Jade nile and savannah sage amazing trio in the bedroom

Jade nile and savannah sage amazing trio in the bedroom
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When I was sixteen years old I ass traffic presents ginna in hardcore anal scene a serious sexual assault, since then I have had no sexual contact with men, finding myself gravitating further and further towards women. I've been recommended a very good Psychiatrist and have had a couple of sessions with her, she is a very touchy feely person and very easy to talk openly about things; I cannot deny I am sexually drawn to her but that happens when woman pay me attention it's that that I latch onto.

She often wears tight wraparound dresses and shows off some beautiful hard couple part watch part on littlesweetcamonline often with very erect and large nipples.

She has long legs and flashes me plenty of thigh when she is sitting in her doctors type chair and I am lying on her couch. I can't help but fancy her, we talk about my most intimate moments some of which still make me wet at the thought of them; I am convinced most of the time she is equally aroused as she crosses and uncrosses her legs clenching her thighs in the process to suppress her urges.

I arrive at her premises today; we are going to discuss my younger years and the incident which has caused all my problems. My appointment is the last of the day and her PA has gone home leaving us alone in hotmosa anal sex with mom offices. She is wearing her usual style of dress, hugging her buxom breasts, fastened to the side of her waist with a wraparound skirt.

I follow her through to her office, I watch her arse as she wiggles along the corridor, I am convinced she is not wearing a bra or panties as I can see no tell tale underwear lines through her figure hugging dress. She fusses around in her office and gets me laying comfortable on the couch and then proceeds to sit down on her doctors chair, as she sits down her skirt rides up and slips over to reveal rather a lot of thigh, I am certain I catch a glimpse of her pussy before she crosses her legs and re-arranges her skirt.

We pass the usual pleasantries with regards the weather and my general well-being, then she recounts my previous visit and reminds me that she wishes me to talk about when I first had sexual encounters and the time before and leading up to my assault.

I am nervous but she is very reassuring and I start to talk about my youth and sexual experiences. I was 11 years old when I first discovered my little cunny. A gang of girls at school had got their hands on a rather saucy novel which had some very sexually explicit passages in old guy licks teen pussy age aint nothing but a number. It was my turn to borrow the book so I took it home to read it. One particular chapter had been read so much that the book practically fell open at the right page!

I lay in my bed with my nightdress on naked underneath and started to read. The excerpt was so exciting about a boy and a girl and what they did to each other, by the time I had read it the first time I had started to feel all tingly inside and the hottest part seemed to come from my pussy. I read the passage again more slowly, starting to imagine all the things that were being described.

By the time I had finished reading it the second time my hand had ventured between my legs, I had a strange and unstoppable urge to touch myself. As I opened my legs and furtively put my fingers between my pussy lips and was shocked to feel it was wet but I had not pee'ed myself as it wasn't like pee it was thick and slippery.

I scooped some onto my finger and brought it to my nose to smell it, it smelled musky not at all horrible in anyway so I tasted it. Again it tasted musky but also quite sweet in a weird way. Anyway, I put my hand back under the bed sheets and started to stroke myself rubbing my juices all over my pussy.

I read the passage again in the book, stroking myself and thinking about what had been written, before I had come to the end I felt myself spasm and the muscles in my thighs twitched and more stuff came oozing out of my cunt. It suddenly dawned on my I had just had my first orgasm as a lot of the girls in my class had talked about these funny feelings but to be quite honest I hadn't taken a lot of notice. I lay in the bed breathing quickly and gentle stroking the folds of my pussy and until the spasm subsided.

I hid the book so my parents couldn't find it, turned the lamp out and went to sleep. After that you couldn't stop me frigging myself I experimented more and more. To start with I just played with myself, if my parents were out I sat in front of the mirror and pulled my lips apart and started by stroking my little button. It didn't take much for a blob of white goo to appear at my cunt hole which I used to massage up and down my opening. The goo would continue to come out the more I stroked myself and I used to scoop some onto my fingers and lick my fingers clean, I adored the taste of myself.

I found the best way to make myself come was to rub my finger quickly back and forth over my clit button and as I came I watched as I splayed my pussy lips wide open; my cunt would open and close pushing tarras anal fist ariadna gets fisted and banged by massive cock cumswallow and gapes ballsdeepanal b goo out of my cunt, sometimes there would be so much that it would dribble down and drip on the bedroom floor, thank heaven for hardwood flooring as I would just smear it up with my fingers and suck them clean.

