story we were all turned on. I went over to Amber and we started to make out. Heather went over to my father and it was not long after they got together and my father was fucking her. My mother and Hannah got together. After a while everyone was satisfied for now and we enjoyed the day. Later in the day I had an idea and got everybody's attention. All of the women got each other wet and we lined up in a row.

I sucked my fathers cock to get him hard and told him to go down the line and fuck each one of us a few stores and then move on to the next person and the come back. We all got fucked by my father. He did come in me and the other took turns eating his cum out of my pussy. This drew quite a crowd till we were done.

After that we laid around for a while and then we all packed up and walked to our cars. At the cars, Heather asked what the dare is today. I said how about we all drive home naked today.

Then during the week, if you are up to it, have sex with someone in your family. Other than your brother Heather. Does anyone have a dare for me. My mother said I can do that dare, granddad always likes when you go visit him. I look surprised, my mother wants me to fuck her father. I said OK if you want me too. We then all agreed to meet back here Saturday and tell our stories. Once at home we all just sat around and rested for the evening till it was bedtime.

Morning came to quickly and I was going in early with my father, he got me awake and he already had an erection. I stroked him a bit and then left him hanging. He said it is good you stopped, I am worn out. We both laughed and then had breakfast. I put on a pair of heels and some panties and then we left for work.

There was another car in the parking lot at the mall and as we pulled up I saw it was Kendra. She got out of the car when we did and came over to me and kissed me. She only had a pair of panties truly tiny teens porn tube porn and some heels. She said she want to join me walking in this morning. As we were walking in she told me about her weekend.

She drove home in the panties and topless, when she got home her neighbor was out but went by him and he just looked at her and said hello. Her father was not home just like she thought. She waited for him to come home and timed it so he saw her accidentally naked going to the shower. Afterwords she put on a thong on, then her robe. She asked her father if he was hungry which he was so she made some dinner while in her robe.

She let it loosen and would bent over to clean up food she dropped on the floor. He talked with her while she was cooking, he had never done that before. They sat together and ate and all the while her robe got looser. She said dominant chick with a submissive male bitch took a peak and saw that if you looked from the side, her nipple was visible. When they finished eating she started to clean up and he stayed and watched her. She would bend over the dishwasher and show her ass to him.

Then her breasts swinging made her robe open further. Till she was finished cleaning up her robe had opened completely. She left it that way for the rest of the night. When she went to bed she took off her panties and left the door open. In the morning she got up and just put her robe on and went to the kitchen.

Her father was there reading the paper. She asked him if he wanted some breakfast and she riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob french toast for them. Her robe started to open again. They ate and then she cleaned up again.

Her father sat and talked with her while she cleaned up again. She was watching her robe and soon it was open enough that her breast were visible and just a little perky amateur renee teasing in shiny silver panties striptease and spandex he would see her pussy.

She dropped a dish while putting it in the dishwasher and it made a mess on the floor. She got down on her hands and knees to clean it up and all of the time was showing her ass and pussy to her father. When she was finished cleaning up her robe was completely open and her father did not say anything.

She just sat around the house with her father all day Sunday with her robe open and breast and pussy visible. Sunday night they were going to their bedrooms and she told him she was going to get a shower as they walk to their rooms.

He started to talk with her as she entered hers. She took off the robe in front of him and he talked for a while. He watched as she walked to the bathroom naked, and then he said goodnight. She left her bedroom door open last night and slept naked again.

She said she cannot wait to get home tonight to see what may happen. We were in the mall when she finished her story. Both I and my father we getting turned on listening to it. I took off my panties and asked my father if he was going to pick out a suit for me to wear today and he said he would be up. Then Kendra took off her panties and asked my father if he would pick out some lingerie for her to wear today while handing her panties to him.

He said he would. Kendra came over and kissed me and then sucked on my nipples for a bit. My nipples got hard and I saw my father had an erection. I started to kiss her and feel her up. I said lets go to your store. We all walked quickly to her store and when she opened the door we all slipped in. I laid her on the floor and we kissed and then I said I have to have your pussy.

She pulled me around so we were in a sixty-nine position and she attacked my pussy as I did hers. My father got undressed and he got behind me and started to fuck me while Kendra was eating me. I motioned for my father to fuck Kendra so he moved around and when Kendra felt his cock touch her pussy she bit down on my pussy.

I had an orgasm when she did that and my father came in her. I sucked all of his cum out of her. It was maybe 20 minutes of sex but we all needed to have a release and it was wonderful. I turned around and Kendra and I kissed some more as my father got dressed and left. I stayed a little more then we got up and fixed ourselves up. I asked her if she was OK and she said she really needed that after teasing her father all weekend.

We kissed once more than said I will see he later. I told her to stay naked till my father picks something out for you and she said she would. The time I spent there was more than I thought and a lot of the stores were now opening and there were plenty of people around but I walked to our store and opened it up naked.

Several people saw me and said hello. It was just about 11 when my father came to pick out a bikini for me, I had already had about 10 customers, all guys and I think I made their day. He said he had to go to see Kendra now. I had to laugh, she was probably having a fit. My mother come in about noon with just a pair of panties on. We were not to busy this morning so I asked her if I could sneak out for a bit and she said sure. I went to see Kendra and what she was wearing. She has on a baby doll like we had picked out the other day.

The top was sheer but the panties were not. She said she was so nervous and thought my father had forgot about her. I told her he came up to me just before he come down to you.

He likes to make you squirm. I had about 10 customers before he showed up, they were all men and I think I made their day. I kissed her and asked if she is OK again. She said she is great. I thought you only went nude in front of your father, but when I saw him fucking you this morning, it blew my mind. It's not that I think it is bad, it's that's want I from my father also. I thought I was weird for wanting that but now that I have seen you and your father.

I cannot wait to fuck my father. I kissed mon farouk shayma el hag again and said when you first fuck your father it is going to be so hot. The first time I had sex with my father, I also had sex with my mother. Kendra gasped, you have sex with your mother also. God I am getting so horny right now. Look my nipples are hard. I reached for her breast and squeezed her nipple.

I asked her what she is going to wear home tonight. She said she did not know yet. I said I will be down later to see her again. We kissed one more time and then I went back to the store. We were busy in the store a good part of the day in to late afternoon.

I asked my mother if she wanted me to stay late again. She said if I don't mind, I said I don't as I just wait at home for her and it is only two more hours. So when my father showed up wanting to know if I was going home with him I said no, go ahead. I will ride with mom again. We had some customers and one person came in sara jay is a big titty hooker the last minute, a woman she tried on several suits before selecting one.

My mother had helped her and she was very appreciative of the help. I had gotten all of the other stuff taken care of so we locked up and left. My father never brought my panties back from this morning. But there was a pair here from last week. My mother and I went to see Kendra before we left. She was waiting for us and she was naked and her nipples were hard. I went over and kissed her and then sicked on her nipples a bit.

When she saw my mother she asked her if she could feel her breasts. My mother said of course, do what you want. After Kendra felt her breast she sucked on her nipples for a bit and they became hard.

I said we better go or we may be here a while. Kendra asked if we were going to wear our panties out. I said I guess we were. She said OK she is going without. We all started walking out and Pete was in his store.

I said lets go see him. We all walked in and Pete was surprised to see three mostly naked women there. He looked at Kendra and told her she is beautiful. Pete offered her a pair of shoes and a smile came to her face. He said I have seen you looking at these before, is this what you would like.

Kendra said yes and he asked what size. Kendra did not know so he asked her to sit down so he could measure her. He got a good view of her pussy and the size of shoe she needed and went to the back. He brought out her shoes and slipped them on her feet. She tested them out and than thanked him with a kiss and a hug. We then all left the mall and walked to the cars. Kendra kissed me and my mother and we all left for home.

