Punishteens brunette teen revenge fucked for snitching domination doggystyle

Punishteens brunette teen revenge fucked for snitching domination doggystyle
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Rhiana gets multi orgasmic Another few months passed during which Rhiana phoned regularly to update me on the family and her love life. She always told me that she loved me but couldn't get away to see me because her mother always checked that she really had a date both from a security point of view and to ensure that Rhiana wasn't taking advantage of her.

I had told her that she could always come round during the day but she said baby Harry didn't sleep that much now and it would be hard for her to ignore him while trying to enjoy herself. And so we waited. Once during a call she told me that she wished she could come round during that day because she was feeling really horny and wanted to fuck my brains out! She had never said that before. " What's brought that on?" I asked. "Harry went to sleep after we'd been aubrey addams fuck in the ass so deep by jessy jones naturaltits licking and I was thinking of you licking my bum hole and now my vagina is leaking cos I want you!" "OK",I said " What you need to do is put your hand down the front of your knickers".

"What? Touch myself?" she sounded shocked. "Yes I'll do the same and we'll have phone sex" " I've got tight jeans two busty chicks share a thick dong big tits blonde, I can't" "Just undo the waist and zip and push them down to the top of your hips then you'll be able to get your hand onto your lovely pussy". I waited a few seconds. " Have you done that? If Harry wakes up you can pull 'em up real quick" " Oh God I'm really wet.

Its soaked into my panties" she purred. " Have you got your cock out?" "It already was" I said, "I have no clothes on as I was just going to shower when you rang". "Ooh I wish I was there. Are you wanking it?" "Oh Yes!

Are you rubbing your clit? I want you to get some of your cum on your fingers and taste it. Let me hear you!" " Oh fuck. You are a dirty boy! Here it is. Listen! Hmmm I love it" " So do I. I'll taste my precum for you. Hmmm! It tastes a bit like yours. Are you back with your Clit?" " I am.

I've leaked loads more when you told me porn casting video with a cutie fucking were naked and tasting your cum. That's lovely." "You'll have to use both hands Rhiana so that you can rub some into your clit and eat the rest." " I already am." she said "I'm really close already. Tell me you are wanking your beautiful cock.

I wish I could see you." " I'm really really hard Rhiana. My hand is flashing up and down it and cum is leaking from the tip all the time. It's making my whole cock wet" " Oh god. No wonder it slides in so easy into my bum hole.

That's really sexy. Oh my god I'm gonna cum darling. Oh my god. Tell me you're cumming with me. Oh my fucking good god.

Cum with me." Her voice went distant as her phone must have fell off her shoulder but I could hear her swearing through her orgasm. She came back on the phone."Oh god. Its still happening. I'm cumming a lot and its spurted. I don't know what's happened. Oh fucking hell that was amazing!

Did you cum?" " Not quite baby. You're a bit quicker than me. Don't worry. I'll save it for you" "I really wanted you to cum as well. I'm sorry." she said sounding tearful. "Don't worry Rhiana. We haven't timed it together yet have we? Maybe that's something we'll do next time." "Ooh I'd love that. I can't wait. I'm going to work on conning Mum into thinking I'm somewhere else and get round there to fuck you soon" " OK but be careful. You know how catastrophic it will be if she finds out.

Why don't you use Demi as an excuse but brief her properly and get her to turn her phone off when you are supposed to be there. So your Mum can't check" " That's really crafty! I'll plan it as soon as I can. I'm not bringing her round again though. I think she's got the hots for you and I don't want you fucking anyone else!" "He he!" I laughed. "Look you'd better go and change your knickers now before Harry wakes up" " He already is awake. Something must have disturbed him" " I wonder what that was Rhiana" I said sarcastically, "You'd better go now Honey.

Speak soon. Bye" "Bye bye my sexy man. I love you" "Love you too Rhiana. Bye" Two weeks passed and Rhianna was on the phone again. "Hi Rhiana How are you" "A bit happier now I'm talking to you my love" and she did sound happy!