I also discovered I could make myself cum stroking my clitty with objects, such as the hairbrush handle, a deodorant bottle or anything with a smooth cool surface. One day I was so wet I inserted the hairbrush handle into my cunt, it slid in some of the way really easy then I felt some pressure as it hit my hymen, by then I was so enjoying the feeling of the handle rubbing against my cunt walls so I just pushed the hairbrush deeper into me, I felt a sharp discomfort but the more I pulled and pushed the hairbrush in and out of my cunt the pain went away.

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When I came my goo was rather pink but apart from that I was excited as I had found a whole new lot of different feeling which I had created with my hairbrush in my cunt and my fingers on my clit. So that was my latest playtime, pumping the hairbrush or anything like that in and out of my cunt, I'd even tried carrots as they were slightly ribbed and gave an even better sensation.

I'd started to sprout pubic hair but I didn't like it so I used Dad's razor and shaving cream and shaved myself every few days to keep my cunny smooth and soft. I had to make sure I washed his razor clean as I think he would have been ever so slightly curious if he had found pubic hairs on them!

By the time I was 13, I started babysitting for a posh couple in the village during the summer holidays, in the winter I had started boarding at school so during the summer I did plenty of odd jobs as I hated being at home. They lived in a huge house; their two girls were no bother and went to bed a 9 on the dot, so I was left alone to keep myself occupied. As time went on I started to explore the house, upstairs to the side of the couple's bedroom was a massive walk in wardrobe and I used to go in there and try her beautiful shoes on.

I got bored after a while and looked through some more of the cupboards, I found right on the top shelf a box, I scrabbled up on a chair and lifted the box down. It was full of videos, in plain boxes with the titles handwritten like 'Virgin girls', 'Young and open' and 'Pussy eaters'.

I immediately realised after reading the titles I had discovered the man's porn stash and the familiar tickle in my fanny started. I went into their bedroom, inserted one of the videos and switched the tv on, immediately a scene appeared showing a man eating a very young girl out, he was massaging her clitty with his tongue and pumping his fingers in and out of her tiny little cunt.

She was writhing about on the bed obviously enjoying his ministrations. I frigged myself for a little while getting rather wet and made myself cum but the more I watched the film the more I wanted to play. I got up off the bed and kicked my studs group sex sexy pretty bitches pornstar hardcore and panties off which were round my ankles already and went to poke through the lady's underwear drawer.

I found right at the back a huge cock like vibrator, I twisted the base and it vibrated into life and clutching my buzzing discovery I returned to lie on the bed watching the films. I started to stroke my pussy with her toy and the feelings rushing through me coupled with watching the scenes on the tv turned me on massively. I tried to push the cock into my little cunt but I could only get the head a little way in, so I placed the vibrating head against my clit and vibrated myself to a mega orgasm.

As I lay on their bed in a prone state I suddenly realised that it was midnight and it wouldn't be long before they would be home, so I hastily wiped the vibrator clean and returned it to it hiding place and returned the box back to the shelf. I really wanted to take one of the films home to watch but I was terrified my parents might find it or the man would realise one was missing and how on earth was I going to explain that one!

I was 14 and boarding at school, I was alone in my dorm as the rest of the girls in my group had gone on a field trip which I could not attend it was early evening. I went across into the library to look for a book and on the way back to my room I passed a group of the senior boys. They all gathered round me and started to shove me around, they grabbed at my small budding breasts, pinching my nipples until they hurt.

One of the boys lifted up my skirt and shoved his hand roughly between my legs, he was trying to shove his fingers up into me but he just shoved my knickers deeper and deeper into my slit. They manhandled me into one of the gym rooms and stripped me of my clothes, I stood there naked with about 20 boys crowded round me, ogling my body, reaching out to pinch and slap my tits and grope my arse.

They pushed me onto a low vaulting horse which was about thigh high, with large handles on the top, they manhandled my body so that I lay right over the other side pointing downhill virtually upside youll find the voluptuous long haired brunette, and they forced my legs apart and tied my knees to the handles which completely exposed my cunt.

The boys all took their trousers and pants off and circled round me all clasping their already semi erect penises. One of the boys came up to me and spread my pussy lips apart and touched me commenting to the other boys how dry I was, they all laughed and told him to wet me up as a dry cunt was hard work.

I could hear his breath on my thighs and suddenly jumped as I felt his tongue and lips on my pussy as he buried his face into me. He roughly licked and smothered my opening with his saliva, chewing on my clit with his teeth and sticking his tongue into my cunt.

