A hot sexy rocker slut fucked a pawn man for cash

A hot sexy rocker slut fucked a pawn man for cash
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Art Feasible After my divorce I moved back to a little town in Florida that I haven't been to in about ten years. I was looking for a clean start on life again away from my ex who now lives a little over four hundred miles away. I think that will be far enough so that her and I won't run into each other occasionally. By the way, my name is Peter, I am sixty years old, five foot six inches tall, salt and pepper hair, about fifty pounds overweight and have a sexual appetite greater then what I did when back in my twenties and thirties.

I just can't get enough pussy. While sitting in my apartment with nothing to do I thought back about a yearly art feasible that comes to a near-by town. I decided why not go. I have never been to an art feasible in all my years roaming this earth. Maybe I will find something interesting there that I might want to buy for the house. I was browsing for about an hour now and in the back of one of the tents displaying black and white photo art I see this woman that looked very familiar.

As she turned around xnxx bhai na ghar par xnxx story started heading out of the tent I saw her face. It was my old neighbor from twenty years ago.

Her name was Lori, five foot one inch tall, fifty-six years old, red hair, bright blue sparkling eyes and still a body that turned heads as she walked by.

Damn! She's still as hot as ever and doesn't seem to be aging all that much. For a fifty-six year old woman she looks at least ten years younger. I sure would love to strap her hot box around my cock. As she walked by in the next isle over I yelled out, "HOW ARE YOU LORI!" She turned and saw me and immediately a big smile came across her face.

She ran towards me, gave me cocu encul par un germane big hug, kiss on the cheek and said, "Long time since we have seen each other. How are you doing and have you moved back to town or just visiting?" she asked. I moved back to town about three months ago, found an apartment and plan on sticking around for a while. I divorced the woman I left town with.

She developed a heavy gambling habit and because I wouldn't give her money to throw away she cut my sex life off. You know I can't go long without a piece of tail. Maybe you and her husband, Dan, would like to go out for dinner one evening at my expense. She said, "So you don't know? Dan and I divorced four years ago.

He turned to be very demanding and abusive. Heavy into drinking also." I desperate lilly hall kneels down and sucks pawndudes cock never said this to you but I could see that he wasn't her type. I never liked him from the first day I met him and always felt that there was something wrong with him.

It doesn't take me long to pick up on people and know what they are all about. Just give me twenty minutes talking with someone and I will know the type of person they are. I was only nice to him because you loved him. Lori: Why didn't you ever tell me her feelings about him? You know that I always listened to you; I put much trust in her wisdom of thought and feelings toward people. I may never have married him.

I always came to you for advice instead of going to Dan or anyone else. Peter: Do you have a pen and paper in that monster pocketbook of hers? Lori: Let me look, why?

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Here you go. I wrote my address and phone number on it and told Lori to feel free to visit or phone anytime she wanted to talk. I have missed our little talks over the years. Lori: I will be sure to call you soon and don't be surprised if one day I knock on her door unexpectedly for a visit.

Peter: You know you will always be welcome in my home. Oh! If you aren't involved with anyone right now, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I sure would love the company and conversation of a female friend. Especially one that looks as beautiful as you. Lori: I would love her company at dinner tonight.

What time? Peter: I'll pick you up at seven tonight. Do you still live at the same place? We'll go dancing after if you are up to old spunkers cum ladies cum complications. Mind you that I'm still not a great dancer so wear steel toes shoes if you have them.

I do love to try my luck at slow dancing every chance I get. Lori: That would be fine. I'll see you later on. I'll be waiting for you and ready by seven. I walked around the Art Feasible for about another hour and then left for home, purchasing nothing. Everything was so over priced that I didn't feel like the things that I liked where worth the money.

It has been a long time since I have seen and talked to my old friend and neighbor Lori. From our surprise meeting at the art feasible till seven o'clock now, it has seemed like the longest day I have ever put in. But none the less, here I was parked in her driveway and knocking on her door. I heard Lori yell out, "Be right there. The door is open, come in, sit down and make herself at home." Five minutes later Lori is walking out from her bedroom. At first site my eyes got big, mouth hung open and dewing and my cock tenting my pants out.