"Listen, can you keep Tuesday the 26th free. Mum wants to take Harry to see her sister but I said I didn't want to go. You know how I hate her. We could have more or less the whole day together. Would you like that?" " I sure would Rhiana" What time will you get here?" " As soon as I'm sure she's on her way I'll be round in my Pyjamas.

She'll think its an ordinary day if she doesn't see me getting ready to go out." "Does that mean I'm going to see you without lipstick?" I asked ironically. "Don't be daft!" she said.

I'll have some nice new underwear on under my 'jamas and some clothes to go home in". "You've got it all planned then?" " It's fallen into my lap really and its an opportunity not to be missed my love" "That's nice Rhiana. How's your love life?" "I've been seeing a guy from St Albans for a month. We haven't even petted yet. He's either a gentleman or he's scared of making the first move. Early days!" "Do you fancy him?" "Not yet but he really is a nice guy and spends loads on me".

" Well. As soon as you do fancy him just take him to bed and show him what you want and It'll be fine" I said trying to sound enthusiastic. "I'm not showing him my bum!" She sounded shocked. I laughed. "Does that mean that's what you're after?

You naughty girl". passionate anal sex session for blonde babe Its been in my thoughts ever since you did it. I even tried to put my finger up there while I was masturbating but it didn't feel right.

You will fuck me in the ass again won't you?" "I'll do anything you want Baby. You know that. Still, I don't suppose you can ask for that first time with your new guy!" I laughed. " I want something else. Have you got any porn?" "Why are you ten yer girl xex story that?" "I'm not making a judgement!

I just want to see some detail of cocks and vaginas. I think ours are nice but I've never seen another madisin lee guy fucks coworker while she talks to her husband except my Mum's and sister's and only seen other cocks for a few seconds. So I think porn would show me. I daren't try and look at it at home." " OK my lovely I'll sort you something out" "Here's Mum. Gotta go. See you on 26th!" "Bye Rhiana".

It was Friday so I had over a week to wait to get my hands on her beautiful body again. The trouble was I had a date with my shop girl a week tomorrow. (The Saturday before Rhiana's day) I really wanted her but I could not risk her wanting to come to my flat and then not going home! Also once there she might think she could just pop round anytime, Like Tuesday the 26th!

I had to change it. It took me two days to think of a foolproof way of putting off Serena (that's her name) until after the 26th. In the end I plumped for a weekends grandson sitting for my daughter who lived 90 miles away. When I messaged her and told her she was really nice about it and said that family is always more important to her. In fact the first time she turned me down was over a family commitment.

She just hadn't told me that at the time. We arranged another date on the following Saturday. I couldn't wait. I planned to tell Rhiana about her on the 26th. God knows how that was going to go! On Tuesday the 26th my phone rang at 10 am. It was Rhianna. She more or less whispered down the line," Mum is leaving in 10 minutes.

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Be ready!". And she hung up. I went into the lucky kid drem blackmail mom, shaved and dressed in just a tee shirt and a new pair of close fitting shorts. Some deodorant in all the right places and I was ready to answer the door. She arrived as soon as I sat down. When I opened the door she leapt into my arms, dropping her bag in the hall. She kissed me really passionately.

Holding my head in her hands before sliding one of them down to my cock which was already on the rise. "Bloody hell you are ready aren't you? Hello sexy man" she said as she let go of my head.

She didn't let go of my cock though and fell to her knees taking it out and plunging it into her mouth. "Well. Hello to you sexy girl" Rhiana kept on sucking my cock for a minute before I lifted her up to her feet. "Hadn't you better get your bag and shut the door?" She dashed out and grabbed her bag and then slammed the door by throwing herself backward onto it.

" Sorry!" she said, "I'm just so pleased to see you. It's been so long and hell to wait for days on end!".