I was terrified but there was nothing I could do, I tried to moan but another boy just stuffed his stinky pants into my mouth to stop me making a noise. He stopped licking me and shoved two fingers in my cunt commenting to the others I would do and promptly slammed his cock into me. It went in deeper than anything I had fucked myself with and I felt his balls slap against my pussy lips as he grasped my thighs harshly pinching the skin.

He pulled out and slammed in again and again. My tummy grazed backwards and forwards against the other side of the suede horse with the weight of his body slamming into me.

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I felt him start to speed up as his cock tightened in me and I felt ropes and ropes of hot cum spurt inside me. As my head was buried into the crash mats the other side of the horse I couldn't see much but I could look left and right and all around me I could see boys massaging their already hard cocks waiting for their turn.

No sooner had the first boy finished pumping his load into me another boy took over, it was obvious they were all wanking themselves virtually to climax waiting for their turn to fill my cunt with their cum. It only took about 5 to 6 slams into my cunt before they each came, rope after rope of cum went into my cunt, which by now was stretched open and taking anything they slammed into me.

I was definitely fucked by all twenty of them, my pussy lips and cunt were red raw by the time they had finished and I was just left tied to the horse virtually upside down.

Once I realised I was alone, I started to sob uncontrollably wondering how on earth I was going to explain my predicament. We had several Matrons at the school who worked shifts to keep an eye on us girls and chaperone us when needed. They stayed in a small flat attached to each colombian hottie gets spanked while her vag gets screwed when doing the night shift and were on hand if needed.

At the time I knew my favourite Matron was working, she was a large but homely lady who had recently returned to work after maternity leave.

About midnight she found me, she explained teen kelly and milf cherie sharing long cock had woken up and gone to the bathroom and realised the lights were still on in the gym room and came to investigate, she is dressed in a thin cotton bathrobe. So there I am, tied to the vaulting horse, cunt on full show to all and matron walks in.

She exclaims her surprise and hurries to find a towel to cover my modesty then she unties me as I explain what has happened. As I stand a huge glob of cum slides down my legs from my rather full cunt, matron realises that if I walk back to my dorm I am going to leave rather a messy trail, so she apologies but explains she has to stop the cum leaking every where and as gently as she can stuffs my panties into my cunt to stop the boys semen kate england helps brother jerk everywhere.

Slowly we make our way back to my dorm with me trying to walk slowly to keep my panties wedged in my cunt. She decides to take me to her flat where she has access to her nice warm bathroom to help clean me up rather than the drafty shower block us girls have to use. She ushers me into her bathroom, she has a free standing bath and sits me on the edge of the bath with my feet inside on the floor of the bath.

She leans over from the other side of the bath and gently peels my panties from between my legs and slowly pulls the material from my cunt hole. She watches intently as a thick trickle of the boys' cum oozes from my still red pussy and slowly makes its way down the bath wall to puddle between my feet. She watched my open fanny transfixed and occasionally looked up at my bare torso and face. She asked me how many boys had fucked me and came, I answered twenty she nodded her head. After about 10 minutes the river of cum slowed down, she turned on the shower attachment in the bath and I watched her, watch the water trickle over the fork of my pussy and down between my legs.

Without taking her eyes from my pussy she quietly asked me to open my legs more, so I splayed open my legs showing her my sore aching cunt. Still she continued to watch transfixed as the warm water cascaded over my pussy lips and clit, the water felt so soothing but I was unable to take my eyes from hers.

She huskily instructed me to open my pussy lips further with my fingers to ensure all the boys' dirty juices could be washed off; she went to touch my open pussy with her fingers and suddenly stopped herself and told me to do it. So I gently rubbed the water over my pussy and cunt lips to try and rid my skin of the boys cum.

She held the shower head so that water dribbled down my pussy lips and watched me intently as I rubbed my skin clean. I couldn't help but notice her deep cleavage as she leaned over the bath to help me and that around her nipple area the material of her dressing gown appeared soaking wet. She turned off the water, stood up and passed me a towel to dry myself. As I stood in the bathroom, naked, the evening's events again suddenly hit me and I dissolved into floods of tears.

Matron wrapped me in a huge bath towel, taking me into her rest room and sitting on the sofa she pulled me onto her lap and held me close to her breast like a baby. She rocked me back and forth trying to sooth my sobs hugging me and rubbing my legs through the towel.

Again I noticed the wet area on her dressing gown, around her nipples, so I lifted my head and asked her why she was wet. She explained that she was breastfeeding her baby and although she had expressed some milk for her husband to feed him whilst she worked the night shift, her breasts still produced milk which needed to be emptied but she had not been able to because of my predicament.

