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Chapter 3: The Plan Begins Harry and Ron enter the Great Hall and find four long tables representing the four houses in the middle of the room. Harry and Ron sit in the backside of the Gryffindor table and talk about their new plan as the Sorting Hat sorts the new arrivals in their houses. After the sorting, the feast commences where Ron and Harry pig out.

After the grand feast, everyone goes back to his or her houses and talk about their summers. Hermoine catches up with Harry and Ron and tells them about her train ride here where she hooked up with Lee Jordan. Harry and Ron couldn't believe what they were hearing: last year Hermoine hated Lee and now this.

It seemed that everyone, except them were hooking up with each other. This made Harry and Ron more furious and they were eager to commence with their plan. The next day classes began with Divination where Harry found that he was going to die a very horrible death as usual. Next came potions with Snape where they were learning to create a potion to make anyone drowsy. Harry's potion turned this awful brown color where everyone's including Ron's had turned green, the color it should have turned.

"Potter!" said Snape, "I see you have managed to mess up on the easiest potion. Ten points from Gryffindor." "Harry how could brazilian big booty babe takes a pounding third world media. Not even I messed up on it," said Ron furiously.

"Sorry, I was thinking about our plan." The next class was Defense Against Dark Arts with Fizarro, the centaur that was banned from the group. The class was interesting where Fizarro talked about unusual curses.

After class Ron and I approached Fizarro and asked him to give them permission to borrow a book from the Restricted Section of the library. Fizarro wrote them a pass and they left to go to the library where they borrowed a book about the Unforgivable Curses.

Unforgivable Curses The first Unforgivable Curse is the Imperious Curse It allows the controller to control the host for any period of time. The controller must have a stronger mind than the host and must not loose focus during anytime. If focus is lost the host can break the spell. Usually, it takes a person months to conquer the spell perfectly.

"Harry, It takes months to conquer it perfectly" "Yes but we don't have to conquer it perfectly, just as long as we can control people for some period of time." "Ok I guess it would work but we would have to practice it a lot." "We could start by practicing it on ourselves then on others." "Nice idea.

Lets go, we are getting late for charms." Charms was boring and even more boring was transfiguration. Right after transfiguration, Ron and Harry raced up to an empty classroom to practice the spell. Ron could not tobi pacific is tiny solo girl pornstar the spell to work but Harry could get control of the person for a second or two.

After practicing for an hour, Harry got a bit used to it while Ron was still struggling. "Ron it's going to take a long time for our plan to start and I want someone as a slave right now." "I got an idea.

It may sound bizarre for you but I could let you use Ginny till we complete the curse. I am still her master and I she would have to obey anything I tell her.

She would probably be really shocked at first but you know she had a fancy for you since she first met you." "You would really do that for me?" "Sure, you are my best friend and she has grown up quite a bit. She is my sister so I cannot do much with her. You, on the other hand, can go all the way with her. I would much rather that it be you as her first time than some random guy.

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You wait here and ill go bring her." After twenty minutes, Ginny arrived at the classroom where Harry excitedly waited. Ginny was wearing her usual school clothes: a grey skirt, a white top with a red tie and a matching grey sweater.

Her hair was wavy and draped down over her shoulders. Her brown eyes showed strong signs of uncertainty and fear with a hint of thrill flickering in the back. Her pink lips, which are usually smiling, are now just serious." "Hi.

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I know Ron must have told you that you need to come here and please me but I don't want it forced. I want you to make up your mind as to what you want to do. You can leave if you want and I won't tell Ron. But if you stay, you got to obey me as your master for the time being." Ginny thought for a moment and then replied, "I will do as you command." "Come over here and massage me," Harry demanded.

Harry sat on a chair and Ginny walked behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. The stress of being a virgin and having bad luck with girls, which he carried on his shoulders every moment of every day, was starting to melt. After massaging his shoulders for five minutes, Ginny took his left hand and started massaging it, moving from the shoulder to his fingers.

Her soft hand applied just the right amount of pressure to stimulate the muscle without causing pain. Once she finished with the left hand, she did the same with the right hand.

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Ginny then walked in front of Harry and kneeled before him. She started by massaging his toes and then moving her way up to his heel. Finishing both feet, she began moving up his leg, applying pressure and massaging it till she reached his upper thighs.

She then ran up his second leg before she stopped and awaited further instructions. "I told you to massage me. You only massaged part of my body and stopped. Is that how you treat your master?" "I am sorry master.