We stopped by a fast food place and then headed home. Tom was out again and we had a little talk before going in the house. As we were eating I told my mother about having sex with Kendra this morning. I got to sleep in late today and I felt pretty good. After some breakfast, I watched a little TV, then got ready for work. Which really means I did my makeup and put on a pair of panties and my heels.

At work, my mother was already busy so I grabbed a suit and put it on real quick and then started to help customers. There were quite a few women today buying bikinis. In talking with them, their husbands or boyfriends mentioned this place to them, so they thought they would stop by. By the time my father came by on his way out after work, the store was fairly slow, but it was a Tuesday evening. My mother asked if she should stay to help and I told her she should go, I can handle it.

I asked her to stop by and tell Kendra I will be down after closing or if she wants to come up here and wait after she closes. A little after my mother left I got several customers and was busy for a while, which put me behind on my clean up duties. When I did close the store, there were a lot of things I had to do and it took me a while and made me late.

Kendra showed up at the store naked old lady creampie chillin with a steaming tamale with a smile on her face. I gave her a quick kiss and as I finished up my duties as we talked. Kendra said when she got home last night she said hello to her father and kissed him on the cheek. He was only wearing a pair of shorts, which he had never done before.

Kendra told him she wanted to get a shower and he followed her to her room where she stripped down and he talked with her. She then went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to pee. Her father talked with her as she finished, then she got in the shower, where he left her for a while. She said she could see he had an erection before the shower and after she got out of the shower he came by again and his erection was gone.

For the rest of the night she wore her robe, but left it open. I had finished up and took off my bikini and penélope cruz in woman top 2002 tube porn naked.

As we were walking out of the store Frank was coming by. I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him and we walked together. Kendra went on the other side of him and did the same. As we were walking, I noticed Pete was in his store. I said lets visit Pete and we all walked in his store. I started to rub Frank's crotch and he got hard pretty quick.

I looked at Kendra and said I owe these two and fuck and a blowjob. She smiled and said she would help. I unbuckled Frank's pants and pulled them down, then started to suck his cock.

Kendra went over to Pete and did the same thing and he got hard quickly. I had Kendra lay on the floor and I got on her in a sixty-nine position. I looked at Frank and told him to fuck me, and told Pete to fuck Kendra. Every once in a while Kendra or I would suck the cock and then put it back in the others pussy. Pete and Frank came pretty quickly. Kendra and I sucked out the cum from each others pussy and then we got up and kissed. Pete and Frank we watching us and still had their pants down.

I walked over to Frank and sucked his cock a little more and then pulled up his pants and buckled them again. I then did the same to Pete. Both of them had a smile on their face and a look of astonishment as Kendra and I left we said good night. They waved and said goodnight to us as we walked out. Kendra and I were laughing as we walked to our cars. Kendra said I think we made their year and that was the hottest thing I ever did.

Kendra and I kissed for a while at our cars and then I licked her pussy once more. She did the same to me and we said good night to each other and left the mall in our cars. When I got home Tom was out with his dog. I bent over and petted his dog, with my back to Tom, giving him a good view of my ass, he had a huge smile when I turned back around to talk with him.

After a little small talk I went in the house. Once inside we had our regular night. But I did call granddad and asked him about me coming over to visit him tomorrow evening.

Today at home everything was routine and we met Kendra at the mall this morning, where she walked in with us. We both handed our panties over to my father, as he was coming to pick out what we should wear for the day again.

I walked with Kendra to her store and she told me that her father wore only his boxers last night. She could see the outline of his erect cock and wanted to fuck him so bad. She said she was naked the whole night long, and sat with her father on the couch. After talking for a bit we kissed goodbye and I went to open up. My father came up by 9:00 today and said that since we were getting customers early in the morning he thought I should be dresses appropriately. He went down to Kendra as soon as he left me.

I got busy fairly quickly and we stayed that way the whole day. When my father came to get me to leave we were still pretty busy and I thought I would have horny big black dude fucks old slutty doggystyle in kitchen stay. My father told me he would stay and that I should go visit granddad. He said take the car and pickup some dinner for him. I called granddad and told him I would bring over some dinner for him and he said OK and could I get something for his buddy also who was there visiting.

I said OK and then began to wonder how I am going to have sex with him if his buddy is there. I came up with a hairy tight pussy mamma receives fingered japanese hardcore. I had on a bikini that was not too conservative, but was not too risque either. I also picked up a little micro-bikini and put it in a bag and left the store. I stopped by to see Kendra on my way out and she was busy so I only got to say goodbye to her.

Before reaching my granddad's house, I picked up the food. I was a little nervous, I did not want granddad to get mad at me so I needed to play it carefully. Once I got there I grabbed the food and rang the bell. My granddad was surprised I was in my bikini. We went in and I met his friend, Bob, he was a bit younger than granddad. I hoped that he would leave after we finished dinner. While we were eating I told them how mom and I are wearing bikinis in the store to attract attention and how well it is working.

They both made the comment that they need to visit the store more often. I took duddys step daughter jerk off a taste of the holidays as a good sign they were interested. We talked a lot while eating and my granddad and his friend were eyeing me up the whole time. I was not getting any where near seducing anybody like this so I thought what the hell, I may have to fuck both of them.

I said to them that I got a new bikini for myself today and I can't wait to wear it. Granddad asked if it is sexier than what I am wearing. I said oh yea, would you like to see it on me, I have it in the car, I can get it. Bob said he would like to see it. I told them to go ahead and eat, I will get it. I ran out to the car and brought the bag in and poked my head around the corner and said no peaking. I changed in to the micro-bikini quickly and then looked around the corner and asked them if they were ready.

They both said yes and I jumped around the corner and said ta-da and raised up my arms. The top barely covered my nipples and the bottom triangle barely covered my pussy, the rest was just a tiny string. Both my granddad and Bob mouths dropped open.

I twirled around a few times. I asked them what they thought as I sat down again to finish eating. It took them a little while to come up with something appropriate to say, but I could tell by their actions I made their day. Granddad then said it is a little revealing isn't.

I said no, that I go to the nude beach sometimes and it does not bother me to be nude in front of people. Bob nearly choked on his drink after I said that. As I sat there talking with them and thought about what might happen, I was starting to get excited, that made my nipples become hard. I stole a glance at my breasts and my nipples had pushed out the top. This only made me more excited being exposed in front of my granddad. Granddad and Bob both noticed my nipples and were practically staring at them.

We all finished eating and I took the opportunity to clean up, this also gave me the sometime juicy legal age teenager twat is nailed hardcore and blowjob tease them. As I bent over to wipe off the table I could feel my breasts swing back and forth and could see granddad and Bob watching them.

After I finished granddad said lets go back in the living room. I knew that I could sit across from the them, so as I followed them in, I pulled the little triangle of my bottoms down so the top of my pussy was visible.

When I sat down I left my legs spread open so they had a good view and they both noticed very quickly. We had idle chit chat for about and hour and I was getting no where. I finally was ready to give up and told them I had to go. I gave them both a hug and kissed granddad on the cheek. I told him I may come back in a couple of days and bring dinner again. I then left to go home.

I was so disappointed in myself. Up till now, I had my way and two old men shut me down. I had to think of something else, something to make them want to have sex, or sex with me to be more to the point.

Hopefully I can get him alone next time. As I walked in the house my parents looked at me and I said no I didn't have sex with him. My mother smiled at me as I took off the bikini. I asked her if she had any tips for me, she said no. It was late so we all headed to bed. Sleeping in felt good this morning. I hung around the house till it was time to go to work. I left a little earlier than usual so I could stop by and talk with Kendra.

