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Sex fat aunty big tits xxx storys com
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Robin and Mary Part 2 Don's phone rang about 9:30am. After the exhausting night he had spent with Robin, he had managed a short nap after the great titty-fuck she gave him that Saturday morning, right after awesome cutie rayna get fucks by her boyfriend big dick sent her husband (Jake) off to work for the weekend.

Jake would be doing system upgrades for two banks and wouldn't be home until the following Tuesday. "Hello, mister big dick. Are you ready for my mom?" "Actually, sugar, you just about killed this old forty-three year-old man last night. I can't remember knocking off that much fine pussy, even in my younger years." "Donnnnn…," came a little whine, "you promised…" "Yeah, well, I really didn't expect to be filling you up all night long, though.

But… if you still want me to give her a shot, I'll do it." "She's down at the dock, swimming. Why don't you come on over and fix something or other; I see her making her way back to the house… Hmm… why don't you wear some loose shorts?

I have some light bulbs that need replacing." Don reached the back door of Jake and Robin's place just as Mary got there, "How you doin', Mary? It's been a while since you visited, hasn't it?" Don had never seen Mary's nice body in a bikini before, and Mary had never seen Don without a shirt, but she appreciated what she saw, "Yes, it has been a while.

Jake is working straight through the weekend and I came to keep Robin company." She squeezed his bicep and said, "Still working out, I see." He opened the door for her and took note of her tight ass. Even at 52, she still had a fine one. Her bikini covered a little more than the ones worn by the younger women around the neighborhood, but still, she was showing plenty of skin.

She was a little taller, and prettier, than her daughter but one of Robin's tits would out weigh both of Mary's. As he followed Mary into the kitchen, he saw Robin watching them. Purposely, he grabbed his cock and rubbed it while she watched. His mischievous smile was answered by her rolling her eyes. "Mom, will you hold this ladder while Don changes the bulb?

I would, but I really need to go pee." He took advantage of a few opportunities to fondle himself, again. By the time he climbed the steps on the ladder, his loose shorts were sporting a 'tent'.

Mary couldn't resist trying to peek up the leg, trying to get a glimpse of Don's hard-on. When he asked her to take the old bulb and hand him a new one, she 'accidentally' bumped the back of her hand against it… twice. Don looked down and was met with Mary's smile, "Oops, I guess I'm a little clumsy this morning." "That's alright, ma'am, clumsy happens.

But if you bump it again, I'm gonna think you're playing with it… and playing with Ol' Fat Boy can result in consequences… if you know what I mean." Mary slid her hand up, inside one leg of his shorts and rubbed it up and down the length of his shaft, "I can handle the consequences.

I can handle ALL the consequences." When Robin returned from the bathroom, less than five minutes later, Don was leading Mary out the back door, "Fuck her good, Don. Fuck her brains out," she thought, "and when she's gone, I'll be back for more, myself." The gate to his back deck was hard to open so Don went up the steps first. When he looked around, Mary had her bikini top off and was loosening the ties on her bottom part, "Damn, lady, are you a little horny or something?" She slid the small piece of fabric from between her legs and replied, "It's lucky hippie can call two cunts his own almost six months since I had a man's cock, and I'm ready.

Why don't we start right here?" She bent over the patio table and presented her ass to him… her cunt winking from between her upper thighs. She wiggled a little, enticing him as he dropped his shorts to the wood floor, "I've completely worn out one dildo and the current one is getting there.

C'mon, sonny, plant some warm cum in me." "Sonny?" Don questioned, "You may be older than me, but not enough to be my mom… and I'm far from being a little boy." At first, Don thought Mary had been wallowed out by her dildo; so much so, that his dick entered and sank to the hilt on his first push. When her veteran vaginal muscles clamped down, he realized she had just relaxed them to ease his entry. "Whoa, shit!

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You're certainly not a little boy. That's a real, man-sized cock you have there. You just use it any way you want, sir… make that every way you want, I just want to be fucked and fucked some more." As Don humped the slim woman, he compared her to her daughter.

Robin was hesitant, then wanted to be adventurous, then wanted to get as much cock in her as she could. Mary, on the other hand, was needy, forward, and had so much experience that she didn't care what anybody thought; she just wanted to have lots of sex. Mary's first orgasm hit her and she shook the table hard.

Dad you fuck me better than my boyfriend

Her foot kicked out and overturned one of the deck chairs, "Uggh, uggh, ugghnnn, nnnnn, oohhhh, Goddd… Oh yessss, yesss, that feels so good, so fuckin' good." Don pulled out and lifted the slim woman to a sitting position, facing him. He eased her to the edge and seated his hard dick back into her wetness.

As he stood there, pounding her cunt, he saw Robin, quietly slipping up the steps so she could watch was going on. He smiled and winked at her, just about the same time Mary came for the second time. Her fingernails dug daughterswap we will fuck you to get a car his ass cheeks as she groaned for the next two minutes.

Their pace slowed and she spoke, "Mmmm, you sure feel good inside me, Sonny. I'll bet my daughter would love getting some of this hard meat inside her poor, neglected pussy. She'd probably never do it, but I wish she would. Robin, of course, overheard every word. Her own hand was inside her bikini bottom, working on her own clit. Don smiled at the younger woman and told Mary, "You really think so?

I've been wanting to get my teeth on those big tits of hers for a long time. Maybe, when you go home, I may try to get in her panties." Watching Robin playing with herself and pumping his rod in Mary was bringing him to his boiling point, "Oh, yeah, here it cums, Mary.

Uhhnn, yeah, uhhnn, oh, yeah. ohhhhh… yeaaaaaaaahhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, mmmmm… oh, yeah, that was good. Really, really, good." As he began catching his breath, he realized that Mary had cum for her third time.

She lay back, flat on the table with his dick still lodged inside, but slowly softening, "Yes, Don, it was really good. Hopefully, we can do this some more this weekend.

I'll tell you what, I'm going to talk to Robin. Jake's dick is alright, but he's got nothing like this. She needs to experiment a little." Don took note of Robin's eyebrows raising, when Mary mentioned the size of Jake's cock, "You know Jake's cock personally?" "I'm a horny ol' woman, Don.

I caught Jake peeking at me in the shower one day. I told him to fuck me, or I'd tell Robin. We've probably fucked thirty times over the last five or six years, usually on the boat, while Robin stays home with the boys." Don's dick was slowly slipping out of the messy cunt.

He stepped back and handed Mary one of the hand towels from his charcoal grill 'accessory' box. "So, what do you think it'll take to get Robin to fuck?" Before she could answer, Robin spoke up, "Just let me get out of this bathing suit. There's no need for this thing now; and Mom, you're absolutely right… Jake's dick is nothing compared to Don's.

I spent the night here last night and it was fan-fucking-tastic. Let's start thinking about something to eat, then maybe we can try a threesome."