How can I make it up to you?" "First you need to prove you are sorry. Kiss my feet like you mean it." Ginny looked at Harry's feat hesitantly and then reluctantly, bent down and kissed his feet. His feet smelled horrible as they were uncared for over the years. The repugnant smell almost made her throw up but she sucked her stomach in and placed her lips on his feet.

Knowing that Harry would make her do something worse if he didn't feel she was meaning it, she parted her lips and began sucking on his disgusting feet and even ran her tongue over it. She repeated the same ordeal on his other foot before looking back at him. "Good job. Now finish what I told you. You forgot to massage the main part of my body, my dick." Ginny got up and unbuttoned Harry's jeans.

She pulled his jeans and underwear down to his knee exposing his semi-hard cock. With his cock dangling around in the air, Ginny took it in her arms and began massaging it. Instantly, Harry's semi hard dick was pumped with blood which made it expand and grow bigger.

With his cock rock solid, Harry motioned for Ginny to stop. Harry lifted Ginny's skirt till it rose up to her ass and pulled her forward so she was standing above Harry's legs. He spread her legs and pushed her down so that she was sitting on his thighs, with his cock an inch away from her body. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her forward till her lips were touching his lips.

With his tongue, he forced Ginny's lips apart and pretty brunette teen biatch zaya dildoing her tight asshole her mouth. His tongue flickered in her mouth, causing Ginny's tongue to retaliate back. The tongues dueled for a minute before they mellowed down into passionate lovers. A deep secret part of Ginny, the part that loved Harry from the first time she saw him, awoke in the midst of her dueling tongues. This secret part forced the truce between the tongues and started the reign of passion within Ginny.

The stirring passion within Ginny was also felt by Harry as this second kiss of his life was much more intense than the slobbering kiss with Cho.

A raging fire had been ignited within Harry as he wanted Ginny badly. Harry pulled out of his kiss with Ginny and let her neck go. He then placed his hands on her sweater and pulled it over her head. With her sweater gone, her curves were visible underneath her shirt. Harry undid Ginny's tie and wrapped it around her eyes so that she could not see what he was going to do.

With her sight lost, all her other senses began to heighten. Her hearing soon picked up Harry's fast breaths and even her fast heart rhythm. Her nose started detecting faint hints of body odor radiating from the sweat accumulated over a long days work.

Her sense of touch had the greatest increase in sensitivity as she could now feel the cold temperature of the room and the heat radiating from Harry's legs as they were in direct contact with her ass cheeks.

The hair on Harry's legs could also be felt on her ass, making it tickle. Ginny now felt cold air touching her chest as Harry started unbuttoning her shirt. With no sight, Ginny had to use her hand to find the source of this air. Running her hands down her shirt, it came into contact with Harry's hands.

Harry took hold of her hand and planted small kisses on them. He placed her hands on his shoulder and went back to her shirt to unbutton the rest of it.

With all her buttons open, Harry pushed her shirt aside revealing her round, small breasts and her lovely pink nipples. Harry took his hand and placed it on her stomach causing her to gasp at the surprise. Using his hands, he began rubbing her belly and started working his way up to her breasts.

When his hands reached the edge of her breasts, he bent closer and blew warm air on it, astonishing her. Not being able to see anything, she could not anticipate Harry's next move, which was to grab her breasts and massage them. Her round breasts felt soft under his fingers as he squeezed it and cupped them. Not being able to resist any more, Harry bent down and took Ginny's right breast into his mouth. Her soft luscious mound disappeared into his warm awaiting mouth as began to suck and lick her breast.

As Harry's tongue lapsed over her nipple, her nipple started to tingle sending pleasure through Ginny's body. Along with milf pokes love tunnel with dildo japanese and hardcore, Harry also sent pain as he bit down on her nipple and pulled on it.

Ginny squirmed with pain. As she tried to back away from Harry's teeth, her nipple got stretched even further causing excruciating pain. When Ginny started to cry with pain, Harry let go of her breast making it bounce back into place.

Looking at Ginny's breast, Harry could see that one nipple, the one he pulled, was a lot more erect than the other one. The inconsistency in size bothered him and he decided to correct it by taking Ginny's left breast in his mouth and began to suck it. After sensitizing her breast with his warm mouth, he bit down and pulled on her breasts. Ginny was ready for him this time by bending as Harry pulled so her breasts wouldn't be stretched.

Unfortunately, Harry did curvy black sluts bunny knight and mckenzie sweet approve of her action and expressed his disagreement by slapping her on the face. The surprise attack startled Ginny and she once again made the mistake of backing up, which caused her nipple to stretch. Pain shot through Ginny from all sides as her face was red and aching from the slap and both her nipples were swollen and aching from the bite and the stretching.