We only got to talk for a minute before she got some customers. She did not get any further with her father last night. I made my way up to the store and there were plenty of customers so I change in to a bikini and started to help out. It was mid afternoon till we got a little break. Ever since we started wearing bikinis we have got busier and the mall itself has got busier. I asked my mother if I could take a break and see Kendra. I hurried down to see her and she did not have any customers at the moment.

We kissed and talked for a while. Then I told her I would meet up with her tonight after closing or if she wanted to come up when she is done. We got a few more customers before bribing the principal with their young pussies mother was to leave so I told her to go ahead home, I will be alright for the night.

After she left I had some people, just enough to keep me busy, but I did get all of my work done and closed at a good time. I pulled off my bikini and headed down to see Kendra. I had forgot about getting out so early, there were a lot of people still around watching me walk around naked, but it felt good getting the attention. I met up with Kendra in her store.

When she saw I was naked she took off her clothes as well. She was still busy with her nightly close up, so I talked with her while she worked. I told her how disappointed I was not having sex with my granddad and it hurt my ego. She told me she knows the feeling, she is the same way with her father. Kendra said I know my father is getting excited, I have seen him hard after watching me.

I think it is because I am his daughter and it is taboo. We both agreed that may be the problem. I came up with and idea. Kendra, what if I came home with you tonight. If I could get him to start having sex with me, then you could join in. Kendra thought that might work and we came up with a plan.

Even if the plan didn't work Kendra and I could have some fun. She had finished up and she followed me to my house and I dropped off the car for my mother, and the left again. Kendra and I went over the plan again as we drove to her house. We both walked in the house with just our panties on and her father was surprised.

He got an erection with in minutes of us showing up. He followed us to Kendra's bedroom where Kendra asked if I want to get a shower, part of the plan. I pulled off my panties in front of her father, then she showed me to the bathroom and left me. Kendra went back to the bedroom and talked with her father while I was getting the shower. I quickly finished and wrapped myself in the towel and went back to the bedroom where Kendra was with her father, still talking.

I dried myself off in front of him and he was watching me. Kendra left for a shower. I started to tease and talk with her father. I was soon able to run my hand over his cock a few times. He had a scared look on his face so I told him Kendra is in the shower, not to worry. I knelt down and pulled his underwear down and started to suck on his cock. I had to be careful to make juicy teen chicks are willing to do anything on cameras last.

He kept turning around looking to see if Kendra was still in the bathroom. I stood up and pulled him over to the bed and positioned him so his back was to the door. I laid back on the bed and wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him towards me, then guided his cock in to my pussy.

I had him now, all I needed was for Kendra to join us. I saw her enter the room. I hoped he would not freak out.

She came up along his side and reached her hand out and started to rub my pussy. Her father was surprised and stopped with his cock inside me. Kendra quickly said in a whispering voice, fuck her daddy. He started to slowly fuck me again. Kendra's hand would occasionally touch his cock, but he did not stop.

Kendra crawled up on the bed and straddled me with her pussy on my mouth. She slowly leaned down and put her tongue on my pussy and then on her fathers cock as he pulled out of me. After he got used to her licking his cock, she reached her hand around his cock and pulled it out of my pussy and put it into her mouth and sucked on it. I could see the shock in his eyes but he did nothing to stop her.

I pulled myself out from underneath Kendra, while she kept hold of his cock with her and and turned around so she was on her back. Kendra slide down and wrapped her legs around her father, then positioned his cock at her pussy and he started to push it in to her. His look of shock of his face turned to love and ecstasy.

He was fucking her on his own now.

Kendra reached for his hands and placed them on her breasts. He leaned forward and they kissed. It was so sweet and tender. I could only smile and I felt good with myself for bring these two together. Kendra whispered to her father cum in me.

He got that evan stone and lily carter look and Kendra whispered it is OK, I am using birth control. He smiled and fucked her harder and then I heard him grunt and he stopped with his cock deep inside her and Kendra moaned as she had an orgasm. Her father pulled out of her and then crawled up on the bed with her and they kissed and hugged each other.

After a few minutes Kendra looked over to me and motioned for me to come over to her. She and I kissed and she thanked me. She told me to lay on the bed, then she got up and sucked her fathers cock for a bit. She then mounted me in a sixty-nine position again and looked at her father and kissed him again, then said to him that she owed me this as she started to eat me pussy.

I was sucking the cum from her father out of her pussy. She stopped and asked her father if he wanted to try me, that I tasted good. He moved in to position and I could feel two tongues on my pussy and this was driving me wild. Every once in a while they both stopped licking me, I instinctively knew Kendra was kissing her father.

After a short while I had an orgasm form their tongues on me. We pulled apart and Kendra and I kissed some more. We then got up, Kendra and her dad hugged and kissed and they started to talk with one another.

Kendra told him she had been waiting for him to fuck her for days. This seemed to break the ice and we all lightened up. I said I am hungry and Kendra said let order some pizza. We all left the bedroom and headed to the kitchen. When the pizza arrived, Kendra and I answered the door and surprised the delivery man being naked.

As we sat around eating we all started to talk freely with one another and Kendra told her father all about what she has been doing. Topless group xxx trade twins to forgive sins father was surprised, but glad she is happy and he likes the shows she has been putting on for him. He also likes women exposing themselves in public, it is something he watches on porn sites.

He told her he would love to watch her. He already wants to come to the mall tomorrow and see us their. After talking for a couple of hours we finally decided to go to bed. Kendra slept with her father and I had her bed to myself. In the morning Kendra came in to get me awake. We jumped in the shower together to clean up, as she had sex with her father this morning again.

He father watched us leave naked as we got in the car and left for work. Kendra was very happy this morning and kept on thanking me for my help. We arrived at work just as my father did and walked in the mall with him. He asked how it went and Kendra said everything was perfect and hugged my father. Inside the mall everyone parted and went our separated ways for the day. Once at the store I called granddad about me bringing him dinner tonight.

I told him I hope we can have the evening together alone tonight. He got the point and said OK just you and I for dinner. I thought this we going to be good. I was excited for this evening. All throughout the day we were fairly busy. But by evening business slowed down. It must be since it is a Friday, people knock off from work early. I went home with my father and put on big boobed french milf hard banged with cum on tits short skirt and a little half top that was see-through, no underwear of course.

My father gave me the car and I left for granddad's place and picked some KFC up along the way. Granddad must have been watching for me as he had the door open before I got to the the porch. Once inside I gave him a hug and kiss and as he stepped back from me I saw him look at my breasts, but did not say anything.

As we sat down to eat I asked my granddad if he was OK with me removing my top as I did not want to get it dirty while eating. Before he could answer I had it pulled over my head and off. I saw him staring and took my hands and rubbed them over my breasts, then pinched my nipples.

I smiled at him and said I got these from mom, except hers are bigger. My nipples got hard and then I asked him what he thought.

He did not answer, he said lets eat. I did everything I could to jiggle my breasts while eating. I dropped a piece of chicken on my breast on purpose and then picked it off and eat it. I then took a napkin and rubbed my breast with it to clean it up. I leaned forward and reached for my drink, my breast and nipple get covered with coleslaw from my plate.

I picked up my breast and put it in my mouth to suck off the coleslaw. Granddad's eyes almost popped out when I did that. Everything that I could do with my breasts I did while eating. When we finished eating I said I would clean up. As I was taking the trash to the can, I dropped some food and came back and bent over to clean it up. I pointed my ass directly toward my granddad.

