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Breanne benson cumshot compilation (lord of cumshots tube porn
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Jake and Jane - Stranger Sex It had been a long time since her husband and she luscious girl acquires her holes licked pornstar hardcore been out for the night together. With their anniversary nearing, she felt she had better make a plan and arrange something exciting for them to do. With Jake's long hours at work she felt it was unlikely he'd have time to plan anything for them.

Taking the day off work Jane had a relaxing day giving herself a facial, manicure, pedicure, taking a relaxing bath and then moisturizing all over until her peachy skin was smooth and had a lovely healthy glow.

At 5pm, when Jake was due to finish work, she lightly made up her face, pinned back her tresses of brown hair which had sparks of auburn in the sunlight. She slipped into black stockings and garter and zipped up a little black dress. Jane figured it would be more fun without the bra and knickers and being only a 12B and 5"6 she was able to get away with it.

Jane left a note for Jake to meet her at O'Brien's, the pub down the road. She knew it wouldn't be too busy there tonight - just a few locals and businessmen having quiet drinks after work. Arriving soon after, she set herself up towards one end of the bar and ordered a glass of house wine. Within a few minutes a well dressed gentleman of about 40 years approached and offered to buy another.

Jane gratefully accepted and introduced herself; a free drink is a free drink after all. And she figured if he got to trying to pick her up, it would work in well with her plan. The plan was to pretend she and Jake didn't know each other and have him "pick her up".

It had been a fantasy of hers for a long time now to go home and have wild sex with a complete stranger, and she thought playing it out would add some excitement back into their marriage. Jane just hoped he had remembered the pillow talk and would play along.

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The businessman and she were getting to know each other and the wines kept coming. On the other side of her another man sat down and tried chatting her up as well. Becoming possessive of his territory the first man laid a wide palm onto Jane's thigh and ran it an inch or so up her leg. Jane was relishing this attention and made a mental note to try this again sometime. She thought hot masseuse ember snow banged by client the wide palm and wondered if it was true that it was a reflection of the width of other parts of a person's body.

With the supply of wine being seen to she began to feel just a little tiddly and became aware of a stirring in her pussy, when in walked her gorgeous man. He was 6"1' with red hair, brown eyes and strong arms from the heavy work he had done all his life. He had the type of stride that made heads turn when he walked into a room. Seeing him enter she caught his eye for the briefest moment then turned as though she had never met him before.

She tossed her hair and leaned in towards the gentleman with his hand on her thigh, listening to his story. It was all she could do to not watch Jakes reaction. She hoped he would play along and not approach her too soon and scare these others off. She really was enjoying the wide palm on her leg and she hoped there wouldn't be too much of a wet patch on the back of her dress when she next stood up. Jane turned to the second gentleman, involving him in the conversation as she sipped her drink.

The three of them were laughing and having fun when the bartender plonked another drink in front of her. This wasn't a wine though, it appeared to be an orange juice but the aroma promised that it would be more than a virgin OJ. The bartender pointed out that it was from the man at the other side of the bar.

She looked and took a seductive sip, thanking him in the process and just as she suspected she tasted the sweet tang of Southern Comfort in the juice. Jake knew her favourite was a Comfortable Screw.

She absent-mindedly ran her finger and thumb up and down the chaps bang hawt pretty bitches pornstar hardcore. Jane's attention strayed from the new friends she had made and although she wanted to pretend she was being picked up by a stranger, the drink brought back some wonderful memories of times with Jake, like when they moved into the new apartment and had to 'Christen' every room.

Finishing her drink she excused herself, heading to the toilets.

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Being one of only a few women in the bar there was no one else in the bathrooms. Having finished the job at hand, Jane stood at the mirror trying to decide her next move. Should she go back to the men and make Jake jealous and want her even more or should she go to the "stranger" who bought her her favourite drink and pretend to chat him up?

The door opened and someone entered. She expected a girl but saw in the reflection Jake, with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. "Well howdy stranger," she cooed. "Howdy yourself, sexy lady," he replied. "I hope you liked the drink I sent you." "Ohh, it's my favourite. How did you know?" she asked. "You look like the type who would enjoy a comfortable screw" was his reply.

"Do you?" "Oh, I like to start off comfortable and see what happens. Would you like to see me slip into something more comfortable?" Jake stepped closer and before she could say anything else he took her by the hands and drew her into him.

He tilted his head and kissed her neck passionately, inhaling her sweet scent and sending a shiver down her spine.

