Red and blonde lesbos have a massage

Red and blonde lesbos have a massage
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Nicole was laying on the bed when her husband, Rick, came home from work Friday night. The only thing she had on was a black bra, black g-string, and fishnet stockings to match. When he walked into the bedroom, he saw her laying there sound asleep. As he stood there and looked at how beautiful she was, he began to get aroused. He undressed and climbed into the bed next to her. His movement in the bed just made her turn away from him.

He felt bad for taking so long at the office, but there was an important meeting he had to attend. He began to run his hands up her leg, starting with her calf. His touch was very light because he didn't want to wake her.

His cock was growing at every stroke of his hand on her body. He rubbed his cock up against her ass just a little. When Rick knew this wasn't fazing her, he continued his invasion.

He unfastened her bra and moved it out of the way. He started lightly squeezing her nipples between his fingertips. She still wasn't waking up. He was so horny at this point, he carefully moved her g-string out of the way. He rolled Nicole on her stomach and spread her legs. He crouched down to her ass and spread her cheeks apart. Rick had a wonderful view of her lana rhoades gets butthole penetrated on the floor.

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He extended his tongue out to her hole and lightly licked it. Nicole was so out of it, she didn't realize what he was doing. Then he moved her legs even farther apart so he could lick her pussy too.

When he was able to reach Nicole's pussy, he noticed that it was very wet. Even though she wasn't awake during his erotic episode, it still made her horny. He was able to reach her wet pussy with his tongue and he began lapping up her juices. She started juicy legal age teenager twat is nailed hardcore and blowjob move a little, so he stopped right away. When she calmed down, he started licking her again.

This time, he thought he would insert his thumb into her ass while licking her cunt. His tongue was so long, he was able to reach her clit and play with it. Moving his tongue quickly across her clit made her hips move, but she still hadn't woke up. At this point, Rick thought to himself that she must be thinking she's dreaming. His cock was so hard, he couldn't stand it anymore. He got up on his knees and slowly put his monster cock of 9 inches inside of her tight little pussy.

He had to go slow so he wouldn't wake her. Once his cock was inside her comfortably, he started pumping in and out. Nicole was starting to stir and move her hips a little more. When he leaned down towards her back, she was breathing pretty heavy. He noticed that she had been drinking. When he glanced on the other side of the bed, he saw an empty wine bottle. Rick knew that she wasn't about to wake up.

That bottle was brand new before he went to work that morning. Anger started building up inside him and he started pumping a little harder and faster. He didn't care if he woke her up. Nicole was still out like a light, yet she kept moving like she was waking up. He didn't slow his pace at all, he just kept pumping his hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. He could hear the sloshing sounds that their bodies made when he was pumping.

All of a sudden, Rick decided to fuck her in her ass. He put his wet cock inside her ass and started shoving in and out of her. He wasn't being easy at all, because the more he thought about her being passed out from alcohol, the more he got pissed off. After a little while of pumping her ass hard and fast, he thought it would be fun to shove his cock down her throat.

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So he got up and walked around to the head of the bed and rolled Nicole on her side. He leaned his cock down to her mouth, coated with her juices and his precum. He jammed it in her mouth.

He pumped her mouth like there was no tomorrow. After a little bit, he decided he wanted to eat her pussy. He rolled her on her back and climbed on top of her. He put his cock back in her mouth and then he went down on her soaking wet pussy.

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He started out using his tongue, but because anger was taking over, he began using his teeth on her clit. Biting it and being very rough with it. He figured this would teach her a lesson about the alcohol. He was jamming his cock down her throat and eating her pussy hard.

When he felt himself getting ready to have an orgasm, he stopped. He didn't want to choke her on his cum, so he layed on top of her and put his cock inside her wet pussy. Her juices were flowing so much it didn't take Rick hardly any time at all to reach his climax. She was so slippery and then he was ready to let it all go. He started filling her pussy with his warm cum.

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There was so much of it that it started coming out of her pussy onto the bed. When he was finished with her, the phone began to ring. He answered it, "hello?.hey buddy! what's going on?.oh I just got done screwing the hell out of my passed out wife.hell yeah, she drank a whole bottle of wine by herself.kind of pissed me off.oh now?.well.if you need to.yeah.that's fine, meet you at the door.k.bye."