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Sunny lione xxx phrant said sexy photos
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Ruinart …………&hellip. As the plane touched down, she checked her purse and made sure she had her passport handy. She liked to travel light as she would only be there for a few days.

She had a large apartment sexy client rebecca moore gets humped and facialized 10 mins from the centre of the city so had everything she needed whilst there. "Just today's meeting, then tomorrow afternoon and I'm free for a whole 48 hours to spa my heart out" she thought to herself.

Bliss…… As she came out of the airport, rental car keys in hand, she thought she saw him and her pussy began to throb insistently. "Damn it girl, get it under control, it's been three months already and he's on the other side of the world" she scolded herself, but nonetheless, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she walked toward the rental car.

She hadn't really been able to shake him from her thoughts since that day, but she knew that it might be a year or two before she saw him again and she still had needs! As she put the keys in the lock and turned, the hairs stood up further and she saw out of the corner of her eye a movement that made her head snap up and look around. "I'm going crazy" she thought.

Making quick time to the apartment, she showered, put on her suit and grabbed a juice before heading back down to the car. As she pulled away, she wondered what this meeting would hold in store.

She wasn't going to back down from this deal, so they had better be ready for her…&hellip. He had just seated himself in the waiting area, ready to relay one more time everything they were proposing for the deal.

Apparently the woman that managed this company was razor sharp and they couldn't afford to get one thing wrong. He was new to the company, only starting two weeks before, so this was his first time trying to broker a deal and he was drafted in at the last minute due to his negotiating skills.

Now his palms were sweating a little and he just wanted to get in there and show them what he could do. They filed into the room and sat down, everyone waiting on the woman to arrive.

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As the wait turned from 5 to 10 minutes, some of the guys began to get restless. "What's she playing at, she knew the time was 4pm?" He sat quietly, head bent and concentrated on his notes. He knew it was her the moment he heard her walking down the hall. He had been listening to her walk for years. The faint smell of her perfume tied up slaves suffers lezdom at orgy him at the same time as he raised his head and stared at her, dumbfounded as she greeted the room.

She hadn't spotted him yet as he was at the back of the room. As her eyes travelled round and settled on him, her eyes registered only mild surprise, as if she had expected to see him there. A sly smile played on her lips and his first thought came unbidden and much too easily "I want to fuck her over this table right now." He smiled his lazy, sexy half smile and nodded his head to her.

If he had known that this was the "ballbreaker" they spoke of, he could easily have told them how to get her to do what they wanted!. The meeting took over an hour and more than once they butted heads over details, but finally they got to what she considered a fair agreement and the meeting broke up.

As everyone was leaving she called him over to one side. His colleagues looked at him quizzically, but she informed them that "He would be along in a moment" As the door closed, she turned around, tilted her head and raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Wanna tell me what you are doing here baby?" He looked her over slowly in her Dereon suit, high heeled Louboutins and what he suspected were gartered stockings. Instantly his cock rose to the occasion, as it had been doing all meeting.

Jesus, tobi pacific is tiny solo girl pornstar was gorgeous, had brains and could fuck like a whore. "I just started with them not long ago ago and this was the first assignment I was handed. No one told me who the boss was, I had no idea" he said. "I just got here this morning" "Shit, well I'm glad you were professional and did not give anything away. That deal has ensured that I am a happy, well paid woman for the next 12 months.

We're celebrating tonight." "I'm not really sure what the guys have planned so can I let you know? I'm not leaving until after tomorrow." He said to test her reaction, although he knew he'd do what she wanted anyway.

"No. Go downstairs and tell them that I asked you for a work dinner to discuss another venture with me and be at this address at 7pm." She handed him a business card with her address written neatly on the back.

"Uh………OK, but what if-" "No if's. Be there with a bottle of Laurent Perrier or Ruinart and cancel any plans you had for tomorrow morning too. I have plans for you and you'll like it." She winked. He stared at her and his cock betrayed him yet again and she saw it.

She always did somehow. Turning him to face away from the glass wall, she pushed him behind the partition and grabbed his face, kissing him full on the lips. She shifted a hand from his face to his cock and rubbed it slowly. He groaned and pushed her off before she went further. "Ok, you've made your point" he said, breathing hard. "I'll get a taxi" * * * * * He pulled up outside her block at 18:50 with a cold bottle of champagne in one hand.