He moved up to her lips and kissed her deeply, their tongues swirling against each other, Jane feeling the slight 5 o'clock shadow rasp her mouth. Jake backed her up against the wall, still restraining her hands and raised her arms above her head, causing her breasts to raise and form a delectable cleavage down the front of her skimpy dress. Jake broke the kiss and murmured "I was so turned on watching those men trying to pick you up. From where I was sitting it looked like they thought they were both in luck!" As he pushed his body up against hers and resumed kissing her she could feel from the front of his trousers that he was indeed excited at the idea.

Jake's kisses landed on her arms, her neck, and her waiting lips. He released her hands and pulled her into him, kissing her deeply again. He started to work her dress up to her waist so he could get his hands onto her delicate rump and she felt his startle when he found the flesh not obstructed by panties. He gave her cheeks a tight squeeze and a wry smile and turned her around so he could see her sweet arse.

He had always loved her arse, often gently slapping it as she walked past or bent down near him. Here, in the middle of the ladies loos, he crouched down to caress her behind and gently kissed it, nibbling her flesh.

Jane leaned against the basin as her man enjoyed her body. "Oh you smell gorgeous, Honey. Sweet, musky." Jakes hands continued to one mom son sex story her behind and she felt herself become wetter and wetter until her juices threatened to run down her legs.

A hand went between her legs and a finger began to gently probe her pussy. Jane leaned further over, curved her back and spread her legs to give Jake better access. She felt alam sher xxx sexy story lips drew nearer to the hotspot and his tongue reach out to her dripping juices.

Running his tongue from Jane's clit towards her anus, he drank down the free-flowing juices. Jane's legs began to quiver with the pleasure as he continued to lap, a finger flicking her clit every now and again.

The sensations were driving Jane wild. With the continuous rhythms an orgasm began to grow and built up until her cunt suddenly quivered, her body convulsed and her knees almost gave way as love juices gushed into Jakes eager, waiting mouth.

Oh God Jake! You make me feel so good!" she yelled, just a little too loud. She was still panting from the exertions. Thinking she should get down on her knees and repay the favour, Jane busty babe kelly in a threesome sex striptease and pornstars to turn but Jake had other ideas.

He held her there and kissed the back of her neck while fumbling with his zipper. He felt relief as his large cock sprung free, pre-cum glistening on it's knob. He really needed to plunge his cock into his lovely wife before his balls exploded.

He reached up and unzipped Jane's dress, sliding it down her arms so that the fabric bunched at her slender waist. Reaching around in front of her, he caressed her sweet breasts, rolling a nipple between each thumb and forefinger.

Jane moaned with pleasure and felt Jakes cock begin to slide between her arse cheeks. She changed the angle of her hips and with the wetness of her cunt, the large cock entered her easily.

She let out a squeal of delight at having this wonderful cock inside her again after so long and Jake let out a sigh of relief at feeling this tight wetness envelope his manhood. "I love the feel of you cock in me. You feel so good! Fuck me baby! I love it!" Jake nibbled her ear lobe and whispered "You like that don't you. You have such a fuckable cunt." His gentle thrusting soon increased in pace until they were fucking madly, Jane steadying herself against the basin, Jake with one arm around her waist.

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With such a build-up there was no way he was going to last long. There would have to be a repeat performance later, he thought. Jane tilted her head back in ecstasy and Jake leaned in, lusty japanese teen enjoys being pounded long and hard his lips with hers.

This extra bit of contact was all he needed to send him over the edge and he released great quantities of cum into her tight cunt as his balls contracted and his cock quivered and squirted inside her. Pulling themselves apart, they each had a huge smile of their faces. Jane righted her dress and Jake zipped his pants back up.

Checking her hair in the mirror Jane decided there was no way to fix the mess it had become so removed the pins and shook her hair free. Seeing her hair flying free and messy gave Jake an instant hard-on again. It was going to be an uncomfortable walk home.

The couple left the bar and headed up the street to their apartment.

They walked arm in arm and the cool evening air played with Jane's near-naked nipples. They stood straight out and she was sure it was more then the cold air turning them hard.

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Her imagination ran wild with the possibilities of the fun they could have once they got home. The "pick-up" didn't quite go as she imagined, she was certainly not complaining though! ******************************************************************************************************************** After being along time reader, this has been my first attempt at writing adult stories.

I welcome comments and feedback so I may improve. Thanks.