Juicy slut endures sexy sex smalltits and homemade

Juicy slut endures sexy sex smalltits and homemade
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My standard disclaimer, all stories take place on a different earth, where the orbit is 3 times ours, making ages 1/3 what they are on earth. And where the age of consent is thus 6. "Jessica and Abby still coming over tonight?" I asked. "In about 15 minutes." came the quick reply from the bathroom. "How do I look?" Donna asked as she walked out.

She looked amazing. A formal green dress, not to long, splendid legs, and she had made herself up like a classy movie star from the golden age.

Very Marilyn Monroe, but with natural blond hair. "Ridiculously good." I said, giving her a kiss. "Well, you got home late, so get cleaned up." she chided, returning my kiss. "Seriously Douglas, they will be here in 15 minutes, and I really need this, so hurry up." Shower, shave, and dressed in 25 minutes, not bad really.

I came down stairs just as the door bell rang and Donna was walking by to the door, I stepped in behind her like I had been there all along. Typical greetings followed. "Jessica, so nice to see you, Douglas has told me so much about you. And this must be Abby, or do you prefer Abigail?" Donna was the consummate hostess. "Either is fine Mrs. Fletch." replied the young lady. "Come in," I told them, "make yourself at home." We ushered them to the den, where Donna sat them down, and I made drinks.

"Three house specials, and one virgin house special." I said, passing the drinks mandy amateur college blonde playing in washroom. I made a show out of making sure the virgin one went to Abby, but in reality, they all had to go to the right people.

"So what grade are you in Abigail?" Donna asked. "I'll be entering 7th two luscious chicks have fun with toys lesbian blonde the fall." Abby replied. She was obviously very shy, so she spoke softly, but with respectful manners. Donna continued the small talk, as I got ready. The drinks hit in about 5 minutes. Both Abigail and Jessica stared blankly and silently in to space. We positioned them both to look at the tv.

"This, this is a good one Douglas, look at her," she said, her hand up the girls blouse, rubbing her nipples. "she's just starting, she has puffy nipples. Let me see in anything's going on down here." and with that she reached up the girls skirt, I could see her try and move some painties away before giving up and simply pulling them down to her ankles before reaching back up.

"No hair yet. Not as good as Daisy, but still hot." "You do like your slicks don't chinese story rape girls dick I stated, using the term she came up with to describe the young hairless girls she liked.

"Slicker the better." she confirmed. "Come on sweetie, you can have her later." I said, as I started the program on the computer. We left and let the hypno program do it's thing.

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We returned about an hour later, the drugs were mostly worn off, but the hypnosis was in full effect. I went about programing them, Donna and I were masters, they had to follow our orders to the letter.

They did nothing outside of school and work without my permission, etc. And they were always to be incredibly horny whenever we were around. I gave them both a bit of an oral fixation, they would love to please with oral sex, they could even, under just the right circumstances, have an orgasm while performing oral sex.

They would also do what every we want, and would get very turned on doing things we like. Now came the time to test the programing. The best test of the control over the subject, is to have them do something completely against their nature. Leaving them in their semi unconscious state, I used our stand by test.

"Abigail, listen to me, in a moment, I want you to dance for your mother, a seductive dance while you strip off all your clothes. Be sexy and forward, your goal is to seduce her and have sex with her." I then addressed her mom, "Jessica, Abby is going to dance for you, you are going to be very sexually attracted to her, in fact you will be aroused by her anytime your around from now on. As she dances, encourage her to be as nasty and slutty as possible, when she is done, you will have sex with her, hot nasty sex.

Ok ladies, do it now." Donna and I sat aside, and watched to see how well it worked. The programing was developed at my lab, and has never failed. Abby stood and started dancing, I removed her chair, leaving just her mom sitting in the middle of the room.

Abby danced like a stripper, which I guess she was, or at least what she thought a stripper was. She would spin, she touched her blouse, and started to unbutton it from the bottom. "That's that's it baby, show mommy the goods." Jessica cheered. Both of them were acting like they thought they should, not having any experience at either role. Abby worked faster, the music all in her head. When the last button left, she held her top closed, danced herself to her mom, and put her chest tight in her face, then opened the blouse dramatically.

It was a good effect. Her mom cheered her on. When she pulled back, I saw she was wearing a small training bra, I didn't realize. Jessica licked her lips, and made kissing sounds at her.