She reached up and put both arms around my neck and kissed me more gently. She stopped kissing and looked up into my eyes, "I love you so much." she whispered. I opened her ubiquitous coat and reached in to put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. I could feel the heat of her skin through the cotton material of her pyjamas. We kissed again and as I held her I wished that our circumstances were different. Bloody age gap for a start! I put the longing out of my mind.

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She was here and I wanted her like mad. She felt the same because she broke our kiss and said, "Take me to bed darling". I stepped aside and Rhiana removed her coat and tossed it on the sofa. She picked up her bag and trotted into the bedroom. I followed in time to ask her not to take off her pyjamas. I want to take them off you", I said as I pulled her down with me onto the bed.

I laid beside her and pulled her into my arms again. I began a gnawing kiss with her, all the time stroking her back. She reached down between us and stroked my hard cock firstly through my shorts and then down the front and slowly gripped it in her fist and stroked it really sensuously.

I kept up the kiss until she pulled away. " Phew!" she said, "I had to come up for air!" She panted. " I really do love you" " And I really do love you. I've been chipping the days off on my heart since your phone call." " Oh that's really lovely! And so romantic.

What's brought that on?" " I don't know. I think its the waiting, You haven't given me that much notice before. But right now I feel overwhelmed by my love for you and I know it's going to end soon so I wanted to show you". (Bloody hell what's wrong with me?). She held my face in her hands and looked at me quite seriously,"Oh my love.

Its never going to end. I've thought about this since the day I fell for you. When I get a man I care for and fall in love, I will still love you. It will never die because we're family and I'll move heaven and earth to get to see you and make love with you like nobody ever will.

It'll probably not be often but it will never die. Never!" I kissed her again, Lightly. "I want to make slow love to you darling. Let me undress you" I asked. She just smiled and during much kissing I slowly took off her pyjama top to reveal yet another new bra. It wasn't padded to lift like her usual ones it was a soft net that showed her magnificent DDs off to perfection.

Her nipples pushed through it and it showed off the true shape of her breasts in the coral colour. I sucked her nipples through it leaving them wetly poking through the sheer fabric. I kneeled up and pulled down the trouser part to reveal a small pair of briefs in the same colour. They were on her hips and had a panel in the front of the same fabric as the bra.

I did the same thing, Kissing and sucking her pubic hair through it and leaving it wetly stuck to her mound.

I worked my way back up her body,licking kissing and sucking as I went. I ended this beautifully erotic journey with a long open mouthed kiss. " Now I'm going to make love to you Rhiana" I said against her lips. "Oh please" she whispered back. I knelt up again and slowly pulled down her panties kissing along the line of the waistband as I went. I lifted her legs in the air as I worked the panties up her legs kissing all the way.

When I pulled them over her feet and put them aside I felt the weight of her legs as she relaxed intending to put them back onto the bed, but I held onto her feet and sucked both her big-toes into my mouth, one at a time. "Oh my god" she hissed, "Not that too! You're so sensuous. I love you. And I love this!". I sucked her toes for a couple of minutes, rubbing my spare hand up her calves and thighs all the while.

Then I carefully laid her legs down far enough apart to open her outer labia. There was a big bead of cum accumulated between them. I reached out and collected it on my finger and stared into her eyes as I put it into my mouth.

I quickly pulled off my tee shirt and pushed my shorts down to my knees and made ready to enter her hairy mound. "Wait!" she almost shouted as she sat up and reached out to my cock. She took off a huge drop of precum off it and put it into her mouth. Then she laid back down and held up her arms to receive me. I laid down on top of her, kissing her deeply, sharing our cum together. I just pressed my cock against her until we broke the kiss and stared into her eyes as she put her hand between us wwxnx com name kagil agarwal quite naturally as I lifted myself up, placed me between her pussy lips.

I kept up the eye contact as I pushed my hard cock up her vagina. I stayed still for a long moment, then kissed her again. As the kiss developed into a lip grind I started to move my cock inside her. Not in and out but using my pelvic muscles to pull it up to her G spot. Over and over until she asked, "What in heaven?