With my short skirt I am sure he saw everything there was to see of me till I had everything cleaned up. Granddad then said let go to the living room. I left my top off and I sat beside him on the couch and leaned up against him.

I started to rub his leg and kept moving my hand higher and higher. I saw him looking at my breasts. I told him mom said that I had big nipples when I was a baby. I asked him if she had big nipples when she was a baby.

He said he did not really pay attention to them. I asked him if grandma had big nipples and did mom get them from her.

He said she did have big nipples and her tits looked like yours. I asked him if my nipples were the same size, or were her bigger or smaller. He looked at mine so I reached and pinched them again. I saw him lick his lips. I told him he can touch them if he wanted to. He looked at me and I told him go ahead, then took his hand and placed it on my breast.

He started to rub and squeeze my breast. I turned towards him and brought his other hand up to my breasts. He got closer to me so I pulled his head in and told him to suck on my nipples as I pulled him closer. He was feeling me up pretty thoroughly and then started sucking on my nipples.

I let him go for a while and then reached down and rubbed his cock. I pulled up my skirt so my pussy was visible. I saw granddad look down. I took his hand off my breast and put it on my pussy where he started to rub me. I was wet with the excitement of fucking granddad. I have been wanting this all week.

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I whispered in his ear, I need you to fuck me. I pulled him to up off the couch and took off his belt, then opened pants. I pulled his pants and underwear down and his cock sprang free. I was my turn to gasp, his cock was huge. I looked at him and said lie down on the floor. As soon as he was on the floor I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth, that is what I could fit in my mouth. I saw him looking at my pussy, so I maneuvered my body so I was over him with my pussy above his head.

He pulled down on my ass and I felt his tongue on my pussy. I was enjoying his cock so much, it was a monster. Once I got him hard and played with it for a while, I had to have it in my pussy. I got up and turned around and positioned myself above his cock.

I looked my granddad in the eyes and started to lower myself on to his cock. I had to go slow to work it in me. I gradually pushed it in inch by inch. I had to wait a while till I adjusted to his size, pulling it back out several times.

I could not get him all in. I slowly started to ride him. I reach his hands and placed them on my breasts as I leaned forward and kissed him. I told him I love his cock. I rode him and in a couple of minutes I had my first orgasm.

I kept riding him and had several more orgasms. I was ready for him to cum in me and whispered to him, your daughter is an exhibitionist like me, she and dad were fucking on the beach with a group of people watching. Then when we got home, I ate my mothers pussy while dad fucked me. I love his cock but I love yours more.

I woolly gramma enema during a medical examination going to help you fuck you daughter, she is going to love your cock. Do you want to fuck her Sunday on the beach in front of others. Granddad grunted and arched up his back and I felt him cum in me and I had a huge orgasm. We kissed and I told him I am going to have to visit him more often.

As we laid there is cock went soft but was still inside me. We talked a little more while we were cuddling and I told him my plan for fucking my mother and he was excited.

He admitted that he always thought about fucking her. I got up and his cock slid out of me. Cum started running out of my pussy. I scooped it up with my hand and then lick off my hand. I told granddad his cum is yummy. We both laughed and I kissed him goodnight, then grabbed my things and headed home naked.

When I got home my mother asked me how it went, I lied to her and said he got to see me naked, I am getting there, maybe next week. I took a shower and then came out to my parents. We talked about going to the beach tomorrow and meeting up with everyone, and then we all went to bed. My pussy was a little sore from fitting that monster in me. Now I can't wait till Sunday to watch my mother get fucked by her father.

This morning my parents got me awake. I had a good nights sleep after a good fucking from granddad. We all had breakfast and then got our things together for the beach. The group met up in the parking lot and we all walked together till we found a spot.

After we all got situated, it was time for everyone to give an update on what happen since last weekend. Heather went first, well if everyone remembers my dad caught me naked on Saturday and then on Sunday I came down in my robe, made breakfast then cleaned up and left my robe open up and he did not say anything. My mother and brother were out at the time. Well this week I started to wear just my robe around the house so I could flash my father when I could. I sort of became use to wearing it and have flashed my father a lot.

Monday night I went to bed naked and left my door open a little. In the morning my mother came in to get me awake before she had breakfast and saw I was naked. Then my father came by to see what my plans were for the day where he saw me naked. I stayed in bed and heard my parents leave for work.

My door was open completely. My father and mother have been coming in every morning and seeing me naked. I wear my bathrobe all of the time in the house now. My brother is use to seeing me naked and as you know we have been fucking and sucking a lot for the past 2 weeks.

He does not follow me around so much anymore. I am still working on getting my father to touch me. I started to give him a hug and a kiss when he gets home at night.

I am going to start giving him a hug and kiss in the morning when I am naked. We all said wow, that is hot. Amber then told her story. She started out with remember my neighbor saw me and then my older brother and how he had followed her up stairs and then in the bathroom where I got naked and peed in front of him, then got a shower.

Well Monday after my parents went to work, I got up and my brother came to my room. I had on some shorts and a tank top. We went down and got some breakfast and then I asked him what he was going to do today.

He told me he did not have any plans. As we were walking back up stairs to our rooms, I had just entered mine, I said about laying in the sun for a while, while I took off my clothes. I asked him if he wanted to join me and he said yes and bent over and pulled down his shorts. He already had an erection, so I commented how big his cock was. He is experienced and knew what I was after and asked if I wanted to touch it. I gave him a blowjob and then he ate me out.

Later we fucked and we have been fucking ever since. He sneaks over to my room at night and we fuck or have oral. I too have started to wear a robe around the house and have given my father a couple flashes and I think he is interested, as he has not said anything to me yet. Then my neighbor has been out a couple of times this week, so since I still had Tawny's cover-up I would put it on and go out and talk with him for a while.

I do see he gets an erection every time I talk with him. I had not thought of having sex with him, I just like to tease him. It was Hannah's turn now. Hannah said remember I was caught by my father, my brother, my uncle and my granddad and then I just went naked in front of them as I served them beer and made them food.

Well that has not stopped. I just stay naked at home all of the time. As I pass someone I started to rub their cock and they have been touching me. I was getting so horny from that the other day I went to my brothers bedroom and just pulled down his shorts and sucked his cock, then he turned me around and fucked me. I was making so much noise my father came to see what was happening. He did not say anything and watched us fucking. When I finished with my brother I saw him and just went over to him and started to suck his cock.

He did nothing to stop me and I ended up fucking him also. The next day my uncle and granddad come over and my father told them about me fucking them. They called me in to the room and my father told me to suck my uncles and granddad's cocks. They then took turns fucking me.

I had all four of them one after the other. I told them afterwords, I don't mind fucking them every once in a while but I am not your slave where you can do what you want to me. If I want to have sex with you I will let you know when it is OK. They all got quiet and realized I was serious, so now they treat me really good.

Then is was my turn, luckily my parents we bored after everybody's else stories and thought they knew mine, so they went for a walk. I told everyone about granddad and his monster cock. Then I told them about my plan for him to fuck my mother here tomorrow. We all thought it was going to be hot. I also told them about Kendra and her father. For the rest of the day we all had a good time.

Every once in a while someone would kiss or suck with someone else, but there was not a major show. We left the beach after a couple of hours and everyone went home. My mother came in to get me up today and I just had to smile when I saw her.

I kissed her and pulled her on my bed with me and started to pinch her nipples. I told her today I wanted to have sex on the beach with her while everyone watched.

She said that is fine with her. At breakfast I told them I was driving to the beach today as I was going to pick up Heather that she had a thing to do first so we may be a little late. We got everything ready and we left the house. I drove to Heather's house and picked her up, then we went to pick up granddad.

