Four slave girls entertain a rowdy birthday party with bondage games

Four slave girls entertain a rowdy birthday party with bondage games
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PART ONE- Surprise! The Man broke into Sherry's home as soon as he saw her husband leave for work. Dumb ass had left the back door open and he slipped in and took a deep breath. Sherry was a 41 year old sexy long legged blonde.

He had seen her in the neighborhood and the desire for her hit him so hard that he ached. Today was the day he was going to use her properly. He moved slowly through the house until he found her bedroom. He stepped in and saw her on top of the covers wearing a long t-shirt that had ridden above her waist.

He licked his lips at the sight of her long legs and shapely ass.

He pulled his knife from his pocket and step toward the bed… Sherry awoke to the terror of a man's hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat. She felt a heavy body on top of her. She looked up at a face full of anger and lust.

"Do what I say and I won't hurt you, whore. Put your arms above your head. MOVE." Sherry obeyed eyes on the knife pressed to her throat. The man lifted his hand off of her mouth, and buried his face in her neck. He kissed her neck tenderly. "God, you are so sexy, Sherry." He whispered in her ear. "How…do you know my name?" Tears were filled Sherry's eyes.

She knew what this man wanted. "I know you will be alone all day, Sherry.

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Now be good and spread your legs." "No. Please don't rape me. Just leave…ARRGH!" The Man put a hand on Sherry's throat and squeezed.

Sherry's struggled to breathe. Obey me, whore. Don't make me kill you." The Man released Sherry and she took in a long ragged breath. She was in the presence of a true killer. She spread her legs for him.The Man kissed Sherry, took his knife and slit open her T-shirt. His hands mauled her breasts. "Yes. You are so beautiful. I've wanted you for so long." The man kissed Sherry's breasts and licked his tongue down her belly to between her legs. She cried out as she felt the man's tongue on her clit.

Then his mouth as he took her clit into his mouth. Please…stop. Please don't…OHHH&hellip. GOD… DON'T MAKE Two guys slam a milf in stockings was wet and hot from the moment the Man's mouth touched her clit. It was her weakness, and, even in her terror, it was too much for her to control. "STOP…PLEASE…NO…I'M CUMMING&hellip." Sherry screamed and gave in to her orgasm. She was still climaxing when the Man entered her.

He lay on top of her and pounds her pussy with hard quick strokes. Sherry accepted him, eager for him to finish and leave. The Man thrust forward and came.

Sherry closed her eyes in shame as she felt the Man's semen enter her. Another humiliation added to the fact she came for him. "Please go now," said Sherry in a quiet voice. "You have finished. Just leave." The Man smiled down at her. nova cane in sexy brunette with a secret have a tight pussy, Sherry.

You like being raped, didn't you?" Sherry smiled back. "Yes I did. Please leave. Please." Sherry was getting nervous. The man kissed Sherry on the forehead and rolled off her.

" I told you we had all day…" PART TWO: The Whore The Man pulled Sherry off the bed and dragged her to her closet. Dress like a whore for me," he ordered. Sherry looked puzzled. "I don't know…how." The Man grabbed Sherry's hair and twisted.

"Stupid cunt. All you cunts know how to dress like a whores. A short dress, thigh highs, heels. No underwear." He pushed her into the closet. "Now get dressed." Crying, Sherry obeyed. She emerged from the closet wearing a short summer dress, black thigh high stockings, and black pumps. The Man smiled at her. "Good Whore. How much for a blow job?" Sherry's sobbing intensified. "I don't know…" The Man grabbed Sherry's hair again. "Ten bucks enough, whore?" " YES…YES…WHAT EVER YOU WANT.

Just stop hurting me." The Man let go of Sherry's hair. "Get on your knees and blow me, whore. MOVE." Slowly Sherry kneeled in front of the Man and put her lips on his cock. She felt it stiffen. The Man grabbed Sherry by the hair again and began to move her head back and forth on his cock. Sherry gagged as the Man brutally raped her mouth. "Yes. You suck a great cock, whore. Going to get my ten bucks worth." Sherry was helpless.

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She struggled to get airbut felt her self getting light headed. Please God, don't let him cum in my mouth, she thought. For once, Sherry was lucky. The Man pulled out and shot his cum all over her face. Sticky fluid went up her nose, in her eyes, splashed on her hair. The Man let go of her hair, and Sherry collapsed to the floor. She sobbed and curled up in the fetal service men at house sex. The Man stood over her.

"You make a wonderful, whore, Sherry. Time for you to become my bondage doll." The Man pulled Sherry to her feet again and dragged her into the bathroom. PART THREE: THE BONDAGE DOLL The Man forced Sherry to strip naked and wash the cum off her face. Sherry was spent, empty. She obeyed like a puppet. "Make yourself up, Sherry. Hair up, lipstick, make-up. I want you pretty. For the next few minutes, Sherry did the best she could do with shaking hands. She was able to put her hair up, apply lipstick and some make-up; all the time watching the Man for any negative reaction.

She was convinced he was going to kill her once he was done with her. But maybe, if she gave him what he wanted, she would survive. The Man handed Sherry a pair of tan pantyhose. "Put these on." Sherry obeyed. The Man kissed her and tied Sherry's wrists behind her. Sherry moaned. "Don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me." She begged. The Man kissed her cheek and stepped back from her. He took a digital camera from a gear bag on the floor and took her picture.

"I'd never hurt you, My Bondage Doll. Just be good." The Man proceeded to tie Sherry in different positions. Wrist tied. Wrist and ankles tied. Ankles tied to her wrist so she was open and helpless on her back.

He gagged her and tied her again. Every new tie, he took pictures, stopping only to put a new memory card into the camera. Sherry's last tie was face down on the bed, spread eagle. A pair of twistys whats mine is mine jojo kissbridgette b panties had been stuffed into her mouth. She lay there, seeing the flash of the camera from the corner of her eye.

She felt the Man's weight on the bed. She felt him kiss her back, moving his lips down her spine. "You are so beautiful my bondage doll. I love your body." Sherry closed her eyes. She was going to be raped again. She felt his hard cock on her ass. Heard the ripping sound of the pantyhose crotch.

She grunted into her gag as the Man entered her from behind. Another humiliation to endure. But the Man added another when he pulled out of her pussy, spread her ass cheeks, and drove his cock into Sherry's ass. Sherry howled into her gag as the Man sodomized her. "You'll never forget me now, Sherry.

Never forget me…" The Man cried out and filled Sherry's ass with cum. Sherry cried into her gag. She did know how much more of this abuse she could take. The Man untied her. He forced her to strip off the ripped hose and take a shower. He collected all her clothes on the floor into a pillowcase for trophies.

Sherry sat on the bed and watched, She was hollowed eyed. Spent. Used. She felt worthless inside. The Man kissed her lips. "Be good and don't tell anyone about my visit. I really don't want to kill you Sherry, My Love. Sherry nodded and lay back on the bed. She heard the Man leave and spent the rest of the day crying.

She never told anyone what happen…