He got out of the taxi and paid the driver. Looking up he expected the apartment to be high up but was surprised to find that it was a ground floor apartment.

He rang the doorbell. The door buzzed, granting him access. No words were spoken and he entered the wakeup n fuck part 2, heart thumping with anticipation.

There was no need to ask which apartment it was as there was only one door and it was open. Soft lighting inside and Musiq Soulchild was playing on the speakers letting him know she wasn't playing either. He was gonna get his tank emptied tonight, for sure.

His cock started stirring in his pants again. He walked into the apartment and closed the door, looking for her but she was nowhere to be seen. He put the bottle on the side, then thought better of it and placed it on the table in the open plan kitchen / lounge area. He called her name again and when there was still no answer, he went to look for her. She was lying on her bondage sheeted bed, a pair of red and black soft leather collar and cuffs on.

She had on sheer silk black stockings, black and red underwear set and the same Louboutins. She had her hair piled up on her head and had clearly been waiting for him to walk in and discover her.

There was a table and chair near the bed. The table was full of sex toys. He took a deep breath before walking slowly over to the bed and staring down at her. She simply stared at him, saying nothing, her eyes betraying just how horny she was, although she lay perfectly still. He bent over to kiss her gently. There was no response.

He kissed her again. There was no response. Slightly confused, he pulled back to look at her. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and he quickly got sex story xxx say xx foribari she was not saying. He leant over again and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her up off the bed slightly. He kissed her roughly this time, shoving his tongue into her mouth and claiming it.

This time he got the response he was looking for. "Ah, so you want it like nasty that huh? I can do that, but you had better be ready for it" he warned her. She spoke for the first time.

"I'm ready, but where's the champagne? I'm going to need it." "What for?" he quizzed?

"Well primarily to drink, but I also have another use for it later." She purred. He wasted no further time, going outside and grabbing the Ruinart. He found two glasses on the side and brought them back into the bedroom too. By this time his cock was so hard with anticipation, he was having difficulty walking straight.

She had flipped over, exposing her pussy and ass to the door, causing him to nearly drop the items as he came back in. He, however took his time uncorking the bottle, pouring champagne into the glasses, taking a sip and his sweet time looking at her, waiting for him.

She stared at him and wiggled her ass suggestively. "Wait." He said. "This is my time and I'm going to fuck you like a whore, seeing as that's what you want. But whores don't get to decide when they can talk, when they are fucked, or how.

So keep quiet unless I say so, understand?" Her eyes told him that this was fine by her. He walked over to the bed and pulled his jacket off, throwing it to the chair next to the bed. He pulled his shoes and socks off and began to drop his pants. The entire time, he didn't once take his eyes off her. "Take my pants off," he instructed her. She turned round and began to help him step out of them.

"Good, now turn back around and put that ass in the air." She complied. He grabbed the bottle and slowly poured it over her ass, inbetween her legs and down her juicy thighs. He wanted to make her wet before he pounded her, so slowly licked every inch of her thighs and ass till he could taste a mixture of skin, Ruinart and pure horniness. He slowly entered her waiting pussy with his tongue, sucking alternately gently, then flicking and fucking with his tongue.

He put first two fingers, then three in her pussy walls and angled his fingers upwards to see if he could find that sweet spot again and was rewarded with an intake of breath and a moan that sent his cock skywards again. He finger fucked her roughly for a few minutes but shit, he wanted her so fucking bad, he wasn't sure he could hold out for the first one.

He slipped on a condom and threw the foil packet on the bed. He pushed her head into dayna vendetta fist time sex vidcom bed and pulled her ass up high, spreading her legs a little.

She tensed slightly, remembering how big he was, but then realized that two ebony teens fucked afgan whorehouses exist had asked for it and would get it regardless. He slowly entered her, making her gasp out loud. Fuck, this pussy was tight. He shifted closer to the bed and dug in deeper, relishing making her scream and spring forward. He grabbed her and said in a rough voice "Ride this one out bitch, rock if you can and if you can't, just hold on coz I'm hard like times in the recession right now." He increased his tempo slowly, loving the feel of the hot tight walls closing in on him each time he slammed into her wet pussy.

He lifted one foot onto the bed and bent over her, getting maximum penetration. He was right, she could why should i cook when i fuck great hold on and each time he fucked her pussy, she moaned harder, begging for no mercy. "Oh my god, keep fucking me like that, shit it hurts so good…aaaaahhhhh shhhhhhhiiiittt that's it, FUCK ME!" He put his hand over her mouth to shut her up, although he loved hearing it.

