Both teen and milf want to have every fun

Both teen and milf want to have every fun
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After all that had gone on before that made my move to Aunt Ginny's you would think that I euro pornstar sheridan fucking some dude pleasure photorama have learned some thing.

Yet having no sense of sex with relatives being wrong I didn't. Of course the word about me sure arrived ahead of me. Like bad news travels faster than you do. My cousin Tommy was aunt Ginny's son. He didn't live with her as she was divorced. He lived with his father and only visited. He was a year older than me. He wasn't mean or said any thing to me, just welcomed me. I think that had a lot to do with what happened as time went on.

The first time I saw his penis was when he was coming out of the shower. It looked wierd, not like all the ones I had seen until now. The head was all covered with skin. When he saw me looking at it, the penis seemed to rise under its own power until it was erect.

Even in a full erection the skin covered the head. I was totally fascinated by it. I looked him in the eyes and he blushed a little. I reached out and touched his penis. He didn't shy away or any thing. Just stood there and let me hold it. When I pulled on the skin it slid back exposing the head. I had never seen any thing like that. I would slide the skin back and let it go, exposing the head and then covering it.

By now his penis was quivering and jerking and he was moaning and breathing hard. It was a surprise when it suddenly shot semen in my face. Tommy was quite embarrassed and kept mumbling apologies.

I said it was not a problem and kissed the tip of it. I think that shocked the poor guy even more. It was the next day that I was able to let him see me naked. I wasn't real comfortable about being naked since I was fat. I left the door open while I showered and he was standing there when I stepped out of the shower.

His eyes widened as he looked at my body. I was ready to grab a towel and cover up if he said any thing about fat or ugly. I was frozen when he managed to mumble out the words "you are beautiful." I was thinking really? But couldn't get the word out. He touched my now hard nipples and that sent a little electric shock through me. He looked at me and said, "May I?" Then got down on his knees and parted my lips.

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I was tremendously excited at his looking up into my vagina. My legs were shaking when he put his finger in me and moved it around. He probled and touched my pussy all over and soon had me on the edge of a climax. When he found my little "man" and touched it I went off. That really suprised him. Soon I had him on my bed and his penis in me thrusting away.

All too soon he climaxed while I was still hot. So i rolled him off and took him in my mouth. He tried to push me away but I hung on and sucked him back to life. Then I climbed on and had a good ride vipissy blondes get piss soaked and orgasm I had several climaxes.

Of course some where in there he had another one also. Finally exhausted we lay there and just held each other. He told me I was the first girl that had gone all the way with him. The others had merely given hand jobs. I was definately the first to suck his penis. At first he was reluctant to let me but later enjoyed my little game of pushing the foreskin back with my lips and licked the head.

It was Tommy who more or less convinced me to go naked. I didn't mind it around the house. Aunt Ginny didn't say any thing, just raised her eye brows. So it became normal for me. I was hesitant and more than a little scared going out in the back yard naked for the first time.

I soon got used to it though.

There was some woods behind Aunt Ginny's house and a path through them to a small lake not too far away. It wasn't really a lake, more like a large pond. It was cresent shaped so you couldn't see the other end when you came out of the woods. The other end had a dirt road that led to fiona loves playing with horny slave men she found a victim which she forces to masturbate while she and that is where a lot of people went to swim.

That end was deeper than our end. It was only chest deep at our end but over your head if you swam around the curve to the other end.

During the summer Tommy and I went daily to the lake swimming. Some times we would hear people yelling and having fun at the other end. Since I was naked when we went, we usually didn't go over there. One day not too long after we started going there, we found a couple boys swimming there. I was a bit nervous and still some what shy so I hung back in the wood line.

Tommy said to come on it was just his cousins Brad and Billy. He introduced us and the guys just kept looking at my naked body. Brad was my age and Billy a year younger. When they finally came out of the water with erections I saw that they too had the skin covering the penis head. Tommy dropped his shorts and we all went in the water. We had some fun splashing about. Laughing and playing with some under water gropes and feels. Finally we got out and sat on some rocks and let the sun and air dry us off.

Of course I had to sit with my legs apart and leaning back so my sex was visible. I have no idea of what all we talked about but the subject eventually got around to sex. Tommy told them how we had screwed and me sucking his penis. The guys didn't really believe him even though I said it was true.

So I said come on over here and I'll prove it. Brad came over and stood there with his erection in my face. So I took it in my mouth and he about fell over.

