Hot masseuse ember snow banged by client

Hot masseuse ember snow banged by client
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A Few Days Later It was around 2 pm on an April afternoon on a Saturday, it was around 85 outside and Serenity was sun-bathing on a towel. Serenity was spread out wearing a thin black bikini bottom with her D sized tits on proud display to the neighbors whenever Master Nick walked outside, his first reaction was "What the hell are you doing?" but sweet Serenity looked up and said "I'm tanning, if you're talking about the lack of top, well I don't want any tan lines.

"Well, if that's the case Serenity I could always revoke your clothes from you. Do you want me to do that?" He said.

Without a second to react Serenity said "No Master, please no." "Okay then Serenity, take off your bottoms" he exclaimed. Serenity was hesitant but continued; she untied the sides and threw it to the side. Nick had inspected closer, "where is your collar my sweet little fuck toy?" Serenity had a moment of panic; she had forgotten to put it on whenever she had gotten up that morning, "I'm sorry Sir, I forgot about it." Nick was instantly pissed at her, but he simply shook his head grabbed her bikini bottom and walked inside of the house, locking the door behind him.

Serenity didn't think anything of it and just continued to sun-bathe. Later in the evening Serenity had decided that she wanted to go inside of the house and went to open the door, it was locked. She started to beat on the door and eventually Master had come and approached the door, she pleaded through the door for him to unlock kinky brunette kitty jane gets hardcore vag plowing and he simply shook his head.

Nick then turned around and walked away from the door putting headphones in his ear.

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Serenity had simply sat in-front of the door and waited for him to come back. A few hours later in the evening Nick had come to the door and unlocked it, opening it slightly saying to Serenity "I will let you inside but you're going to do every single thing that I command you to.

The slightest bit of disobedience and you'll regret it." Serenity shook her head and went to stand up and enter into the house. The moment she was inside of the door Master Nick turned around and put a collar around her neck and putting a small lock that perky love bubbles doxy gets interview japanese hardcore a key onto the collar.

"Now I think that you will have a hard time trying to forget your collar now." Nick had stated. Serenity bowed her head and followed behind Nick. Nick then lead her to the bathroom and put a blindfold over her eyes and put a pair of handcuffs onto her wrist, after doing so he led her to the bathtub and kneeled her inside of it he said to Serenity "You're going to get a shower, don't worry" He then stood on top of the toilet cover and took his cock out of his shorts, and whispered to Serenity "maybe just not the one that you want to get" He then started to trickle piss out of his cock aiming it for Serenity's hair and face he yelled at her "Open your mouth slut!" She did as told and he increasing the stream, continuing to piss on her hair, face, mouth and body, giving her that sweet smell covering her body.

Whenever Nick had finished using the bathroom on her, he cleaned himself off and turned on the shower, with freezing water coming out of the spout at barely a trickle. Nick left the shower on for all of 30 seconds then cut it off. "There you received your shower, now stand up you stupid slut" and he took the blindfold off her. After Serenity's "shower" Nick had led her to the kitchen and told her to lie onto the table.

Serenity did as told and stared at the ceiling while laying back her arms hanging off the side and her legs dangling off the table. Nick then entered the room with a bag and dug out two pairs of handcuffs attaching one pair to her left hand then attaching it to the leg of the table, doing the same with the right. Then after securing her hands he then began to retrieve rope and attached her legs to the table legs as he did with her hands.

He then roughly grabbed her left tit white pussy gets fucked hard and creampied attached a clover clamp to her nipple, doing the same to the right with her tits now attached by a chain linking between them. He then stood between her legs and shoved deeply the ribbed vibe and turned it on high up her soaking cunt. He stood there and scooped up the wetness soaking out of her and he covered her face with it, not missing the slightest inch.

After covering her face with the sweet nectar he went next to her, smelled her face and called her a "fucking whore" then spitting on her. Master Nick then proceeded to attach a ball gag to her head forcing her mouth wide open. He then walked out of the room and retrieved a candle. Bringing it to the kitchen and letting it burn he starts talking to Serenity "You know, I applaud you for being naked outside for so long but you didn't talk to me about it the right way and the fact you weren't wearing your collar made me very pissed so I locked you outside and maybe you will learn your lesson soon." He picked up the candle and started to dribble it down her chest and mound.

Just then the doorbell rang and Master Nick approached the door, seeing his friendly faces and inviting them in. He then led his guest to the kitchen where Serenity was spread out onto the table. Serenity opened her eyes and noticed the female and male that is standing around her. Master Nick then introduced them, the female first "Serenity, this is Ivy, *then pointing to the male* his name is Archer, you will be serving all of us tonight." Master Nick then unties Serenity and leads his guest into the living room telling Serenity to stay for a moment.

Whenever Nick returns he tells Serenity to go get cleaned up and her outfit for the evening will be on the bed, along with her instructions.

Serenity goes quickly to the bathroom and cleans off the wax, gets herself a real shower becoming clean then goes to the bedroom, sees her outfit and picks up her note. She then reads to herself "Serenity, you are to serve me and my friends regardless of their request, if the slightest thing goes wrong I assure you that you will regret it.

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Wear the outfit exactly as I have it then come to the living room." Serenity sets the note down then starts to get dressed starting with a black strapless bra and a black pair of panties that has a medium sized hole in the crotch, she then picked up her top which was the top of a French maid uniform except it stopped right under her breast and tied behind her neck she fumbled with the skirt it was very short and had a small white apron on the front. She put on her white thigh high stockings which had a black bow on the top and black heels, she then went to the living room and stopped in the doorway, she saw a lot of toys set out on the table and then walked into the room.

Master Nick turned his head and smiled, and then telling his friends to start as they planned, Ivy motioned for Serenity to come there and she did in a heartbeat terrified to see what the punishment was to be. Ivy told her to bend over and she felt Ivy messing with the hole in her underwear she then fingered it for a moment then collecting the juices and wiping it off on Serenity's face. Ivy messed on the table for a moment then grabbed a dildo and inserted it all into Serenity, then taking a piece of industrial tape and covering her sobbing snatch, trapping the long dildo inside of her.

Ivy then instructed her to walk around the living room then go back to her, she did as told then came back, and Ivy sat there and pulled up the hem of her dress and shoved Serenity's face into her soaking cunt. Yelling at Serenity "Make me cum mom son fuck wek up sleep stupid cumdump!" Serenity then went at it, licking up and down, plunging her tongue in and out of Ivy swirling her tongue around her clit and finally bringing Ivy to orgasm then with no warning she shoves Serenity's face deep into her cunt and cumming onto her face.

Whenever Ivy lets Serenity go she attempts to wipe the cum off her face and Master Nick stops her in her tracks and tells her to go to him.

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He takes a pair of handcuffs and attaches it to her hands. Then tells her to sit down, and he attaches a blindfold around her eyes then feels her nipples get really cold.

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Her alertness heightens and then she feels a sharp pain and yells. Her tit is slapped and the same process is repeated with the other tit. She then feels a small amount of weight attach to her tender nipples she is then un-blindfolded.

Serenity looks down and sees her nipples have just been pierced. Master then looks at Serenity and tells her that her punishment is over, but next time she won't be so lucky. Serenity kneels on the ground next to Master and apologizes, master says "I just wanted you to be humiliated for a while, but the dildo may come out whenever I say it can, so lay down so the pain can lessen.

I will be up there soon after I'm finished with my friends.