Handsome guy madly in love with teen black horny girlfriend

Handsome guy madly in love with teen black horny girlfriend
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Chapter 1 - Marriage at Rockys Place It was a quaint bungalow at the end of dead end street of a small town. Except what was going on inside was definitely not ordinary. ErnieCindys stepdad was leading Cindy down the alley in the basement/ sex chamber.

He was leading her by her collar & leash as Cindy walked wearing her leopard skin bikini6inch spiked heels & white wedding veil.Ernie was proud aswas Ninawho would officially welcome her master into the family. Cindy now stood by her bridesmaid Juanita who had on a black bra, pantiescollarballgag & five inch hooker boots. Esperanza was sitting behind her daughter, topless with nipple ringsred panties & 4 inch heels.

The brides mother Nina wore a leather mini-skirt ,no pantiesher nose ring a see thru yellow bra & 8 inch spiked heels. Rockys mom Sheila wore red stockingsa short mini skirt, no top ,her 40dd were swinging as her nipples were chained together ,& 5 inch heels. Denise was using her husband as a footsool as she watched the festivities. She was dressed in a a pink halter top that said "SLUT '" on it she wore tight blue jeans & 3 inch heels.

Chapter 2 Rocky & Nina become Master and Wife Rocky had met Janet a couple of weeks ago at the supermarket & she became a minor slave to him, married & 55 she was ok looking and gave a descent blowjob, she was also a municipal judgeso when he decided to get married. He called her over to conduct the ritual. Dressed in a french maids outfit & standing in the large basement. Janet recited do u Cindy take Master Rocky to be you husband ? yes responded Cindy immediately& do you Master Rocky take Cindy as wife.

Yes i do said Rocky. Well you are now Husband & Wife said Judge Janet you may now kiss the bride. Rocky french kissed Cindyhe couldnt wait to breed her with his offspring. She would hot awesome teen receives body fondled well a great mom.

Chapter 3 Rocky & the harem party downstairs, all other males get drunk Rocky turned on the stereo to some sexy funk station & told all the men to go upstairs & help yourself to his fathers booze. He grabbed Janet first & tongue kissed the greyhaired horny judge ,then he had Cindy do the same thing.

And told them to have lesbian sex.

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Next Rocky went to his mom and started to suck on her big tits as he slowly pulled down his pants, he told Denise who was still fully dressed wearing he "Slut " halter top to get behind him & lick his asshole. The veteran sex slave did perky love bubbles doxy gets interview japanese hardcore was asked without question. He looked at Esperanza & told her to french kiss her daughter Juanita.

Nina was now alone on the sofa so Rocky told her to play with cunt. As the brides mother watched the harem/master orgy. Rockys prick became hard as a rock. Next Sheila who had only been initiated as Rocky's sex slave last week got down on her knees & slobbered all over her sons wang. Fully erectRocky called Cindy & Nina over as he screwed his new bride Cindy in the cunthe had his mother-in-law Nina Rogers eat his manass.

Chapter 4 Juanita was now spanking her mom Esperanza as Sheila and Denise were 69ing.

Janet was fucking herself with her fingers, as she watched Rocky screwing Cindy & Nina up the assback & forth Master Rocky went shoving his giant dong up their asses until he could take it no more & sprayed both their faces with loads of jism. Dripping with cum Cindy & her mother shared the cum dessert with Janet, Sheila, Juanita, Denise & Esperanza. Rocky got a beer out of the basement fridge & watched his harem french kiss & share his love juices.

Next all would receive his wedding night champagne. Chapter 5 Rocky had now collared & leashed all his sex slavesthey were now all completed nude except of course the collar & leash. So first he brought his wifemother-in-law &Denise in the bathroom & had them kneel on the floor.

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Then he led his mom Sheila,Janet ,Esperanza &Juanita and they knelt by the others He had to go badlyso Rocky just let go & peed all over the sluts faces. They had all experienced except his mom & Janet Did you like that ma as he finished off on her last.

Yes Master l love your champagne. Yes mother i guess you can call it that Rocky laughed. He turned to Janet and said dont't ever let your husband do that to youYes sir replied Janet smirking Chapter 6 All the ladies took a water shower & after Rocky washed he sent all the ladies home except Sunny leone female gardener scene 4 (who was now his wife )his mother -in-law Nina & of course Sheila whose home they were in.

Rocky lit a joint & turned some porn on the tv. His mother was licking his asshole as Nina sucked his cock. He had tied his new bride to a chair wearing nothing but her wedding veil ,collar & ballgag. As Nina's head bobbed up & down & moms tongue was up his ass. Rocky watched a 60something German mother sucking 20something prick & being pissed on. He had Sheila lick him on one side of his shaft as Nina licked the other side.

Before he knew it he had cum again. The whore moms share his man juice. And then he had Nina untie her daughterboth of them would share his bed tonight.

Ernie was sent home. And Bernard was hungover would sleep with Sheila