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Stacked gilf lexi rides a big boner
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SLEEPY TIME: One of the problems with retirement, after working for many years, is that it can be difficult finding enough things to do to keep yourself cute amateur has sweaty sex in office while avoiding things that are mind stultifying. Perhaps crocheting and building bird houses makes it for some people, but to a lot of people it is just wasted time.

So, what is a guy to do to fill in for the extra time during the day, to keep from losing their mind, nor losing your wife/partner because of bothering her too much over your idle time?

You can take naps, but they can interfere with your sleep times later in the night. Disturbing your sleep cycle can not only be annoying, but it can be very dangerous to your health. Not to mention the noises you make as you stumble all around at night that might disturb your wife or the neighbors.

So, early in my seventies and facing just this challenge, I decided to invest in some time on the 'net' through Goggle to try to find a cure for this situation. At first I looked for hobbies or games that could fill in my time.

There are a number of sites that sponsor both of these things, and they do help. But, even they be-come very tiresome after an hour or two. As I continued searching, I accidently found a site that advertised a very new technology to address this very problem.

It involved the use of a specialized bed that would put a person under for an hour or up to four hours, the limit of the advisability of this procedure. The person wasn't really asleep, so that it shouldn't cause any problems with the sleep cycle. The company involved asserted that it was more like being put in to an electronically stimulated coma, and called back out of it again.

This sounded a bit dangerous to me.

What if the person couldn't be called out of this condition? And are they sure that it wouldn't interfere with a person's sleep cycle? The article then went on to say that the procedure had obtained FDA approval after ten years of testing the concept. And now they were just beginning to enter with it into the marketplace. But, that it would be very expensive for the present, and probably never be really cheap in the long run, so they were going to lease out the units, instead of selling them, except to passion hd two hot young sluts want to work wealthy clients.

The units were designed to be upgradable, since they were controlled by computers and had enough room inside to accommodate almost any upgrade that could be contemplated. The units were for unconscious 'sleep' only at this time, though. The units as pictured had the aspect of a coffin up on its end. Not an inappropriate appraisal, either. Probably the rivals of this new company would use that appearance against them, in regard to products that they produced in competition.

But, the units were built this way to take up a small amount of floor space, because many of the buyers would not have a lot of room for another lay down bed in their retirement quarters. And interestingly, when the person was installed in the unit, it leans back several degrees to help firmly hold the person in place without many straps. Just one around the lower chest does the trick. A notable feature of the unit was the very slim seat that the person sat on.

It was very sturdy, but also very narrow. Just wide enough to not allow the body to sag and to take at least some of the strain off of the feet and arms. The chest strap was only intended to hold the person in place, not to take any of the strain of gravity off of the body. As I looked at this narrow seat, visions on sybians danced in my head, because the narrow seat protruded forward and the person sat on it with it between their legs.

But, sexual kinkiness was contrary to the stated purpose of the unit at that time. And the supplied arm rests helped to steady the body, too. The helmet was made to sit on a little shelf when not in play, but when worn, it turned out to be very comfortable to wear. Hardly noticeable at all. It was dark in the cabinet when in use, but with the person being unconscious, that would matter not at all.

And they found out through the testing that the persons didn't dream at all, they were just as if they were dead. And when they woke up, it was as if they had skipped ahead in time, much more felt than when sleeping, which can have at least some awareness of passing time. So, the result was that the person's day was effectively shortened by the time spent under its influence, assumedly time that would have been wasted in worrying about what to do to avoid boredom for that time.

It was assumed that this would make many wives happy to have their beloved men out of the way for a number of hours each day, including the time that she could spend in it each day unaware of his even existence. And since the system seemed to produce no residual effects, that was a very likely insistence of the women in their lives.

And since the person came out of the system refreshed in mind and body, too; it was assumed that the wives would use it too.

Just imagine the average wife being separated from her beloved husband for up to eight hours a day, during the daytime, in addition to any rest that she got from him at night. Might save some marriages, I would think. While my wife was puttering about the yard, I called the company to talk to a sales person to get answers to a couple of my questions.

A very bright and cheery voice took my call and was most gracious in answering my questions of concern. The answers were: The minimum time of leasing, was one year, the unit was fully dada poti sex xnxx ebony and there was a very inexpensive insurance policy available to the users of this product in case something harmful happened in its use. That pretty much took care of the loose ends for me. I thanked her and informed her that I would have to run this by my wife and get back to her.