It sure didn't take him long to climax in my mouth.

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And even less time for his brother Billy. Tommy got me down on hands and knees and showed them how to really get it in deep from behind. By the time he climaxed Brad was ready to put his lesson into play. Of course I was also getting off doing all this. The boys took turns screwing my brains out and I loved every minute of it.

By the end of the afternoon I was their little fuck toy bitch. Of course I was happy to have all the attention and affection. The next day Tommy took me through the woods to their place.

They had a tree house in their back yard. It wasn't a real tree house. Their dad had built it for them.

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It was four steps off the ground and one side was against a big pine. So it was a tree house. It didn't have a door or windows, just the openings for them. There was a table and some chairs and a couple fold down cots inside.

The tree house became the club house for our "gang". It was more a club than a gang in the usual sense of the word. I would spend many hours in our tree house playing my favorite game of slide the foreskin back with my lips and lick the head of the penis.

I was getting used to going out of the house naked except some sandals on my feet. It didn't matter if I was alone or with Tommy. Either way I was comfortable going around naked. I so seldom met anyone that it was always a bit of a shock when I did. Tommy had to go some place so I was on my way over to the tree house when I ran into a girl.

She looked about my age and was wearing shorts and a tank top. I didn't know what to say as what do you say when you meet some one while naked? She said hi there so I said hi back. She said I was awfull brave to be going around like that.

I didn't know what to say in reply so just nodded my head. She told me her name was Judy so I told her mine. We walked along a little talking. I found out she was the same age and didn't live too far away. We would be in school together. She was easy to talk to even though we just talked of simple stuff.

She asked me why I went out with no clothes so I told her it was more comfortable this way. She asked if I was afraid of getting raped or kidnapped. I told her I didn't even think of that. So teen fucked on train and sneaky teens farm girls she was the only one I had met while going through the woods.

She said I should come over some time and we could hang out and listen to music and stuff. I promised I would and watched her out of the woods and across the street to where she lived. I went on to the tree house and met Brad and Billy there.

It didn't take long before they had their shorts off and me taking their cocks in my mouth. After they were worn out we sat around talking a bit. The guys wanted to put together a club. Maybe 6 or 7 members at the most. I wondered what kind of club but didn't ask. They went on about fishing and swimming and maybe hiking together. It sounded like a good idea. Tommy and the guys and I were at the tree house and I was playing my favorite game of slide the foreskin lol.

Most of it was with my lips and then suck on the head a little before going to the next one. The idea of the club came up again and Tommy said it was a good idea.

I had his penis in my mouth and he tilted my head back so I was looking up at him. He said Sue can be our sex toy mascot. By then I was milking his balls so he squirted in my aunt nephew incest sex movies. I licked off the last few drops oozing out of his pee hole and said sounds good to me.

Then Brad and Billy were taking turns sticking the penis in my mouth and then my vagina and saying that was a great idea. I was getting so used to a lot of sex that it felt so good. I'd get off a lot and that was really pleasureable. Brad and Billy had a black lab named what else but "Blackie." He was always trying hot multiple position sex by a latin teen couple lick my sex and i'd push him away until the guys would say let him lick.

Of course the dog licking me would get me hot and kitty langdon does the black zilla pussy yoga stretches to trott. They were talking of what kind of initiation to have to get in the club. About that time Blackie was licking me. So Tommy said how about they have to lick Sue till she gets off!

I was all for that since it was some thing new lol. I was all for the idea and could hardly wait for the first initiation. The guys dreamed up some other ideas for the club. One of the wierd ones was I got to wear this old dog collar. I took Judy up on her offer and stopped by her place. Since I had to go on the street I wore a tee shirt and baggy shorts. When I knocked on the door I was met by an older lady who introduced herself as Judy's mom, Sal.

She was a real good looking woman with some extra german schwanz geil geblasen und saft geschluckt on her hips and belly. She had some big boobs so the total package was rather sexy. I was a bit shocked when she grabbed me and hugged me. I sure wasn't used to that. nor was I prepared for the kiss when she let me go. Sal pulled me in the house like I was some sort of long lost favored relative.

She was so bright and bubbly she won me over in mere seconds. She led me back to the kitchen and was like a whirlwind of activity. She kidded me about being the naked girl in the woods. I felt so relaxed that instead of blushing I was laffing at myself.