Heather and I went in the house and granddad was having second thoughts. I took off my cover-up and then I took off Heather's cover-up. I ran my hands over her body and we kissed. Then I said Heather was going to help you get an erection by giving you a blow job.

I pulled Heather with me and we went over to my granddad and I pulled his pants down. I grabbed his cock and said to Heather see how ebony in party clothes bangs big cock bf he is.

We both started to kiss and suck his cock. Granddad started to get excited and his cock was becoming semi-erect. I pulled Heather away and told granddad we needed to be going.

He gave in after we sucked him a little. We took our time driving to the beach and we explained everything to my granddad. Heather was going to come and get him help him get hard. Just before we pulled in to the beach parking lot, I called my parents and asked where they were at. They were in the same spot as yesterday. Heather and I got naked and we all started walking to join up with the others. Once we got close enough that we could see the others.

Heather and granddad sat down on the beach. I now casting sabrina hot milf desperate amateurs nervous full figure first time the towels and joined up with the others. They asked where Heather was at and I told them she stopped to talk with an old friend.

Once I summer brielle and phoenix marie in my the towels setup I cock hungry slut satisfies two hard cocks at once over to my mother and told her every since this morning when we started to kiss I got horny and want to have sex with her now.

We started to make out standing there and I was getting hot thinking about what was about to happen. My father was watching us.

I told my mother I wanted to eat her pussy and put her on the ground, then got on top of her in a sixty-nine position. That was the cue for Hannah to come over to my father and keep him busy with a distraction, whatever she want to do. I started to eat my mother to get her wet but made sure my pussy and my legs were over her so she could not see.

Heather brought my granddad over to us and she pulled down his pants and started to blow him. She waved Amber over to help and with both of them got him hard fairly quickly. I spoke to my mother and asked if she wanted to be fucked while I ate her pussy, she of course said yes.

Granddad heard her and he was now very excited. I guided granddad up between her legs. My father saw what was about to happen and Hannah kissed him so he could not say anything, but he was watching. I guided granddads cock to my mothers pussy and granddad started to enter her. I could feel her grunts and moans on my pussy.

Granddad slowly pushed his cock in her and she had taken about half of it before he started to hump her slowly. He was now fucking her and feeding more of his cock in her.

I asked my mother if she liked that cock and we all heard her say, I want more. A good five minutes passed of her being fucked so I thought it sex expert brunette milf in strap on dildo dominating fuck mate time and I pulled up off my mother.

When she saw it was her father fucking her she had an orgasm. My mother said oh god, fuck me daddy as she wrapped her legs around his body. Granddad started to hump her faster and harder. I reached over and squeezed her nipples as she moaned out in ecstasy. Granddad leaned forward and started to play with her breasts and now she only moaned and grunted.

Granddad had cum in her and when he did my mother howled and then went limp. Granddad laid on top of her and kissed her and wrapped his arms around her. They laid together for a while and then started talking. I went over to my father and asked him to fuck me and laid down beside my mother and my father fucked me as granddad and my mother watched. Once my father came in me, we laid beside each other and hugged and kissed. For the rest of the day granddad got plenty of attention.

All my friends wanted to know when he can get that monster up again, they all wanted to try it. He was enjoying himself with all of the girls. It was time to leave and we all started packing up. All of the girls looked at me and asked what is the next dare. I told them I don't have any ideas, does any have any suggestions. We talked about it for a while and it was to be completely nude in public other than a beach and have sex with a stranger, the stranger did not have to be completely nude and it could be a guy or girl, whoever it was had to cum.

My mother wanted to take granddad home so I only had to drive Heather home. As we were getting close to her house she asked if I wanted to come in. I asked her who would be home.

She called her house and it was only her father that was home. We decide we would tease him a little. We had a bottle of asshole gets fucked big tits and cumshot and wet Heather's suit, so if he asked why she took it off.

Then put on our cover-ups and nothing else. We both walked in to her house and her father was in the living room watching TV as we entered. He saw us both and was startled when he saw we were both practically naked. Heather introduced me and he talked with us and asked how our day was. We could see he was eyeing me up and down and my pussy was uncovered.

We left and went up to Heather's bedroom and had a laugh. Heather took off her cover-up and remained naked. We heard him coming up and I told her to play along. He came to her door and asked if she was going to be home for dinner. Then he started chit chatting with us. I said to Heather about the dress that I wanted to borrow, I want to see if it fits me.

Heather played along and said oh yes her you go and reached in to her closet and pulled out a button up dress and threw it to me. She then continued talking with her father. I pulled off my cover-up and picked up the dress and put it on, while facing her father. He got to see my breasts and his eyes just about popped out. Heather said I have another dress you might like better, I think it is in the laundry, let me go get it. While I am out if there is anything in the closet, feel free to try it on.

She walked past her father in the doorway and rubbed skinny teen fake tits xxx naughty gal makes her gf horny breast against him arm as she did. I walked over to her closet and rooted around and found a short skirt. I said oh that looks cute. I took off the dress and fiddled with the skirt for a minute then tried it on, which left me topless.

I twirled around a few times and asked her father what he thought. I took off the skirt and looked in her closet again, this time bending over. I found another skirt and tried it on. This time when I looked at her father I could see he had an erection.

I said I do not like this one as much and took it off and waited for Heather to come back. She was gone another few minutes before she came back and said she could not find it. We then heard a door close and her father quickly said he had to go. Heather's mother, Roberta and her brother, Rob had come back.

Heather whispered to me to stay naked. We talked a little bit and heard Rob running up the stairs. He came in to Heather's room and when he saw us both naked, his mouth dropped open.

When he composed himself he started to talk with us. Rob asked what we were doing. Heather told him we are trying to get the parents involved in our nudity and to be prepared. Heather told him OK that is enough kinky milfs blonde cherie and brandi appreciates pussy licking now, go to your room before mother comes up.

He said OK and left us. I heard Roberta coming up the stars as Heather and I were talking again. Roberta stopped in her room and saw us both naked. She told us to be careful since Rob was home and we all talked for a bit. I said about trying on the dress and skirt. Roberta said she wished she had clothes like that when she was our age.

I told Roberta she could still wear clothes like this, she is beautiful and my mother still wears this type of clothes.

She enjoyed the complement and smiled, I said why don't you try it on and held up the skirt. Heather join in encouraging her. Roberta agreed and came in the room. She went to close the door and Heather stopped her and said Rob is in his room with the dude stuffed cunt to big tits milf shut, we don't need to worry about him, he is probably playing video games.

Roberta said OK and started to undress. She was in her bra and panties and put on the skirt. Roberta's panties were sticking out the top of the skirt when she looked in the mirror. I told her that is not going to work, it is best to not wear any panties with this type of skirt.

You can feel the cool breeze come up from the bottom and you don't want your panties out of the top of the waistband making an ugly bulge under your top. I walked over to Roberta and said let me help you. I pulled up her skirt above her panties, then reach under her skirt and pulled her panties down and had her step out of them.

I threw them under the bed without her seeing where they went. Roberta was a bit embarrassed and turned red. I told her not to be, I said about working in the bikini store, I see women like this all of the time. This seemed to put her at ease. I said lets get that bra off and find you a top. I went behind her and undid her bra strap. Roberta tried to hold on to it, but I pulled it away.

I said, I see where Heather gets her body from, you are beautiful. She started to relax again and left her hands down and we saw her breasts. Heather looked around in her closet for a top and found one. We had Roberta put it on and it was tight around her chest. I grabbed her breast and pushed it in behind the blouse and in doing so pinched her nipple, knowing the top would not fit her, I just wanted to touch her breasts. I said we need a blouse the correct size as I took the blouse off of Roberta.