"Shut the fuck up, I told you not to speak unless I said so didn't I? This is my time, so take it. You like that do you bitch? Hmmm?" Dominance was the order of the day and that's what she wanted. As he began to sweat, one hand went on her hips, the other on her shoulder and still he continued to pound her, his balls hitting pussy over and over till her legs began to give way. As she slid down towards the bed, he went with her, laying his torso over her back.

He reduced the tempo, grabbed a full left breast and twisted her onto her side. Lifting up her left leg, he continued to fuck her slowly, biting her shoulder and neck. The collar and cuffs were still on and he used his other hand to pull the restraints down to push her closer to him.

She squeezed her eyes shut, breathing heavy and straining with the effort of not making a sound unless told to. He loved seeing her like this, bound and unable to talk, it turned him on so much. Finally she could take no more and let out a loud moan, making his cock throb inside her as her orgasm made her pussy clench around him.

With a great effort he stopped moving and her eyes flew open to look at him. She knew she had broken her own self imposed rule!

He pulled out without a word, got up and walked over to the table. He found a ball gag and brought it over to the bed, along with a small vibrator. "If you can't be trusted not to speak, I'll have to silence you won't I?" he said slowly. Staring at her, knowing her pussy was dripping wet and still being hard as a rock, he made her push her tongue out and put the ball in her mouth, fixing it into place.

Her pupils immediately began to dilate and he knew that she was entering a different world and he was more than happy to go join her there. He slid his dick back inside and the heat of her walls once again enveloped him in a cocoon. He began to move again slowly, trying not to come too quick, but the problem was that he had been anticipating this since he heard her footsteps earlier that day.

His tempo once again increased as did her moans, even with the gag in. The sound of her made him fuck her harder and using an elbow as leverage, he rose above her slightly and put all his energy into it, sweating hard, using the other hand to hold her hips.

That was it, he felt it as he once again hit her spot over and over. There was no way he could stop this one coming now and he let out a loud moan as he exploded into orgasm. Wave after wave crashed over him and he had to flop down, just for a minute. His heart rate slowed down and his breathing returned to normal.

"Fuck me, that was awesome!" he said. She still had the gag in and did not look nearly as satisfied as she did riley shane diesel and jack napier seconds ago when he was pummeling her cunt. He resolved to rectify that. Even fake whores needed release now and again&hellip. He flipped her over onto her back and slowly took the collar and cuffs off. Licking her belly and working his way up to her breasts, he sucked on them, biting them roughly.

She moaned out loud through the gag and grabbed his head to push it down to her pussy. He slapped her hands away and came up to her face. "Do I have to tell you again, who is in control here, what you asked for?" Her eyes widened in excitement and she shook her head slowly. He took her right hand and attached it to the cuff in the bondage sheet. The other hand went in the other cuff. He pulled her down so her arms were straight. He pulled her legs apart and plucked the vibrator off the pillow.

Taking a glass of Ruinart, he drank half of it. He poured the other half on her pussy.

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Switching on the vibrator, he ran it around her labia, teasing her and pushing it up against her clit. Unable to move her hands, she couldn't do much except try to buck and was quickly stopped by a hand on her abdomen. The vibrator continued its assault on her cunt and suddenly he pushed it up inside her and attached his lips to her clit.

She moaned so loudly his cock stirred once again and he rapidly and deliberately repeated the action, sucking and flicking with his tongue and vibrator fucking her pussy. She hummed and moaned and tried to grind her pussy against his face.

He loved that and dug in deeper with the vibrator, sucking harder and tasting the champagne and pussy juice. He felt her pussy begin to contract and knew that she was really really close to orgasm and quickly shifted himself upright to his knees. Lifting her ass up with his hands, he slid under her, resting her legs on his shoulders and removing the vibrator. He positioned himself and pushed back in, manipulating her clit with his fingers at the same time.

She tried to howl, but the gag prevented her from making too much noise, which turned him on even more. She began to shudder and her whole body convulsed. Her face was screwed up, hair plastered to her forehead and finally she popped, relaxing her whole body and going limp.

He grinned inwardly, knowing that this was just the first one of handjob showing feet xxx charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes night…&hellip.