How are you doing that?". I didn't speak but started to move my hips up and down but not from the stomach. I held my body away from hers on my hands and feet so that the only contact was our sex. I couldn't keep that up for long as I'm not in that great shape so I laid back down on her and started slow full stroke movements up her. She started to moan. I toni ribas and kerry pov in actricesdelporno full scene. "Don't cum yet darling" I whispered, "This is going to be.

together. Give me time" " How can I? You're making me cum". "No I'm not. You are! Just think about the housework!" She didn't answer but seemed to slump back on the bed. I carried on fucking her and charley chase loves to drain a massive black cock interracial hardcore her until I felt that familiar stirring somewhere in my groin. "I'm nearly there baby. You can switch it on again now". I said against her mouth before enveloping it with my own and nibbling her lips as I pumped her cunt faster.

She was hammering her hips back at me and trying to speak but I held my mouth against hers. We were both on the threshold and we could both now tell from our vocal sounds when the moment would come.

I slowed my pace and pushed forward as far as I could with the inward strokes. Rhiana pushed back with each one so that her muscles were shaking. This was the last signal to me and I started to cum. I moaned really loudly into her mouth as she did in mine. Her hips were moving rapidly against me as she orgasmed.

I just pushed as deep as I could as I shot my cum into her. I felt her squirt down my thighs as we both shuddered and moaned through our orgasms. I broke our kiss and flopped my head down at the side of hers.

We were both panting. Out of breath. We both shuddered with aftershocks as we came down and I couldn't move my cock as it was so sensitive that it hurt. " Oh fucking hell! That was unbelievable. I don't think it will ever be like that again. Not even with us! It was just like a dream. A dream come true! How did you do that thing with your cock?

How did you make your cock longer? It must have been in my cervix!" " Its all in the mind darling. You knew you had my love and that made it work for you. I'm impressed you managed to hold off though. Thank you. You can time it better than me." I kissed her on the cheek. " I just thought of Mum catching us" she said matter-of-factly. " That would have had the opposite effect on me." I said laughing. "Dirty bugger." she said poking me in the ribs. "Can we get a drink?" I hauled myself off her body making quite a show of it.

My cock slid out of her as I got up and she made a disappointed noise. I made my way to the kitchen and got two cokes from the fridge. When I returned Rhiana was scooping cum from her pussy and putting it in her mouth. "Bloody hell. You really like cum now don't you?" She just smiled then poked her tongue out lewdly to show me some of it.

" How did you do that thing with your cock?" she asked again. "Did you get told how to do pelvic muscle exercise after you had Harry?" I asked. "Well it is pelvic muscle that does that". I showed her how my cock pulled up when I tightened them although it made her laugh as it was on the way down to flacid.

"If you do that you'll tighten your vagina around anything that's in there. So with practice you can make a cock cum in you just by repeating it over and over again. Milk it!" " Wish I'd have done them now" she said. " You should do them. You'll need them in later life.

To hold your pee in! I'll help you if you like". I got on the bed with her and gave her the can of drink. We sat mostly in silence while we drank. Occasionally kissing. When the drink was nearly gone she asked, " Will you kiss my bum hole again today?" She said it so sweetly that I could never have said no.

"I'd love to. I'll give you a massage first. Take your bra off and lay on your front". While she made herself ready I went back to the kitchen and came back with the bottle of olive oil. I poured some into the palm of my hand and then dribbled it from there onto the small of her back.

She giggled but as I worked it into her shoulders and down her back to her lovely ass cheeks she began to purr. I left her bum hole and pussy alone and did the backs of her legs and feet before turning her over and working my way up from her feet.

Again I bypassed her sex parts. I had other plans! I reached her magnificent breasts and worked on them for ages as she smiled up at me. As I started on her nipples I watched her pelvis start to twitch upward. A little more and she was fucking the air.

"Sit up darling" I said and as she did I sat behind her with my legs either side of her. "Now lean back". I went back to squeezing and pulling her nipples, circling round her aureoles and pulling up her breasts with my palms ,rubbing them gentlyall with aid of the olive oil. I didn't need any more as my fingers and palms easily slid on them and I could feel the heat being generated.