Her shoulder length red hair was curly; her blue eyes were sparkling showing me that she was excited as I was to have this evening together. She was wearing an off the shoulder little black dress that hugged her curves beautifully and the hem fell about two inches above her knees; not too short to make her look slutty but just short enough so that you could imagine and appreciate what was beneath.

I had all All internal babes pussy is dripping from big creampie could do to say, "WOW!!! You look so beautiful this evening!" Lori blushed and giving a warm friendly smile said, "Thank you. A woman loves to be complimented now and then." I opened the car door for Lori and as she got in the hem of her little black dress rose about mid-thigh. She made no attempt to pull it back down once she was seated.

She watched me with a little smile on her face as I walked around the car to get in the driver's door.

Getting in I noticed that she was struggling to fasten her belt buckle and the hem of her dress rose a little higher and again she made no attempt to pull it down. That was ok with me as I am a legs man and could look at her legs all day.

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Those legs were so perfect for a fifty-six year old woman that I would have loved to rest my head on them, smelling her womanly aroma. I did help her buckle her seat belt and as I did so my hand lightly brushed against her firm hip.

We both love sea food and went to Red Lobster for diner. Done there we hit a night club that played mostly slow music. I did enjoy dancing for the next two hours, holding her tight against me. As previous friends we never did anything like this before because we were both married. We did double date with our respected spouses but didn't enjoy the warmth in each other's arms. This was different seems we were both divorced.

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It was now mid-night and we decided to call it a night. I drove her home, helped her out of the car and walked her to her door. We hugged for a few minutes saying how much we enjoyed the evening together and both agreeing that we would love to do it again sometime.

I started walking away and then turned around heading back to her. I threw my arms around her and gave her a soft passionate kiss that lasted for about three minutes. My hands where all over her tits. I could feel her nipples coming alive through her dress and bra. We were both breathing hard and knew where this was headed and Lori invited me in to have a coffee with her. She made the coffee and I sat on the sofa with so much going through my mind. Was I going to get lucky tonight? It would be a first for Lori and me together.

Lori came out and sat close to me on the sofa with our thighs touching. I put my arm around her and gave her another warm very passionate kiss. Our tongues battled together, hers winning and going as far down my throat as she could possibly get it.

I returned the favor and did the same to her, searching her mouth thoroughly. She started moaning as I did so I knew she was enjoying it.

I started nibbling on Lori's ear for a few minutes then slowly started kissing down her neck and settled just were her neck met her shoulder.

Then I moved to her other ear and did the same exact thing except that I ended up in the front of her neck. I reached behind her unzipping the back of her dress. Pulling her dress down to her waist I then undid the front clasp of her bra and threw it on the far end of the sofa. Her breast where beautiful and being of a smaller size they hardly sagged from age. I slowly kissed down the valley of her breast then kissing all around the both of them.

She threw her head back and started moaning telling me that she loved the pleasure that I was giving her. I started sucking her nipples, switching from one to the other. While I was sucking on one I was fondling and caressing the other with my hand and fingers for several minutes.

Lori was getting really excited by now and trying to shove her tits and nipples into my face and mouth. Ebony lesbian beauties having some fun sixtynine action moans where getting louder and she was begging me not to stop. There was no way I could stop now if I wanted to.

Slowly I kissed my way back up to her lips and she gasped as I cupped gently massaged her tits and rolling her nipples between my index finger and thumb.

My kisses moved back to her ear lobe and I whispered my feelings for her before I started my journey back down. Tonight I wanted to please her like she had never been pleased before. My lips started their journey back to her breast and like before I placed small kisses around the sides and between the center of them. Lori was gasping for air again and asked me what I teen escort unhappy with huge facial dumped on her doing.

She said that she couldn't take much more of this, begging me to stop and that she wanted to be fucked hard and fast…NOW! I ignored her begging and said, "I know you don't want me to stop.

Enjoy the pleasure I am about to give you. Tonight is all about you." Slowly I start downward with small licks and kisses till I reached her bellybutton. I put both my hands under her ass and lift her up so I can pull the remainder of her dress and panties off; sliding them down her gorgeous legs and off her feet I tossed them to were her bra was on the far side of the sofa. Looking between her legs I see that she have shaved her pussy smooth and it is wet with her moisture.

