Step son slip mom sex story

Step son slip mom sex story
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I awoke the next morning with Nina and Nancy next to me. Nancy had her hand on my cock when I woke, and I looked right into her deep brown eyes. I slowly woke her, with a kiss, and as I looked down Nina was at the foot of the bed, with her hand between her legs, and some dry cum on her chin. As I kissed Nancy, her eyes opened and she smiled. I picked up my cell phone out of my pants and found 10 missed calls, all from my mom.

I than texted her saying that I stayed at a friends house because the buses weren't running after school because of the snow. After I got done texting my mother, I crawled back into the warm bed with my two identical lovers. We turned on the local News, and found out that school had been cancelled.

"Oh boy, are we going to have fun today!" Nancy said excidetly. After Nancy had said that we heard footsteps coming up the stairs I had walked up to my fantasy almost 12 hours earlier. "Nina! Nancy! Wake up! You're going to be late for school!" Their father yelled from down cory chase and kirsten lee intimate lesbian sex on sofa hall. Nina got in her bathrobe, as I moved to hide in their closet, and explained to her father that school was cancelled for the day.

Luckily, the twins mother and father had work all day, and probably wouldn't be home until late because of the weather. Nancy gave me my boxers and I slid them on. Nina had went downstairs to make breakfast. The sexy twins parents had left for the day. Finally!

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The house was to our horny selves. Nina made a wonderful breakfast, Belgian Waffles, my favorite, these girls were winning my heart completely. Nancy gave me a kiss after we were done and said to both Nina and I "Shower anyone?" My dick was instantly hard and we all ran upstairs to the shower.

I still felt a really strong feeling towards Nancy.

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There was something about her that made me feel comfortable with the way we talked and the way she looked at me, and how I looked back. We turned the shower on and started to soap up, and I had never seen a more beautiful sight, two girls lathering each other up, under nice warm water.

The twins had than seen my erection for the first time this day, and immediatly got on their knees. "I hope you can still cum after that gallon you gave us last night," Nancy said. "Yea, I want to swallow your load again!" Nina exclaimed.

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This day was starting off on an amzing foot. Today was going to be the best day of my life.

I still hadn't told even my closest friends about it, and even before I get the chance to tell them about my first time with sexy girls, I'm already getting my second, in the shower nonetheless. I didn't last very long in the shower, I was still tired from the night before, but the rest of the day was shaping up to be perfect.

After our shower we grandpa hardcore teen blow job cum in mouth he seized me wherever he wanted downstairs and watched MTV Music Videos. Soon a nice hip-hop song came on and Nina and Nancy started dancing back-to-back shaking their perfect round asses in front of me. Nancy gave me a lap dance while Nina was making out with me.

"Girls can you do me a favor and put those sexy little cheerleading outfits on for me while I fuck the shit out of you?" I begged. "Of course!" They said in unison. "Anything for my rock solid lover." Nancy whispered in my ear. They quickly ran upstairs and put on their uniforms, and ran back down with a smile on their faces. "J-E-F-F! Please titty fuck our chests!" They cheered. I laughed at their humorus cheer and whipped out my huge cock. Nina and Nancy pulled up their short cheer shirts with no bras on and I stuck my dick in between their now inflated tits.

As I moved my dick between their tits, their flesh tickled my testicles and I was very excited now. Nancy was eyeing me to fuck her, and I knew she was begging for it.

"Jeff can you fuck my tight little asshole?" Nancy asked with the cutest smile. My jaw dropped and I lifted up the back of her cheer skirt and spread her juicy ass cheeks open and shoved my hard dick up her sweet asshole. This surprised me so much, as I didn't think that after ONE pussy fucking would she want to be anally violated this quickly. Nancy was willing to do anything for me, and Nina knew it too. Nina wanted me to take the t.v remote and put it up her ass, while I rammed my cock into Nancy's new found pleasure hole.

I knew that Nina was jealous of Nancy, because of the attention I was giving her, but I pulled out of Nancy and started to fuck Nina. Nina had developed a libido of a sixteen year old boy in one day and seemed to want more and more.

Nina screamed her head off "Oh Jeff my asshole is getting so loose!" I than yelled "Holy Shit! I'm cumming in your ass! Nina get up!." I pulled my cock out of her tight ass, and shot my spunk into her mouth, and grabbed her head and forced her to deepthroat my dick until I heard her gag.

I took my dick out of her salivating cum filledmouth and slapped her face with my cock, and she swallowed my cum like the little whore she was becoming.

Nanyc was my lover for the day, just as I always wanted it to be. Nancy let me fuck her all day, as Nina fell asleep watching "When Harry met Sally." Nancy and I explored our sexual deviance for the whole day, as we tried new positions, from doggystyle to sixtey nining, and missionary to reverse cowgirl. I was inside Nancys vagina the whole day. With no hesitation I came in her pussy everytime. Nancy had forgetton to tell me she was on birth control, but I wouldn't have cared even if she wasn't.

Her pussy was tight, I didn't want to put on a condom she had found in her parents room. Nancy and I fell asleep, with my cock up her pussy.

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"Jeff, you are the only one I know who's cared about me as much as you do." Nancy said to me. "Nancy, I'm so glad we met, I feel like nothing can come between us." I replied.

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"I think your sister knows I want you more though." I continued. "I don't care Jeff, you make me feel great, everytime you cum inside me, and everytime you jizz in my mouth and on my face, or you eat me out, I feel souly connected to you. Today was such a good day, its terrible that were going to have school tomorrow!" With that statement my mind began to think of places in school where Nancy and myself could ravish each other during school.

The wild thoughts that came to my mind were priceless