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Hd passion hd passionate morning sex with sexy kendall karson
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Chapter 2 Harry was feeling sore every step he took down the corridor towards the hospital wing. He could still feel Ron, the space Ron had filled out inside Harry and how he had moved in him. He looked to his left and saw Ron walking next to him, who realised that Harry was looking at him and then gave Harry a grin.

They made their way to the hospital wing to bring Hermoine her stuff she had asked for and she kept the boys there until Madam Pomfrey decided that it was late enough and called the curfew and threw Harry and Ron out. It was dark already and the Hogwarts corridors were now lit by torches mounted on the walls. „I`m hungry. Are you coming to the Great Hall for dinner, Harry?", Ron asked.

But Harry felt rather tired after a long an exhausting day and no hunger at all. „No, I think I`m gonna go up to the bathroom and get a good rinse. I feel like I need that to get you of and out of me", Harry replied with a wink. Ron grinned again. „Good, the more fun it is to get you dirty again", he laughed. „See you later then", said Harry and the two parted ways. Ron headed down to dinner and Harry made his way up to their dorm to get his bathroom utilities.

He also took his invisibility cloak not knowing how long he would bath and whether that would make it necessary to walk the corridors after bedtime. He looked at his bed and saw the messed-up blankets and a rush of excitement went through his body remembering just what Harry and Ron big boobs bound and gagged punish gang permission to cum done right there a few hours earlier.

Harry had been fantasizing about his first sexual encounter for a while but had not come up with the idea that it could be Ron who would take his virginity. When Harry had thought about his first time after going to bed and closing the soundproof curtains around his bed he had always imagined a young girl with long hair and round breasts to be the one who would have sex with him for the first time and had pleasured himself a number of times with this fantasy in his head. In his imagination he had done it on multiple occasions and in various places in and outside Hogwarts.

Harry felt his prick harden again while remembering his fantasies and decided not to give in to is arousal now, but to go down to the bathrooms to wash off what Ron had left in and on him.

Harry made his way through the corridors to the bathrooms in a hurry and holding the cloak in front of his pelvis to hide is still showing erection from his memories. When arriving at the door to one of the Gryffindor bathrooms Harry found the door locked. This was surprising.

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It was one of the bathrooms the furthest away from the common room and therefore usually the least frequented which was why Harry liked to go here. He was used to being looked at in the corridors but did not like the feeling of being watched while showering or bathing as well. Harry tried to open the door once more, found it still locked and reached for his wand. He whispered „Alohomora", directed his wand towards the door and the lock snapped open.

Harry stepped into the bathroom and froze in shock of what he saw there. The entire room was flooded with foam and filled with a wet and warm fog that slightly blurred the vision through the room.

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The foam was flowing out of a tap on the wall and floating xxixx story brother and sisters the pool in the middle of the room. The fog came from the showers on the left side of the room and flooded it with a smooth, warm and comfortable dampness. On the right side of the room was a relaxing area and a big collection of different towels which were all kept in a Gryffindor design.

The fog was slightly blurring his vision but Harry could clearly make out three characters on the beach chairs next to the pool. Two of them were tall, slenderly build and had flaming red hair. The other was also slim with darker skin and black curly hair. The second Harry realized what Fred, George and Lee Jordan where doing right in front of him he turned around and locked the door again with a spell which could not be overcome with the simple Alohomora.

The three boys next to the pool where far too busy, to have been able to notice Harry come in. But Harry was careful to be as silent as he possibly could while sneaking over to a fountain and hiding behind it.

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„Damn, Lee, your just so tight!", Fred gasped while pushing into his best buddies ass with full force. Lee just winced at Fred`s movement and kept sucking on George`s dick which he had deep down his throat.

„Yeah, suck on it Lee!", George moaned and grabbed Lee`s curly hair to hold on to it and force his hard prick deeper down Lee`s throat. That made Lee gag and George had to pull out to allow him to cough. „Is that too big for you, Lee?", Fred laughed while he kept pushing his dick into Lee`s but and horny momma fucked hard and got a cumshot letting himself be stopped by Lee`s coughs and rather enjoying the tightening ass which every cough brought with it.

„Just wait until you get mine in your mouth again!", Lee winced while recovering from the gag-reflexes. He took Georges dick in his hand and started to stroke it fast while looking up to him. He loved this sight he had while being on all fours in front of the twins. They had fantastic bodies and both kept them equally in shape through practise for the Quidditch team and working out in the school gym.

Both Weasleys were tall with slender bodies and brought shoulders where you could see the muscles going from their necks over their shoulders and into their beautifully shaped arms where all their strength showed in well trained biceps muscles. Their chests were just as muscular and led the eye down their stomachs where six-packs just showed and all the way down to their red, curly pubic hair.

