Beautiful eve gets to taste some cum big tits cumshot

Beautiful eve gets to taste some cum big tits cumshot
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A nurse's work night The white cotton of her uniform skirt brushed the back of her thighs as she strolled down the corridor. The soles of her nursing shoes made no sound as she checked in on her charges. The night had been quiet with only one resident asking for aspirin.

She thought, If only every night was like this, as she returned to the nurse's station.

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Seated behind the desk of the nurse's station the nurse filled out the charts and filed the nightly report. There wasn't much to report but the charts have to say something. Signing her name, she put the book back on the shelf and leaned back in the chair. Now came the hardest part of the night. Time passed slowly after the house keeping was done. Her aide was in the activities room watching TV.

She tried reading the novel she had brought with her but couldn't get into it. Sighing she put it down and mom and son secret hidden to the kitchen for coffee. She checked her reflection in the mirrored window of the door as she entered. Her silky blond hair was in place under her cap, and no smudges in her mascara.

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Her blue eyes were sparkling despite the early hour of the morning. She fixed coffee and a toast, and returned to the nurse's station. As she ate her mind wandered to events of the previous evening. After logging into an online chat room, she had a delightfully nasty time conversing with a complete stranger that she knew only by his log in name.

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---Wasting-Time: Do you play with yourself while you cyber? --- ---JME694U: That's what makes it fun--- ---Wasting-Time: Describe yourself to me--- ---JME694U: 5' 10" Long blond hair, Blue eyes. Long shapely legs. With a good figure, 36C-34-38--- ---Wasting-Time: With a figure like that what the hell you doing playing sex games on line?

--- ---JME694U: Wasting time till my friends get out of work--- ---Wasting-Time: Heres a chic that has a empty bottle fetish that kiss your warm lips as I open you blouse. I like down your neck to your chest as I caress your turgid nipples--- The nurse Shifted in her chair feeling herself become wet from her daydreaming.

---Wasting-Time: Describe for me how you are pleasuring yourself---- ---JME694U: Running my fingers over my pussy, rubbing my abundant juices into my clit--- ---Wasting-Time: Do you have any ice?

--- ---JME694U: I have a glass of lemonade with ice in it. I have one hand fucking my pussy while I type with the other. I am very wet--- ---Wasting-Time: Take the ice and rub it over your nipples--- She did as the computer commanded, and told her lover so.

---Wasting-Time: Run the ice down your stomach to your pussy. Run it over your lips and your clit---- She slid the cold cube over her skin and across her cunt, feeling the frigid fragment melt on her hot clit. ---JME694U: Melted the ice cube on my fucking hot clit. MMMM--- ---Wasting-Time: Push the ice cube into yourself; put it in your cunt--- She slid a fresh ice cube into her pussy.

The contrast of the heat of her cunt against the frozen ice in her pussy sent her into an orgasm. The sensation of cold on the hot walls her pussy sent her into a state of bliss she had never experienced before.

Her orgasm continued to roll until the ice was completely melted, and drizzled from her pussy. Panting she returned to the PC. ---JME694U: THAT WAS THE MOST BITCHING ORGASM.

My pussy was on fire and frozen at the same time. Fuck I'm going to have to share that with my roommate when she gets home--- The young nurse rocked her hips on the corner of her chair as she relived the episode. She must have been quite a sight when her roommate arrived. She was sitting, naked as the day she was born on the living room floor. Her hair and skin wet with sweat and ice water from her masturbatory exertions.

Her roommate silently put away the groceries she had brought home and then asked, "Are you going to get dressed some time today?" The blond flowed from the floor with the grace of a ballerina, embraced her roommate and kissed her with lustful passion.

As their tongues dueled the nurse undressed her lover. Her roommate is a dark haired girl the same age as her. She is tanned and quite thin contrasting the blond's fair skin and full figure. The nurse puts her hand in her lap and pressed against her burning clit.

As she remembers kissing each section of exposed flesh as she disrobed her lover. She laid the smaller girl on the floor and proceeded to make love to her. She licked her from mouth to foot then centered on her pussy. The wet labia opened as her tongue probed her lover's mound. Her partner moaned when her teeth scrapped her clit. Pushing her fingers into her friend she fucked her to the brink of orgasm.

With a fresh ice cube in her mouth she gave her hole a lover's kiss pushing the ice into her vagina and holding it there with her tongue.

The effect was the same on her girlfriend as it had been with her. The blond licked up the juice and water as her roommate screamed out her orgasm. Continuing to lap at her pussy as she spasmed the nurse drank down all that she was offered. "What to hell did you do to me?" her roommate demanded when she could once more speak. The blond nurse just smiled up at her lover and licked her wet pink lips. The nurse could stand it no more; she picked up her white hand bag and went into the restroom.

Lowering her pantyhose, she settled herself on the toilet. Taking her eight-inch dildo from her purse she applied the buzzing toy to her wet twat. Sliding it up and down her cunt slicking it with her abundant juices. She guided the plastic cock into her hole. Fueled by the memories of her friend's voice shouting out in ecstasy she fucked the vibrator faster and faster into herself.

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The tingling started in her stomach and expanded throughout her body. The orgasm washed over her and filled her. Her cum sprayed out around the dildo and washed down her thighs. The nurse collapsed on the toilet seat and panted till she could move once more. She then removed the toy from her satiated cunt and wiped it dry. Cleaning herself up, she returned to the nurse's station. Checking the time, she smiled. Half an hour to go, her roommate would just be getting up, MMM Maybe I can get a snack before I go to bed.