She made me feel so at home that I forgot why I came until Judy walked in the back door. She laffed and said I see mom has you eating out of her hand. I sure could see how she could charm anyone. I was a bit shocked when Sal said one of these days we will all have to go to the lake and do some skinny dipping. I wasn't sure why I was shocked other than maybe the idea that going naked wasn't some thing most adults did. I had a real good time just flapping my gums and was happy to have made another friend.

Since I was the one trying to cook at home, Sal taught me a lot about how to. Aunt Ginny just wasn't capable of doing it. Tommy and I went through the woods to the lake. By now I didn't even think of wearing clothes in the woods. We walked along the shore until we got to the other end of the lake. There was a couple kids throwing a stick in the water and a dog jumping in and getting it.

We went over and said hello and they kept eyeballing me while the dog fetched the stick. They didn't seem to find a naked girl any thing strange. So I guessed that a lot of kids went nude swimming there too.

I jumped in and sort of splashed around. Tommy was talking to the kids while I was having a swim. Why I find the penis with foreskin so fascinating I have no idea. I love to slide the skin back and watch the head pop out. Sliding it back with the lips so I can lick and suck on the head is exciting too. Of course the guys liked it too. We spent hours in the club house with me doing it. I had the 3 of them so when one climaxed I had another handy. Soon after the guys decided to have a club I was doing my thing with those lovely cocks while they came up with ideas on how to run it and what to bi chaps and their cute pretty gf. I asked why did I have to wear a dog collar and they said because I was the club's sex slave.

It sounded pretty kinky to me. Then they came up with the idea of leather bracelets with a ling to attached stuff to. Like to make them into handcuffs if they needed to. I was thinking this is some really wild stuff. Yet it was an exciting idea. By now each one had climaxed about 3 times so they asked for a rest.

I was pretty hot and bothered as Blackie had been licking me while I had their cocks. Katy sweet has her tight anus plowed said to me why don't I give Blackie some relief. At first I didn't know what he meant.

Then he said he's been licking you so return the favor. Ordinarily I would have said no but I was real hot and bothered. I looked at him with his penis sticking out of the furry part and thought how wierd that dick looks.

Its all red and pointy not rounded at the tip. Billy said yea go ahead and lick him for a change. So i got down and gave it a lick. Then another and it wasn't so bad. By now the guys were clapping and urging me on.

So I licked it up and down and then took it in my mouth. It felt really strange on my tongue. But it didn't bother me so much. So i sucked on it for a while. Suddenly my mouth was filled with a real bitter coppery tasting liquid. I thought the dog had climaxed but found out later it was only a pre cum. I turned around on my hands and knees and looked at the guys.

they were all excited and sporting erections. While I was there Blackie jumped up on my back. I thought what the heck was going on. I felt his pointy penis probing and suddenly he was buried deep in me. Like way deep in me.

By now the guys were going wild with excitement. He pumped away for a while and then stiffened up. I felt his penis expanding inside me and stretching me. I was like what is going on. I tried to get away but he was stuck inside me!

This was all too much for the boys as suddenly I had an erect penis stuck in my mouth. One after another they climaxed in my mouth not lasting more than a couple minutes. Tommy kept telling me how freaking hot it was to watch me do Blackie. And how hot it was going to be to see me doing all the members bondage bed fuck excited youthful tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are finally the club.

I was wondering how many they had in mind for this club. I had visions of 10 or 15 guys screwing me. I wondered if I could take that many. So far I had no problems with the 3 of them.

Actually it was 4 with Blackie but who is counting. It was the being wanted and needed that I craved. Not to mention the affection and pleasure i got from it all. Mean while I continued to go and visit with Judy. I never failed to get a big hug and a kiss from her mom. For some reason it always gave me a warm feeling inside.

This day I was greeted by Sal at the door and she was wearing only a short robe which hung open. As usual she grabbed me in a super bear hug. She always managed to hang on for over a minute before releasing you for a kiss. She had a great tan and one of the things quite evident was no tan lines.

She led me to the back yard where there was some lawn furniture. There was a privacy fence but you could see in the yard from the second story windows. She slipped off her robe and handed me a bottle of oil and asked if I would put some on her.

Her thighs were heavy and she had a bit of a belly on her and her breasts sagged but still her body was better than mine. At least I thought so. She turned her back and I started to apply the pleasantly scented oil. All the way down her back to her bum. I hesitated a moment and she said go ahead I won't bite.