Streams of tears rolled down her face as her body tried to cope with the pain it had just undergone. Ginny's tears fell on Harry's face as his mouth was still around her left breast. Feeling the tears on his skin, he released her nipples and allowed it to fall back in place. Knowing that the burning sensation her body was feeling would not subside until it was exposed to some other stimuli, Harry put his hand around her ass and pulled her closer.

Ginny's crotch moved up Harry's thighs to his waist causing his dick to bend back and rest on his belly. With his dick flat against his belly, he pulled Ginny up further till her pussy was on top of his dick.

Ginny's body provided body heat to Harry's dick which started to throb with excitement. With his hand still grasped around Ginny's ass, he began moving laterally on his cock. At first, the movement was extremely rough with her thong rubbing on his dick. But as time went on, her thong dug into her pussy which allowed her pussy lips to wrap around his meat. Her movement over Harry's cock started exciting her nerves which then sent pleasure through her pussy.

The pleasure from her pussy soon got greater than the pain from her nipples making her entire body bathe in pleasure. The dry humping soon turned wet as Ginny's pussy started to drip with juice, lubricating Harry's dick. With their movement lubricated, Ginny started rocking back and forward faster.

Pressure soon started to build as excitement increased. Harry, instantly, picked Ginny up and put her on the cold stoned floor and laid on her. He untied her blindfold and looked into her beautiful eyes.

Her crying had stopped but there was still water in her eyes which made her look extremely innocent. She looked back at Young girl learns anal the hard way curiously as she did not know why he untied her blindfold. Harry quietly whispered in Ginny's ear, "You are a beautiful girl, full of life and energy; but its time for you to grow up.

Tonight I am going to turn you from a beautiful girl into a beautiful woman." Ginny seemed confused as she didn't understand what Harry meant. Harry gave her a quick smile before he tore her thong, positioned his stiff cock at the entrance of her shane diesel vs sara jay and pushed in.

Ginny's eyes widened with alarm as his thick cock pushed inch after inch into her virgin pussy. Ginny started to writhe in protest but Harry was a lot stronger than her and held her down with his body. With a quarter of his dick inside her, he encountered a barrier that blocked the rest of the way, her hymen. As he pushed on her cherry, pain shot through Ginny's body and she looked at Harry with pleading eyes.

Harry's reply was, “This is for your own benefit. You will lose your cherry sometime so why not now. Who better to do the honor than the person you have had a crush on for years. Besides, the earlier you get it popped, the more time you get to enjoy the pleasures that come with sex." After finishing his explanation, Harry backed out and thrust his dick hard, ripping her hymen. Unimaginable pain shot through Ginny as her insides started to burn.

Her eyes naturally started to water, which soon turned to pools of tears, which streamed down her cheeks and onto her breasts. With her cherry popped, Harry started thrusting in and out at an increasing pace, causing more irritation to Ginny's pussy.

Trickles of blood could be seen flowing out of her pussy onto the lusty ava rides on a fat pole as well as blood on Harry's dick. As Harry's pace quickened, so did his breath. Ginny's warm and wet pussy tightly holding his dick sent a feeling through Harry that he had never felt before.

No amount of masturbation had the feeling he was feeling as his dick was ramming Ginny's tight pussy. With seconds left before he was about to cum, he gave one final thrust and submerging his entire dick into her pussy. His body froze as cum shot out of his dick and mixed with Ginny's juices and her blood. The aftershock of pleasure which swept through his body was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Exhausted from the night, he lay on Ginny until his dick went limp, allowing semen and blood to ooze out of Ginny's pussy. When he finally had the strength to get up, he pulled himself of Ginny and wore his clothes. Ginny still laid on the ground spread eagled with a pool of semen and blood surrounding her pussy.

Her face was turned sideways as she lay frozen, almost like in a trance. Her body was totally nude with the exception of her skirt which was turned inside out on her belly. Harry put his arms around Ginny and raised her so that she stood vertically. Her skirt automatically corrected itself and fell back down, covering her pussy.

The skirt failed to cover the juices that still dripped from her ravaged pussy. He guided Ginny to the chair and made her sit while he buttoned her top and pulled the sweater over her top. With Ginny fully clothed, he escorted Ginny to the girls' dormitory and placed her on her bed. When Harry reached his dormitory, he saw Ron waiting intently to hear about his first sexual experience. After reliving the events of the last hour, Harry went to his bed and closed his eyes.

Ron, on the other hand, kept thinking about his sisters first sexual experience with his best friend and hoped that she would understand why he allowed it. Having second thought about his decision but knowing there was no way of undoing it, Ron closed his eyes and went to sleep as well.