Finally Rhiana could stand it no more as her hand flashed down to her cunt and started rubbing her slit, finally fucking herself with a couple of fingers until she stood on her heals thrusting her pelvis into the air. Screaming that she was cumming with the usual swearing.

Hot blonde sunny lane double suck amp fuck with sasha grey lasted quite a while and eventually she sank back down on to the bed.

" Yet again that was amazing. As soon as you started on my nipples I knew I would cum. I wasn't going to touch myself but it was so overwhelming and I couldn't stop", She smiled back at me. We twisted round to kiss each other. "Thank you" she said. I looked at my watch and it was half past twelve. "Do you want something to eat?"I asked. "We could go out". " I've brought some Tuna and Pasta!" she said leaping off the bed and picking up her bag.

I saw her boobs actually bounce as she walked toward the kitchen. I liked that! I followed her and got out plates, cutlery and two cans of coke as she microwaved two takeaway containers and put them on the plates. We walked over to the sofa,(more tit bouncing. Oh I loved it!) and sat down to eat. I had a naughty idea and slowed the speed at which I ate. Eventually the food had cooled enough for me yo take a small forkful and place it on her nearest breast.

I leaned over and ate it off before it fell off. Then I gave her nipple a suck. "Now the other one". She ordered as she turned toward me heaving out her chest. I did the same to the other breast. Then I took another forkful and deliberately dropped it on her belly and watched as some of it rolled down into her pubic hair.

I put the plate aside and leaned down and ate all that too. She opened her legs when I got to her pussy and I licked down into her slit. " My God I think anything can turn to sex with you" she said, "But I love it. And I love you for it" "It's all part of your education Rhiana" I quipped and we both laughed. We finished up and I took the remains to the kitchen.

When I came back Rhiana was leaning back with her eyes closed, fingering her clit with her legs wide open. "Do you want to have a shower?" I asked, "or you'll smell of fish! Well, Tuna!" "Great idea!" she jumped up. "Will you come in with me?" " I'd love to. It might be a bit awkward though. Its only an over the bath shower" " That'll make it cosy!" she said, "You will have to give me a towel though. I didn't bring one!" I set the shower up and got some fresh towels.

Rhiana got in first followed by myself. We kissed, cuddled played with each other and lathered each other all over. She'd pinned her hair up and hardly got it wet while I didn't care. When we got out we towelled each other dry with great care around our groins. We were completely dry by the time we got back to the bedroom. "Time for some bum brunnete teen amateur dick chugger brunette and blowjob I announced and Rhiana leapt onto her knees on the bed and stuck her wonderful ass in the air.

Her cheeks were wide apart and I could see her pretty puckered hole above the cloud of now fluffy pubic hair. I got behind her and kneaded her shoulders a little before running my hands down along her sides to her ass cheeks.

I thought of smacking them but didn't. Instead I pushed them together and then apart and scraped up the back of her thighs with my finger nails."Oooh!" she sighed. She shuddered at that. I did all that again until I finished again at the back of her thighs.

Then I scraped my nails on her ass cheeks before finishing at her ass hole. I scratched that lightly too and she cooed again. I scratched it lightly again and she wobbled her her cheeks. "Ooh that's nice". I did that a few more times before she asked me to lick it. I did as I was told and soon had my pointed tongue inside her sweet bum hole. I started to dart it in and out, stabbing it as hard as I could.

I brought a hand up to her pussy and slid my fingers into her deep crack. She was very wet even though I'd taken care in drying her. I rubbed her cum into her clit and she started to fuck my mouth with her ass. She was coming back at me quite violently so I put two fingers into her vulva and started to pump them in time to her thrusts, my tongue starting to ache. " I can't stand it any longer!" she shouted, " I'm gonna cum!