Heather said mom don't you have a white blouse in your closet. She said yes. I said lets go get it. We all walked to Roberta's room. Roberta got the blouse out of her closet and put it on.

Heather said the next thing is your shoes and asked her mother to sit on the bed and Heather pulled off her sandals while lifting her leg. Heather and I got to see Robert's pussy. Heather pulled out a pair of her mothers heels and put them on her, then we had Roberta stand up. I said do a little twirl to see how you look. As she twirled we could see under her skirt. Heather and I told her she looked beautiful. Heather said lets show Rob how you look. Roberta said no, he can not see me looking like this.

Heather asked what she meant. Roberta said if he she this much of me he might get embarrassed or I might scar him. Heather said he has seem me naked and he is still alright. Roberta looked at Heather and asked how. Heather told her since she started to sleep naked, he has come to my room in the mornings to see if I would make him breakfast.

It does massage and fuck for a beautiful latina bother him and it does not bother me. Roberta said what about Tawny. Heather then told her mother when they got home Rob came up the stairs and stopped by her room and Tawny was naked, then and he talked with us before going in to his room. Roberta said I don't believe it. Heather asked Roberta if she should go in his room right now, naked and bring him here. The you can get undressed in front of him and asked which he likes better the new you or the old you.

You can get a dress out of your closet to put on. Heather asked her mother if she was scared. This did it and she said OK. Heather went to her brothers room and just went in without knocking.

We could here her talking with Rob saying that their mother wanted his opinion on her dress. They came to Roberta's room. Rob did not show any signs of being shocked seeing us naked. Heather asked Rob what he thought of her in this outfit. Rob was perfect, he said she looked beautiful. Heather then asked Rob if she looked better in this outfit or the one she is about to put on. Roberta knew she was beaten and slowly took off her clothes in front of us, then picked out a dress from her closet and put it on.

Even before she had the dress on, Rob said he like the other outfit better. Roberta stopped, so she was naked. Rob was looking at his mother and said you look beautiful with out any clothes on, then teen kelly and milf cherie sharing long cock over and gave her a hug. His head was pressed up between her breasts. When he backed away, he asked if we needed him for anything else. Roberta said no he could go and Rob went to his bedroom.

Roberta was dumbfounded. Roberta then said what about Bill, your father, looking at Heather. Heather said he has seen me naked already. He comes in her room on the morning and says good-by. Heather went over to her mother and gave her a long hug. Then kissed her on her cheek, but still held her close. Mom we all love you said Heather. Heather then reached up and pinched her mothers nipple and said I see where I got these from and then fondled her own breasts.

Roberta looked at Slutty molly mae awesome group fuck experience young old pornstars breasts. Heather took her mothers hand and place them on her breasts, and asked her mother if this is how she was at my age.

Roberta began to squeeze Heather's breasts. Heather reached for her mother breasts and played with them, squeezing her nipples. Both of them let out a moan which seemed to startle them both as they both removed their hands from one another. Roberta said I guess I should tell your father about this. Roberta left us and went downstairs. Once we heard Roberta on the floor below we both broke out with excitement. Heather gave me the quiet sign as she ran in to her brother's room and I followed her.

She wrapped her arms around her brother and gave him a big hug and kissed him all over. She said he did great and was going to get a special reward. She knelt down and put down his pants and then started to suck his cock. He was hard in a minute. She laid on his bed and asked me to be a lookout. She had her brother get between her legs and guided his cock in to her pussy. Heather told him to start moving back and forth as he began to fuck her.

He did not last very long and pulled away. I saw some of his cum on his cock and on Heather. I sucked him dry and then sucked the cum out of Heather's pussy. He enjoyed watching us together and he was still hard. I told Heather to get up and told Rob to fuck me. He got between my legs and rammed in his cock and he fucked me. He lasted a little longer this time but not much. Heather then sucked his cock and then sucked on my pussy.

Heather again kissed her brother and said to remain cool. We both went back to Heather's room. Heather told me she had made some plans with her brother about what to say if they were ever caught together.

This was a situation we had talked about, trying to get my mother involved. We both laughed again and then I said I have to be going it is getting late. I was going to put on my cover-up and Heather stopped me. We quietly walked down the stairs to see what her parents were saying and did not hear them talking, we heard moaning. We peaked around the corner and they were having sex on the chair where her father was at when we came in.

Heather shushed me again and then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room. Her parents noticed us and looked but did not cover up. Heather kissed me and then sucked on my nipples till they became hard. She looked at her parents and said they should continue. They started to fuck again as they watched us. Heather got down on her knees and started to eat my pussy. Heather then got up and pulled me closer to them and she grabbed her mothers hand and ran it over my pussy. She left her mothers hand there and took her fathers hand and did the same.

She left young attractive babe licks and rides old penis go for about two minutes and then pulled their hands to her own pussy. They kept rubbing her pussy and she bent over and kissed her mother on the mouth and then her father. Heather waved goodbye to me and then sucked on her mothers nipples.

I watched for a couple of minutes and then walked out the front door and left them to it. As I stepped out the door with my back to the street trying to be quiet. I heard someone say hello.

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I turned around and it was Heather's neighbor. He said oh I am sorry I thought you were Heather. I said hello and walked over to him, I remembered the dare. I said does Heather come out front naked a lot, he said no he has only seen her naked twice.

I saw he had an erection and he was looking at my breasts. I asked if he liked my breasts and he said yes. I told him he can touch them if he liked. He started to feel me up and pinched my nipples. I looked at him and asked him if I could give him a blow-job.

He said yes to follow him. I said no right here and got on my knees. He came a little closer to me so I opened up his pants and pulled out his cock, then started to suck him.

He lasted about 10 minutes before he came down my throat. A few cars went by but no one stopped or beeped at us. I put his cock away and then got up and told him to tell Heather, she may give you a blowjob also. I said goodbye to him and got in my car and drove home. When I parked, Tom was outside with his dog again. I thought to myself what the hell. I went over to Tom and we started talking.

I asked Tom if he could help me out. He said sure but how. I told him I have a dare to do and told him what it was. I asked him if I could give him a blowjob. He smiled and said yes.

I walked closer to him and knelt down and opened up his pants and sucked on him till he came. I finished him up and closed his pants and got up. Tom smiled at me and said he was happy to help out. He said if I ever need any more help to let him know. I kissed him on his cheek and said goodbye and went in the house. My parents asked what I had been up to and I told them everything that happened. My mother looked at me and said you have been busy.

I asked my mother about granddad. She said when they got him home they went in for a couple of minutes. He said he wanted to see me again and have sex. I took him into the bathroom and we got a shower together, then dad got in the shower. I fucked him in his bed this time. I had him lay down and straddled him and tried to get all of him in me. I was a couple of inches short of taking him fully into my pussy. I must say you really surprised me today when I saw it was my dad. If I had know that his cock was that big, I would of fucked him a long time ago.

My mother kissed me and said thank you. I got a shower and something to eat while we all rested and talked till it was bedtime. Once again my father got me awake this morning for work. I was excited to see Kendra at the mall when we pulled up. Went in together and talked about what happen this past weekend. She spent all weekend with her father, sucking and fucking.

She said we finally got it out of our system. We can have a good time together now where we are father and daughter without the sexual tension or secrets.

We have talked about everything. I told her I would be down when I finished working, then we kissed and went our separate ways. We were busy all day in the store, so I stayed to help close up with my mother. On the way out we stopped by to see Kendra.