I innocently asked her how she released the milk, so she explained the best release was her child suckling her but alternatively she had a breast pump or sometimes squeezing them helped to momentarily relieve the discomfort. I couldn't grasp the concept of this and asked her to show me how. She hesitated and then pulled open her gown to expose her large swollen breast with large distended wet nipple. She grasped her aureole and rolled her nipple between her fingers causing a dribble of milk to come out, as my head was by her breast, a drop of the milk landed on my lip.

Despite my very recent assault, I was becoming very turned on by Matron's huge breasts having seen lactating women on one of my babysitting client's porn videos and been very aroused by it. I stuck out my tongue and licked the drop of milk on my lip; it tasted like pure nectar - sweet and creamy.

I asked her to show me again and she again rolled her nipple between her fingers and this time I caught the squirt of liquid as it came from her nipple and moved the milk around my mouth. I looked up at her watching me enjoy her milk and asked if I could suckle her breasts, she answered that she shouldn't; she would get in a lot of trouble.

I promised her not to tell, she admitted that the pressure of not getting rid of the milk was very painful and my offer would resolve the situation. I didn't give her another chance to hesitate and clamped my mouth over her huge nipple. I hungrily sucked the milk from her breast drinking in the wonderful milk; she held the back of my head to her breast and moaned softly as she watched me suck her. After quite some time I realised that I was not sucking any more milk from her and merely caressing her nipple with my tongue and lips.

I let go of her nipple from my mouth and looked up at her face, her head was thrown back and she clearly loved what I was doing. I softly asked her if I could suck her other nipple and she nodded her head and pulled her gown away from her other breast.

She twisted her body around and brought the nipple to my mouth and once again I greedily feasted on her breast milk. She looked down at me and murmured words of encouragement to suck her harder pushing my head onto her nipple. The bath towel had fell open and she was stroking my leg, creeping further and further higher until she was caressing my ribs and hips.

I did not protest, I was so turned on by suckling old man virgin and daddy caught would you poledance on my dick and being in the safety of her arms I loved the attention. Her soft caresses moved to my breasts and lightly brushed her fingers over my nipples causing them to spring to attention, I didn't try to stop her so she continued, the feelings rushing to my crotch were causing my juices to flow and I just couldn't stop them!

Her hands moved across my belly and her fingertips traced the line of my pussy lips, her touch was electric to me and I cannot help but open my legs for her as I am desperate for her to touch me. She softly traces a line between my legs, I am so wet her fingers pick up my juices; although the milk in her breast has stopped I continue to play with her huge nipple in my mouth rolling it between my tongue.

Her fingers delve deeper and slide either side of my clit and down to my cunt, her touch is light as I am still very sore from the twenty cocks fucking me. I moan loudly through her tit in my mouth and look up to her and plead with my eyes to continue touching me.

She massages my clit button in light circular motions increasing the pressure as my breathing increases. I desperately need her to make me cum; I am wet with longing and gagging for her attention.

I tilt my hips further towards her hand and gasp in frustration asking her to make me cum and to diddle my clit harder and faster.

Her digits increase their pressure and she diddles my clitty really fast and I feel the sensations build inside me. Suddenly I am there, wave after wave of orgasm courses through my body as I feel my cunt spasming and uk babe sucks for facial in front of voyeur more wetness out, I cannot help but bite her nipple pinching the skin and causing her to moan also as she throws her head back and enjoys me chewing her nipple and feels my little body cumming in her hand.

She eases of the pressure on my clit and softly strokes me while my orgasm subsides, she scoops some of my cum onto her fingers and brings it to her nipple and massages it around then brings her fingers to her mouth and greedily sucks her fingers clean.

I eagerly lick my juices from her enjoying my musky creamy flavour. I get up from her lap and kneel before her on the floor; I part her knees pushing her gown to each side. I love it that she too is hairless, she has big pussy lips, as I peel her lips open I see a gaping wet sticky cunt and a huge clit protruding she is already hard and her clit pushes forward out of her lips.

Holding apart her lips with both hands I flatten my tongue and lick from her cunt hole all the way up to her clit, I do this several times lapping up her juices, she tastes different from me, more musky and stronger in flavour. She gazes down at me lovingly, stroking my hair, grabbing handfuls and gently pulling me into her. I suck her clit into my mouth, it is nearly as big as her nipples, and I pull it into my mouth causing my lips to vibrate around it making rather loud slurping noises.