She asked if she could call her back and discuss this with her person on person, and I said that she would have to wait a couple of days, so that I could talk to her myself first. She agreed to that and then we hung up.

After dinner that night, I asked her to stay at the table while we discussed something flirty lesbian centerfolds are stretching and fisting buttholes to me, and to her also.

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So, I described the unit and the purpose of it, and related what I had found out from aiden starr bobbi whipped ass sales lady.

Ruby, looked at me through a lowered chin and arched eyebrows, "Are you really interested in something like this?" And I said, "Yes, I am!" "Why?" And so I related the frustrations that I was having with too much time available with nothing to do, and that I feared that I was exasperating her in the process. She vaguely nodded at that with kind eyes. And said that she would think about it. I then mentioned that the saleslady wanted to confer with her on this.

This woke her up, because she is a world level pro at negotiating. When we go car shopping, I always let her have the last word in the negotiating process and it has saved us a lot of money over the years. So, I could see that she was very enthused about entering the ring with the saleslady. I thought that I would make myself sparse during that.

On the appointed day of the duel of my wife and the saleslady, when I returned she informed me that she was buying into the unit and had saved me twenty percent on the monthly lease. It was going to be delivered the following Monday afternoon. My answer to that was, "My Wife, the pro!" And I got a really tight hug then and a tighter pussy that night.

Two very nice guys delivered it and showed us how it was to be operated. Since, it was computer controlled, with no internet connection, though that possibility was built into the unit, all a person had to do was to stand in place, put on the helmet and let the unit move the strap in place while the person moved their arms up on to the rests.

The unit would do the rest. And they had me try it out for ten minutes while they watched to make sure everything was per the manual. And it was. Over the next six months, I used the unit almost every day for an average of two and a half hours a day, and Ruby used it two or three times a week for up to three hours each time.

I have no idea of what she might have done with me when I was out of it, but I think that she knew that I lightly played with her, and I believe that her policy on that was as long as no harm was done, there would be no foul. I appreciated that. However, after the six months I got a brochure from an unfamiliar Japanese company asserting that a number horny slut masturbates pussy with red dildo improvements had been initiated by them to the usage of this unit.

One thing was that, with the person under, their minds didn't have to be totally unaware to get the benefit of it. So, they had programs like travelogues and of course porn available by subscription over the internet. I called the parent company of whom I was leasing from, they asserted that no real harm was likely with this augmentation, but that they were working on the same things and would let me know when they were ready with it.

I said thank you. I called the Japanese company and informed them of my interest. They told me that the minimum subscription for this service was for six months and perverted young luscious girl enjoys old boner the subscription would be lowered in price as the subscription was lengthened in being signed on for lengthier periods of time.

I indicated that six months for the initial foray into this programming would be sufficient. And that I wanted the programming to include the distinction between when my wife was in the cabinet, for her programming, and when I was in it for mine. So, that the two arrays would never meet. Sisters with glasses bbc threesome amazing cumshot ending were very understanding of this. It took only three months of the subscription to get fouled up in that regard, it was later blamed on a cable company glitch that had caused the programming to invert, causing my wife to see my program, while I was away on some kind of chore.

When I got home, she was just coming out of the cabinet and her face was bright red and her eyes were just wandering around a bit. As soon as she saw me, she grabbed my arm and led me to the guest room downstairs and did a really good impersonation of a woman raping a man. Not that I was complaining. She skipped the vaginal method and moved us right on to the anal one. She hadn't allowed this for years, but she had the thick lube up into her anus and on my cock before I knew what was happening and then moved rapidly to the end of the bed with her legs spread and using her free hand worked me right up into her 'darkside.' With her shouting obscenities, I worked her ass over and very quickly we both came and slumped down onto the bed's surface.

I just didn't even know what to say, and her only remark was, "Wow!!!" And she told me to call the Japanese company and allow her to watch whatever they produced for her choosing. My answer to that was, "Yes Ma'am." Over the next three months moving up to the time of the end of the initial subscription from the Japanese company, Ruby and I made love more often that we had since our honeymoon, and with a lot more variety than even back then.

It was so profound that we had to get extra sleep just to cope with it. We also felt closer to each other than we had in years, although we had always been very good to each other. Evidently the Japanese company and the producers of the units were now working together on augmentations of the system. We got a brochure advertising a physical upgrade for the system for people like us who were into porn for our enjoyment.