She had just finished up and we all walked out together. Kendra asked if she could go along to the beach with us this weekend. I said of course she can. I told her about our dares before and she asked what the dare is for this week. I told Kendra and she asked if I had done it yet. I told her about Heather's neighbor and giving him a blowjob by the street. Kendra asked if I wanted to come home with her tonight, maybe we can have some fun. I said I don't start work till the afternoon and would be coming back in the morning with her.

My mother said we can switch if you want, it doesn't bother me. I told Kendra OK and kissed my mother goodbye. Kendra and I took off in just our panties. As we were driving we talked about the dare and Kendra did not know where or what to do.

We started to think about it and I could not think of how she could do it either. I told Kendra I really pleasing darling receives rough drilling doggy position out with Heather's neighbor. We got to Kendra's house and as we pulled up we saw a guy out walking his dog on the other side of the street.

I asked Kendra if she knew him, and she didn't. I kid her about there is her dare and started to laugh. She said you are right. She got out of the car and walked over to him and they started talking.

The next thing I see is her removing her panties and then getting down on her knees. I see her dropping his shorts and she started to suck his cock. I wait for her in the car and it was a good twenty minutes till she got up off her knees and walked back to the car. Kendra got in the car again and said I did it. I told her she sucked him for a good twenty minutes. She said I know, I thought he would never cum. I asked her why she came back to the car.

Kendra said I did not want him to know where I live. We waited in the car till he left, then went in the house. Kendra's father was there and we all talked. We ordered pizza and answered the door naked again. I slept with Kendra that night and first time in a long while that I spent the night with someone. Morning came all annihilation of moist euro snatches hardcore and groupsex quick for us as we was enjoying the closeness with each other.

But we got to the mall at our regular time and met up with my father as we entered the mall. Even though we spent all night together we kissed before going to our stores separately.

We were busy at the store all day again and I stayed with my mother to help out in the evening. I only got to go see Kendra at the end of the night as we were walking out after closing. For the rest of the week the store was busy and I did not get to see too much of Kendra other than an occasional break or at the end of the night. I was Friday night and I went home with Kendra so we could go to the beach tomorrow and meet up with everyone.

Once we got to her house we had some dinner and then sat around and talked. We were trying to come up with our next dare for everyone to do. After not having come up with any good ideas, we went to bed. We slept together again and I really do like sleeping with her. We got awake in the morning and had some breakfast with Kendra's father and got ready to go to the beach.

Since it was Kendra's first time there we left a little earlier and took our time. We were the first ones to arrive so we got out of the car and fooled around and made out till the others arrived. Once everyone got there we all walked out and found a spot and got setup. It was time for everyone to tell the story of how they had sex in public.

I went first and told everyone about giving Heather's neighbor a blowjob. I then introduced Kendra to everybody and she told them about the guy walking a dog near her house. It was Heather's turn now. Heather told everyone about what happen after the beach last Sunday and how she was having sex with her parents. Heather and her mother walk around the house naked all of the time.

Heather then said the next day as she was out getting the mail she had on her robe but it was not tied shut. Her neighbor was out, saw her and came over to talk with her. He told her how he got a blowjob from Tawny. Then he said that Tawny said I might give him a blowjob also. I told him OK, I would not want to make a liar out of my friend. I got down on my knees and he asked me to be naked like Tawny was, so I took off my robe and gave him a blowjob. It took about 20 minutes for him to cum.

Several cars went by but no one said anything or beeped at us. It was only yesterday that I did the dare, I had almost forgot about it. I went to the store with my mother and we both wore a short skirt and a small top and no underwear.

It was my first time getting her to dress like that in public. At the store a guy who was grocery shopping, kept following us around so I and my mother started to flash him. When we left the store he was again behind us and had been parked next to us. As my mother and I unloaded the cart we flashed him some more. Then I remembered the dare. So I went over to him and talked with him for a minute, then pulled him between the cars, where I took off my clothes and then gave him a blowjob.

My mother could not believe that I did that there, but she watched me the whole time. After he came in my mouth, I kissed my mother and she kissed me back and then licked her lips. I got in the car naked and as my mother drove us home I slide over to her and put my hand under her skirt, she was wet. I rubbed her pussy on the way home and once we got there my father was home.

She went to him in the kitchen, stripped off her clothes and had him fuck her. My brother came down and saw them, but they did not stop, they let him watch. I unloaded the groceries from the car as they were fucking. I then gave my father a blowjob while my mother and brother watched. My mother got all hot again and then I gave my brother a blowjob while they watched us.

So now everyone in the family can have sex in front of the others. Amber told her story next. If everyone remembers I had sex with my brother and have been teasing my father in my robe. I am still teasing my father, I have got the the point where I leave the sash untied in front of him. I leave my bedroom door open at night and and naked while I sleep. My father has come in several times and talked with me while I am naked. My mother has not seen me much and I believe she may say something to me is she does.

As for the dare, last night my brother asked if I want to go to a club with him so I babe shows off her beautiful body mavenhouse OK. I wore a short dress with the deep V cut, you know the standard clubbing dress. My brother met some of his friends there and they were all cute and giving me a lot of attention and I was flashing them.

My brother went outside to talk with a girl he met. We were sitting at a booth and I was getting horny teasing. It was sort of dark where we were sitting and I thought what the hell. The two guys were on either side of me so I began rubbing their crotches and they did not stop me. So I whispered to each one, I am going to give you a blowjob. I removed my dress and then got under the table and pulled open their pants and sucked both of them.

I had just finished with them and a friend of theirs came over and sat down with them. He noticed that something was going on and lily moans in pleasure while blowing him friends told him what I was doing.

I made my way over to him and was going to give him a blowjob. When I opened up his pants he had a big cock. I got him hard and then crawled out from under the table and straddled him. I fucked him right there, god his cock felt good in me. As I was fucking this guy my brother came back and saw what I was doing, but did not say anything. After he came in me I put on my dress, then we had a good time for the rest of the night.

On the way home I gave my brother a blowjob in the car. Hannah was the last person to tell her story. OK so you all know that I walk around naked at home and I have had sex with my brother, father, uncle, and granddad. I was trying to figure out what or how I was going to do this dare and went on the computer to a porn site.

I searched for dare and there were these two girls at a library on a webcam. They were dared to strip and making out with each other. I thought about it and the next day I put on a button up dress and I went to the library. It was the first time I was at one in years. I walked around to see how busy it was and thought I could get away with doing something there.

While I was there a cute guy came in and I saw him looking at me. So I flirted a little with him from across the room. I got up enough nerve, then went over to him and asked if he would help me with a dare.

I told him what I wanted to do and then pulled him to a place I thought would be safe and took off my dress and then gave him a blowjob behind a rack of books. He did not last very long, but I guess a guy you find in the library, you should not expect too much. Everyone started to laugh at Hannah's story. Once we settled down we all started to talk what we can do for the next dare. A couple of ideas where thrown out but nothing that everyone liked. It was decide we would all think about it for the rest of the day.

Amber asked my parents if she could be part of their show today and she asked my father to fuck her while she ate my mother. My parents we happy for her to play with them. They drew quite a crowd.

We all played around and went in the water for the rest of the day. It was finally time to leave the beach and as we started to walk back to the car someone asked what is the dare for tonight. Someone said we stay naked till we meet again tomorrow. Everyone said OK but Amber, but she was out-voted. Being naked was not a big deal for most of us, Amber is the only one who's family has not seen her naked.

Everyone left the beach to go home, and I rode shaved cunt makes a big cock disappear my parents. At home after everyone got cleaned up we had some dinner and just relaxed till bedtime.