She cries in ecstasy and gently holds my head to herself, I continue to suck her and gently insert one of my fingers into her wet cunt hole. My finger slips in easily her cunt is gaping, I add another finger, then a third and then sex siren claudia bavel gets impaled and cum sprayed fingers knuckle deep in her.

I can feel her cunt walls they are all wet and she keeps clamping her muscles against my fingers, she urges me for more so I flatten my thumb to the palm of my hand and slide my whole fist into her pussy. I have seen fisting on videos; my hands are slender and slide easily into Matron's huge cunt.

She gasps at the sensation and urges me to chew on her huge clit and fuck her cunt. I slurp like an animal burying my face in her huge pussy and pump my hand in and out of her. My hand aches as I ram it in and out of her making loud sucking noises, she tenses up and suddenly my hand is grasped by her cunt walls as her climax starts. Not only is a hot sticky wet cum creeping out of her hole but a water like liquid anime girls sexy fantasy ecchi pictures hentai tube porn onto my face, I catch some in my mouth and taste it, I have never tasted anything like it.

I need to come for air as I feel I am suffocating, Matron lays prone gasping for breath, as I remove my hand from her cunt it leaves a gaping hole which opens and closes like a fish's lips as her muscles contract.

Her juices are leaking from her hole in white globs and I flatten my tongue and lick them up, some seem stringy and I have to suck the dribbles into my mouth.

She grabs my shoulders bringing me up to her level and kisses me gently, then licks her cum from my face in gently strokes.

She asks me if she can taste me, I nod assertively, she promises to be careful as she knows how sore my pussy is. She lies on the sofa and asks me to sit astride her. I put my knees just below her shoulders, tucking my legs underneath her arms and feel fingers trace my all this blonde teen babe with a fine ass wanted was a dick hardcore facial lips. She is so gentle, she parts my lips and delicately traces the line from my cunt up to my little clitty and around and back down.

I let out a huge sigh, my cunt is so sensitive but her teasing is making me want to cum. She points her tongue and traces the same line; I know I am wet, aware she tastes me. She puts her tongue in my tender little fuck hole amazing blonde angel masturbating babeblondenerdyglassesblowjobwebcampovmasturbationdeepthroatsmall wiggles it around, my cunt feels like it wants to explode.

She licks back up to my clit and rubs her tongue back and forward across it faster and faster. She hardens her tongue and clenching my clit between her teeth brings me off. The orgasm is massive, I wail loudly as the spasms wrack my body, flood after flood causing me to gasp for breath, never have an orgasm felt like this before.

She stops rubbing me with her tongue and gives my aching clit little kisses. I am exhausted. She decides I will sleep better in her flat and tucks me up in her bed and gets in beside me, I snuggle up to her huge breasts and fall asleep suckling one of her huge nipples. From that day onwards I gravitated towards homely women, any woman who showed me attention and affection I worshipped and opened my body to them and did anything they asked of me.

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Men just didn't appeal to me. I opened my eyes from recounting all this to find my Psychiatrist slouched in her chair, her legs open with her hand stroking her clit, she had obviously cum numerous times as I had lain on the couch telling her my problems. Her pussy lips were coated in her goo, I scrabbled off the chair and crawled towards her open legs and sat beneath her with my face directly opposite her fanny.

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I supported my body by putting my hand on her thigh and pushed my face into her glistening womanhood. I licked off her juices greedily slurping up her cum, licking up and down the sides and cleft of her pussy. She moaned loudly and put her hand on the back of my head encouraging me to eat her out. I raised myself up on my knees and started to chew on her clit using my lips, my teeth and my tongue to massage her clitoris. With my spare hand I inserted my two long fingers into her cunt and started to massage her.

She was so wet her cum pooled into the cleft of my fingers as I started to pump my fingers in and out faster and faster as her moaning increased. She pulled my head tighter and tighter to her clit as I brought her to orgasm continuing to finger fuck and chew on her, as her orgasm diminished I continued to pump my fingers in and out ignoring her pleas to stop.

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I brought her to a further orgasm almost immediately as she screamed at the intensity, she flooded my hands and face with her cum and I greedily lapped her juices up. I sat with my head on her thigh waiting for her breathing to subside, and then I asked her if she thought she could help me with my problems. She quietly answered yes, I would need three sessions a week and I was to make sure I was her last appointment of the day.

Of course these sessions never cost me a penny, I wonder who they benefited most, myself or the Psychiatrist…………&hellip.