The upgrade was free and added only a small amount to the monthly bill, they said. So, Ruby and I ordered it up. They showed up with a couple of weird shaped cartons and the additions were beyond my ability to decipher. I did see what looked like a hard rubber penis and a canned pussy among the apparatus as it was installed.

When done the two servicemen walked us over and let us know what had been done and how it would affect us. For the women that used this unit from now on, the lady had the option by throwing a single switch before she passed into unconsciousness to activate the new additions to augment the previous abilities. As the porn was being showed she would get the impression of being loved up and then fucked by a very handsome male, or her husband, whichever was her choice.

The choice was activated by a key sentence that she had to say out loud in the scenes produced.

The artificial penis was not only able to penetrate her, but it had the ability to shoot a sort of semen-like gel up into her, warm and gooey to simulate the real thing. The female unit could do her up the ass, too. And with vaginal or anal entry, a padded unit moved up into place to stimulate her clit, also. For the man using this feature, it was similarly equipped. He would have the feeling of a very affectionate lady, even his wife if he wanted, making over him and then with his real cock up into the canned pussy with it warmed and faux womanly cum filled, he would be actively fucked and expected to deliver his cum up in to the artificial pussy.

An anal feature was available for the man, too. For both female and male usages, the only members that had to be cleaned regularly were easily detached and dishwasher washable. But, the unit itself had to be sanitized after each use with some spray furnished by the supplying company. Again the two of them went crazy over its usage over the next couple of weeks and even missed Sunday services on one of those weeks because of the need to get some extra sleep because of their forays in to gourmet sex.

However, when they got the bill that month, they found out that the small increases in charge for the combined services that they were getting were amounting to a significant amount of their combined income and they worried about how this was to be covered without endangering their paying for their other bills.

The lease xxx vidos black guy and giral stated that the services of the unit could not be sold to others. But, they reasoned that if they shared it with a small group of friends each month, that they could ask for a small sharing of a monetary kind and it would take the stress off of their monthly budget.

On the first time of intended sharing, the friends that attended what they thought was a simple dinner party at Ruby and my home, were surprised and somewhat taken back by what they learned the strange looking appliance was that stood up in the corner. The first time a couple of them left early, but the ones that tried it out, had to be accompanied to the lower level bedroom to be serviced either by their mate or some other willing partner. I was chosen by one of our younger lady friends to take care of her, since her husband was a bit out of it with drink.

I looked at my wife and she smiled and signaled for me to proceed to help her friend. Ruby and I are in our seventies, but this friend was in her thirties and was a real looker. She dragged me into the lower bedroom and quickly divested herself of her remaining clothing and then looked a bit miffed that I wasn't naked as quickly as she was.

When I was, she was already up on the bed and working on her clit. So, I joined in by using my tongue on her pussy clit. She had no interest in kissing or hugging this time, she wanted to get to the fucking very quickly.

So, I began penetrating her pussy with my tongue and that got her womanly cum in play.

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It tasted really good to me and she then moved us into 69 to enjoy each other's inti-mate members, with it leading up to full intercourse very soon. After only ten minutes of 69, much too short for my mind, she moved to being on her back and with her legs lifted up, demanded that I enter her and give her a proper fucking. I had no inclination to deny nor delay with this lady and so I plunged right up into her, which caused her eyes to widen and then began the serious pounding of a beautiful woman's body.

It didn't take all that long and I emptied into her. She didn't fully cum and so asked for another round in the cabinet. I said fine as soon as it was open, but that she would have to find another partner to tend to her afterward as I was totally worn out. She accomplished both of those objectives. And in further sessions, once a month, while our friends were being sorted out and even with the rejecters, our coterie of friends was growing decidedly.

With some of their friends getting their own units, though, the combine of companies providing the units and programming guessed what was going on. And they advised us that the charging would have to discontinue. However, they had decided to back date the new business that they were gaining from our dorm room college orgy with afro sluts cunt banged hardcore and were going to excuse us a couple of monthly charges for each new couple that we were responsible for bringing in.

If we banked the savings, the average of our bills would be greatly reduced.

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They were already crediting us for four sales. As the months moved on, we hardly had to pay any monthly bills at all, and our friends became so grateful for finding out about this, not knowing of the monetary benefit to us, which the combined companies evidently never offered to anyone else. And now, Ruby and I were so very busy with our recruiting of new customers, that we use the unit ourselves only enough to strongly initiate our own intimate fun.