In the morning my mother came in and got me awake. I pulled her on the bed with me and we made out a little before we got up.

After breakfast we packed up and left for the beach again. We met up with everyone in the parking lot and everyone arrived naked. Once we found a spot and got setup everyone except for Amber said they had no problems being naked.

We all asked Amber what happen. Amber told us her story. She walked in to the house naked and her father and mother caught her. Her mother asked her what she was doing. I was going to make fucking a teen in a tropical paradise some story, but at that moment I thought what the hell and told them I was at a nude beach and I just did not bother to put on any clothes to come home.

I said I like to be nude. My mother looked at my father expecting him to say something and all he said is it must be a phase that she is going through. He told me to just be careful. That did not really satisfy my mother but she did not say anymore, so I left and went to my room.

I stayed up there for the rest of the night to let things cool down with my mother. This morning when I got up, I took a deep breath and left my room, went in to the bathroom with no one seeing me.

After I finished, I took another deep breath and walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast and everyone was there, my mother, father, and brother. I tried to act just like any other morning, and sat down with them. My mother asked what I was going to do today and I said I am going to the beach old lover fucks young bawdy cleft oldvsyoung hardcore. Everyone was a little nervous and nobody said much, but no one said anything about me being naked.

My brother finished and went upstairs. After I finished and put my dish in the sink I went upstairs. My brother heard me come up.

He came over to my room and hugged and kissed me. He had an erection and said it was so exciting seeing me naked in front of our parents. He said he will try to get mom to see him in his boxers today and see if she will say anything to him. This gave me a little encouragement, but I was still nervous. After I packed up my stuff, I walked back in to the kitchen and gave my mother and father a kiss on the cheek and walked to the car.

When I got in the car I let out a big sigh. I believe that is the most nerve racking thing that I have done. We all started to laugh and smile at Amber and a couple of us leaned over and gave her a hug. For the rest of the day we were up to our normal antics and we all had a good time. As we were walking to the cars, the subject of our next dare came up again. A few ideas were thrown around but since Amber was lagging behind in her exposure and sex with her family, we decided to make the dare to have sex in front of the family with another family member.

Amber was panicking, but agreed to try. We all left naked to go home. For the rest of the week it was my normal routine. I got to see Kendra everyday, but only for a short time as she was busy and so were we. It is the weekend again, Saturday morning and my mother father and I were getting ready to go to the beach. Once we got there we met up with everyone and set up on the beach. Everyone had already had sex with their family except for Amber.

We asked Amber to tell us how it went. Amber said that when she got home last Sunday night, naked, she stayed naked and watched some TV with her parents. She sat in the middle of her mother and father on the couch, and leaned against her father. She saw he had an erection. Halfway through the movie she moved over to her mother and leaned against her mother so her bare arm was against my breast. After shifting around during the movie, I got it so my nipple was pushing against her arm.

At he end of the movie I saw her nipples were hard. I gave both my parents a hug and a kiss then went to my room, leaving the door open. My mother came in to talk with me while my father went for a shower. I rubbed my pussy while I was talking with her and I saw her looking. I said that I just shaved it earlier and it feels nice and smooth and asked her if she shaves her pussy. She said no and I told her about how good it feels and she could touch mine. She looked at me with embarrassment and I took her hand and pulled it over my pussy.

I pushed her hand back and forth and I became wet very quickly. I told her that feels good. My brother came walking in to my room in his boxers and my mother pulled her hand away. My brother asked what is going on, so I told him that I had just shaved earlier and my pussy was nice and smooth. He gave me a look so I told him to feel it and then grabbed his hand and started to rub it over my pussy. Now my mother is watching us and I am becoming dripping wet.

I told my brother mom does not shave her pussy, don't you think she should. My brother smiled and said yes. I told my mother if two sexy nymphs give up their asses wanted I would help her. My brother was rubbing my pussy on his own now and was squeezing my lips and I had to moan. Just then my father called out he was done in the bathroom. This snapped my mother out of her watching us and she turned and left.

My brother had an erection and I thought about fucking him, but then I heard the water for my parents shower turn on. I got up and went in to my parents bedroom, my father was naked and I told him to leave his underwear off and ran my hand over his cock, then walked into the bathroom.

I grabbed a razor and some shaving cream and opened the shower door, then told my mother I was here amateur teen self and chubby cum tits first time stealing will only get you fucked help her.

She did not say anything, so I got in, leaned down and applied shaving cream to her crotch. I shaved her smooth and bare. I washed off her pussy and stood up and ran my hand over it several times. I heard her moan and this encouraged me to go further, so I brought up my other hand and played with her breast and squeeze her nipple. My mother was moaning more now.

I started to finger fuck her and she was constantly moaning, so I bent down and licked her pussy while I was fucking her. She had a huge orgasm and her legs started to fold. I held on to her and we kissed until she recovered. We washed up and then got out of the shower and dried off.

I led her by the hand in to the bedroom where my father was laying naked on the bed. I kissed my mother again and pulled her with me as I sat on the bed. I reached for my father's cock and I kissed my mother once more than leaned over and sucked my sweet blonde haired princess gives herself to loan agent cock in to my mouth as I watched my mother out of the corner of my eye.

I pulled my mother to me and she knew what I wanted as she started to suck my fathers cock with me. Once my father was hard, which did not take very long, I pulled my mother over to him and had her straddle him. I guided my father's cock in to her pussy and she began to ride him. I straddled my father's head and lowered my pussy on to his mouth and he started to eat me.

I leaned forward and licked my father's cock and my mother's pussy. As my mother rose up, my father's cock came out of her so I grabbed it and shoved it in to my mouth and sucked on it, then asked my mother if she wanted to change positions.

She shook her up and down as she got up. I pulled off of my father and stood up, turned around and then lowered myself on to his cock. My father had a big grin on his face now. As I began to ride him, my mother got in to position over his face and then leaned forward and we kissed. She then leaned down and licked his cock and my pussy as I had done earlier.

I noticed some movement by the doorway and saw my brother standing there. I motioned for him to come over to me. I had him kneel on the bed so he was close to me and then I bent over and socked his cock. My mother must of seen him, and she raised up and we began to share my brother's cock. A few minutes later, I stopped my mother and had my brother go around to my mother's side of the bed and lay down. I then directed my mother over to him and had her straddle him. I guided his cock in to my mother's pussy.

I was not riding my father's cock and my mother was riding my brother's cock. I did not take long for my brother and father to cum in me and my mother.

After my mother pulled off of my brother, I sucked big tits at school nicole aniston johnny sins career day lay brazzers cock clean, then sucked and licked my mother clean. My mother did the same to me and then I looked at my brother, his cock was still hard. I looked at everyone and said there is only one thing left to do and had my brother lie down again. I and my mother sucked his cock a bit, then I straddled him and guided his cock in to my pussy, then I began to ride him.

I leaned forward and kissed him. He last longer this time and we were both working up a sweat as my parents watched us fuck. He came in me and when I felt him, I also had an orgasm.

Afterwords, we all started talking and became comfortable with each other after everyone's shyness disappeared. I told them about all of us and the things that we do, however they are not ready to come with me to the beach yet. Although I almost have my brother talked in to coming with me, we need more cocks and I told him about all of you. For the past week now, we are usually naked at home and have sex with each other.

Tuesday night, I was double fucked by my father and brother, my father in my ass and I must say that I really enjoyed that. Thursday it was my mother's turn and she also loved it, and who knew my mother likes to eat ass. She ate the ass of the whole family. I love getting my ass eaten out and fucked, so if anyone is interested, I am available.

So now I am caught up with the rest of you, so what is the next dare, I am ready.