I can smell the musky order coming from between her legs and it was arousing me beyond belief. I wanted to immediately fuck her but have a much more exciting plan in line for her pleasure.

Kissing my way to just above her mound I took a detour, avoiding her pussy for the time being. I move down the right side kissing my way down her leg till I reached her toes and remove her shoes.

Then I kiss her toes for a short minute and start kissing my way up the inside of her right thigh but avoid her pussy, ending up at her bellybutton again.

I slowly start down her left hip and thigh to her toes again of the left foot. While kissing her left hip, dangerously close to her pussy the musky smell emitting from her cunt was getting stronger and so was my excitement as I enjoyed her heated aroma.

Going back up her left thigh, I didn't detour this time but planted small gentle kisses all over her vagina. Slowly I would start kissing and licking her juices that were flowing out of her cunt. Hmmm…did they ever taste delicious. I could have stayed there all night long just sucking her cunt dry.

Kissing to the bottom of her swollen wife rubs pussy on cam for first time I stopped and gently licked the little patch between her ass hole and vagina and she was trying to move her pussy back into place where my lips and tongue could suck and kiss it some more. I could feel the heat coming off her vagina as it kept flowing her tasty juices and I was lapping those delicious juices up as fast as they were running out of her fuck hole.

I gave in and inserted my tongue into her cunt; wiggling and licking my way up to her clit. Nibbling and sucking her clit I slowly started pushing a finger into her vagina and found her g-spot. In a short while I put a second finger into her cunt and again wiggling and stroking her g-spot. With my other hand I reached up and fondled her nipples. Pinching and squeezing them till she moaned and groaned from the sensation. All this time my tongue was sliding up and down her cunt lips and circling her clit.

I gently sucked her clit between my lips, sucking it into my mouth and gently sucked and nibbled on her little hard button. Her pussy was flowing like a river by now and I pulled my fingers out of her cunt only to replace them lesbea amateur teen with huge natural tits my tongue.

I loved her taste as I licked all her flowing juices up and swallowing them. She began to orgasm at this point and I grasped her pelvis, holding on for dear life as she started convulsing more and more as her orgasm grew and grew in strength.

As she orgasmed I didn't stop tongue fucking her cunt. That made her go right into another orgasm&hellip.over and over and over again and again as she cum violently. I didn't stop licking and eating her clit or her juices till she begged me to stop. I let her rest for several minutes but still kept my hand between her legs just caressing her pussy lips; avoiding her overly sensitive clit for the time being.

After several minutes of cuddling I start, once again, passionately kissing her. When she started moaning again I slowly rolled on top of her. Reaching down I grabbed my cock in hand and started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips to lubricate it.

Now I'm not a porn star in the cock department. It is six inches long when hard but so thick that you can't get your hand around it. Believe me, when I penetrate a woman it does stretch her cunt walls a bit.

Slowly I pushed into her slippery cunt. Stretching her pussy wide a little at a time till she became adjusted the width. In a few minutes I am balls deep into her fuck hole; slowly pulling out and a little quicker going back in balls deep. Nibbling at the nap of her neck I start fucking her a little faster and harder. Lori is screaming at me to fuck her harder. "FUCK ME, FUCK MY CUNT, POUND IT HARD AND FAST. MAKE ME CUM, CUM INSIDE ME, MAKE ME YOUR CUM SLUT." Hearing these words coming from her mouth I start fucking in and out of her faster and faster, harder and harder as I nibble on the nape of her neck and ears.

All of a sudden Lori starts screaming that she is having another orgasm…and another orgasm…and another orgasm until she is having one continuous long orgasm. She is screaming and her pussy muscles are clamping her tight cunt walls around my throbbing cock until I orgasm inside of her so much that it starts to leak out around my cock and between her ass crack. I slowed my pace down because I never went soft.

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Oh the wonders of Viagra; just like the energizer bunny, you keep going and going and going. Lori was surprised and pleased to still feel me hard as a rock inside her cunt after we both orgasmed and that I had never stopped fucking her. Maybe slowed down to catch our breath a little but none the less, never stopped fucking her.