And that framed their best parts. Both Weasleys were properly hung and Lee had gasped the first time his best friends had shown him what they had between their legs and had then learned how to enjoy these features and how pleasurable they could be. Fred started to pace up his rhythm behind Lee who took George`s hard cock back in his mouth again and started to suck on it.

Harry could hear how Fred`s balls swung against Lee`s butt creating a clapping noise every time they hit him. These sounds alone made Harry shiver and let his dick twitch in his now very tight jeans. Lee then reached around George who had slightly bend forward and spread his butt cheeks which allowed Lee to reach George`s asshole and insert a finger into it. Lee knew that George loved to be fingered while being blown and could instantly feel how George got even more excited and could taste the first drops of precum leaking out of the hard cock.

Lee could taste the slightly salty sensation around his friend`s cock and started to suck on it even more vigorously which made George moan even louder than he had before.

Realising that his brother was coming close Fred made his thrusts into Lee`s ass faster and could suddenly fake public agent promisses an amateur girl that he will cum on her face Lee`s ass tighten around his cock.

Lee had been pleasuring himself while being used by the twins and the sensation of Fred forcefully fucking him and the sense that Georg was about to come send him over the edge. Still sucking on George`s penis Lee groaned and stretched his ass back a little more to allow Fred to enter him even deeper and with that felt the orgasm roll through his body. His cock twitched in his hand and Lee shot his load over the beach chair he was kneeling on. His orgasm made his ass tighten which was too much for Fred who came deep inside Lee, filling him with his sperm.

George saw Lee and Fred both stiffen up and hearing their lusty moans and was about to shoot as well. Lee quickened his finger movement inside George`s butt and circled the head of George`s cock with his tongue.

That was enough for George and he came hard, shooting everything he had into Lee`s awaiting mouth. Harry was starting to sweat under his invisibility cloak. The scene he had witnessed had aroused him to the outmost.

It was incredible to watch the three bodies going at it the way they had and Harry had had to take out his fully erect cock and had been stroking it wildly while watching the Weasley twins shagging Lee Jordan right in front of him.

The encounter with Ron earlier had taken the pressure out of his balls but his little voyeuristic adventure had brought him on the verge of his next orgasm. His dick was wet from the precum dripping out of it and Harry enjoyed the touch of his hand on his own cock. He kept stroking it and enjoyed his great view, hidden from behind the fountain.

The three boys had all come already and Fred was now pulling his softening cock out of Lee`s ass. Harry could clearly see Fred`s sperm dripping from his cock onto the floor and oozing out of Lee`s ass and slowly flowing down his thigh. George`s cock was also wet, coming out of Lee`s mouth who had eagerly swallowed everything George had shot into him.

George`s semi-erect cock was now sparkling in the light that fell on it from the torches on the wall just as the cock of his brother did. Seeing that and the cream-filled ass of Lee, send Harry over the edge. He stroked his cock wildly and came onto the floor in front of brazilian sweetheart loves hot fucking hardcore blowjob, panting and trying to muffle his sounds so that he would not get caught.

Fred, George and Lee seemed not to notice him tough. „That was wild", said George yawning and stretching himself at that. This showed his muscular body and especially the flat stomach. His penis was swinging a little as he moved. „Was that what you wanted, Lee?", asked Fred. „Yeah, you nailed it!", Lee answered and the three burst out laughing. „I`m gonna go clean myself up.", Lee said. „I`ll help you!", announced Fred chic fists sticks monster cock up old guys ass the two went over to the showers.

George said down on one of the beach chairs and watched the other two. Lee was now turning the water on and Fred went down on his knees right in front of him. Fred took Lee`s soft cock in his mouth and apparently started to suck on it. Harry was astounded how they could go on after that show. He himself was completely worn out and only wanted to get to bed. Harry could hear Lee starting to moan under the flowing water of the shower and saw how Fred`s hands started to wonder on his friend`s body.

Over the stomach first, then down the back and over his buttocks. Fred rinsed of what he had spread on it earlier and also dipped a finger into Lee`s ass again to clean it up as well. Lee seemed to enjoy this treatment as he stood under the shower with his eyes closed and his pelvis stretched forward a littler so that Fred could take his cock entirely into his mouth.

As Harry looked over to George he noticed that George seemed to like the show as well as he had begun to stroke his cock again. But Harry was spent for the day and slowly started to move under his cloak. Silently he made his way over to the door, opened it with his wand and escaped onto the cool corridor outside the bathroom.

Harry`s head was spinning from everything he had seen and experienced that day. It seemed like Hogwarts would become an even more exciting place then it already was, but in a very different way. Harry sneaked up to his dorm room.

Ron seemed to sleep and Neville`s snoring filled the room already. Only Dean`s and Sheamus` beds were still empty. Harry quickly stuffed away his cloak and fell onto his bed only in his robe and barely managed to close his curtains before he fell asleep.