Ooh fuck here it comes! Fuck my ass! Tongue fuck my fucking ass! Make me fucking cum. Oh fucking anus. Fucking shit hole. Cum fuck fuck shit cum fuck prick. (has she got Te-rets?) It's cumming. I'm fucking cumming. Aagh! Aaahh! I fucking love your tongue." She was rocking her hips rapidly like a fucking dog and I couldn't keep my tongue in any more vibrator barrage on lewd slut lingerie and japanese I put a finger in her as well as the two pumping her cunt.

Stud is amazed with a big ass a final scream she collapsed into the bed. I licked off my fingers and then gently stroked her back and ass cheeks as I waited for her to recover.

She turned over. Tears in her eyes. "That was beautiful. Thank you. I'm sorry about the language. I can't help it. Just comes out". " Don't worry about it. I love it. I shouldn't wank off too much with the family at home though". I laughed. We kissed lightly again before I felt her hand around my cock." Can I suck this for you?" She said as she sort of shook it so I knew what she was talking about! "No suck it for you!" I snapped back. " Yes its for me! Silly me!" she giggled. We changed positions but as we passed I wanted to grab her and fuck her in both holes.

I was the trainer here and she'd learned from me to ask for what she wanted. So I had to speak up. Didn't I? " OK honey enjoy yourself but I want to fuck you again so when you want my cock up you stop and tell me. I want to feel your lovely pussy's wetness on my cock and mash our groins together and I want to feel the heat of your bum hole around it." "Oh you sexy fucker. So do I!" she said " I'll just suck you for a moment".

And with that she took my cock into her mouth and fisted it with her hand. After about thirty seconds she lifted her head and said softly,"I wish We could fuck and I could suck you at the same time!" "Oh fuck Rhiana!

You're talking the first words of a threesome slut. I don't think you're ready for that yet!". I said with genuine astonishment. She said nothing as she realised she had planted her own seed! She went back to slurping on my cock. She was pretty good at it but I thought she could vary it a bit so I told her to take it out of her mouth and take my balls in her mouth but keep going with her hand on my cock and keep it wet. She pulled it out of her mouth and carefully lifted my balls in her other hand.

She seemed to be deciding how to do it but she pulled one of them up toward her mouth and pushed it between her lips. I felt her hot mouth envelop it and then I felt the suction. "Not too hard baby!" I told her. Now change your grip on my cock and place your thumb just under the glans on that straight bit, Yes that's it!

Now rub kate frost gets real freaky in threesome thumb all around that bit. That's it. That's lovely. You april licking shaved pussy oral lesbian sixty nine pornstars redhead change between all those things during a blow job and any man will love it. I do! You're very good.

Not too much longer though Baby I still want to fuck you!" She carried on. She changed balls and used her tongue on my frenulum. God she was getting really inventive. Then I told her to stop and get on her knees. She did as I asked again with her ass the highest point of her body. I took a few moments to just look at her as she swayed her ass from side to side. Any man would give anything to have her like this.

Absolutely gorgeous! I started to run my hands over her smooth ass then the back of her thighs, pulling her deep outer labia apart with my thumbs. Cum was running from inside her. She knew that and I held her open as she reached between her legs and scooped some out with three of her fingers. The hand went back and I heard her slurping the juice from her fingers. "Do you want to feel my cock in you baby?" "Oh Yes Please".

She said "How bad do you want it?" " Please don't tease me. I want you more than ever. Fuck me. Please fuck me!" I leaned forward and slid about half my cock into her vagina, held it there a few moments and then pulled it all the way out again. She moaned her dissatisfaction.

Then I held my cock and pushed it into her bum hole. She was still wet with my saliva and my cock was wet with her juice so it went in easily. "Oh yes!" she shouted. Then after a few moments I pulled out again and went straight back into her super-wet cunt. A bit deeper this time. "Oh fuck yes!" she shouted again. I gave a few strokes into her then pulled out again, then back into her ass. Deeper again and this time I pumped into her for about half a minute before pulling out again and plunging my cock back into her cunt.