Lori was determined to make my cock go limp so we rolled over with her on top this time, never loosing penetration between us. She starts riding me cowgirl style; up and down, harder and faster, gyrating her hips knowing she was going to make me soft this time around.

Starring into Lori's eye's I take my hands and place them on her tits. Our bodies are slapping together as I meet her thrust for thrust; plowing my cock as deep into her cunt as I can. Lori feels my body start to tighten up and my penis seemed to grow larger.

That sends her into another explosive orgasm. Feeling her pussy muscles tighten vise like around my cock it sends me into another orgasm. It is an even more violent orgasm then the last one I had and I filled her cunt with so much of my man cum that she felt like she could almost taste it in her mouth. After we both settled down Lori looked at me in amazement. She couldn't believe that I was still inside her vagina hard as a rock.

Oh how Ravishing babe craves for a good pounding cumshots big tits love Viagra. She got off of me and as she did a mixture of our hot cum just gushed out of her pussy all over my cock and balls. Lori just sat there looking in amazement of my still hard cock covered in ourcum. She bent down and kissed the head of my cock, licking the length of it from top to bottom. While on the bottom side of my cock she licked our cum, that gushed out of her cunt while dismantling me, and began to clean my balls up swallowing all that she could get.

Lori then placed the tip of my cock against her lips, sucking the head into her mouth. Up and down my cock she went, sucking more and more of my cock into the depths of her mouth and throat each time, applying more suction as she did so.

Gradually she had my cock buried in her throat, sticking her tongue out until she was licking my balls as she deep throated me. Lori looked up at me and smiled with my cock still down her throat. Damn did that ever feel fantastic. No woman has ever done that to me before.

The feeling was more than I could handle and I unloaded, yet, another large load of cum. This time in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed as much as she could, enjoying my sweet tasting cum. Then she licked me clean and noticed that I still had some stiffness left in my cock.

Lori was ready to give up yet. She was one determined woman and was going to deflate my cock one way or another. Again…do I ever love Viagra! I pulled Lori up and gave her a deep passionate kiss on the lips. Sticking my tongue into her mouth I could taste my own cum coating the inside big titted brunette ex gf teasing her pussy in pov style mouth.

Standing her up I walked her to the sofa arm and bent her over it. I spread her legs, looking right down into her pussy and ass. Our cum was still leaking out of her cunt and running down her legs. I got up close behind her and started running still hard cock up and down between her vaginal lips and against her clit driving her crazy with want, desire and passion.

Lori begged me to put it in but I kept teasing her. Over and over she tried to push back onto my cock but I would back up with her.

"PLEASE PETER…FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK. I NEED YOU BURIED INSIDE MY CUNT…MAKE ME CUM AGAIN." I gave in and placed the tip of my cock against her opening. I didn't move as she slammed back pushing my cock as deep as she could into her pussy. Lori screamed out in pleasure and stayed still for a minute or so till the tightness of her pussy could adjust to the thickness of my cock. When I felt her cunt muscles relax around my cock I started fucking in and out of her slowly. She matched me stroke for stroke, moaning all the time.

Since I had already orgasmed a couple of times I knew I would last a long time. I kept squirting KY oil on my penis to prevent friction. I knew that she was going to have a sore pussy from all the fucking I was giving her tonight so why make matters worse?

I kept fucking her pussy over the sofa arm faster and harder, trying to get my final orgasm of the night. Lori was having orgasm after orgasm and about ready to pass out but she begged me not to stop fucking her. She was off somewhere into another world with so many orgasms and didn't want for it to stop. After hammering into her for about thirty minutes I finally shot my load deep into her cunt. I didn't cum as much this time but what do you expect…it was my third orgasm of the night.

Not bad for a sixty year old man. Looking up at the clock Lori notice that it was five in the morning. She felt my cock finally soften inside her cunt. Looking up at me with a big smile on her face she said, "We've been fucking for five hours and I finally slayed your dragon." GOD but that was the best fucking I have ever had.

We need to do this often if you are willing. It's early morning. Let's go to bed, cuddle up to each other and get some sleep.

When we wake up we can start fucking all over again.