So I applied oil to her bum and also to the valley between her cheeks. When I got to her ankles, she turned around and I started working my way up. I noticed she kept her pubic hair very short with just a little bit around the tip of her slit. She had a surgical scar in the bikini cut mode on her belly and stretch marks but still I thought she looked good.

When I got to her breasts her nipples erected and I guess I blushed because she laughed. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and said I was sweet. About that time Judy came out and exclaimed, "Mom!" Sal laffed and said hey she is a girl and the plumbing is all the same. Judy told her don't over cook and get burnt! And we went up to her room to chill and listen to music. I asked if the neighbors could see into their yard. Judy said the one side can't because of the apple tree.

But the ones in the back can and the other side. I asked if they complained or her mom minded being peeped. Judy laffed and said no way. Tommy was back at his dad's for a while so I was hanging out at the club house with Brad and Billy. Since I had only seen their parents and never talked to them, I asked about them.

While I played my favorite game of foreskins with my lips and tongue they told me a little about them. Their dad was good to them. Look at the club house for instance.

He played ball with them and took them to sporting events. Their mom was a bit different they said. How so I asked? They said well she was like most moms, affectionate, caring and kind but had a quirky streak.

I had no clue as to what they meant and said so. Brad angels suck and receive screwed homemade hardcore he had heard a noise down stairs one nite. When he crept down there was his mom bent over a chair and dad doing her from behind. She kept say spank me baby, spank me hard. Their dad was obliging slapping her butt cheeks while he thrust in her. Billy said he saw them in the celler one nite when he was coming home.

His mom was naked on her knees and their dad had this whip and was lashing her. Next day when he asked her she had blushed and told him she was being scourged to drive out the sins! I had never heard of that before and made a mental note to look it up. I wondered what else they or she was up to. Of course my musings were interupted by a climax in my mouth and we never got back to that subject. I asked what was my role in the club to be. Like what was i supposed to do and act like? Their idea was I was the official sex slave.

Just be naked and do what ever they or Tommy told me to do. I wondered what their minds could dream up. Finally the day came when Tommy told me they had a couple of hopefulls for the club.

Ok I said, what do I do? Wear your collar and the bracelets and I lead you in with a leash. You wear this cloth half mask with the eye holes so they don't know who you are. They can feel you up, play with your tits, grab your ass and do any thing they want with you.

When I put my hand on your shoulder, you get down on your knees and suck my cock. After hearing this I was real excited. So off throught the woods we went. Tommy walking ahead with me on a leash behind. When we got to the club house I heard Brad say, "well here's our sex slave just like we said." There were 2 guys beside Brad and Billy there.

About average height I guess, one blonde, one with black hair. Seeing me naked they came right over and immediately started playing with my breasts and feeling my pussy. There was a lot of chatter from them. I opened my legs so they had better access to my pussy. The blonde one asked, "This is nice but how do we know for sure she puts out?" With that Tommy put his hand on my shoulder and i went to my knees.

I pulled down his shorts and took his penis in my mouth and started sucking. I felt hands on my hips lifting me up and looked around to see it was Brad. He entered me from behind and I resumed sucking Tommy's penis.

The new guys were really excited and had their cocks out. Tommy said not so fast guys. There is a small matter of the initiation. They wanted to know what the initiation consisted of. Tommy said its real simple. Do you really want in? And you have to lick her pussy until she cums. The blonde said, "Hey I'm in but quit fucking her, I don't want to eat any dude cum." The dark haired one wasn't so quick to answer. He wanted to know some stuff like when can I fuck "the bitch" and can my pals do her?

Tommy told him any time he wanted to and no sexy women pursuaded to flash their titties for money flashing and reality club member were allowed to fuck her.

Tommy told me to get up on the table and spread my legs. So I did. The blonde guy, Roy, got down between them and spread my lips. I was real juicy by now and quite excited.

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I felt a few tentative licks and then some long ones up my slit. Evidently Roy didn't find my pussy repulsive because he dug in and started licking me like no tomorrow. It felt so damn good that I got lost in it. When I climaxed I must have really squeezed his head with my thighs. When I let him go he flew around and stuck his penis in my mouth and shot a lot of semen. The black haired guy said he'd wait a while.

Mean while Brad stuck his hard penis in me and was going at it like there was no tomorrow. Billy had his in my mouth and I was off to the races. Eventually they wore down and I was full of semen and happy with all my own climaxes.