I pushed really hard so that her bum cheeks squashed upwards. When I pulled out enough I could see her bum hole was gaping open.

I pulled out and got my cock straight back in there. All the way in. I pulled the cheeks apart and to the side very roughly so that I could press my pubic bone against her.

"Oh fuck Neil! You're gonna make me cum so quick!" "Rhiana. I want you to cum. I love it when you cum. Let yourself go Baby" I said lovingly. Now I was fucking her ass quite fast and she started to moan and blow her breath heavily. I pulled out again and had to push Rhiana's fingers out of the way to get my cock back into her cunt.

A few strokes deeply into her and she blew! "Oh God I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Aaagh God!

cumming! Cumming! Fuck me. Fuck me! Shit-bastard- fuck-prick! Fuck me in my womb! Fucking bastard! Whaat?" she screamed as I pulled out and plunged back in her ass."You fucker! Cum in my ass! I'm still fucking cumminnng! Aargh! Ohh its wonderful" and she went on as usual. I kept pumping into her anus until she started to calm down. Then I held on to the front of her thighs to prevent her collapsing onto the bed.

"We're not finished yet!" I told her and continued to gently fuck her ass. Rhiana wiggled her bum cheeks, "I'm sorry. Didn't you cum?" "No you haven't yet!" I said as I pulled out of her ass and stuffed my cock back in her sloppy cunt.

As I pushed high into her she started moaning again and a petite slut alice pleasures numerous big boners hard jabs later she was off again.

Even sooner than I had hoped. As she went into her stream of expletives I pulled out and pushed into her ass. Holding on to the base of my cock I pulled out immediately and went back into her cunt and kept on alternating between her two holes all the way through her very noisy orgasm.

Finally she lurched forward and collapsed onto her stomach. I reached around her stomach and flipped her over, plunging my cock straight up her cunt again.

She instinctively raised her legs around my waist. Her inner thighs were soaking wet with her cum and it felt so nice it nearly sent me over the top!

I waited a few seconds to gain control of myself and then started pumping in and out of her. Soon she was moaning again so I kissed her open mouthed and kept my mouth on hers all the time I was fucking her. As she again orgasmed she was gnawing at my mouth and sucking hard on my bottom lip. No expletives as she could not speak! Just a loud groaning and murmurings from her throat.

Finally she broke free of my mouth. "You made me cum again! How the bloody hell can that happen?" I tried to keep my cock inside her as I moved my knees up under her thighs. Now I was kneeling between her legs and her pelvis tilted upwards, my cock halfway in her. I shuffled on my knees so I was deeper and started to rock into her. At the same time I put my hand down on her mound and slid my thumb onto her swollen clit.

A few strokes of my cock and rubs of my thumb and she was cumming again. Done it! I knew she could be capable of multi orgasms but this was exceptional! "Oh my God! I'm cumming again. I can't believe it! Oh its fucking lovely" I kept on doing what I was doing, smiling knowingly down at her. "Oh Neil! I love it so much. It's like something has gone off in me. Here it is again! Cummeeeng! Oh heaven! You're going to kill me with pleasure. Oh darling I love you. Cummeeeeng! Its like I can't stop.

It's happening all the time. Oh Goddd! Again!" Now I was close so I got ready to pull out. Another few strokes. Another cum for Rhiana. And I pulled out and somehow leapt up her body and jerked off into her face. When my hot liquid started to spurt she came at it with her mouth wide open, catching some of it as it splashed across her face.

Then she grabbed my cock and and sucked it into her mouth. The feel of her sucking hard made it a really sensuous orgasm for me and I became super sensitive and had to pull away from her mouth. She let go and started to collect my spilt cum off her face and transfer it to her mouth.

Meanwhile her arm between my legs had reached her cunt and she brought herself off for one last orgasm. She blew bubbles of cum from her mouth and gurgled that she was cumming before she flopped her head back on the bed. "Oh my God!" she repeated several times. "I never ever imagined it could be like that. What happened to me?" I kissed her gently. My bottom lip ached."You are multi orgasmic darling. It means continuous pleasure for you if you keep up the stimulation.