Abby backed away, then danced again, tossing the top far away. Her hair was several inches past the shoulder, and flowed beautifully over her body. "Show me somemore baby, mommy wants to see it ALL!" Jessica sounded like a horny old man in a sexy womans body. Abby continued dancing as she turned away. She reached back and unhooked her bra, removed it, throwing it away, all while facing away from her mother.

She covered her nipples with her hands, turned around and danced closer to her mom. Standing right in front of her, she raised her hands high above her head while she undulated erotically. Jessica reached up and covered each future breast with her hands while Abby swayed and let out a small sigh, before abruptly turning away. She bent over at almost 90 degrees, and wiggled her ass in her mother's face, and Jessica was barely able to control herself.

Abby flipped the back of her skirt up, flashing her goods to her mom. I dont know if Abby knew she was without panties or not, since Donna had removed them.

Jessica reached with both hands and squeezed her ass, Abby fained shock, turned around and wagged a finger at her, all with a sexy sly grin. Now dancing just beyond arms length, Abby began to slowly unzip the skirt, the 8 inch zipper took nearly 30 seconds, then equally slowly, undid the top button.

She danced back to her mom again, holding the skirt at the waist. She danced so sexy for her age, a real pro. Now she mother gets unwanted dp from son just dancing with her hips, swaying back and forth, mere inches from her heavy breathing mother's face.

Jessica watched her daughters pelvis swing in front of her, the rhythmic motions exciting her, she could smell her daughters arousal. She reached back and unzipped her dress without standing, and let top fall away in to her lap. Her bra was unclipped between her breasts, and was removed in a blink. She sat watching her girl dance for her, while she cupped her c cups, and pinched at her rose colored nipples, letting out a small gasp or moan each time.

Then Abby just stopped. I panicked momentarily thnking the programing har failed. Then Abby release her skirt, and it fell around her ankels before being kicked away. Jessica groaned loudly.

"Fuck this girl is hot." Donna said. "I've got to have a piece of that tonight. Just a little, please?" "You know our rules, only the two of them tonight, you can have her next week." I reminded her. "OK, but get Michelle, and the twins over here tomorrow. I'm horny as fuck now" Donna told me. Abby stood in only her Mary Jane's and ankel socks. She was so very pretty. She scooted ever closer to her sitting mother, until her pussy was less then 3 inches chubby boy with bear gay Jessica's face, and Charisse mae aminoso filipina pinay xxx scandals part couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Abby reached down and tilted her mothers face up toward hers. "Mommy, eat my pussy please." and then released her head.

Jessica, who probably had never eaten a pussy before, went right at it, licking up and down quickly and forcefully. Every time her tongue reaches the top of her slit, and rolled over her clit, Abby would gasp, and Jessica would moan in sympathetic pleasure, as she was programmed. "Oh fuck that's good mommy." Abby growled. She brought her left foot up on the chair beside her mom, opening her cunt wider, giving her arya fae en un taxi better access.

Jessica dropped her head down lower, sticking her tongue as far up her vagina as possible, licking and moaning in to her tight pussy.

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Abby climbed further on the chair, putting her knees on the heavy arms, scooting forward, pinning her mothers face between the back of the chair and her pussy. "Suck my clit mom, suck it hard." Jessica did, and this went on for a minute or two. I went in and gave the two a command. I wanted them to finish, and needed Jessica to take care of something I hate doing, then stepped back. Jessica stripped faster august taylor the real workout I thought possible.

The girl and her mother moved to the floor, in a 69 type position, with mom on the bottom. Not a true 69 because of Abby's small stature, her pussy rested on her mom's mouth, but her face didn't reach her mother's. Jessica went back to work on her pussy, while Abby brought her hands to her mom's hairy cunt. Jessica's light brown fur had a distinct dark patch in the center from the wetness.

Abby used both hands to spread her mother cunt wide, and started fingering her, soft and gentle at first, then harder, and faster. Soon Abby had most of her right hand buried in mom's cunt, and used her left hand to rub her clit. Both girls were moaning loudly, Donna had her hand working her pussy over under her skirt.

Jessica and her daughter were getting very close. Abby was making sloppy wet sounds that were emerging from Jessica hairy cunt, and a slick fluid coated Jessica's cheeks from Abby. Moments later, both of them started to cum, Abby was shaking almost violently atop of her mother, who was thrusting her hips at her daughters working hands. As the two were in the throes of orgasm, I told Jessica "Now is the time." Jessica brought her hand around to Abby's tender pussy, and in a swift motion, plunged a finger deep in to her.

A small tear later, and the path was how clear for future use.