I thought you might be because you cum so quick" I gently stroked her boobs and then her belly. As My hand approached her pussy she grabbed my hand."No more!" she said, "It you touch that again I'll explode!" "OK my love but you have to let me lick off all your cum from your legs. I've earned that!" "Not yet, Just hold me" she said, reaching round my shoulders. We cuddled face to face with little pecked kisses for a while. " Your cum tastes lovely". "Thank you. So does yours" I replied.

"I know!" We both laughed. " I really got carried away when you were swapping in and out of both my holes. I think that was what made me keep cumming. It was so amazing. Do you know I've decided that I'm never going to let anybody else black slut lizzy xxx gets dicked down by two big black cocks full video me in my ass. Its so special between you and me. From now on my bum hole belongs to you!" "That's really nice Baby but you get so much out of it that would be a shame." "I mean it.

No other man could do it like that. You are my ass fucking expert!" We laughed again. "I'm going to have trouble finding a man that could make love like you do as well, I feel like you get into my cervix and up into my womb" " I don't!

My cock is not long enough for that. Besides your cervix would be so tightly sealed that it would not go in. Just push it upward" I explained.

" That's what I can feel then! Whatever it is it's out of this world. I love your cock inside me. Everywhere!" " Oh! Talking of cocks. Do you want to see the porn stuff you asked for?" " I couldn't care less now. Yours is the only cock I want to see and feel. Ever! Right now you are the only man I'll ever want to make love with".

" Oh Rhiana. I'll keep making love to you as long as you want. Who wouldn't? But you can't depend on me. You can't stay with me. You'll get fed up of me anyway over time because of our age gap and I don't get younger. There will come a time when I'll need Viagra pills to get an erection." "Then I'll buy them for you!" she said. "Right now all I want is you. Please don't drive me away" "I won't. But I do have to tell you something" "What?

You're not going to tell me you're fucking Demi are you?"Her hackles raised. " No no. I'll never fancy that but I do have a date with someone else" " Oh no! Who is it?" "I'm not going to tell you as you probably know her and I don't want to cause any trouble. I haven't had the date yet so it might not come to anything. At least you've had dates already. Please don't get upset".

I could see tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm only thinking of myself. I leave you for new 2019 pron miya khalifa without company and then expect you to be here for me. It's not fair on you.

I don't have a right to expect fidelity from you. Hell, I've fucked others and told you about it!" I kissed her deeply again. " I don't really want this to end", I said "I'll understand if you don't want me any more but I've always told you that you'll find someone else. But meanwhile I want to make love to you as often as you want".

"As often as I can!" she corrected me. I always want to". We kissed again. Then I pulled away and got myself down between her legs and started licking off her rapidly drying legs. I could still taste her though and I worked my way up to her pussy. I pulled those big lips apart and plunged my mouth into her hairy muff. I licked and sucked at her soft insides before tonguing her clit. "That's lovely darling".

she whispered, "Don't stop". I shook my head so that she could feel it and carried on. "you're going to make me come again my darling" she said quietly and she started to lift her hips toward my eager mouth.

Oh ooh! I'm fucking cumming!" still not loudly. " My darling I'm cumming for you. Aargh! Aargh! Oh Baby I love you so much!" I caught a squirt of her juice in my mouth and as she slumped back on the bed I raced up to kiss her and share the mouthful with her. She loved that as much as I did. Holding my face in her hands and licking everything in and around my mouth.

"Thank you" she whispered, "What time is it?" "Just after seven" " Oh darling I've got to go. Mum will be back around eight and you know I have to be there". She quickly kissed me again, grabbed her bag and ran into the bathroom to dress and do whatever. I watched her tits bounce and her bum sway as she went. A few minutes later she came out, dumped her bag at the door and put on her coat. She came and put her arms around me and kissed me passionately and gently.

Bye darling.

Good luck with your date. I'll see you soon!" With that she was gone!